Grammys 2021 Best & Worst Dressed

Am 16 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
in todays video I'm reviewing and roasting the celebrity outfits of the 2021 #Grammys awards
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  • Ok but the fact that everyone at the Grammys are pop stars really bothers me-

  • That first sister was Chloe not Halle lol, they’re not twins!!!!😭

  • BTS was snubbed by far! My God, the Grammy was theirs until the Recording Academy reared the ugly head of white supremism and elitism, and was like gotcha

  • i love taylor’s outfit because it really fit the entire cottagecore-forest-flowers-folklore aesthetic.

  • bts deserved over gags and ariana literally fight me. it actually pisses me off

  • Bad bunny gives ally g vibes

  • Ok but Taylor’s performance outfit🥰


  • A little upset miley and plastic hearts was not even nominated

  • Dua Lipa and Post Malone are my favourite with performance and outfits and all I just love them too And Billie is really good ♥️her style is really really good 😌💥 And bad bunny outfit is really cute and it’s really good 😌

  • Bad Bunny is the CUTEST. The ‘fit was so nice, in my opinion.

  • Not Luke not knowing who Anderson Pak is!!!

  • “Someone called Anderson Paak” .... I 😒

  • 3:40 when u said that, I totally agreed, but he actually released a song with Anderson Paak like last week

  • Taylor 🤍✨

  • I was living for Doja cats outfit! Ive been seeing a lot of people hate on her outfit but I loved it!


  • my fav outfit was dua’s

  • Noah Cyrus looks like she’s wearing a fitted sheet 🤣

  • the weeknd had a song on billboard for a whole damn year & still aint win a grammy

  • Fit doesn’t mean look or outfit sweetie. I do agree about Chloe & Halle being amazing in those outfits. They were probably the best looks for me along with Dua Lipa.

  • Chloe x Halle were ROBBED

  • “Finneas who is a singer and a producer of a lot of Billie Eilish’s songs”... I feel like this description is sooo incomplete

  • i honestly was expecting more of harry styles' look. like compared to all the iconic outfits he has worn to other events this looked lazy, this looked exacly like he just took absolutely the first 3 pieces he found on his wardrobe (with his eyes closed). like nothing was matching with nothing and i perfectly understand harry styles' aeshtetic, he's very playfull and colorfull and extravagant AND HE HAS HAD GREAT OUTFITS WITH THAT AESHTETIC like ICONIC outfits, but thissss...

  • Noah's dress remminded me of cheese lmaooo

  • I love Taylor’s dress but I when Luke said preschool teacher vibes I immediately thought Ms. Frizzle and now i can’t unsee it. You’re welcome because now you can’t un see it either

  • let’s not forget Taylor’s matching floral mask that she wore, absolutely gorgeous.

  • "She's wearing a sheet to build a fort" 😭😭😭😂🤣

  • "somebody called Anderson paak" and i oop-

  • chloe and halle were cheated

  • love ur videos! kisses from berlin

  • da baby and her need to run off into the sunset together in those outfits jesus

  • Bruh how do you not know about the new Bruno and Anderson .Paak song... in your own words, “you’ve been living under a rock” 😂

  • That Taylor's outfit was sooo gorgeous. It perfectly fit the aesthetics of her Folklore: summery, cottagecore, natural, minimal yet exceptionally beautiful.

  • Dua lipa was the best look to me the butterfly theme attracted my eyes so much!💫💌

  • I saw Taylor’s dress on Candice’s insta like a week ago and fell in love with it but idk when I saw it on Taylor it felt like it was missing something. Sad but anyways the dress still looks great. I really loved the Grammys this year, everybody got what they deserved, and I mean that in a way that before the same person won all the awards and this years was more divided, everyone got something and it’s waaay better like this.

  • loving the outfit and accessories king 💖✨

  • ill say this,,, PHEOBE BRIDGERS WAS ROBBED SHE DESERVED A GRAMMY at least the strokes one :) also blood money winning would have been so iconic

  • Bruno performed

  • all of dua's outfits looked so gorgeous, the big ball gown that transformed into the two-piece was absolutely fab

  • 💜

  • All I am staring at is Luke's shirt, I just love clothes with those kind of flower arrangements and colours. But Taylor Swift's dress, for some reason, gives me Gustav Klimt vibes mixed with cottage core. But tell me, as I haven't watched the Grammy's, did no one beside Billie Eilish wear a mask on these photos? Or did they take them off for the pictures?

