James Charles Is Exposed...YET AGAIN

Am 1 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
this video is about the recent allegations that have come out against James Charles... #jamescharles
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1:02-Zane & Heath
2:07-Haley Pham & Ryan Trahan
3:37-James Charles
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  • Please do a story about how the public reacts to men and women. There is so much science and studies over it!

  • He "IS MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY MORE MATURE" and he's going after minors?! He is a JOKE.

  • ok so we all see the pattern, but what if Jeffree paid every single one of those ppl. Just to u know be at the top. Just a theory or a thought to think abt.

  • When I heard that clip of him slipping and saying “a lot of them are in high school and college.. senior in high school and college” my mouth was literally on the floor 😨

  • So Tati was right

  • If you’re pressed because they hid their wedding during a pandemic then you just dumb asf i mean yeah they’re dumb too but at the end of the day, aint nobody give a flying fucc about the pandemic people gon keep going on about their lives n shit so just let it be lmaoooo. I still wear my mask tho, y’all stay safe ✌🏿

  • its just so silly to me that people are giving james the benefit of the doubt that ALL these young boys are 'tricking' him. who in the dating scene today doesn't try and find their new potential love interest's social media? i can't imagine a world where he didn't at least do that and many of these boys had their ages somewhere out there. he's trying to convince me he was just adding random snapchats and getting flirted with and flirting back, and it was just many repeated silly mistakes? no person with as much fame as he has should do any flirting with randos online, but regardless i also find it sus that he has done this so many times and every time its him just 'not doing his due diligence', like no at this point you seem to have a type and that type is MINORS JFC

  • James: I have the mentality of a 40 year old Me, someone who has actually interacted with 40 year olds and is of a similar age to James: excuse me

  • So.... Was Tati right all along?

  • 3:15 Can you please make it REALLY noticeable when you post your misogyny video so I don't miss it? I really want to hear your thoughts. Thank you

  • I'm sorry, but I remember a video where not only did you 1000% defend JC, but did it by making ageist comment about Tati. You know, the one where you make a comment on how old she is,, then said that "sorry that James is young and has twice the sex drive that you do. It was really disgusting.

  • Ok im sorry so off topic but why does he do that w his lips in snaps

  • I feel like Hayley was getting more hate than Ryan because people assumed it was her who pushed the wedding just so she could wear the beautiful dress and have her makeup done blah blah blah

  • There’s something weird about the way he takes selfies and photo’s, like he’s trying very hard to be seen as a teenager while being an adult..

  • So Tati was right about everything … wow.

  • James Charles is so fucking annoying

  • bro u read my mind with the time stamps lmaooo u da best!!

  • How are the authorities not jumping in on this? HOW?

  • Can we also talk about how pushy he is? He even said so himself that the boys were uncomfortable to fly out (even if it’s because they don’t want James paying), so why push them by saying “well I can, so get on a plane”? This happened with this other kid who showed the snaps James was sending him “it would take literally 30s to send a pic like this” “just take a pic dum*a$$”, he is so pushy and demanding, it feels like harassment.

  • It's crazy how he claims to be mature when he has done so many immature things and keeps making mistake after mistake.

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢 I'm in my 20s, and I can't even imagine being attracted to teenagers! Absolutely disgusting. I think most of us in our teens had that creepy person in their 20s hit on us, and tried telling us we were so "mature for our age." James Charles deserves to be charged criminally. This has happened multiple times now. I feel so bad for those young boys. To them it was super cool being able to talk with one of their idols, but James is an adult. He should know better!! My stepson is the same age as some of these boys he was talking to. It makes me feel physically ill to think of a grown ass man or woman taking advantage of him.

  • It's starting to be so annoying how you Americans are so upset about people talking to someone who is 5 years younger, honestly, who in 21 feels like an adult and doesn't have friends under 18. You are acting like James sexually assaulted those boys omg, he literally just send them pictures and he's not some freaking old pedophile, those boys are his peers, and I'm sure they just used him to get cloud, nothing else.

  • bruh that creature is a narcissist

  • When you know you are Sister Untouchable.

