Why I Didn't Like Bridgerton (spoiler: its problematic)

Am 27 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
todays video is a review about Bridgerton where I discuss the things I don't like about the show, such as: the reveal of Lady Whistledown, Simon & Daphne's Toxic Relationship and the performance diversity.
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    • You're so handsome

    • Hey! Please take a look at least on the most liked comments :)

  • It really annoys me when they put a couple of black people in a show as tokens but ignore all other races, you were much more likely to see indian people in England 200 years ago yet there’s none in power in this show?! What about other asian races, I know this show is American but you were much more likely to have asian people in Europe 200 years ago than black people. Aggh whatever 🙄

  • Everything you said is so accurate. It was hard to watch tbh

  • Daphne kept pressing him to think about marrying him because of the fact she didn’t want to be shunned by their society. She KNEW that he liked her but was torn inside about it. She emotionally manipulated him multiple times. If she would have just left him alone the first time she could have ended up with the prince and with kids in a healthy relationship 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  • Sheit show, I agree

  • Virge

  • they did have some asian and indian characters though, they were just minor and in the background sadly, same with the dark skin characters.

  • OMG never just have just black people without everyone in the world being represented.

  • I'm out this is the hater station!

  • Oh Whaaaaaan, it's entertainment. To all the Asians, when do your Asian producers include black people in your cinema??????? Never! So tired of the whining. You see a black face and you lose your mind. Don't worry we will fade back into the ether. There was not one black person in Crazy Rich Asians or the Joy Luck Club...so heavy sigh.

  • how could penelope be mrs whistletone ? i mean when did she write all of the news and published them? it seem so weird

  • I really didn't like Bridgerton much But it's all everyone is talking about 👁️👄👁️

  • I stopped after the first episode. This show is overrated.

  • I need to point out that the Duke is a minute man.

  • The worst series I ever saw. Complete rubbish, can't believe why such a lot of people are so fascinated about it. 1 episode to see, was more thsn enough of this crap.

  • Predictable ridiculous drek. Polly Walker is divine though, Atia forever.

  • Omg...I can't believe she actually r*p*d him wtf? .-. Ok I decided I'm not seeing the series...not only bc Daphne is a terrible human being. The whole concept is just dumb. Getting approved by the queen as the prettiest girl? This is false feminism Yeahhhh no that never happened in history...I get that this is suppost to be a mix of older times with the modern times but it would had been nice if they actually incorporated accurate elements about the 1800's. coming back to the whole children thing, Idc if he wasn't honest with her about having children. If Simon didn't want children she shouldnt force him. They really messed up. I can't believe this was even approved. Yeah let's promote rap**! It's not gonna perpetuate consent not at all!

  • I only kept watching this shit show (sorry) for Eloise and to hear Julie Andrews ngl

  • Totally agree with this appraisal. The race politics were purely performative and just went nowhere and the gender politics was even worse with the rXXX scene which wasn't even positioned as problematic that boundaries and consent were ignored because it was done to a man. I liked the "feminist" writer girl and where they seemed to be going with that but I also felt that arc wasn't really fleshed out. And the Sex scenes, omg, in a series aimed at women it is clear the show runners had never experienced good sex that leads to a female orgasm and neither had the sex/intimacy consultant they hired especially for these unnecessarily violent and painful-looking scenes, so that was a real travesty for viewers

  • y’all go watch khadija her video is really good

  • "Riding his donkey kong" 😂😂😂 Also, i toyally agree, this was pretty messed up.

