David Dobrik Sorry He Got Caught, James Charles Dropped by Youtube, Shane Dawson Returns...

Am 30 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
this dive into the drama is about David Dobrik and the vlog squad, Liza Koshy, James Charles & Shane Dawson...
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0:54-David Dobrik #daviddobrik
5:00-Vlog Squad #vlogsquad
10:58-Liza Koshy #lizakoshy
11:58-James Charles #jamescharles
15:30-Shane Dawson #shanedawson
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✭ Jeff Wittek Made This David Dobrik Situation Worse... ➩ dename.info/film/t7alkZyTnax7Yn8/video
✭ James Charles Messed Up...Yet Again ➩ dename.info/film/yKR2in2Sr5eOpZ0/video
✭ Everything Wrong With Shane Dawson...YIKES ➩ dename.info/film/z7BkbmvarIaap6E/video
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  • I know it’s was wrong of me to sleep with someone at 16 this person was 28

  • My only concern about Gabbie Hanna coming forward about her experiences with the Vlog Squad is, every channel has bent over fucking backwards trying to deny that Gabbie has ever faced any sort of abuse from anyone ever. She's probably sick of people who don't know her minimizing and refuting her life experiences based on nothing but shallow opinions they have of her that are influenced by things they don't even have evidence of. People have spent the past two years bitching about every little thing she's done if she so much as blinks. I wouldn't blame her for staying quiet online and only offering testimony behind closed doors if the case with vs goes legal.

  • If James Charles was black he would be in jail, rich or not :)

  • He said he didn’t know what was going on in that room. Funny because on his podcast he said that he, along with others, kept going into the bedroom to “ make sure” they were hooking up, to the point where dom eventually had to lock the door. F David.

  • I love the way you say ‘h’ 😍 why the hell do Americans not say it the same way as youuuuuuuu.

  • lukes take on the instant influencer show would be great. especially the drama channel season... here for it!!!

  • Could Shane Dawson look any more like a p-word?

  • Oh my gosh that’s embarrassing😂 Lizaaaaa didn’t hold back

  • Can we talk about how Natalie made disgusting comments in regards to Trisha...

  • the logistics of who bought the alcohol is just fuck1ng stupid, how about just dont have s3x with people who are incapacitated because that is not s3x its rap3

    • EXACTLYYYYYY and someone in the comments of my vid said the girls shouldve known better bc they’re adults 🤯 dont r*pe people???? It’s as simple as that! How are people still victim blaming omggg

  • I love the notebook, he looks so professional!!! Better than cnn reporters

  • I’ve said this before but I’m gonna say it again. Where are James’ parents? I know he’s 22 but if I at 26 had ONE allegation of grooming my parents would be scared/mad but MORE THAN ONE they’d force me to move back home, smash all of my technology and put me in some hardcore therapy.

  • Love you, value your opinion, don't not always agree, but appreciate your opinion.


  • SA and incredibly racist jokes, I’ve met these guys and the whole vibe is always let’s get some girls get some booze and get loose. It’s really disgusting this LA influencer culture is SO TOXIC.

  • I know Rachel (Jason’s “new girlfriend”) and my good friend is very close w her. Rachel isn’t w Jason, they’re just really great friends. People are being extremely hostile to her for no reason at all. I personally think the whole situation is being blown out of proportion considering they’re not even together. It’s awful that some people are going out of their way to gang up on her

  • whew... there’s a lot going on in this video🤭 but shane isn’t slick lol he’s needs to have several seats and continue to stay off the internet & james charles idek what to say anymore i don’t think all these accusations are just accusations there’s definitely a pattern he’s weird (great video as always!!)

  • I’m sorry but that picture of Shane= 🤮🤮🤮 Is that too mean? Lol. He needs to change his hygiene habits...

  • 💙💙💙

  • stop doing that blackccent we are begging you queen

  • Dude.. I can’t believe I actually supported Shane at one point. I have both of his books and religiously watched his content. I personally just don’t think he should come back. He’s hurt way too many people, and it’ll just be a matter of time before another controversy. On a brighter note though, please go support Garrett Watts. He’s doing some pretty cool things, and if anyone deserves the clout it’s him (not Shane). He deserves so much better than the hand that Shane dealt him

  • 13:47 pewdiepie the racist? 🤨 I hope you didn’t mean that

  • Hey Luke love your videos. Can you tell me why every time I see a video about this situation. I notice that everyone say SA or R instead of saying the real words. Are those two words banned from yourtube.