  • Basically all of the kids he targeted LOOK LIKE KIDS, and almost all of them had public posts about their age. It’s so fucking gross that he’s getting away with this. I can’t believe brands are still working with him-Morphe promoted his palette today and then *removed the name of the palette used in their look from their caption* after backlash. Child sex crimes are strict liability crimes. As an adult, you are responsible for ensuring you’re talking to an adult. It doesn’t matter if the kid lied because *that’s what kids do.*

  • He's doing this at 21...what will he do when he's older when he's attracted to boys as young as they can get (legally)? This is a pattern and a real problem.

  • the misogyny point makes so much sense, haley did get more hate. make a vid about it!!

  • i feel like the whole "if only i looked on the boys social" is bs cause thats the first things everybody does when they meet a new person: go through the socials. And if the boy mentioned it many times i feel like its hard to miss

  • not you posting this on april fools day

  • What I don’t understand from your video, are you implying that lying about one’s age is legal and do you allegedly believe that James would have sent those messages if he knew the right age of the people he was messaging with?

  • To Ryan and his girl, I don’t accept it either. I got engaged after five years of being with my man in 2019. We were so excited...then COVID happened. I lost my job, our car broke down, and we had to postpone the wedding, not even until this year, but NEXT year I’m September. We will have been engaged for three years by the time we’re married when it was only meant to be one. So yeah fuck them lol

  • I know you mean well but James committing a literal crime is not “drama.” Again, I know you mean well but maybe not the best word to describe the situation James is in right now.

  • it’s obviously wrong what he did and I’m not justifying he’s actions but y’all are acting like 21 is 30 or something

  • this is so exhausting like how many videos have commentary channels had to make about this man. send him to prison so we can all move past this

  • Can someone tell me why it is weird for an adult to hangout with teens. I have this teacher who is in her early or mid twenties and I am 18 and we've been hanging out for some time but not in a sexual way. Do you guys find it weird?

  • That podcast part was heeeeellllllaaa crepy

  • IDK why I love this part. Luke was giving me disappointed wine mom vibes 3:33

  • The drama Is awfull because those influencers suck, but did nobody notice that the collar of the shirt matches EXACTLY Where It meets the shirt? LOVE that❤️

  • confused what you want from ryan and haley if that apology wasn’t enough? i thought their apology was well articulated and they admitted fault. i’m just not sure what else they gotta do in this situation. they can’t undo the wedding, all they can do is admit they were wrong and then move on

  • i agree women are held to a higher standard than women.

  • Omg those texts sound just like when creeps slide into your DMs pretending to want to have a conversation and then start making *everything* into an innuendo even when you're clearly not into it.

  • Hey Luke, thanks for being so respectful about this. When I was 12 or 13, I was gr**med, and it dragged on for about a year. Along with another very serious incident, I developed trauma and possible PTSD (psychiatrist hasn’t been able to confirm it because I haven’t gotten a brain scan). It was a horrible time in my life and I’ve dealt with other things along the way, but after two mental health treatment admissions, I’m doing a lot better. What I’m trying to say is that pr*datory online behaviours are VERY serious and should be criminal. I’m never going to be able to fully recover from my trauma, and no one seems to understand that online interactions are just as real as in-person ones. People need to take this more seriously. Thank you again Luke, I’m hoping he goes to jail. Because people like James have caused lifelong trauma. That shit is not a joke.

  • I’m not comparing, I’m NOT comparing, buuuuuuuut he’s kinda like today’s R. Kelly 😭

  • It’s really well known in the psychology world that when people have experienced trauma in their past, their brain doesn’t develop past that maturity level. When James discussed his “coming out” story and getting caught being on a very adult site at the age of 12, I realized that is his maturity age for being attracted to boys. I am in no way giving him a pass for his behavior. I just find it interesting. He has enough money and every resource at his disposal to get help (or to have gotten help years ago), and I truly hope he gets the help he needs...while being in prison!

  • A panini press Sister sued In 4k, saying he dates people in high school...aledgedly *eye roll* AlEdGedLy x189304 You're iconic and your commentary is golden

  • I think Kylie Jenner already unfollowed in January..she unfollowed a big chunk of her friends. It was at the time when Alexander Wang had the allegations and Nicki Minaj was also in some mess. I think she is just protecting herself and will unfollow more people in the future, because every time a scandal happens people will ask her if she still follows

  • The james charles situation is soooo disgusting, it physically hurts. I just HOPE he actually gets cancelled for all this cause this is criminal behaviour...

