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I'm a 21 year old South African Actor living in Australia. I like talking so I turned it into my job. I make videos about anything that interests me ranging from internet culture to pop culture, from music to film and much more with a bit of tea sprinkled in between. But really all my content has a message behind it, you just have to open your third eye to see it ;) catch ya later x


24:51Nikita Dragun's Reality Show Is A Mess
Nikita Dragun's Reality Show Is A MessAufrufe 195 Tsd.Vor 7 Tage
14:30James Charles Is Exposed...YET AGAIN
James Charles Is Exposed...YET AGAINAufrufe 119 Tsd.Vor 14 Tage
17:28This Tik Tok Reality Show Is So Awkward
18:03This Tik Tok Reality Show Is So Cringe
This Tik Tok Reality Show Is So CringeAufrufe 76 Tsd.Vor 28 Tage
12:29Grammys 2021 Best \u0026 Worst Dressed
Grammys 2021 Best \u0026 Worst DressedAufrufe 59 Tsd.Vor 28 Tage
12:13James Charles Messed Up...Yet Again
James Charles Messed Up...Yet AgainAufrufe 262 Tsd.Vor Monat
31:43Reacting To Your Very Unpopular Opinions
18:19Reacting To Weird Wish Ads
Reacting To Weird Wish AdsAufrufe 20 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
11:42Calling Out Nikita Dragun...
Calling Out Nikita Dragun...Aufrufe 168 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
23:34Ranking Twilight Characters From Best To Worst
12:13Why Jeffree Star Isn't Cancelled Yet...
Why Jeffree Star Isn't Cancelled Yet...Aufrufe 130 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
38:22Who Is The Most Iconic Disney Star?
Who Is The Most Iconic Disney Star?Aufrufe 75 Tsd.Vor 2 Monate
20:59Reacting To Your Juicy Unpopular Opinions
Reacting To Your Juicy Unpopular OpinionsAufrufe 150 Tsd.Vor 3 Monate
24:35Reviewing \u0026 Ranking The Top Albums of 2020


  • They were correct when they said video phone cause lady Gaga collaborated with Beyoncé first

  • I just legit am so befuddled at how she created that narrative about her tweet, like I was there *WHEN* this exact tweet happened and seeing her talk about it here, she could not have spun that *FURTHER* from the truth, not to mention, idk where tf she got irritated from because at the time of her tweeting that **NO ONE HAD BEEN TALKING ABOUT HER IN ANY WAY SO SHE LITERALLY TWEETED THAT OUT. OF. NOWHERE???????**. So, I think that shit is a combination of her *MAYBE* (as in 0.01% maybe) not even understanding wtf people are saying to her in order for her to ""grow"" from this shit (therefore when she says she will, that's impossible if she doesn't even know what the issue is, and her very well *KNOWING* what to say to make herself appear like the victim. And her talking about when people call her out on this race shit and her referring to it as "jokes"? appropriating cultures that aren't your's is a *JOKE* to you??? No one's memeing on you, girl, and no one is saying you're not *YOUR* actual mixed-race blood, they're asking why you *CHOOSE* to present yourself as races other than your own, because with your races, there's so much culture for you to share and celebrate. This race stuff was *NEVER* a joke.

  • The song is actually called ‘video phone’! Telephone is lady Gaga’s song and video phone is Beyoncé song

  • I'm watching this video 2 years later, when James Charles is "cancelled" again.

  • Please do a story about how the public reacts to men and women. There is so much science and studies over it!

  • Random but ur right about the cruise thing on a first date but it reminded me of this thing I heard about the actor Tyler Hoechlin who took someone to Hawaii for a first date.

  • “black fishing” seems like a racist term in it self, hair is hair her body her choice her hair her choice. i don’t agree with it but why be upset over her life style

  • Her laugh is so fake and forced

  • I Felt bad for the phone more!!!!

  • It was the fake ran to the depths of despair for me 😭😭😭😭

  • She meant the words which is actually heartbreaking

  • She legit wanted that marriage to work

  • i've always wondered why she is SOO obsessed with having a boyfriend or lover? like she's always complaining about how she doesn't have a boyfriend. she literally doesn't talk or complain about anything else!