  • What you are NOT going to do is drag Liza Koshy into drama chicanery. Don't you dare throw queens face on your struggle tea channel. Thanks

  • this is a whirlwind

  • Hahah don’t sister sue me lol that got me

  • I feel bad cause when I first watched Gabbi, I thought she was annoying cause she was always making fat jokes about herself and I just sat there like “skinny bitches gotta grub for likes jfc” and knowing they literally gave her diet pills as a joke... I may not like her much, but she didn’t deserve bullying like that and her time there probably fucked her up a lot.

  • Shane Dawson Returns... suspect.. lol

  • Go Off Sis!!!!

  • I’m sick and tired of James Charles having a platform. I understand that most of his audience are too young to be on Twitter, but there has to still be young adults and adults that are still watching him that just don’t care about what he did. It’s truly disgusting.

  • I am tired of hearing that only the victims can accept their apology when there's a literally crime. This isn't drama, this is rape. As a woman I can also decide if I want to accept the apology of a man who raped or was involved in a rape of another woman. Imagine if Jeffrey Epstein made an apology and the victims accepted the apology?! What should we do. Shut up because the victims accepted the apology? No. We need to speak as a society against sexual abuse even if the victim doesn't want to.

  • A lot of apologies, and a lot of white men getting away from jail time in real time in front of the world. smh 🙄

  • LIZA SAID WHAT??? OK I understand "we broke up" now A LOT

  • Can Ethan and Trisha make content without mentioning David Dobrik or Vlog Squad for more than 6 months?#nomoredaviddobriktalk

  • Ew, Shane Dawson returned?

  • I’m sorry but anyone with being cells would know what was happening in a room. They literally joked about a threesome knowing the girl was wasted. Then the next day they joke about going to jail. They knew what was going on just didn’t care.

    • Right??? Ive had people comment on my vid blaming the victims because the girls ‘shouldve known better bc theyre adults and no one forced them to drink’. Disgusting 😡

  • these are literally the three people i want to hear NOTHING about anymore like i don't care

  • I am glad the victims has spoken out . I truly hope it helps them heal and find peace . I don’t know much about David , I never watched his videos except his apology videos, but he does not seem like a nice person. I don’t think he really cares for the victims . I can’t explain it but his eyes were very cold while he “apologies “ . Also , I am worried about the young audience of James Charles . Where are their parents or guardians? And it frustrates me that the male victims are not taken seriously enough. Lets hold same energy for male victims as we have for female victims . ETA: And Shane can stay off the internet thank you very much . Had enough of seeing his name .

  • It’s so bizarre that you are taking such joy in watching and hoping people get cancelled Wait until they come after you

  • I’m so tired of James Charles like damn dude have you tried not sexting children, like fr he needs to get off the internet.

  • His crying was very manipulative, days and weeks before that apology he was making his minions do all the dirty work for him but only when his sponsors ditched him he was so sorry and changed person all of a sudden. Also wasn't James the one who was in drama channels dm's during dramageddon2 twisting stories for his favor? Funny how he is now willing to throw drama channels under the bus.

  • You’re so handsome ❣️

  • Hey Luke, any chance you’ll do a breakdown of Nikita’s garbage show’s season 2??? I don’t have the energy to watch for myself and see what kind of biphobia she’s spewing this time around 💀

  • Okay but if they knew they were under age why would they stay hanging out with 21+ if they knew it’s illegal to drink under the age of 21. I understand peer pressure of wanting to fit in because of a big influencer, but mistakes happen it’s a part of life. Reflecting on your action many years later could be cringe and you could ask yourself why the hell.. but that’s life you live and learn. I’m not trying to defend anyone but they weren’t being held for their life’s, they could have left at any moment, They were not forced to drink alcohol. Mistakes happen and that’s ok if something doesn’t feel right then get out ! Who cares if they have 1.x million followers ! It’s your own mental health. #ProtectYourEnergy

  • The jump suit with the sisters logo made me laugh so hard

  • new podcast! ❤️❤️

  • Pls dont call it drama... it is actual assault you are discussing so treat the matter with the respect and care it deserves.

