Reacting To Your Juicy Unpopular Opinions

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  • 11:59 luke i love you but you totally ignored what that person was saying. black men really did it first in terms of expressing themselves femininely and they’d get bullied for it, but all of a sudden a white man does it and it’s “wow!! such a great role model!!!! breaking the stereotypes!!!” it’s great that he’s expressing himself in that manner but people just straight up love to ignore that black men and other poc did it first.

  • I’m tired of people saying Ariana is blackfishing that pic that u used was heavily edited and most of the ones people used to say she was blackfishing were heavily edited as well if u search up the event u will see the Unedited version which was not blackfishing at all


  • I get annoyed when people say that all men are trash and then get upset after people disagree. Then they’ll say “Well, I *obviously* don’t mean ALL men.” But, that’s what you said. If you don’t feel that way or believe in that idea, don’t say it. Sorry if that makes no sense or I’m being too sensitive.

  • I very much disagree with the idea of DC being better than Marvel. I think DC USED to be better then Marvel but now that can't even be said they got bad and some people struggle to deal with that but, deal with it.

  • I think that a good way to put the sex as a pilar is more like sexual compatibility like you need that to line up or at least be okay that it doesn’t and that is important

  • 5:28 the only show I can think of is Chewing gum but maybe I’m just missing some. If you have any suggestions feel free to write them down below.

  • in school (bearing in mind we were only 13/14) i was shamed for not being with boys and not doing seggual stuff with them yet and it really hurt me because we were UNDERAGE

  • Omg the first one. We need to normalize TALKING about mental health but we shouldn’t “normalize” mental health struggles because it minimizes the very real struggles people deal with by making them seem common, relatable, and ordinary. There’s a difference between being distracted and having ADHD. There’s a difference between liking to clean and having OCD. When we act like these disorders are commonplace and something that everyone struggles with, it makes neurodivergant people seem somehow inferior for not being able to cope the way neurotypicals can.

  • Unpopular opinion. Periods and Pregnancies aren’t beautiful I have been told and have seen people be told that pregnancies and periods are beautiful, because they’re a female natural bodily process. Well, so is shitting and although normal, makes you feel uncomfortable to think about. Pregnancy isn’t beautiful in my opinion, because it includes side effects like nausea/vomiting, swelling, infections, etc. Obviously the result of pregnancy is incredible, but the process itself isn’t.

  • 💚💚💚

  • unpopular opinion: dont like drivers licence by olivia rodrigo

  • The thing with Harry styles is black artists DID do first. Ex: Prince, Rick James

  • 'Every girl is deep down bi' is just not true.... I'm a full lesbian I just felt pressured by heteronormative society to think I was attracted to guys... ik a lot of straight girls are more willing to experiment or be heteroflexible but that's just such a sweeping statement that's simply not true

  • That one comment that “all girls deep down are “” etc. Really confused me bc as a grown women iv run into many grown women that just are so caty n hateful towards other females bc they r female . Per say they think their in a competition, I honestly think of it as if their savages lmao kinda dramatic right., bu seriously just being decent , professional, or minding your own business in public is what’s needed 😂 I mean some women just want to start something bc they see another women . N this strives from women that are very much straight 🤧 n this applies to “unattractive “ n “attractive “ girls or women . I remember being a pre teen n those you know those Akward stages n some women would give the dirtiest looks . Bc I was a young girl it’s just weird 😩 I can’t explain the way Iv lived these situations n no bc I looked a certain way or am ugly or too attractive I’m a average looking Hispanic women . But some females do the most just to get that little drop of drama in life even @ Walmart with ppl they don’t know bc they drying up from Bordem 🤧🤧😭

  • tea spill, skelotim, dustin daily, the viewer’s voice are all drama channels that definitely make 10 (or more) minute videos about any tweet that suggest drama

  • 9:04 I also hate it when my parents talk about how I’m probably going to do drugs, drink, etc. even though I have so many better thing to do and am already too focused on my own problems to care about those things

  • I must be out of the loop, but didn't 'simp' used to have a differente meaning like, a few months ago? I thought simp was a guy who shits on women just because they don't want to sleep with them

  • Everyone has been talking about Elon Musk because he recently became the richest person on Earth. Everyone hates me for this unpopular opinion but oh well it’s what I think: I think that Elon Musk is cool for being the founder of SpaceX and the product architect for Tesla. He is even making tunnels in Las Vegas (I’m from Las Vegas). But!!! He downplayed coronavirus even though many people have died from it. He continued the work at his factories for Tesla and cases were reported! You would think that he wouldn’t be the type to deny a pandemic but he did. It’s all just very insensitive especially since he is so wealthy and is able to live a lavish lifestyle while others are struggling. He has great achievements but bad takes.

