Let's Dive Into The Drama: David Dobrik, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill...

Am 8 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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✭ We Need To Talk About The Jeffree, Shane, Trisha & Hair By Jay DRAMA ➩ dename.info/film/rLqNeYbItW16gJU/video
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  • I have the same necklace that says Aquarius as well

  • I'm telling you ever since Lizza left the group and broke up with david the group has changed and gotten worse. Honestly i think the whole friend group is racist honest to God and the reason why i say that is because none of them first of all they don t have black friends or any friends of color from what it looks like in their videos. And the people that they did have Liza and Steph they left for either racist comments or uncomfortable comments or sexual gestures. Life none of what they do as a group is never okay and i dont understand why youtube still allows stuff like this to be allowed.

  • I'm seeing more drama/commentary videos about more and more controversial or eyebrow raising behavior because of several things... 1. Simple answer...nothing better to do 2. Covid has people locked away and becoming irrelevant or forgotten and it scares them, especially if being relevant is how they make money. For some, the only way they know how. 3. Some people can't function without drama or all attention on them so all they know how to do is start it, entertain it, or be the center of it.

  • I simply cannot understand why Jaclyn Hill is still trying to do ANYTHING in the influencer sphere. Like girl take your L and back out as gracefully is is still possible 😬

  • unrelated but the way luke says podcast is my favorite thing

  • yup I absolutely hate it when ppl block the comment section like legit silencing ppl.

  • 09:38 you need to chill. Accents are real and funny. That isn‘t racist. Race, ethnicity and language are not the same.

  • David obviously has been problematic in this day in age and in the past and I also feel the same about them in general.. I almost feel Liza left him because of his problematic behavior (which she kinda admitted to) and for her own career. I have been watching DEname for a very long time since the very early years of Shane Dawson.. I am so happy to see a community of commentators against people that are spouting disinformation, racism, and trying to teach others how not to be. I guess in short I’m happy I found this community and your channel :)

  • i don't think garretts comment about renting a house has anything to do with jeffrees comment, lol. a lot of ppl make fun of ppl who can only rent

  • You should be a history major. You'd be really good at it

  • Luke you are amazing! One of my favorite youtubers ❤

  • it's so weird how i thought that the jokes in the vlog squad's videos were funny, when now i look back and they were actually not only pretty bad, but also just straight up disrespectful.

  • I think I subscribed because of diiiiive iiiin

  • I believe that Shane's plan is to make a comeback with his wedding, he would probably try to regain people's sympathy by making a sort of small docu series about him and Ryland, their lifes, thier '"struggles" together and all about the wedding. I don't want him back, he should go to jail

  • Literally the vlog squad acts like the group of cool kids who make ur life living hell in highschool and make u want to get out of there as quick as u can

  • I was a massive fan of David dobrik and how he could fit so much of his fun and crazy life in just 4 minute and 20 second videos. I really wanted a life like his and friends like his at the time but I obviously didn't realise how it was behind the scenes. I still hope to have a fun and eventful life where I can live care free for a bit but I wanna make sure that it isn't offending anyone and everyone involved are happy and comfortable with what we're doing.

  • great video, love it.

  • All of that drama about David came out last year. None of it is new. And yes It was disgusting and he shouldn’t of done that stuff but the bit where he took Seth to the police station was a joke to tell him that he (David) was paying off all his tickets or warrants or whatever he had. Seth was grateful. Yes, it could of been presented differently, but that bit wasn’t even about police brutality. It was about how he had a lot of tickets. Nothing brutality about it.

  • Isnt internet slangs Is ebonics. Yes you lit you r on fleek love poc but is like mimic the mmmmmkay and almost spining your neck cobra isnt right stop that slurp that

  • I used to really like David to be honest. but after this stuff has come out I cannot support him and I see that entire group differently. It's so interesting how they were seen as so unproblematic for the longest time and wanted to stay out of problems. I wonder if they will ever address this.

  • Imagine your whole channel being mainly to talk about other people. Get a life. Embarrassing.

  • all celebrities/rich people/influencers/youtubers/tiktokers etc are responsible for making the pandemic thrive in los angeles ngl

  • Uhhhhh I'm so done with Patrick Starr, I'd rather support Bretman Rock

  • Shane said that for pity points

  • He said his career is over because he wants people to feel bad for him, manipulative move.