  • The "sister sue me" was everything

  • Don’t sister sue me 🤣

  • imagine Shane trying to come back to the internet after that D'Angelo video on him lmao 🤡

  • It's taken such a long time for David to be held accountable, my hope is it doesn't take several years for James to be held accountable as well.

  • I love your channel!

  • Surprised you mentioned pewdiepie of all people as a 'cool' new host for the influencer show

  • I stopped supporting james charles for partying during the pandemic but it just keeps getting worse and worse uh

  • I was really interested in the shane dawson part of this video because his name popped up in my DEname suggestions the other day despite me not watching his videos or being subscribed to him for probably over a year now. It's probably just a coincidence but I found it super weird, especially now that he's apparently trying to make a sudden comeback...

  • the fact that you need a notebook to remember all the details


  • I was a huge huge David fan but honestly after all this I think he got caught up in the fame and money and he’s just money hungry now

    • Makes me wonder how many other big influencers are just like that...

  • As a long time fan of the vlog squad, I know for a fact that David would have kept avoiding the situation if he didn’t lose any sponsors

  • Definitely was manipulative Smokey glow said that he should get hr amongst other videos. He definitely did his research to craft a near perfect apology. How did he learn from his mistakes 6 days after his first apology ?

  • Don't sister sue me 😅

  • Hi Luke! I’m still just at the intro, but I just wanted to say that I think it’s dangerous to be calling these criminal issues ‘drama’. Sexual assault allegations should not be painted as drama, it’s the paint that’s been used to invalidate crimes for toooooo long.

  • David's apology was so spliced that I can't believe that those tears he put in weren't intentional to manipulate the audience.

  • He is not sorry. He didn’t own up or even mention the biggest part which is that he brought up the idea to buying alcohol to “loosen them up” 😒. He was the biggest reason all of it even happened.

    • Someone actually had the audacity to say that the girls shouldve known better bc they were adults, and that no one forced them to drink 🤯😡 they would rather blame the victims that admit that their precious idol fucked up.

  • Agree with everything but we shouldn’t be dragging people about weather people satisfy people in bed We don’t wanna step down to their level

  • lol y'all can never be pleased. He made a mistake, took accountability and apologised. what else do you want? instead of shading David why don't y'all show the same energy towards Dom? he's the criminal here.

  • I am so happy that I don’t watch big DEnamers because it is so Dark and revolting 🤮

  • Please react to the second season of Nikita’s show! :D

  • Anyone who waits to give a statement about David Dobrik was just waiting to see if this would blow over, not because “they needed to collect their thoughts”. They need to be called out. They are the worst followers and yes-men of DD.

  • First off how’s the girl who won the first season of instant influence anyways???? Did it help boost her on her platforms??

  • Im so tired of these influencers making millions for being bad people😪 mean while I just be here making no money with my goofey ass vids

  • I kinda feel everybody is trying to come with some allegations against charles. Of course some people are victims but not all of them. Some of them just want clout.

  • His whole second apology is a lie. I don’t believe for a second that he didn’t know about Dom and how he treated women. There’s numerous examples of him making it into a punchline. He’s trash he doesn’t actually care about these girls he’s just upset he lost money

    • Facts!! Someone actually had the audacity to say that the girls shouldve known better bc they were adults, and that no one forced them to drink 🤯😡 they would rather blame the victims that admit that their precious idol fucked up.

  • It's the same people all over again why people still looking forward to their content just freakin stop giving a damn honestly

  • I did not know about the Facebook part that's insaneee

  • They're all only apologising because its hurting there finances.

  • I always skip this David dobrik situation, its sooo triggering and upsetting to me and its everywhere. I've even been having nightmares about it. So messed up

  • Even after many vlog squad members speaking out, Durte Dom just casually posts on his instagram story girl byee 💀

  • I would totally watch the gamer show with Pew

  • I just think that when it is boy victims not a lot of ppl believe them, like when it is a female ppl at least pretend they believe them such as in the vlog squad they keep saying they Believe the victims but no one is owning up to buying the alcohol, like Yh Dom May of already had some but at gathering generally ppl want to be stocked up but Yh so still no one is saying they brought the drinks but with guy victims ppl do dismiss them such as the boy with James and even with Seth his accusations were never address properly which is wrong

  • Zayn did sexually harasse Natalie in one of the vlogs

  • I find it interesting that David’s losing all these sponsorships so fast and yet nothing is being done about James Charles who’s been caught talking with minors on multiple occasions Ps I’m not a fan of either of them


  • Its always American influencers getting into this shit (not saying Americans are bad people there are some lovely people) but its always those influencers that get into shit like this like I'm from the UK and none of our influencers get into drama. I'm not trying to be like "oh our influencers are so perfect" but u kind of have to question it when it's always them getting into shit.

