Ranking Twilight Characters From Best To Worst

Am 3 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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    • @Miss Ndaba Quil and Embry were done so dirty in the movies, book them are adorable

    • I fancast a reboot series for a fictional Netflix or HBO adaptation. I REALLY want HBO to do a Native American Quileute Werewolf storyline. They're underrepresented in the media. I searched for a lot of Native American actors Jacob Black = Forrest Goodluck Leah Clearwater = Amber Midthunder or Blu Hunt Seth = Xolo Mariduena Sam Uley = Martin Sensmeier Emily Uley = Q'Orianka Kilcher Paul Lahote = Kainoa Kilcher Embry Call = Michael Hudson

  • The fact that Jasper, a literal confederate soldier, was above Rosalie, a woman who got revenge on her abusers and like dealt with her past enough to trust another man I will never forgive. Jasper should’ve been last tier just for the fact he was a literal confederate soldier and for some reason racism wasn’t a part of his story like at all??

  • Literally a low ground demon

  • On the diversity thing: the first director wanted a diverse cast, even the Cullens, she even mention a Japanese Alice. But Meyer said no, and only greenlighted Laurent and Bella's classmates

  • Not you talking about why sam was a prick and forgetting he literally disfigured his wife's face

  • ranking for harry potter!!

  • plz rank disney princess, prince and villains 👍👍

  • I would put edward last and jacob first cuz edward just left bella in pain and jacob did so much to protect her and still she doesnt see it

  • i fckn love this ☺️🤣

  • Do the originals characters!!!

  • Emmett our favourite himbo

  • HAHAHA IM DEAD at the categories already

  • do you think that you could rank canceled people lol

  • I liked because you put Queen Victoria in top tier as she deserves. Idc she is my favorite character and did NOT like the replacement in Eclipse. Probably a very unpopular opinion LOL.

  • The Clearwaters and Jasper&Alice are both duos who I actually adored when I first read the books and still do today tbh.

  • Why is my biggest crush most amazing boo Riley Biers not there? :(

    • @Daniela Babilonia i know, i'm just sayin'

    • @Sonam C I meant on the tier

    • did you read bree's book? lots of riley in thattt

  • Marcus and Alec had way more detail in the books than the movie, it explained why Marcus wanted to die and why he couldn't, why he was always so miserable and it's actually pretty sad. Alec on the other hand was a cool opposite than Jane he was more cold, calculating and stoic while Jane was more easy to taunt, fierce and reckless but powerful. The only part of that we got in the movie was when Bella smirked at Jane and Jane tried to step up to her but Alec stopped her.

  • I mean the vampire aren't diverse in the movies because they all had to be pale, and I guess that was to hard for the movie. In the book, it mentioned quite a bit more diversity.

  • not you coming for my girl rosalie...

  • Does anyone else see how he looks like Michael Vegas?

  • bro what do you use to rank bc i cant find it

  • I love how Luke’s ring finger is smaller than his index, it’s so cute!

  • Eric deserves top rank just because of his iconic line “La Push baby, is La Push”:

  • Do greys anatomy

  • king ily and like.. your vampire diaries takes were so good.. your euphoria takes were so good your sex education takes were so good... but this aint it

  • justice for marcus!! he wanted to die so badly bc the volturi killed his wife & kids but were forcefully keeping him there alive :((((( for centuries :(

  • you should do hunger games

  • Did anybody else catch the Tiffany Pollard aka New York reference when he was talking about Jacob 😂😂

  • You’re completely wrong but okay.

  • Can we just put all of them in the bottom tear? They about all have the same shitty acting skills.

  • this is deadass like the worst ranking I've ever seen lol like those are some shitty opinions

  • I used to like twilight until I realized the problematic stuff that came with it like the racism and sexism as well as the abusive relationship. In the books A lot of the stuff was way more creepier. But the movies are just iconic and I don't know why I find them iconic 😂😂😂

  • My movie character ranking and my book character ranking are VERY different lol

  • I literally never realized that Victoria’s actress was replaced in the last movie like what? I just thought that her nose was very thin

  • Did you saw the mini movies they made about a lot of the cullens? Most of them are cringe but some of them are good, like the one with the story of Mary Alice and the one with the twins (jane and alec). It explains a lot about the characters back story :)

  • One of favorite videos by you!

  • exCUSE ME klaus is a BBY and he MUST be protECC lol srsly but he's amazing

  • I love twilight so much yet I never realized there are two different actors for Victoria lmaoooo what the hell

  • you should rank tiktokers based on their content and if they’re a good influence or not

  • i don't understand how people love alice so much. she's annoying and feels like she could be a villain.

  • I disagree with the friend ranking Angela outranks Jessica and both guys are creeps

  • This is the quality content that we all need. Thankyou for blessing us with this gem during these trying times

  • what app did you use to make this

  • Jane is that villain that you love so much because they're so good at being evil that you cheer when their death comes on screen. Also, y'all did Rosalee dirty. I actually really liked her character backstory and motivation for everything that she does. And honestly, good on her for calling out Bella's stupidity.

  • petition for stephanie to right a whole series about the Quileute

  • Edward is Stephen. Jasper is ripper Stephan. Emmet is Damon. Carlisle is Alaric. Bella is obviously Elena. Alice is Bonnie. Rosalie is Caroline. Jacob is Tyler. And Seth is Jeremy. You can’t tell me otherwise

  • I’m loving your energy in this video! U really made me laugh and smile

  • Jane was iconic tho

  • When he imitates Bella mad at Jacob it send meeeee 💀💀💀

  • werewolves in teenwolf are superior

  • Next time you do one of these, could you rank Greys Anatomy characters or ATLA characters? That’s if you’ve watched either of the shows ofc! Thanks, love your videos 😍!