  • hey im live in johannesburg..where you can from bud?

  • the drama about dawnson and JEFF starr is boring af...btw great vid buddy

  • David Dickbrick

  • Nobody: Me: stops mowing lawn bc I don’t know if I live near him

  • i love garrett so much

  • I was worried my baby boy Garrett Watts did something, and I was shocked. But turns out he just was honest about not being rich

  • Shane and David both look like the type of people who would mock the shit outta you and go after all your insecurities, but can't take the same heat.

  • In my opinion, Shane needs to stay off the internet he's done so many horrible things but people forgive him for no reason it's a continuous pattern he fucks up and people forget about it. It makes no sense because the things he's done are things that we will cancel people for and attack anytime we see them like pedophilia, Racism, etc. NO EXCUSES!!!!

  • You are my comfort person.🤍

  • In reference to disabling the comment section: I agree with you and I'm not sure where I heard this from (maybe Christopher Hitchens?) but someone once said that if you don't let others speak you actually also remove your own right to hear others.

  • ok but Garret made that video way before the Jeffree stuff happened. i don't think its a stab at him, but it does explain why Garret and Shane aren't friends anymore. different priorities

  • i could care less abt these influencers but its nice just listening to you talk, feels like i'm on facetime w a friend LMAO

  • I’m sorry Luke I had to leave at, “drinkey dues.”

  • the thing about david is that i don’t he’s *that* terrible, but he’s clearly narcisistic lmao like he does all this stuff like flaunt his money and “give away” things for the sole purpose of entertaining himself. whenever i see any videos of him making his friends/fans do crazy shit for a bunch of cash i’m reminded of a king feeding his crumbs to a bunch of peasants. it’s a bit unsettling. also i’m sure there very questionable things he has done (associating with some icky people, and i’m guessing some of his business deals can’t be all clean and good) and nobody bats an eye. it’s weird EDIT: THIS AGED SO POORLY. he’s clearly a LOT worse than i thought he was, damn.

  • I’ve never watched a video with David Dobrik lol

  • Honestly, I wonder how Shane's cousin, Lucy, felt around him. He made a lot of inappropriate comments towards her. Joke or not, I feel like any 12 year old girl would feel uncomfortable with the things he's said.

  • I literally cannot stand Ryland.

  • Jeffree Star is involved in new drama probably every month!

  • So it's unacceptable to make fun of Japanese accent but always acceptable to mock Russians by doing their accent. The hypocrisy lol

  • i understand your critiques, some of the actions of these big influencers have lasting negative consequences on the people around them. it is up to those individuals how they want to carry out their relationships with the influencer. however, I would like to add that every human comes with "dirty laundry" and a past with less-than-adequate choices. it is up to that individual if they can grow from those mistakes, or keep making them over and over again. no one is obligated to stay with that person once they choose to change, however, I don't think that the people who stick around should be belittled or berated. sometimes it is beneficial to see the best in someone because it can make another person with similar scars and baggage know that they are not alone, and there is always room for growth and improvement. just my two cents on everything :))

  • Okay I’m sorry but jaclyn launching her products two minutes early and not having enough units for demand are two of the most asinine reasons to include her in a drama video. I don’t like her but seriously? Her release was too popular so now she’s in “drama”? I’m confused. Don’t give people a reason to point at commentary channels and say they blow things out of proportion, especially when you don’t want to be included in that genre, because that’s what you’re doing here

  • They only mystery in that box is what kind of mold will be in them

  • Omg that “dive in” he keeps doing in every video is just so cringy it’s like when old people keep making that same cringy joke that’s never gonna be funny

  • Commenting cuz I’m here for the chain convo baby! It’s giving amateur 80s drug dealer, and I’m here for it !!!

  • I do think that David’s vlogs got out of hand a few times but I think he’s over all a good person who just may be blinded by views sometimes. Or maybe he’s a psychopath... I’m not sure

  • Shane says his career is over to score pity points from the viewers. Not because he’s actually going to spare us a return

  • you know what, Luke, keep doing you with your "dive in~!" that part makes my day haaha. always a joy to hear your perspective!

