Tana Mongeau Scams Fans & Trisha Paytas Comes For Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams

Am 25 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
in todays video I'm talking about Haley Pham being insensitive to the Texas snowstorm, Bretman Rock coming for influencers who collab during the p@ndemic , Nikita Dragun not wearing her mask properly, Tana Mongeau scamming fans and Trisha Paytas coming for Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams. lets diveeee into the drama...
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  • Tanya's OF is her Insta but you pay for the same pix - scamming!

  • its just disappointing seeing all these influenzas purposely and ignorantly causing harm to people around them

  • Damn dude how many times you gonna tell me I’m living under a rock lol

  • I wish you would report on more serious news like domestic or world politics because I really love watching you but I can’t sub because I don’t care for the content (influencers etc). Good job though! 💜

    • @lilstaargirl I said loved hearing their voice and the way they present content, but I just don't like these topics i.e., I'm too mature to care about Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star drama etc., and I wish that they would put out more relevant topics to what matters to me. Hence, I won't subscribe. I do watch general news outlets actually, but I just wanted to express my admiration for them.

    • watch the news then lol. Most of his audience don’t come on DEname to hear about those topics.

  • im still living in a hotel bc my house is without water :-)

  • i could listen to you talk about your opinions for hours

  • Dios amo a este chabon, es el pablo agustin yanki

  • she probably doesn't wear her mask properly because of her make up yikes

  • Is your intro when you sing "dive innn" inspired by Sarah Baska? She does the same thing.

  • Man I’m from Texas and honestly the first section is DNB, I though she said something terrible! That Marcus D-something on TikTok said we deserved because of who we voted for (45% democrat state with horrifying gerrymandering and voter suppression, see ballot box law suit from last year)

  • You should film a reaction series on the new Bretman Rock mtv series

  • I’m so confused. I just scrolled through Nikita Dragun’s Instagram the other day and saw posts with Bretman from last fall.... were they old pictures or is he lying?

  • Thanks for the Texas shout out 🥺 it had been ROUGH, but things are finally getting back to normal. I just feel bad for the people who’s places burned down (due to space heaters blowing up or electrical problems) and people who got poisoning from stoves. A lot of people tried heating up their place with gas stoves and ended up poisoning themselves ): but for the most part, everyone has water and power and the snow went away!

  • “Trash is gonna keep trash” “double plays with double” says the girl who was okay being friends with these shitty rich famous people until they were mean to her... like she didnt know Jeffree was already a known asshole racist . Girl save it.

  • youre one of my favs but im just wondering if you got your 'dive in' from sarah baska, should make a new intro

  • You can absolutely call out your friends! You're not true to them if you don't.

  • No way! Tana Mongoose of TanaCon fame is scamming her fan base I can’t believe it! I simply can’t go on now that I’ve learned this shocking information.

  • Omg Luke you’re being so sweet about Texas, I live in Texas and it’s so true. Thank you!

  • i think jordan being tanas manager was messing with their friendship so maybe that’s why they decided to part ways

  • haley has always lived in texas...

  • i always have to like your videos before i even watch them because i just like you so much as a person and i love your thoughts

  • I’ve always been a proud American but the way we continue to give morons a platform infuriates me. To no end

  • Killer merch really isn’t anything special it’s just a merch company so it’s really sus that they still use it cause there really isn’t a reason

  • Haley Pham is from Texas and she posted those the first day of snow so she probably didn’t know how bad it was actually going to get. I’ll give her a pass on this one lol. Kinda feel bad she gets hated on a lot and it doesn’t always seem deserved 🤷‍♀️

  • omg my friend was in Miami and tana was on her snapchat I was like WHAT

  • Since when does Jeffree does things he says... Quick! ACT SURPRISED.

  • What’s happening in Texas is so terrible. In Germany we had 20 C in February while in Texas they have so much snow. That’s climate change at its finest. And if you’re from Texas: be careful please!

  • Hi, I have lived in Texas my entire life and want to talk about the disaster we had. People are angry at the elected officials/representatives who neglect their citizens. There is no accountability. They refuse to be transparent with the general public even if there’s credible information published that proves they are blatantly lying e.g. our governor (Greg Abbott) claiming on live TV that frozen wind turbines were at fault for power outages. That is entirely false. They also might have chosen to bail on the state and leave - yes, Ted Cruz, but there were other people like the GOP chairman for my district (Matt Mackowiak) - as if they cannot do anything constructive with their power; meanwhile, politicians like AOC raised a considerable amount of money for disaster relief, showing it was possible to help if they try. People need to stop dehumanizing southern/ red states as if election results decide the worth of human life. Specifically, white liberals need to be called out because they were 100% the ones doing this on social media. The amount of jokes I saw, or people blaming voters WHILE STILL IN THE CRISIS, was cruel. You cannot have any sense of moral superiority over your opponents if you believe anyone that doesn’t vote in your interests should suffer. I cannot endorse that and find the lack of empathy unacceptable. *In the 2020 presidential election, Texas was 46.48% Democrat with 5,259,126 votes. But because we couldn’t overcome voter suppression it’s our own fault this happened.*