  • I love that this is my therapy.

  • Is it just me or Noah Centineo plays the same character in every movie?

  • Onlyfans is so TOXIC! If a girl (or boy) wants to share a photo wearing only underwere/showing their body that is totally fine in my opinion but when you do this for money you are "selling" your body and its almost like prostitution and its wrong!

  • idk if this is unpopular or not, but I feel like some people tend to hate what everyone else hates, sometimes without even looking into it. and that sucks.

  • unpopular opinion: i don’t see how women who are trump supporters can call themselves a feminist. it’s kind of ironic.

  • Hulu & Netflix have a way of making black people feel like their programs care about them and their struggles by profiting off of real African American problems in America. if it wasn’t for 2020, I highly doubt we would’ve had a black representation section on Netflix. if they cared, we would’ve been had a black representation section, because racial injustice didn’t just start in 2020. & even then, they would normalize putting darker complexioned women in their tv shoes as main characters because representation starts there too.

  • I feel like people who think zodiac signs are dumb don't actually know anything about astrology. Astrology doesn't just go in depth about your personality but it also describes how when you were born affects different areas of your life such as your career, love, friendships, hardships etc. Whenever people just write off zodiac signs as dumb, they're writing off all the research, knowledge and dedication it takes to understand all aspects of astrology

  • 14:45

  • also love me some asexuality/aromanticism erasure

  • also love me some asexuality/aromanticism erasure

  • 11:02 i-

  • everyone says that people are doing “the bare minimum” like ok. people are doing great things and when they are praised haters or jealous people always say it’s the bare minimum and it’s SO ANNOYING.

  • Unpopular truth: we need to stop caressing people who are really underweight, and really overweight as "body types." Call it what it is, eating disorders. IE think "fitness" influencers/ vendors, and then haes/ Tess. No one should be made fun of, but phrases like oh it's your body type or you're just a skinny legend , encourages them not to get help.

  • 9/10 of these opinions are very popular.

  • unpopular opinion: hollywood has a habit of having a false portrayal of high school. especially on disney channel and teen dramas that come on cable tv. they make it seem like high school is this holly jolly place that’s all about friends, fun, crushes, and parties. it’s all “adventurous” and as young kids/middle schoolers we watch these shows thinking, “this is gonna be in high school, i can’t wait. i’m gonna party every weekend and have lots of friends.” when we actually get to high school and get hit with harsh reality, our whole perception of high school is ruined. they don’t ever show the dark side of high school like mental health, stress, work overload, and toxic friendships and relationships. that’s why i’m thankful for shows like euphoria and grand army cause they’re not afraid to go there.

  • Music has turned SO political and people are so judgmental of music and music taste. If you like country idgaf that’s the music that makes YOU happy and chills you out it is not my business what ypu listen to. It’s a lot of gatekeeping in music now too, there will be new fans and there will also be people who listen to a artist or genre to seem cool but who cares it’s annoying at times but WHO CARES. The music DOESNT have to match my style or my life story either.

  • I feel like social media specifically the “Alt community” glorifies tf out of mental Illnesses, broken homes, drug abuse, and just growing up way way too fast. I have personally dealt with all these things on a very deep level and it has ruined my life completely and is EXTREMELY debilitating. They want it until they have it.

  • unpopular opinion: when famous youtubers say "i love you all so much" its fake and annoying. you dont personally know any of your fans so stop trying to create the false illusion that you care about them so you can gain subscribers.

  • Unpopular opinion: it’s really normal to antagonize men/straight ppl/cis ppl/yt ppl on social media. We want allies then push the people who are the majority away... how are we making progress doing that? We’re giving them a reason to be sexist/homophobic/transphobic/racist.

  • Taylor is a songwriter not a lyricist. There's a huge difference.

  • Ariana is latina fishing 🎣 🐟 Not black fishing

  • I’m a new subscriber your videos get me through the day🤦🏽‍♂️

  • harry edward styles is not overrated.PERIODT.

    • he's absolutely not, he deserves everything he's getting BUT his fans always compare him with other artists and that's not right.