  • She is a complete waste of skin and nobody should support her

  • I think the marriage was genuine in the sense that Tana probably liked Jake a lot. I don't know about Jake tho

  • they have the personality of as block

  • The Queen was siphoning Phillip's life force, now she's looking for a new source (which is really why Megan wanted to get away) 🙃

  • So video phone is a song by lady Gaga and Beyoncé. I recommend you listen to it because it is fucking amazing and the video is awesome as well!

  • Lol we put food down the drain because its a garbage disposal

  • But trans women are not really women so being a women is a fantasy

  • there isn’t a thing i disagree with you about

  • Not Nikita victimizing herself in the midst of blackphishing. Aww, let me play the sad, sad, violin for you. 🎻

  • i audibly fucking cackled at her abortion comments. im sorry, but i would bet money that no women who has ever had an abortion would say “omg its the best thing ever” how actually ignorant do you have to be? lol

  • i would love to see some like war vets or current army ppl gettin into some frilly dresses to spite her honestly

  • I was shook to hear that he’s australian lmao

  • I think she has internalized LGBTQ+phobia. She referred to her self a Lantino (male derivative) not Latina. She accepts guys treating her badly if their hot, she made a whole storyline in her head about her fake bf, but cant handle dating bi guys or Gender fluid identifying men. Kinda sad.

  • Imagine saying Meghan is more problematic than the royal family like girl!!😭😭💀💀💀we are talking about the British royals here for chrit sake💀

  • Nikita: I just want to be in a real relationship Also Nikita: is they want a real relationship? Shes a runner, shes a track star. 🏃‍♀️

  • Can they please get someone to sing over that 'Without You' song because with the right vocals it'll be beautiful..!!! 😩😩😩

  • Canceling should be used as a way to let someone know they’ve done something wrong, and we expect growth from them. It’s gross how they’re both using it in a Twitter fight to attack each other. Neither are interested in remorse or growth in this convo, just fire power.

  • I'm glad this comment section has more common sense then tiktok comment section I hope all y'all have a blessed day

  • she did say cancel her all you want her channels still running sadly

  • It pisses me off so bad that the faces for the gay and trans community are Nikita jeffere and James the only positive influencer who’s big in the community is bretman rock

  • Nikita needs to keep her content on ig because everyone loves her when she not speaking like girls stunning she be pulling looks but that attitude gotta to fucking go like there’s a difference in confidence and then cocky girl be talking to paparazzi like she Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s in the 2000s like girl no one knows u for anything positive ur her own community sick of her ass

  • Nikkita singing 😆😆😆 "i CaN dO eVeRyThInG i PuT mY mInD tO"

  • i’m literally so late seeing all of this but i’m sorry WHAT is she even talking about lmfao i live in vegas... “it’s like running from bullets” ?? like huh ???🤣 it’s genuinely not even like that whatsoever i’m so lost

  • As Larry said, Nikita wanna be the same shade as Lupita and it's disgusting. She is latina and asian and no one has with that. But why is she blackfishing

  • Luke ur GORGEOUS

  • Also are you dumb this song is she could run away when it gets hard

  • Are you dumb there's garbage disposals in Simpson Australia as well

  • Ouuuuu new subbie im so happy i came across your video 😆😆😆

  • LOVE how she's wearing Sisters merch in that pic with Tony Lopez 😂

  • The way she’s using her hands is sooo aggressive. I can’t stand it

  • Is she jealous of Selena Gomez ? Ahahaha! Serious from where this woman is popping up? Well the age fact ... I don't know about that. You can be a human trash at any age.

  • The Caroline and Katherine ones are accurate

  • I would always watch some of it when it came up on my snap and thought I was the only who was like “huh, the person is extremely entitled and childish”. Glad I’m not the only one

  • You forgot Kol

  • Bro my mum was Next to me...

  • Me: I’m deaf in my right ear and got one earbud in my left ear. Also Me: Trying to figure out why the comments say the audio is off 😂

  • My right ear feels so lonely,,,

  • btw sinks in america have a mode to wear it can break down certain foods like cereal or oatmeal.