  • Eloise lowkey annoys me honestly

  • OK. I am going to say my peace. Anytime a new movie or TV show comes out, there are always DEnamers that react, review, and critic. this is not a bad thing, but here is where I have a problem with these critics. Ok, so Bridgerton is toxic and problematic, is this a problem? Are there not problematic and toxic people in real life? Why do people go bonkers when this toxic are shown on TV? Ok, Daphne and Simon are problematic, are so what? Are humans perfect? Do you think there would be drama if everyone was such a saint? This is a TV adaptation of a book and everything you watched happened in the book. I don't understand when viewers get mad at a show for how the bad (and even good) characters are written. It's like people don't want to become aware of these things that happen in real life too. Yes, there are obsessive brothers, annoying friends, manipulative spouses, murders, rapists, and liars in real life. But when it comes to your screen, you don't want to see it and then start talking about how you hate the show because they simply show the reality of humanity. If you did not know, people in toxic relationships and marriage exist. Yes. And people in problematic families exist too. These movies and TV shows are only giving us stories and characters that were formed from human behaviors and actions. I get hating a show because of a bad plot or bad production but hating a show because some characters are unlikeable is just unreasonable. A lot of people in real life are unlikeable too. They are just trying to be realistic. BYE. This is my rant. P.S- Luke this is not directed to you, I just wanted to let this out of my mind because I have seen a lot of DEnamers doing this. And it confusing for me, why people hate to see real characters on screen.

  • The prince was actually very mature. He was better off not ending up with Daphne

  • i don´t like them very much because i miss Austen´s purity. In the story i mean. This new era that inaugurated "Fifty Shades of Gray" in the literature to wet the panties of adolescents and young adults has brought the deterioration of romantic literature. Now the quality in this genre is gone.

  • Yeah I thought Daphne was the worst and most boring character. Her expression was the same all the way through and her character traits (if you can call them that) just seemed to be "ignorant", "bambi-eyed" and "pretty"

  • Just to confirm the real wife of King George was a lady of part Portugese person of colour, please do your research...

  • when are people gonna learn that Shonda Rimes productions suck ass. Her and Ryan Murphy are two creators that idk how and why they keep being allowed to inflict their garbage upon the world when so many other better creators exist

  • ... logically this makes sense... but fantasies don't require logic

  • OMG! My husband and I are in our 50’s and think to ourselves, “ are we such prudes and so OOOOOOLD?!” Up until the “ **pe” scene, we’re enjoying the movie. Although, we are in total agreement on the over the top sex scenes. The take on costumes and music works really well. But the relationship between our two young lovers --sooooo ridiculous. I’m so glad to see that you, the younger generation, is on the same page as we are. As you say, she basically “r’s” him as a means of impregnating herself because that’s the obvious way to go about starting a happy and well adjusted family🤯. We haven’t even gone back to the show. Good thing came of this experience....I rewatched PRIDE AND PREJUDICE with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle....so good, as I remembered it. It’s not until the very end that we are rewarded with their first kiss, in their honeymoon carriage ride. Up until that moment, we had to be satisfied with their long gazes and witty and smart dialogues. Thanks for your thoughts and I’m enjoying reading the comments. We’re not alone.

  • What’s funny to me is to see how when shows or films are made with Asian or Latino centric casts, nobody complains about the lack of representation for other minorities. But for some reason, when a black woman produces a show, she gets dragged for putting black representation front and center. We get shit from y’all, all the f*** time. So yeah we’re going to focus on elevating our own, first. F*** annoying 🙄


  • I definitely do think there was a lack of all POC representation considering they had so many POC background characters but only made one of them a main character. But it was also nice to see more diversity in a period drama. I’ve seen a lot of different drama series taken during this time and there is no POC representation at all. Like Reign for instants. Don’t get me wrong I love that show but there was not a POC character at all. I also found myself skipping a lot of the storylines I felt like there was just too many to keep up with and not enough for them were interesting. I think we can all agree that Eloise is the best character. It’s very nice to see a period show where not every single woman in the show wants to just get married and have a bunch of babies. I really hope we get a good storyline for her next season. I do wish it had more accuracy but Majority of shows that try to follow historical accuracy don’t seem to get as many views. Reigns amount of views went down as soon as they had one of the main characters die that actually died in real life. But I will continue to watch the show. Considering it’s Shanda Rimes that created the show I expect a lot of seasons😭💀

  • I felt like the r*pe scene was supposed to make the viewer uncomfortable and question this violent crime. He had had sex with her under false pretenses. She believed him to be infertile. When she found out how a baby was made she wanted to make sure it was true. She didn't know what sex was, she had a non existent education and we can't judge her by today's standards. While committing the crime she saw that this was something he did not want, however, and should have stopped. But, marital rape didn't really exist back then. I mean legally. If she didn't know what sex was, how was she to understand r*pe? Many people today still don't understand consent and yet we have almost unlimited knowledge at out fingertips.