  • Daddy Charlie 🥵

  • I wish they would put more personality to their characters in the movies. The new twilight book also gives them more of a personality than the first 4.

  • The reason Marcus can't die is because there is another vampire in the Volturi who is controlling him and it keeps his loyalty strong with them even though he wants to die.

  • he really put Renee above Esme like that huh. And our feminist revenge queen Rosalie in the bottom.

  • This is yet another video that makes me think we would be best friends if we ever meet 🥺

  • Off topic but Luke, you are wholesome ❤️ Much love from Nepal

  • Not me going to rewatch all these these films *hides face*

  • "the wolves are native american" well Taylor Launter is white and he plays the main one soooo

  • I am LIVING for your energy in this video!

  • lowkey mad that edward isn’t in top tier but i’ll get over it, maybe.

  • “Jasper constantly looks like he’s constipated” lmfao😹😹

  • jasper used to be my favorite vampire until I remembered something... he fought in the Confederate Army during the American civil war 😭

  • Laurant wasn't that bad. The only reason he was going to kill bella was because she was the only source of food around at the wrong time. I bet if he wasn't hungry he wouldn't have even tried or bothered to kill her.

  • this was hilarious!

  • I cracked up at your feels about the Voltaire 😂😂

  • I never understood the constant hate towards Rosalie. They had to give the bad bitch character to somebody❣! And personally I can name at least 5 people who were WAY more frustrating within the series 🤣 I could be wrong , though. Anywho, love you, Luke🌻🌻🌻🌻

  • You ranked the TVD characters ?? Me: 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • Honestly, when i was younger i didn't even notice they replaced Victoria >_< BUT Bryce Dallas Howard was better 🙊

  • Edward and Jasper deserve to be higher, I cannot believe this Luke

  • PLEASE do this series with harry potter characters!! love your channel :)

  • It’s not that Charlie didn’t know that something was off with Bella/reneesme/the cullens in general but Bella told him that if he really needed answers they would have to leave so he just accepted that something was different and accepted his daughter and her family.

  • I really did not like Jessica in that movie she acted jealous the whole time and treated Bella awful.

  • omg i love your ranking videos (●´ω`●) if you like the hunger games franchise i hope u make a ranking on it too haha

  • I'm absolutely here for the drinking analogies

  • Me watching Victoria: you kinda scare me and I kinda hate you but damn you can get it 🥵💕🤣

  • How hard is it to find the names of the characters before filming the video haha

  • love your energy in this video #daddycharlie

  • SO funny because Jane is my fave

  • Jasper should be in category 1!! 😭

  • I love the first Twilight's intro song

  • I am biased to anything I see Dakota Fanning do. I'm not a fan of many, but I love her. I did dislike Jane though lol.

    • @Bella Rose I know! She deserves more credit.

  • I really liked Jacob when I read the books as a kid. Then when I got older I realized he was a pretty gross Nice Guy. 😷

  • OMG I WAS A TWIHARD TOO HAHAHAHA. Just wanted to say that there’s a theory that Rosalie was only being nice to Bella because she knew that Bella would probably die trying to give birth, hence why she was not concerned about her literally lying dead on the table when she came to get Renesmee, and Edward couldn’t bare to raise her alone, so Rose would take Renesmee as her own. My life changed after realising this. I hate her even more

  • Speaking of Marcus, he did want to die, mf said "Finally" right before they killed him in breaking dawn pt. 2 🤣

    • Yes!!! Lmfao you can just tell he wants to die.

  • I don't like Twilight, the books and/or the movies The message it send to impressionable young people is digusting I love you Luke but I can't with twillight

  • It’s also safe to point out Taylor lautner isn’t native he’s actually a brown white man

  • why didn't i realize that victoria was played by two different actresses

  • You forgot about the black guy that almost hit Bella in the first movie. He wasn’t mentioned in the ending credits of Breaking dawn pt.2 like everyone else and I thought that was so weird.

  • I'm so surprised that I would rank the top and last tier SO DIFFERENTLY but the "meh" characters are pretty much the same. The beauty of Twilight 😂

  • the whole story is based on traditions inherited from generation to generation and the wolves just follow it like their entire race always has luke: fuck the rules you annoying wet dogs bfjhebfjhefghje

  • NOT THE ESME SLANDER (but I appreciate that we all collectively agree that Charlie Swan is a DILF)

  • this video made me wanna be friends with you so bad

  • Jessica is such a bad friend to bella :( Angela was so sweet all the time

  • Leah was my lesbian awakening and Seth is a cute lil baby cinnamon roll

  • Leah's arc could've been amazing as the only female werewolf but nooo the author had to make every woman in the book baby crazy bc that's the only thing woman care about and the only thing that gives a woman purpose apparently. If you can't tell that's my biggest complaint about this series.

  • La push baby it’s ✨la push✨

  • Plot twist : he’s Jaspers cousin 😃✋🏽✨

  • Nah edward is so confusing. He used to be so creepy and people just ignore it because he is a vampire. But at the same time he is pretty decent in the newer movies. He is basically in the middle even though I think he should be between 3 and 4. Just like jacob. Tbh the main characters are all disappointing haha

  • Leah deserved better!!!