  • I will Admit Doja’s outfit was unique’s a no fa me-

  • I was so glad when I saw you made this video! I love all your critiques in this! ❤️

  • Most outfits flopped. Good majority of performances flopped too. Besides megan and taylor. It all felt so off. Usually the grammys are super solid for performances tsk tsk

  • 8:36 - "different". Okay, I'm just going to assume you don't know who Madonna is.

  • “Someone called anderson paak” hurt me lolol. Hes amazing

  • "someone called Anderson Paak" 💀😭 please listen to his music he's great

  • I’m not even an army but bts got ROBBED

  • "somebody called Anderson .Paak " PARDON U, LUKE don't do Paak like that 😤😤

  • thinking about Taylor Swift with a pixie cut

  • H.E.R. giving me Voultori

  • Boy said Halle and it was Chloe lol

  • taylor wore the bear from midsommar this 1th january and she wore floral dress in grammys and i think its about midsommar too

  • Finally someone that likes dojas outfit...she looked amazing

  • Doja Cat's outfit reminded me of Johanna from Hunger Games

  • Kitten heals are a sin

  • Honestly I haven’t seen anything about this but Miley Cyrus should’ve been nominated for rock album or at least a track off of Plastic Hearts. IMO it was her best work and it’s sad that it wasn’t recognized

    • I don’t think Plastic Hearts was eligible yet but Midnight sky was and was snubbed though maybe it’ll get nominated next year.

  • “I really like the *sequences* on it” giving me very much Roxxy Andrews vibes 😌

    • Also Luke. Please listen to Anderson Paak you would vibe with their music I feel

  • I'm mad Chloe x Halle didn't win

  • ‘I quite enjoy it’

  • i really see the vison with noah's dress and i feel like if her shoulder thing was made out of tule have been a real look

  • Bruno was there because he performed as a part of Silk Sonic, the new supergroup he’s formed with Anderson .Paak.

  • I love billie but honestly i feel like grammy is very bias for her like her music is good but there are other artists as well who deserve it. Like doja cat kept giving bops and she literally didnt win anything????

  • Luke, how could you forget that Chloe x Halle were robbed?!

  • i like a lot of BTS's music but dynamite really is not that good, esp compared to a lot of their other songs. if it were another song of theirs, sure they were robbed, but dynamite didn't deserve to win. just bc its been streamed a lot doesn't mean its good. i said what i said.

    • what else indicates that a song is good besides people mass agreeing that it is?

  • Please don’t tell me luke doesn’t know who Anderson paak is

  • Love Luke but every time BTS pops up he just like avoids it and I can understand why but then just don’t put them in the doesn’t cost much to evaluate each of their outfits singularly instead of just saying they look handsome no hate just an observation

  • Love you Luke!!!

  • okayy but creddits for denzel dion ??

  • Taylor Swift won 😍😍😍😍

  • Usually I don't dig anyone's music at Grammys tbh, there's rarely someone I listen to, so I'm here only for the outfits. Agree with Luke for the most part, but kinda like Billie's both outfits, even tho I'm not a fan usually. Chloe's leather boots look a bit too "heavy" there and mismatched with gloves imo, so it should've been these gloves and some kind of stockings or just leather (or less sheer) gloves instead.

  • Bts deserved to win... I'm not saying anything bad about ari and lady gaga but I feel like bts deserved to win

  • The early Cher reference with Dua Lipa’s outfit was gorgeous!

  • The BTS took a very interesting Louis Vouitton collection, removed every interesting aspects from it (the colors the shapes etc) and decided to go like orphan kids on the red carpet (I quite dislike it) btw I also made a video with the same topic...