  • I knew Penelope was Ladywhistledown the moment the Marina scandal happened. I knew it was either her or she was in cahoots/knew who whistledown was or somehow leaked the information.

  • The sex scenes were hella excessive and did nothing for the plot for how many there were

  • The handmaids tale is in reverse women being raped.

  • This review lacks credibility simply because he doesn't understand certain things in the story. This show broke records so clearly, Shonda Rimes and Netflix did something right. It was designed to be a form of escapism - so it did it's job. Next the actors who played Daphne and Simon have great on-screen chemistry which is a major reason why this show was a smash hit.

  • i mean.. i like it. but it does have SO MANY TYPES OF BULLSHIT IN IT

  • Luke, there were Asians in the show... sadly not much dialogue but they were there.


  • it's Luke calling it children's juice for me

  • We're black people part British Victorian society? I don't think so.

  • Are you serious about the mystery of who Lady GossipGirl is as a shortcoming? The only interesting thing about Gossip Girl after season two is Gossip Girls’ monologue. I stopped at season two because they started dating each other and that is crap story building. They live in New York but only date each other? Ugh.

  • Stop comparing it to Gossip Girl.

  • I'm starting to feel like there's no winning in the diverse casting game when everyone have such different ideas of where the minimum diversity bar lays and who it includes. I think that a lot of people also forget that in this series about half the cast is related by bloodlines, so if one Bridgerton is white then the rest of them must be white otherwise it doesn't make sense...

  • Friend wanted to watch this with me and like- it’s fun to just watch if you’re not really thinking about it- but I literally got so angry after the whole duel scene- it just dipped in quality for me and now I can’t even find the stupid ass modern classical pieces funny anymore :/ I would honestly like to see more of Benedict or Eloise in the next seasons if they actually do it. They were the only bearable characters in the entire show

  • U should do one on ginny and gorgia

  • I really like the show but I still hope they listen to the criticism against it and use it to improve the series. I still love it to bits (since I'm a hoe for historical fantasy) but I also see why a lot of people don't like it

  • I didn't even have to watch the whole thing to like the video🔥

  • The fact that the moment 'Indian' was mentioned as part of the conversation on diversity was enough to make me (an Indian) immediately feel seen shows how low the bar is with diversity - cause any conversation on it just fully excludes the entire south Asian and middle Eastern regions lol

  • YESSS!!!! finally!! The show was so oversexualized, I literally could not stop laughing when they were happening cuz it literally felt like I was watching porn. It's also crazy that we glamorize this and want to watch two people simulating sex. Animals don't even do this, only us! It's crazzyyyy

  • Ugh. Thank goodness other people hated this as much as me.

  • Luke when you spoke about Khadija and her channel/video I SCREAMED BC I LOVER HER SO MUCH

  • I'm so glad that there are people out there who see that Bridgerton is no Pride and Prejudice

  • i seriously watched the show just so i can come and watch this video

  • The sex scenes were not too much, they were only concetrated to 2 episodes

  • Daphne and Simon had potential. I felt disgusted honestly with the way she gaslighted Simon to have children. It’s quite uncomfortable for me. I thought their relationship was kinda adorable in the beginning, but I don’t think there was any progress. It’s just toxic now.

    • There’s just one small thing I’d like to say Indians are Asians to so saying it separately makes it a little problem for Indians.