  • That Aquarius necklace with this fit, ooooh so good

  • Does no one remember David and Jason’s podcast where they talked about how saying the n word is okay even if you aren’t black? Or how David supported Trump????

    • @All American Teen How are you gonna tell me to respect people’s beliefs when you literally aren’t respecting mine 💀 please go cry about snowflakes someplace else and leave me the hell alone

    • @michelle annor I don’t mean giving his support by voting. In one of his podcasts, he went on a little rant about how Trump “wasn’t that bad” and that he tried to convince the rest of the vlog squad to give him a chance. It’s been a while since I heard the podcast though, so don’t quote me.

    • Dobrik is Slovakian (DACCA) so couldn't vote

  • "If you can't handle the heat don't be on the internet". Says the privileged white dude w a podcast devoted to whining . Bruh

  • This is why I like Bretman instead of the rest

  • wasn't David dobrick friends with a guy who was dating a minor like 2 years ago? and he knew about it?

    • @Marta Noguerol yhhh that ik but i was saying jeff hasnt talked to him either

    • @vishakha birdi Who? I was talking about Brandon Calvillo

    • i heard jeff isn't friends with him anymore

  • Pretty sure Shane's "my career is over" comment isn't him saying he won't come back, it's more so trying to make people feel bad for him. At least that's the vibe I'm getting from that bit

  • I disagree about turning off comments, I think in this case Ryan's co-host was also getting wuite a lot of hate comments and even though she's obviously involved in Shane and Ryland's life, she doesn't deserve to get hate for things she has nothing to do with and possibly ambush her mental health bc of those comments.

  • I was already falling off Patrick’s channel but then he posted his video about Selena Gomez’s makeup brand, and while I’m not much of a fan of hers, I saw how downright rude, irritated, and arrogant he was about her brand while pushing his own. Bringing her brand down to push his up. That’s when I stopped following. Then he started partying and I realized how correct I was to unfollow him.

  • The whole "i know my career is over" just sounds to me like trying to get pity out of people so they watch him when he comes back. I don't trust this man anymore and that itself just sounds so manipulative.

  • Somebody please explain the watermelon thing. I’m not American.

  • ableism is so normalised in davids vlogs

  • Drama is the bread and butter of all these so called influencers. Trisha Paytas calls out David Dobrik? Seriously? She was talking about hooking up with guys all the time, oral sex, or even having sex in the schoolbus when she was 18. Big Nick and Seth tagged along and now that there are no vlogs because of Covid they remembered David being rude and racist? David Dobrik has a sense of humour and could do much better content but it is normal to eventually run out of ideas after vlogging for a long time. So in many vlogs he used cheap and dirty humour, bad language and kept insulting his so-called friends. Would a real-friend scare you with a dangerous animal, insult you repeatedly, scare you? Of course not but even if he/she did you would be gone. Everybody is in on it. Attention, clout, views, as long as the cash flows they don't care. Now that the cash is gone they turn against each other.

  • Love your format, really good for this type of tea 😌

  • I thought I was crazy for not liking David’s vlogs. Like to me it was giving very much fraternity humor and that’s not cute. His content was made for frat guys 🤢

  • You look 50% Aussie, 50% French in this video and that equates to 100% fiiiiiiiine 👏👏 Well done, sir.

  • Weird how patrick starr getting into these controversies makes him even more irrelevant from a professional standpoint... maybe it opens the drama gates for him tho.. they pay well too sometimes

  • I can’t with that podcast clip of jeff saying he actually paid for his house with that smirk at the end. Honestly without the controversies and stories about how he speaks behind the scenes i wouldn’t have even noticed his comment... but with that info this clip is just unbelievable...... what a human being. Had to rewatchbit a bunch of times now

  • David dobrik fat shames and he has said the n word

  • will you react to bretman's mtv show??

  • reminder that we aren't "big nik stans" just because he spoke out against david. nik is still publicly pro-life

  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻🕺🏼

  • Jason Nash isnt just gross for hanging around Tana. He’s a weird creep for hanging out with all those teens and 20 somethings, like why is this old man who could be their dad part of their clique??? It’s like those old creeps who always only hang out with young people because they’re incredibly weird and immature fuckups and no one their age wants anything to do with them. Grow up dude. Find some friends that aren’t half your age.