  • Hispanic is not a race

  • There's a difference between simp and being respectful

  • This video is another example tha I'll click on anything that has harry styles either in the description,title or thumbnail

  • Feminism in movies is different for black women and white women. White women are always depicted as soft and feminine, so they prefer to see more strong female characters. While for black women especially dark skin black women the media always depict us as the strong black woman or in a struggle love relationship or a slave. Even the first black princess, Tiana was a frog and when we saw her she was a strong black woman. The first black woman to get an Oscar, Hattie McDaniel played a slave for a white family and also was a mammy. There is nothing wrong with being a strong woman. But don't call me an anti-feminist just because I want a black female character who is feminine. Or a black princess who get saves by a prince. And Bridgerton was colorist and it was race-baiting. I swear the only people calling it "diverse" now are white women.

  • 12:34 these images are photoshopped. Please stop using them it’s so old.

  • And some people have maladaptive daydreaming which I is a trauma response that a lot of people struggle with a lot so go and educate yourselves ont that

  • Unpopular opinion: being on stan Twitter and shipping isn't necessarily as horrible as some people make it out to be depending on how deep you are into it ok let me explain I personally am on the side of Twitter where most of the fans just talk about the artists music, merch ,concert experiences or aesthetics while uplifting and respecting everyone's opinions even though you have a weird crackhead here and there. wanting to disturb the piece but when you are on toxic stan Twitter that's were all the the drama, fighting, over sexualizing and death threats if you know what I mean it's all about the stuff you search and the mutuals you have and those people are mostly pervs sexualizing an artist and people who aren't happy with their own lives same goes for shipping if your just doing respectful memes or cute fan art and read wholesome fiction about them actually falling in love and not just for the sex is fine but when they become your whole life and you start harassing their friends , famliy and co workers on their socials with signs and innuendos ,making over sexual edit and fan cams or harrassment them about their personal relationship at that time when they might not even know that is so rude and disrespectful and people who usually write and read those sex scenes,make the ships their whole lives and try and construct a time line like Larry stylinson for example those type of people who read all those comfort or overly emotional fiction might be using it as a coping mechanism for their own trauma or mental health issues or just a way to escape from their toxic or stressful reality so I'm not saying justify what their doing call them out if you really think they need to be but take a thought for what they might be going through so be respectful and understanding when telling them what they are doing is wrong k thanks love y'all🥰🥰😀😃🖤❤

    • you're right. and like you mentioned, larries sometimes can be really disrespectful, but at the same, it always depends on which side of Twitter you are. if you just block people who are rude it's fine. and I mean, yeah, shipping is not necessary bad, but of course it comes across a little bit disrespectful sometimes.

  • unpopular opinion : driver’s license is extremely overrated and lowkey sucks

  • Found this by looking up sensitive people.. Well bye now

  • Money can buy things that make you happy not happiness as a whole.

  • I had this ex friend who would say "ALL MEN ARE TRASH" completely seriously. and now we arent friends cause she ghosted me for a man lmao

  • Being christian doesn't instantly make you homophobic, you can be religious and not hate lgbtq.

  • Me growing up thinking body count means weight: 👁👄👁

  • Opinion: it’s ok to introduce YOUR children to your religion as long as you aren’t instilling fear in them and you still let them express themselves

  • Unpopular opinion: Harry Potter is poorly written.

    • I truly the agree. I tried reading it but I couldn’t finish the first page because of the poor descriptions and strange wording

  • unpopular opinion: people should normalize change and growth. Especially if someone is genuinely showing it for example camila cabello. Everyone loves hating on her and it‘s become a very big hate train even though she‘s changed. I‘m not a stan or something but i feel like she genuinely has and people calling her racist is not right because i don’t think she is

  • Why do we normalize being lgbtq being “not very common” for example in movies everybody claps when there’s a gay character, ITS COMPLETELY NORMAL and clapping just makes it more of a tabu I think it’s great to be more inclusive btw

  • Why are we being annoyed at the people who are self deprecating. You can encourage people to stop insulting themselves but the way it was said in this video was kinda like in a mocking way and I think that's just rude and wrong. People don't love themselves, people are going to speak bad about themselves. Don't be annoyed at them as people, support them and show them love. And I think this shouldn't just be an opinion, it's basic humanity. Be kind to the people who can't be kind to themselves. How is this even debatable. As someone who makes self deprecating humor and has already had a bad day, I am offended and hurt. I came to your channel to feel better because you seem to have a calm energy or whatever, but I'm leaving hurt and worse than before :(