  • I subscribed bc you talk fast and I like it

  • New to the channel 💛 I love the thumbnails you have serving FACE while searving tea ☕

  • loving this series so much! you are blessing us with content atm 🥰

  • i’m feeling some bad vibes today so I’m gonna tell you guys its all gonna be good, take a fat rant if you need

  • I feel like this apology video was made with no one but the sponsors that are dropping him in mind. With 11 companies having dumped Dobrik including: Hello Fresh, Facebook, SeatGeek, Dollar Shave Club, EA Sports, Audible, DoorDash, HBO Max, Bumble among others. Keep in mind, sponsorships were/are his primary revenue stream, hence his panic-inspired reaction once the money started to disappear.

  • Were Morgan and Ryland's channels already vlog channels?

  • Let me mention, he was talking to him when he was 15 or either barely 16. If you look at the tiktok, the screen videos were from last year! I'm 15, I couldn't imagine how pressured I would feel to be with a 19 year old CELEBRITY that I loved. People tell me I have a good head on my shoulders, but tbh, I'd fall for it 👀.

  • Shane did nothin but nasty jokes y’all canceled him but James with actual crime 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻yaaaaa we Stan .. Hypocrisy at its finest ✌🏻

    • Ummm I think you forgot that Shane Dawson also engaged in predatory behaviour + racism...

  • Idk if you’d be interested in this type of thing but I think I’d be cool if you did like a *TW* a unsolved mystery video or something or if that’s not ur thing or It would make to many people uncomfortable maybe just reacting to a wild conspiracy theories?

  • Please don't change your hair Its so handsome and its also great to see someone rocking a unique style and pulling it the heck off. Im tired of all boys rocking the same 2 trendy hair styles for 10 ten years until it changes lol. VARIETY IN FASHION AND TRENDS FOR 2020's.

  • LOVE YOU!! Look forward to your videos❤️

  • From someone who is a people pleaser and still trying to create boundaries for my emotional well being, saying yes to everything isn't being nice, or something that is good in any way. Not only it stems from insecurity but it also creates a false image to the people around you. It is not their fault for loving who you pretend to be because they didn't know who you really are. The main problem is you for not knowing what you want and deserve. This make you a hostage of yourself by being forced to say yes to everything fearing of rejection. How long have you been together? Why were you not able to bring that conversation to him and choose to make it public now that it's long over? What i want to say is that it isn't 100% his fault. Medically speaking, the fear of saying no as a people pleaser may be giving you some mental stress which you know can affect the quality of you sx life. If i have to add, when she made racist remarks with david, i saw a food native to my own country, which by the way I have been missing to try now that I'm in the US. I have to say that you, of all people, made me sick hearing those. You may have apologized for saying those but to me you are just the same person having that prejudice still in your mind. I am glad that people take it seriously which makes racist people hold back whenever they try to hurt someone. With all these hate crimes against minorities, I thought you are one among many who will stand up for us being a celebrity. I guess I expected too much kindness from you.

  • David's 2nd apology in a nutshell "Sorry I got caught. Sorry to my fans for letting the haters expose me"

  • I really hope Shane does come back. I liked how videos and editing style and I hate that people were so stupid that they believed ridiculous rumours that he had sex with his cat. I’m so over the younger generation trying to take away entertainment they don’t like - because they don’t want to see it. When they should just not watch it and maybe stick with PG content.

  • Why is no one appreciating “don’t sister sue me” I laughed at that for some reason

  • We need to advocate for male S.A. victims. This isn't right. He's gotten away with one too many times. I can't imagine how hard it was for that boy to come out and share his story to begin with since male S.A. vicitms are rarely believed. We need to get rid of this idea that boys/men can't harmed sexually. #belivethevictim