    • *gets cancelled AND put in jail tbh

  • Next time he's going to say the IDs were fake 🙄🙄🙄

  • Trisha Paytas is/was problematic. Lately I feel that she's been fine, it's mainly been mental health issues that are internal but I believe that her new friend group/extended family is helping her a lot and holding her accountable but also making sure she's getting help vs being good for views

  • The "21 with a mentality of a 40 year old" part, like did I hear that correctly? Than continuing on to say he is attracted to younger guys...

  • A Pattin 🥺🥰

  • yet... you still follow and support him? .... yikes

  • His texts reminds me of Chris Hansen's to Catch a Predator!

  • There's alot of straight acting, straight looking homosexuals and Bi's !

  • James Charles is exhibiting a pattern, rather than a simple mistake... To consciously -- and continually -- make the same choice whilst expecting a different result or outcome is the definition of insanity. James Charles is demonstrating the same actions or behaviors as well as remaining within a certain habit or tendency with no sign of change is *not* an accident... What are the chances that James Charles' story is in fact correct, and he was unaware of the child victim's age? ... Highly unlikely.

  • lmao, kylie jenner unfollowed him(James Charles) again. When are people just going to stop giving him the time of day.

  • Why does he even engage in this activity?! Like what even is this

  • Zane and Heath never address any allegations, their podcast ‘s listeners basically had to spam then with comments to address the Kenny situation. Now they’re slipping by with no repercussion, specially zane who reposted Scotty’s victim blaming video on his ig stories. After listening to their podcast before all of this happened I’m convinced Zane doesn’t even realise the importance of this, the guy doesn’t have a single original thought in his head tbh.

  • The fact that he’s drawn to boys who look 14 is weird. He says ‘I thought they were 18 bc that’s what they said’ but you look at them and they look like children. Why is he attracted to people who even look that young? Creepy

  • i just don't get why it's that hard to not send anybody dirty pics unless they are someone you know

  • i don't like to be that person lol but when luke said in a middle of a panorama i thought of iz*one 😂😂

  • Why is no one having the conversation, that we as a society are just expected to cross reference, and demand proof of someone’s age before we talk to them? If that’s where we are at, let’s have that conversation, but I think it’s pretty gaslighting to act like that’s normal. How many times have any of you on here asked for verification of someone’s age before you talk to them?

  • I of course think how James Charles used his fame (wether he meant to or not) to interact sexually with underage boys is very disgusting and he should face charges for it. HOWEVER there are so many straight male youtubers that do this too with underage girls and have not been as reprimanded as James. IJS I think there's some homophobia at play here...

  • In that impaulsive episode I would love to know what the guy sitting next to him is thinking as he’s hearing James say “high school” and how he buys these boys tickets.

  • He is PURPOSEFULLY NOT looking for, asking, or verifying age for plausible deniability. It is a very calculated move that is used by predators.

  • "I have the maturity of a 40 year old." Boy, no you don't. I'm 33 and I see James Charlies as what he is: a brat in an adult's body. He is not mature. If he were, then he wouldn't be sending nudes immediately after meeting a person. If he were serious about looking for a relationship, this wouldn't be happening. He's an immature boy to me. Manchild. And when I say this, I am not removing adulthood from him to give him a pass to date minors. But just because he's 21, it doesnt mean he's has the maturity of an adult man.

  • also james is horrible at flirting

  • i just wanna say that w the lopez brothers people are trying to excuse them by saying the same thing, “the girls lied to them/tried to set them up” AS IF ITS STILL NOT ILLEGAL TO DO THAT SHIT WITH A MINOR EVEN IF THEY LIED

  • Literally watched this entire video thinking “this guy has a South African accent” and I had to check your bio and i was right! 😁 fellow SAfrican right here 🇿🇦

  • if I was you I would be extremely mad at James, He made you and some others look stupid because there was no proof the first time but now there are many allegations and he admitted to it. You and those who supported him the first time deserve a massive apology from him. You, Kemstar, pewdiepie and all the rest that supported him throughout the other scandal.