  • Shane wouldn’t be sneaking back onto DEname via Ryland if he really thought his career was over. Him saying that is like him saying he’s poor. Bullshit he doesn’t really believe for pity. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were a bunch of comments angry about the mean awful haters ruining poor Shane’s career.

  • I'm not sure why JS feels the need to put other "influencers" down because they rent their homes. There isn't a set time for you to settle on a house, considering a lot of them are young. And even if you're not young, you don't need to buy a house. Buying a house is a big thing, whether you're rich or not.

  • That necklace me is in need of one!!!

  • I love him

  • xoxo

  • Like is the most woke creator and deserves more hype, PERIOD.

  • I noticed that David has all the sudden posted twice recently... after not posting for nearly a year. Sketchy timing...

  • بہت سارےدوست شکایت کرتےہیں کہ ہم اپنی بیوی کو مکمل طورپرمطمئن نہیں کرپاتے جلدی فارغ ہوجاتےہیں. جسکی وجہ سے لڑائ جھگڑے ہوتےرہتےہیں. آج کی ویڈیومیں ایساطریقہ بتاؤں گاجس سےآپ اپنی بیوی کو مطمئن کرنے کا طریقہ اوربیوی کوجلدی فارغ کرنےکاطریقہ اورنشانیاں بتاؤں گا.. کمنٹ میں ضرور بتانا کہ یہ طریقہ کیسےلگا........ ویڈیوز کے لیے ہمارے چینل میں تشریف لائے شکریہ

  • unpopular opinion but honestly all influencers NEED to be put down

  • Oh I didn't even think to think of my unpopular opinion being the same as yours. I never took enjoyment out of David's vlog or vlog squad... it wasn't my style and also something else. If I got against my intuition like I have with ppl or other creators they eventually expose themselves down the line. My friend few years ago loved him and went to his fan meetup for photos. And tried to send me his videos and I was just like nah girl this aint for me. (Sidenote she was understanding and didn't make big deal. Simply suggesting I watch what entertained her)

  • Yaaaaaasssssss

  • No one: Luke: *HAECH* 3 *HAECH* 3

  • The SHADE! 😆😁😄

  • If you guys actually watched and looked into David you would see he’s actually a good guy. Sorry people only look at flaws and nothing good. He’s actually very funny and talented. Seth actually did consent to the kiss, sorry you choose to look and believe one side. Don’t hate on people because of what one person said.

  • Im new, aren’t you a photographer also?


  • I'm your Aquarius sister, happy birthday! I'm still shocked none of them haven't got C19 yet....

  • YAAAAAS u sip that tea and "DiVE Innnn"

  • Patrick really thought he did something ☠️

  • With the Garrett one I honestly feel like it's a coincidence. Yes they're ex friends and yes Garrett's probably mildly aware of the drama but knowing the type of person he is I'm sure he's moved on and isn't watching a play by play of it. I don't think he cares to be involved in them at all anymore or shade them.

  • I never got the hype with David Dobrik as well. In addition to the subtle sexism/racism/ableism, he also basically exploited all of his close friends for views. I remember watching that (now deleted) video Trisha made after she first broke up with Jason and is was glaringly obvious that David was not a good dude, and the videos lined up with everything Trisha said about how he cared way more about the clickbait than actual people.

  • the youngblood era luke hemmings vibes are through the roof! AND I LOVE IT!!

  • I just can’t unsee Rumpelstiltskin from shrek everytime I see Shane now, they even talk the same! I swear someone who worked on that movie knew Shane

  • Can somebody please explain to me what’s so entertaining about david dobrik? One of my friends insisted I watch a vlog and it was just boring. All it was was shakey cam footage of a group of friends laughing at inside jokes and just driving around not doing anything 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • I believe the clip with Shane was definitely filmed back in October. I saw it on Ryland’s Instagram story before I unfollowed him and Shane, it was in the same store. That somehow makes Shane’s comments more disturbing to me.

  • idk about you but like renting a home/apt/ condo... is still paying for it you effing ghoul.....