  • as someone turning 17 in a few weeks, i’d just like to emphasize the ones about the depiction of teens in shows. i’m someone who’s never smoked and only drinks a few times a year with my family at holidays or family dinners. i still haven’t even had my first kiss. i’m also a closeted lesbian, so that adds a layer too. it’s really hard to watch shows that depict the average teen/high schooler as someone who parties and gets drunk regularly and considers casual hookups or serious relationships as the norm, bc then they just depict those of us who don’t do these things as nerds or the outcasts. the gay characters are always out and very open about their sexuality, which is hard bc some of us aren’t ready for that yet.

  • I hate when straight dudes show a minimal expression of love and affection to their girlfriend and their friends call them simps...

  • I kind of disagree with To The Bone, simply because everyone involved in the movie (or so I have read) had struggled with an eating disorder. Lily Collins had been struggling with it most of her life. The movie was based on the writer's true story. I think that all media is going to trigger people, but that doesn't necessarily mean it shouldn't be made, because it can help some people too. And there really isn't any way of knowing if the story is going to help or hurt certain people. I believe the film had multiple trigger warnings. Euphoria had similar criticisms about it. I don't know, I understand what people are saying when they say that those stories glorify mental health, but I also think that it's not always the complete truth.

  • I think people take "money can buy happiness" too literally. obviously your issues and mental health problems will still be there but if your only stresses stem from money issues then yes I definitely believe money can fix that.

  • Braids and hairstyle is not the only way that you can blackish, its just the main way. Ariana may have acted like that before. But like he said I don't see it anymore. Just like how he talked about the black beauty features being accepted, but not the people. Is a another BIG example of how blacklisting can be applied, along with personality & more etc.

  • ariana 100% still blackfishes. blackfishing isn't just trying to look black, its trying to use the black community. she 1000% uses black community, culture, and aave to sell music.

  • Unpopular Opinion: Even tho making people aware of a topic is important i feel like many of the unpopular opinions are being repeated over and over again in these videos

  • I find western culture has always had a tendency to over label things. It's called the labelling theory actually and a lot of sociologists have written about the differences in labelling in westernized places and throughout history

  • I’m a simple girl...I see Harry in the thumbnail, I click

  • People in the comments will put UNPOPULAR OPINION: followed by something practically everyone believes in order to get likes...

    • They’re not really unpopular, they’re just things that everybody agrees on but is too scared to admit hahah

  • Bisexual is not a restricting or limiting label...I think it is completely valid for everyone to label themselves whatever they want, but attempting to somehow portray the label "bisexual" as anything but freeing and fluid, is inconsistent with the definition of Bisexuality.

  • unpopular opinion: vlogs are dumb. I’m not wasting 15 minutes of my time to watch you have fun with your friends.

  • Why are people so obsessed with other people's sexuality? Mind your own business and be kind


  • High key money can buy my happiness,

  • I think dc is better for the long run, y’all have 1-2 hr movies and we have seasons of shows that are really good. Both are good quality, dc is just more long term

  • 15:35 I agree with what he said and I also think that religion should not dictate when people can do certain things like having sex. I think people should be able to have sex whenever they want to and religion should not play a role in deciding to do something

  • Omg I HATE when people say "she's out of your league." People always joke and say that im out of my boyfriend's league, but the reality is #1, I dont think I am at all, and #2 he treats me with respect, is so wonderful, is my best friend, and is beautiful. For people to say I'm out of his league as if all I care about is a boyfriend being 6 ft tall or having chiseled abs, thats honestly rude to both him AND me. I know people are trying to be nice and give a compliment, but its a backhanded one at that.

  • i was like 'hmm this guy is giving off aquarius energy, he kinda reminds me of myself.' so i googled his zodiac and mans born on the same day as me :D

  • I think people don't really see the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation anymore. Said 'woke' people tend to attack without really considering the context and as a person belonging to an eastern culture , I know for a fact that most people in my country love to see people embracing our culture as long as they are not mocking or degrading us. We live in a diverse world and I think it wouldn't be fair to only keep your culture to yourself and disregard others who may be fascinated by it. I know for a fact that many eastern cultures are open to people wearing their clothes or celebrating their festival. We embrace western culture almost every day but to cancel westerners appreciating our culture is just simply unfair and sad. I do understand why cultural appropriation is important but I think its not practiced in the right way.