  • Eloise gets annoying at one point lol

  • Thank you Luke :) for sharing your thoughts

  • I'm also disgusted by the rape scene and imo it wasn't explored enough when they were fighting. I wish Simon would tell her off about her action and why it made him trust her less, then maybe she could see that they both make mistakes instead of pinning it all down to Simon's grudge against his father standing in the way of their happiness as a couple. Also another thing that bothers me (and the reason I like Eloise more, too!) is there are moments where Daphne threw some sort of feminist lines that were just... there, without really being integrated in her character, and mostly when things aren't in her favor. For example, when she told her brother that if she were the one that said anything about Lord Berbrooke advances on her, her brother would dismiss her because she's a woman. To me that kinda came out of nowhere considering her brother actually cares and adores her. But anyway, I know what I'm getting into from the beginning with the visually pleasing show and the 19th century gossip girl act, so I guess I just hope they give them more realistic character developments in the future instead of these shallow plots.

  • Fun fact, Queen Charlotte is believed to be descended from the black branch of the Portuguese royal family and based on her portraits she looked mixed race. So Queen Charlotte being black was the only instance where the colourblind casting could be considered historically accurate.

  • I had the complete opposite of most of the commentary on this chat line . I only watched this because I lost a bet with my wife. She knows that I hate “romance novels “ ( and movies) in general. But I got to admit I really enjoyed this. It’s not suppressing that the number 1 series in almost every country in the world. For example; the first couple of episodes, I was making snide comments all threw. Until I stopped and realized that I was hooked on the show. But of course, I didn’t let my wife know at the time. BTW I didn’t care about the historical inaccuracies, because it’s basically a “fantasy period romance “. Even I knew that.

    • BTW the acting was flawless!


  • Agree with everything you said, just adding a few things: The music bothered me so much because of how impossible it is and illogical (music history), sorry guys but Mozart living at the same time as Billie E and Shawn Mendes? No for oh so many reasons. Also, too distracting, felt detached. I wish they provided more back up with fictional history to explain their current sociological situation, and to better detach myself from reality where sadly diversity is not the case, example: how come there is a Black queen? Does it make sense logically WITHIN the fictional story? What happened? Is the timing possible? Costumes are forgivable. Even though those huge white and blonde wigs on Black women were disgraceful, deserved better suited and more flattering ones. NO chemistry or interesting dynamic between Simon and Daphne, nothing they bond over. Story too quick. No time to get attached or interested in anyone. A rake marrying someone so quickly and falling in love like that? Please! Just not believable. At least build the logic, and the foundations correctly.

  • I do like the show regardless of its many faults but that episode where there was nothing but sex and then on top of it the r*pe scene was NOT IT. To make it worse I watched the show with my mum so that episode was hella awkward.

  • THANK YOU! The sex scenes were excessive and turned me off from the show entirely. I didn't like the main characters either

  • Overrated

  • YES! FINALLY someone understands! She continued riding him when he wanted to stop, then has the audacity to accuse him of lying and deceiving when it was SHE that assumed and didn't educate herself? And then pressures him into thinking the only way they'll be happy is having children and dismisses his important vows he made? Miss me with that toxic manipulative shit! I aint watching Season 2

  • I just felt like their love wasn’t strong enough. Like when Daphne said she really really loved him, I was just like but why?

  • 8:33 um I think they were pretty graphic.

  • And the costume is....something

  • I’m an African American woman and I see what everyone is saying about the colorism and it’s true but it doesn’t really bother me. The whole thing is unrealistic that I can’t be worried about it, plus this is only the first season. The woman Anthony is supposed to fall for is going to be played by an Indian actress, so they are expanding in terms of race. Also, there were some South Asians among the upper crust crowd in season one. They just didn’t have speaking parts.

  • talking about diversity in this show, there was one Asian character, but she would just randomly show up in a frame for a few seconds and then disappear?? like PLEASE. shows aren't diverse unless you can give diverse characters actual roles!!!!!