  • Just a thought: James has a young following, most of his fans are like 19 or 15 and below and don’t know these kind of things like Pre****ry, and they would just watch that that video and there gonna forgive him.

  • How does he still have a platform

  • Great shirt

  • At this point it feels like he knows they are minors, knows the kids are lying about their age, and let's them without asking for ID - so he can use the same excuse that he was lied to and it wasn't his fault. Like if it happened only once it would be understandable as an honest mistake, but now that it's happened multiple times and he still choose not to check IDs. Plus he shouldn't even be looking at his fans as a dating pool, the power imbalance alone should have stopped him.

  • I live in Austin where I’m pretty sure they live and I wont forgive them. November was a scary time here, ICUs were starting fill, so many people were dying. Personally, my entire family aside from my self and my spouse got sick, some very sick. I lost money rescheduling my wedding because I cared for my community, and unlike them I don’t have a ton to spare. I don’t care that they are young and just wanted to get married ASAP. (For sex probably). They knowingly hurt my community and its really hard for me to forgive them for that. That’s certainly not how God intended a marriage to begin.

  • 2:21 I really don’t know why y’all care... like they made the choice to not to, their business, and doesn’t seem there’s a lot of people, they know the risk. Feel like people shouldn’t be bugging people who don’t wear mask all the time...

  • James accidentally telling the podcast that he flys high school boys to LA to "hang out" fucking sent me. That's all the proof I need honestly. It's hella creepy that a 21 y/o who is famous would date an 18 y/o in high school even if they are 18 just why?

  • Why did James upload a video that literally hits on every point that you talked about in this video??.... seems weird, using the same words.. like “power in balance” and taking responsibility and James saying “I’m taking twine away to reflect and think”.

  • I am just waiting for James Charles to catfish the wrong teenager who have powerful parents that will drag his little smile to court and get him prison , and James should be afraid because we know what they will do P-words in jail .. and it´s not pretty !!

  • can he just go to jail already?

  • When the Last drama starts at 3 mins in but the video is 15 minutes long you know it’s gonna be a ride

  • Luke saying panorama and panini bread instead of pandemic is a whole mood 😆

  • That edit with the snaps from James talking about the kid’s body.... I’m straight up sick of people excusing his behavior. Hope the police get involved for the sake of our young boys.

  • James Charles needs to lose his platforms. He obviously has a problem and a predator like this doesn’t need any kind of platform to try and humanize and have people sympathize with his behavior.

  • It’s also weird because he’s 21/22 but being in the spotlight he’s def matured and grown so much and has so much money and fame...so with the mentality of like a 25 yr old and wanting to be with 16/17/18 yr olds.... ??

  • Honestly I find it a bit delusional that James believes that he can find a relationship from fans on Snapchat? What?

  • james is a grown man and he has to start acting like one

  • This whole situation is just the embodiment of: EEEEWWWW YOU NASTY

  • In conclusion: influencers are not good people and lie ALL THE TIME.

  • Key word: "allegedly"

  • REACT TO HIS "holding myself accountable" VIDEO PLZ 😚 it came out like a day before yours!

  • Just a reminder that just because James is a piece of shit, doesn't mean that Jeffree, Shane, and Tati are now redeemable. Everyone's a piece of shit.

  • If this is true why is on youtube and not a Case on U.S investigatiom department. Wtf. Im done. Male drama channels are worst than female ones lol

  • Please James is having a very dangerous pattern here. But he can’t go to jail over messages unfortunately 😔

  • ugh i just got a prager u ad on this video

  • He needs some SSRIs to dull some of that sex drive 😅

  • Why the F does James Charles keep saying he has the mentality and maturity of a 40 year old so much when he’s been so immature (*and still is incredibly immature)since he started online. His view of himself is SO off

  • If Haley and Ryan were still waiting to have sex until marriage then I think THATS why they were in such a rush lol

  • Jaclyn Glenn had a maskless wedding too and it was possibly a "destination" wedding.

  • what i don’t get is that james can literally run a background check- like he’s famous i’m sure he can afford it