  • Thank you for speaking up about our issues in Texas 🥺 I'm from here and have never seen so much snow. I'm also a brand new driver so it was absolutely terrifying taking a turn at 5 mph and suddenly my car is sideways because it was slicker than I realized lol

  • TEXAN HERE! The winter storm last week was pretty bad. My house didn’t have power for five days and I had to crash at a friends place while they barely had any food. The roads we really icy and dangerous for 4 days straight and stores were closed or barely stocked. I didn’t shower for 6 days and the entire week was so stresssful. I was fortune enough to not have any house damage but I know quite o few people who had bust pipes and water heaters. Thank you for shedding light to how bad it was here, no one thought it was be that bad and our electric grid let us down big time.

  • tana did that with the perfume too right? and let's be honest, anything original about that was so jordan - she'll never make another scent lol

  • Yo Trisha is still trash too though, dont forget all the communities she’s hurt

  • Ohhh i’m 100% sure that comment Bretman made about being a co-star made James Charles feel a certain type of way.

  • Technically Bretman is holding them accountable but there’s only so much he can do cause he cant control what his friends do. I’m just glad he’s true to his word and quarantining like everyone else. It shows so much about his character compared to other hypocritical influencers.

  • I live in Miami and I honestly wish these influencers would stay in LA😭🤚🏼. Like please Miami has enough problems as is I just want them to stay over in the west coast and leave us alone😭😭😭

  • keep making videos luke!!

  • I wish you’d do a different hair part

  • Also regarding the Tana lingerie: I was really excited about the launch because it was size inclusive, and shopping for lingerie as a plus-sized woman is usually difficult. I ordered a set and waited for an email saying my package was shipped. A week later, I received an email that my order was lost, my account was not charged, and that they were offering a 10% discount if I wanted to order again. It's my fault for giving Tana any money at all, but she clearly hasn't learned anything in terms of management and organizational skills when it comes to her fans and their money. It was a Tanacon of a launch and it honestly doesn't surprise me at all.

  • Awww Luke thanks for defending us Texans! It was a rough week (my pipes burst and we lost power for 36 hours) but it’s gotten better since then.

  • “Tana scams fans” what’s new

  • As a Texan I just want to say I appreciate what you said about the topic and the negativity some had towards Texas’ situation. And thanks for bringing awareness to relief!!

  • I’m sorry I’m tired of Trisha. Like we get it they were crappy friends ... but trisha isn’t some saint so why does she keep talking about them?!?!

  • i was in texas in early february last year and it was in the 80s and sunny

  • i lowkey hate yt drama but you make it so entertaining

  • The last time i saw haley’s wholesome texan post, there are quite plenty people criticizing her and now it’s all you so pretty i wish i could be you and nice outfit. Girl really said gotta make the feed stay positive and delete all ‘hate’ comments

  • The snowstorm/winter storm was intense! I got stuck on the highway in ICE. Texas ain't use to snow storms,

  • For those in Texas: Run your water when it gets cold, running water doesnt freeze. If you have a well you could try turning off your water and running the water until all your water is out of the pipes.

  • Well, we don't know if Bretman didn't call them up in private, maybe he did and then he expressed his valid and real opinion in public.... And I agree with him. There's a time for collabs, now it's not that time, and if you rely on collabs that says a lot about your channel and content/quality.

  • The pandemic hit and every influencer went pandemic? I do not see it. Only see podcast and party.

  • I live in Colorado, and just got laid off from my manufacturing job in Wyoming because of the snow storm in Texas affecting their shipments for parts 😓 it’s affecting everyone more than people even know... crazy...

  • off topic, but I love your new haircut bestie

  • Thank you for talking about the Texas storm in a way that makes it clear it wasn't funny or *~quirky~* to joke about. I didn't have power for 4 days straight, my house was in the 30's (F), and I thought some of my pets were legit going to die. I had to keep them with me at all times with a water bottle to keep them alive. My friends with cold-blooded pets buried them this week. Cell towers lost power and people couldn't reach their families. People had (and still may not have) water for days, along with no power. People who could not afford new houses had their pipes freeze as they are built in the attic here (no basements, clay soil) and older homes do not have great insulation. People already unemployed by covid will be bankrupt from this. AN 11 YEAR OLD BOY FROZE TO DEATH IN HIS MOBILE HOME AND SO DID MANY OTHERS. Also, it's coming out now that in cities like Houston, the poorest areas of the city, with large immigrant and PoC populations were without power for days, while more affluent parts of the city, such as downtown, never lost power ONCE. Entire empty, high-rise buildings kept power on 24/7 while people froze to death in the dark. The homeless population froze to death. Rich influencers who think it was So FuNnY to joke about have no idea what demographic of people suffered the most from this. Did these influencers also find it onbrand to laugh at hurricane Harvey?