  • why do i feel like Harrys outfit looks so last minute. like he just threw on a jacket and a pair of pants and was like "oops, forgot my fashion is supposed to be quirky and sorta androgynous" and just threw on that boa scarf haha

  • I love the comment about how there's a lot going on with Billie's outfit and it's busy cuz dammit Billie that's everything you wear! Lmao

  • ooo I was so happy you said Harry’s fit was disappointing bc it really was

    • fr I expected something way shinier (idek if that's a word lol) from him (not too much tho). He could've wore that Gucci dress again and it would've been way better 😭

  • Lmao the fact that namjoon wore a hoodie to the Grammys 💀🤚🏼

  • In my opinion Harry’s first and second outfits were nice but nothing special but the third one was FIRE

  • I complety agree with all your opinions, I really liked taylor’s outfit it was my fav too

  • I‘m a massive harry styles fan and I agree with you, he wore 3 outfits and the red carpet was my least favorite one. But I heard some rumors that he was gonna wear a dress but he wasn’t allowed to idk

  • Bad bunny... suuuuch a good look

  • Definitely Taylor’s outfit, even if Haute la Mode didn’t like it.

    • @Marmaduke Scarlet AGREED THOUGH some people really need to fire their stylists istg

    • @Nathalie most of the time I agree with his critiques when he says designers for couturiers need to lift their game. People are paying a small fortune for those garments and some of them are simply not up to scratch. Gucci has become a pet peeve for me, for example. Four hundred dollars for an ugly plastic slide? I don’t think so! Edit: still, people will vote with their wallets but they’re really just relying on the power of their brand name at this stage.

    • @Marmaduke Scarlet nononno no controversies as far as I'm aware haha my love hate relationship with him is only with that sometimes he can be overly harsh and on occasion unnecessarily mean but otherwise I love him and his videos and watch all of them religiously hahahhahha

    • @Nathalie is there some controversy I’ve missed or something? I like Luke but don’t always agree with him. Opinions on art are always subjective, so, imo, disagreements are par for the course.

    • pls i have such mixed feelings about haute lemode i have a love-hate relationship with him and his taste

  • Omg! Noah Cyrus looked liked she was coming out of a birthing canal 🥴🥴🤦‍♀️

  • Ummm you look beautiful

  • Taylor was so robbed for pop duo, soty, and pop vocal album. Don’t get me wrong, I love lady Gaga and Ariana grande, but Rain On Me was an extremely unoriginal idea and ended up being a mediocre, typical pop song. Exile is so beautifully written, sounds amazing, and is an original idea. I also love Dua, but she makes music to perform. She said it in her little all abt me video that she makes music to perform her music. She makes music for the purpose of dancing along to it, not always with vocals in mind. She’s a great singer but Future Nostalgia wasn’t made for the vocals which is why Dua deserved the “music made for visuals” category and Taylor deserved pop vocal album. In folklore Taylor shows her seamless head voice and chest voice transitions that she’s perfected over the years. She’s so good at it that it’s sometimes hard to tell when she’s singing in her chest and head voice. She also perfected her lower register which she doesn’t get enough credit for. Folklore showed all of Taylor’s strengths and control as a singer. SOTY is an album given for songwriting, so I don’t understand how Cardigan, a song that is literal poetry, loses. Cardigan is one of the most lyrically perfect song I’ve ever heard. Also Jack Antonoff was robbed for Producer of the year.

  • I actually like the girls looks from Haim. It was giving me Zenon vibes and I kinda live for it lol.

  • you didn't even rate Anderson Paak's outfit

  • I love the necklace you’re wearing what kind of stone is it?😍

  • sorry but harry’s outfit was fucking disgusting

  • the ones i liked the most had the fairy vibes

  • Dua killed it, absolutely gorgeous. The best dressed. Who are those blue sisters in Hospital kit thing tho

  • Harry's performance look is fabulous

  • Doja Cat was snubbed so hard it hurts me physically😖

  • The hoodie is a suit (ish). Can't really see since he was sitting down. Louis Vuitton's new designer is dope!

  • Dynamite should have won -_-

  • Dua and Taylor wore best outfits tbh

  • lizzo and bruno could make a great prom couple.

    • I dunno she looks like she's about a foot taller than he is 😜

  • Unpopular opinion idc cardigan deserved best pop solo performance 😐