  • i totallyyy get the religious thing. i don’t want to feel afraid or judged to say i’m religious, but i do. the same way that i don’t judge people for *not* being religious or being religious in a different way, i want to believe in God and that be okay and not a reason to be attacked- there are radical people of every religion, but older Christian people have really paved the way for us to be hated

  • No one is born ugly, we just live in a judgemental society - our king, Namjoon

  • Opinion: the concept of "losing" your virginity is heavily influenced by the patriarchy and should be abolished

  • Opinion: Series and films should stop portraying Latino families as abusive, homophobic and super-united, and then try to justify themselves with "this is how their culture is". Makes me sad every time Americans assume that all or most Latino families are toxic, or that our cultures (we're not all the same culture) are sexist.

  • i personally think your faith can differ greatly from the practices of the religious institution itself, and also the mis interpretations of the bible throughout history. it IS possible to have a religious faith and still be an advocate for human rights and equality and freedom of expression, sexuality and everything else. however i do understand how it is normal to assume that a religious (esp christian/catholic) person is inherently bad due to the history of the church.

  • i don't like labelling my sexuality either but when i tell people about this they're like "oh so you're basically bi" and i'm like no?? i just like who i like and that's it.

  • there are other races than black that have darker skin. Wanting a tan isn't necessarily black fishing. Just look at southern Europe, Italy, Spain, Greece, the people living there are all tanned and people are allowed to have darker skin if they want it.

    • Also Ariana is Italian but I see where people are coming from saying she’s black fishung

  • Definitely agree on the virgin shaming, people talk about how society should not judge people who aren’t virgins but judge people who are and see them as weird. It’s all about choice

  • drug tw|| teenagers on tiktok need to stop promoting drug use. often on tiktok i see people promoting smoking and doing drugs and it makes me uncomfortable. drug use is a very serious issue and can cause many peoples de*ths. if people want to do drugs thats fine do whatever you want, but please dont promote it, especially on tiktok where there are so many kids. i just feel like they shouldn't talk about it/show them like smoking so much. it just makes me personally uncomfortable

  • Luke, I think you might be watching straight tik tok... xD

  • I just...want gay movies NOT about teens/students in love. It's somehow rare to find a good main couple who is happy and they are already working adults. That would be great.

  • opinion: colorism in the black community is very prominent and needs to be talked about more

  • Are you doing alright, no offense you seem like you don’t have much energy. Sorry if i’m being rude i just wanted to ask.

  • Option: People on social medias(mostly tik tok) need to stop romanticizing mental illnesses. They'll be like "haha I have bpd and I'll only date other people that have mental illnesses" it makes it sounds like having mental illnesses is fun and it's really not.

  • Arab women have had little to no representation in the media - I feel like lately more black and Indian representation has been implemented (not as much as there should be - but still) and there has been NO Arab representation - besides for Princess Jasmine😂

    • i agree with the whole arab thing but us indians don’t get much representation either or is that just me? but yes arabs definitely do deserve more representation probably more south asian and middle eastern country’s imo

    • This 💯

  • Regarding the whole waiting till marriage thing, ill try to explain from my point of view. I personally want to wait until marriage. It’s mostly for religious reasons, but there’s also personal reasons. I’m not dating anyone right now but in a relationship, sex isn’t the most important thing to me. Getting to know the person fully as an individual, emotionally, spiritually and mentally is where its at for me. Then when i get married, sex will be something we’ll both discover and get better at together. I disagree with the idea that if you’re sexually incompatible with someone that it wont work. You can listen to each other. Work around it. Since you already know each other very well, their body will just be something you need to get to know too. Idk, sex is just very special and a big step for me (not saying that ppl who have sex before marriage dont see it that way), and id feel more comfortable when married to explore. But to each their own!

  • 5:40 I think sometimes it’s necessary to just write a story/script with just a personality in mind and should maybe do like colourblind casting. There should be more stories about characters who happen to be pocs

  • 3:00 can we just leave virginity in 2020?

  • another thing about the mental health opinion is that some movies (mostly horror movies) really demonize mental health. like for example when the antagonist is a serial killer/abuser because they have borderline personality disorder. I know it's fiction but I don't like how it can spread misinformation and create more stigma about certain mental illnesses. people with mental illnesses are not dangerous most of the time.

  • I think you should look deeper into why that person said what they said about harry styles. You immediately dismissed the content of the opinion because you are a Harry stan and with no research.