  • And your pipes wouldn't burst if you would take the necessary precautions detach all outside water hoses from the outside faucets leave all your inside faucets dripping on cold only Try not to use HOT water

  • Love these videos luke!!!

  • It snows in texas y'all I've seen it multiple times

  • Tana doesn’t have Rihanna money or Level of creativity > she will forever drop ship her “merch”

  • Can you talk about the David Dobrik sexual abuse allegations? Multiple people have gone on the record already but no one is talking about it.

  • Tana's sale "marketing" tactic is actually illegal in the United States. Studied business and had to take business law classes - and it's deadass, straight up illegal to do the fake sale shit.

  • It’s not global warming, it’s weather manipulation. I understand it sounds crazy but it’s been used for decades now back to the Vietnam war and is in fact, very real. Please look into it and learn what they are doing.

  • I have no sympathy for the scammed fans at this point none at all

  • Thanks for talking about Texas!! I was out of power for 2 days and no running water for 3 days!

  • Thats not dropshipping, dropshipping is when u have no inventory and everything gets send directly from the vendor to the end receiver of the package. She probably private labeled it, which is fine. Its not scamming. Most of the boutiques dont even bother to private label and they aren getting called out. Btw I dont even like Tana.

  • I’m so addicted to your channel ♡✨

  • Tana looks like she lowkey smells.

  • Yeah yeah, no jokes when ppl are legit suffering, however! I think all the top 1% c*nts that keep denying global warming should be the relief fund for texas, they deserve to lie in the bed they've made after all, tis only fair.

  • Trisha says she just wants to move on but she sure is milking the drama for all it’s worth! Trisha is trash and a major hypocrite

  • I’m so sick of hearing about Trisha, she’s just as toxic as the rest of them. I can’t believe how many people are supporting her about the whole Shane Jeffree Hair by Jay drama. She’s a liar. I don’t care about any of these influencers but I’ll support a fellow Aussie. Love u Luke 👍✌️🙏❤️

  • I feel like you can call someone out on their bullshit and still be friends with them. At the end of the day you can’t control the actions of your friend but you should always tell them if they’re doing something you don’t support.

  • The weather ís broken though... climate change broke the weather

  • the deadpan on “it’s not wholesome, it’s devastating” wasn’t meant to be funny but it did indeed send me. thank u ❤️

  • How many times do you have to touch your mustache and nose and then touch your clothes and other things? And you slam others about not following pandemic hygiene? Gross.

    • @Cat Strange Wah. Cry more.

    • I think there's a big difference between this and going to parties and what not. Your comment is kind of gross

  • "People's roofs are caving in, pEopLe aRe sliPpINg, people are dying...."

  • As someone whose electricity went out for four days in Dallas this whole snow thing was crazy and had me feeling like I was in the 18th hundreds the way I was tending to the fireplace 😬

  • Ryland, the fakest of them all. Lap Wiesel.

  • 1 - Bretman Rock doesn't need to stop being friends with his friends who go out and do that shit. He can certainly call them out though, that's what a good friend would do. He can just simply not meet his friends until this is over. Zero tolerance approaches are harmful and this would affect his mental health. 2 - I always think it's so fucking funny when people get shocked at the oldest marketing strategies in existence, and it's usually by young people who apparently don't know much about the topic. Yes, hyping up the price of something a few months before it goes on sale is the oldest trick in the book. She can't get away with it, however, because she has a fanbase that monitors that as if their lives depended on that - welcome to capitalism. Oh and btw: her reselling something that you could find on wish or smth for much cheaper? Yeah, that's marketing too and all brands do this.

  • You became drama channel after all 😂😂😂 no matter, we love you anyway

  • waiting for luke to stop making videos abt SD and JS so i can start watching him again....................................

  • You should call this "series" or ttpe of video the Drama Dive

  • Don't say "if u haven't heard about this u must be living under a rock" so what if I didn't know what's going on its some stupid internet drama. And for the Texas thing too, it's really awful what's happening there but there's so many horrible things happening in my own country that I need to worry about.