  • Throw in one black person *diversity* it looks cringe. I can’t even watch this video. Just came here to give you views. Adios.

  • Now it's ten times. It's insane.

  • There’s a song by Beyoncé with Lady Gaga that’s called Videophone. And a song Telephone by Lady Gaga ft Beyoncé. Videophone was overshadowed by Telephone, so people tend to forget lol 😂

  • Im sorry but like nikitas show is all about boys 🙄B.O.R.I.N.G first season was all about oscar, second season she put up a "challenge game" for a speed date so she got a nice guy for a date and then! She invited somebody from tiktok to STAY OVER AT HER HOUSE who she liked? Whilst she was with this speed date guy

  • I think it's interesting when you said you don't agree that "everything happens for a reason" but you think we all make choices that cause things to happen. To me, the phrase "everything happens for a reason" refers to your choices. Your choices are often the reason something happens. Those are just my thoughts, though. I personally love the phrase because it's a good coping mechanism for me and encourages me to reflect on how my actions have affected others. I try to stay optimistic and that phrase honestly helps a lot. Thanks for reading.

  • No hun, it's Videophone. You're singing the wrong song

  • I literally do not understand how anyone looks up to her or even likes her. She’s so ignorant and childish.

  • Can I ask an honest question.... is anyone a Nikita Dragun FAN? Quickly

  • Let's not forget that people use Snapchat more than Twitter, ight? Tf is up with all this Snapchat hate?

  • Shes's just ignorant. Athsma isnt funny or a joke. i have a bad case of it and it has been apart of me not being able to get rid of pneumonia that ive been hospitalized 7 times for in 19 months. It's not a fucking joke. ive passed out not being able to get my breat. She's so STUPID!! This is why ive NEVER liked or supported her in any way. She treats it like a joke, "then it'll kill me." "its hard for me to care." grow the fuck up you bad influence who doesn't deserve what she has!!

  • the sad thing is that nikita COULD actually have the big and loyal fanbase she has in her head if she would 1) post content, 2) stop being controversial for clout and 3).... maybe have a personality trait that isn't just being trans. i know literally nothing else about her.

  • Go back to africa

  • Australian accent / American accent / Australian accent / American accent... 😫

  • hmmm... actually I think we should also look at it from the guy's perspective. Yeah yeah "does she deserve a guy that doesn't want to be public with her", but what about him? Doesn't he deserve to not be public with her if that isn't what he wants? There are plenty of "public" ppl that date unknowns that stay behind the spotlights, why can't her boyfriend then? and if she wants to be public just to be public then she needs to cut him off quickly because hoping he will want to randomly one day be a "celebrity" isn't the tea sis. edit: i see now that she did cut him off, but not for the reason I hoped, oh well. That speed dating thing though, wtf? Why are they nearly naked? That is so awkward. Yeah yeah normal dating isn't "entertaining" but it helps you ge the vibe of a person and if you have dinner you can see if they eat like a f*cking animal at least. js

  • Her biphobia /blackfishing sure as hell ain’t part of a Transness but her shittyness.

  • He "IS MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY MORE MATURE" and he's going after minors?! He is a JOKE.

  • Nikita (Trump) vs Trisha (Biden)

  • Tiktok is for attention seekers. Its like an episode from black mirror.

  • not everyone liking Katherine over elena even tho they are played by the same actor 😭😭😭 tho ngl Katherine is an icon prove me wrong

  • Not to stand up for her but a few million will feel like the world ... that’s literally MILLIONS of people against you or watching you ! Not ten people not seven people like literally MILLIONS

  • It took Trisha years to apologize for her shenanigans and she is way older when these current problematic influencers are her age they’ll probably be doing the same.

  • Why do people act like Trisha is a saint for splitting with Shane?? Like she left him because he wouldn’t defend her not because he was problematic. Like if he had her back against Jeffree and hair by jay she would still be friends with him. We just need to throw them all away and start with a fresh batch of influencers.

  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖

  • Give me a heart pls

  • Some houses have like a drain grinder for food but I haven't seen it too often, still not sure why she couldn't throw them out tho

  • i am probably the only matt stan there is, i love him sm 😭