  • THANK YOU! I thought the show was pretty bad but then I saw that it was still on the top ten shows for Netflix and I was like what?? I really enjoy period pieces but this just wasn't it. Like Anne with an E was so much better than this. Or Downtan Abbey. I highly recommend those shows to anyone who sees this comment. Anyways, Brigerton is soooooo overrated so I'm glad people agree with me.

  • can i just say as someones who is pretty triggered by rape scenes. they do appear in so many tv shows and movies to women (or near rape scenes at least). Luke's comment of it the roles were reversed it wouldn't have been aired or more people would be talking about it is pretty wrong (not to throw shade). there have been so many shows ive tried to watch that feature rape scenes casually without any warning and i just haven't been able to watch them since.

  • Oh Lord, I just seen the first ep and did a commentary and thought it was amusing as hell but SHIT 😳 looks like it gonna be trash, YIKES, don’t know if I wanna continue watching now

  • I love period drama. Jane Austen is like a goddess to me and the excess is modernity and pointless drama got into my nerves, so I was disagreeing with you in some points, but, oh boy when you touched the assault scene I had to come here and say PREACH! That was downright disturbing and wrong and the fact that happened but it wasn't dealt with, like she did nothing wrong sickens me.

  • Dude I want your hair give it to me now

  • I knew that Penelope was lady whistle down was when the paper included that marina was pregnant. And since Penelope like Colin who was gonna marry marina Penelope wanted to sabotage them as she was jealous!!

  • I haven't watched the series but I have read the book and from the clips I watched and the reviews I've seen the series is super different from the book. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. The book is boring while the show has so much drama and we see the siblings a lot more (in the book the siblings are barely there) but they added so much stuff like the queen and the prince and Berbrooke being extra clingy and added characters that are not in the first book. And the show has so much more sex than the book. the book does not go into details like the series. Way too much FYI: in the book, we don't know who Lady Whistledown is (she is not revealed)

  • I've never cared less about a cast of characters like I did with this one.

  • Khadija Mbowe's video on this is very much the go to for a breakdown on this show! Her channel is absolutely amazing!

  • Damn people it's FICTION! Get over it!

  • Daphne and Simon were cute as friends.

  • There were always kings and queens of color in history, it’s just white people hid that part of history from us and didn’t want to tell the truth of how rich our people were in wealth of mindset

  • I liked the show ngl but it problematic. I hope they fix things as the show continues

  • agree with a lot of your points, except about Daphne being "naive" or "dumb" about the whole sex thing, she was supposed to be the epitomy of purity so her not knowing about pulling out and everything makes total sense to me. Also I thought the identity of Lady Whistledown was pretty obvious, and by paying attention to how Penelope acted you could see it coming but I can see why you weren't invested in that story-line ;)

  • Finaly someone said what i think.Book was better then series.


  • I wasn't rooting for the main couple, either! You explained this really well!

  • I think they only expected to have one season of this show, that’s why they revealed who lady whistleton was. So when the show blew up they had to do a season two.

  • I LOVE the queen. She is a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!

  • WHO can you take a series That serious 🙊

  • Way too many sex scenes and I would of went with the prince!

  • I’m sorry but when you said the father was demonic I SCREAMED😂

  • Intermarriage was caused by self-hate and colorism, for europeans who want to say intermarriage can end racism? sorry you're wrong, you should be lucky that most of colorism comes from non-europeans

  • I enjoyed aspects of this show but I could not stand Daphne. I understand the time frame & all but the co stand simpering nature of her was off putting. She forced him into marriage & that r*pe scene was so wrong. Like why is is "passionate" & valid cause it's a woman who did it. I'm glad I saw it but I couldn't watch it again.

  • The only good thing about the show is the orchestral pop, the music, whoever thought about this need a raise and yes also Eloise...

  • I saw the trailer and I’m not watching this it triggers me 1 and 2 what the fuck goes on it LOOKED really cringy