  • You know with Nikita she doesn’t want to wear a mask because it’ll ruin her make up... that’ll be it. It’s just so messed up :((( why can’t these people be respectful

  • a bit off-topic and I hope you see this: Where did you get your watch? It is so nice :)

  • some of these LA influencers are probably in florida bc CA is still being pretty strict about lockdown with COVID and FL has never shut down or issued maks mandates and such. So they probably specifically went to FL to party and spread disease

  • can i just say your hair looks great in this video. i think thats a good length and it fits you. :)

  • I can't believe how long it took people to start talking about Tana's new scam. I almost made a video about it & the only tea videos I do are "tarot tea" but we already know, so... Happy for this video Luke. & exactly!! I live in New York & we're in winter right now with snow & ice & everything, but we are pre-prepared & use to it & have snow tires on our vehicles or four wheel drive & aren't flooded with the power out with contaminated water. One of the main issues is that people already didn't have money because they're waiting for stimulus checks, so they didn't have stuff like extra food, water, etc.

  • You’re like a drama channel but you post it later than everyone else yet I watch no matter what even if I’ve heard this ‘news before xoxo xoxo ur the best

  • Ashleigh/ Ashley may have a contract with Jordan so she can't end it yet.

  • Haley Pham literally posted a picture of a piece of paper where she wrote “things I’m grateful for: the snow :)” like how fucking tone deaf can you be lmao

  • I'm tired of Trisha calling out Jeffree, Shane, and Ryan. Trisha has done some of the most despicable videos in the last couple of years pretending to be everything under the sun & all of it very hurtful. Yet this woman wants to cancel other people. The 3 men I've mentioned have brought a lot of joy to many of the lives of their fans. Leave them alone & go work on your own life Trisha. Be a big girl & grow up. Stop trying to hurt people. I don't care if people did crap at 18 or 20. I hope that most people have grown up & learned from their mistakes (unlike you)! I want to see Starr & Shane back in videos making me & others happy again. Trisha, you have never made me happy. You make crap & hate. You are supposed to be a woman in love but you act like a woman who is in desperate need of a good roll. You act desperate. Maybe Mose doesn't love you. Sorry. You only seem like a person filled with hate. Let Shane make people feel good again. I'm 71 & I know in this pandemic he is needed. Younger friends introduced me to his work. They also introduced me you sadly. I wish they hadn't.

    • The problem is Shane and Jeffree haven’t shown any sign of growth. It’s all very well that they bring you joy, and I’m sorry you have lost that feeling. But they are racist and ones been accused of besitality and paed*ph*li* as well. We need to hold them accountable otherwise we are letting people get away with treating minorities and children like meaningless objects

  • Thanks for caring about us Texans 💜

  • unrelated but your hair looks great today :)

  • Wow, an influencer who ACTUALLY holds his circle accountable... Joffrey Starfish should take notes, but we know he won’t because his commitment to the betterment of society is akin to a murdering psychopath suddenly committing to christ for an early release from prison.

  • I love your channel. I don’t watch any of those ppl but you fill me in on all the tea and under then 15minutes. Brava!💜💕

  • Your hair is amazing. Period.

  • Luke, why didn't you addressing the David Dobrik allegations? Like we get all of these influencers going to Miami but no one cares about Tana and Nikita in big media,. David is seen as a BIG face not only on DEname but in other spaces and he needs to be held accountable. The SA allegations going underreported just feeds into men who are victims of SA not wanting to speak up about their experiences.

    • I didn’t even know there were any, would it be ok for someone to explain? So I can know what to look up in order to fully educate myself

    • hes too scared of the david stans

  • Trisha talking about ryland reminds me of Michael Scott on the secret Santa episode when he’s narrating the Yankee swap game and is so bitter lmao

  • These people piss me off. Idec about the bretman thing. Everyone else tho omfg

  • I really dont understand why you have a channel, merch & all this shit when youre like the most basic most boring person in the world with zero input, even texans are laughing at their snow situation but it bothers you...in australia? get a life.

  • What's going on in Texas could have been prevented. But the powers that be cut corners. Similar to what happens during Hurricane Katrina. Needlessly bad infrastructure.

  • You should think about watching bretmans mtvs show, like you did with Tana... I would really enoy that...

  • 0:41 I’m sorry but seeing Tana’s tongue gives me a deeply disgusted n visceral gut reaction given we know what it’s been thru. Oh wait, she’s been AWFUL to the black community and actively endangers lives during a pandemic where she is privileged enough to work from home, just chooses not to. Never mind I’m not sorry P. S. Not surprised her management changed. That MTV show put her disrespect toward Jordan (and being a professional) in the spotlight. How long can you fight with a 20-something year old toddler before you cut em off? 👀