Let's Dive Into The Drama: James Charles, Jeffree Star, Ace Family, Haley Pham & Ryan Trahan...

Am 16 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
In today video we're talking about Jeffree Star lying, James Charles being in controversy, The Ace Family scamming fans and Haley Pham & Ryan Trahan's Secret Wedding. Lets diveeeee into the drama...
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  • People think drama Chanel’s are problematic but they only call out those who really have done someone thing bad with receipts to show younger audience that this is not what is deemed as right. The only ones I watch are Luis Alexander, Smokey glow, spill sesh, and tea spill are the only ones I trust

  • Ryan nor hailey owes us nothing it’s their life if they wanna post it they can if they wanna stop posting they can if they wanna get married they can they don’t seek nor need our approval for anything as for the masks it’s not like there were a CROWD of people in that picture there were maybe like 5 total which leaves room to say that maybe (which it likely was) it was a small wedding with maybe ten to fifteen people which to me is perfectly fken fine considering it’s a wedding and you want it to be as memorable as possible given the fact that you already had to cut the amount of guests for your big day and again if they want it to be private THEY FKEN can I feel like people get soooo invested in other peoples lives to the point where they start demanding shit from people like wtf?? That’s high key psychotic if you’re a fan and you love them that should be it

    • ALSO not to mention they weren’t the only people to get married since the pandemic I’ve seen so many other weddings happen during the pandemic and y’all stay quiet about those ones but because their public figures you suddenly have a mouth??? Y’all judge everyone but your fken selves

  • HIBM... wow that's so new and innovative. Probably really works too

  • bruh the traphamily drama. who be going full detective mode on them? i honestly dont really care enough

  • is it not illegal in America to rent venues? if someone got caught renting a venue in my country, they have have to pay a looott & everyone at the party as well and the venue owners would have to as well I think so it's crazy to me that this is apparently possible in america?

  • i'm 37 weeks pregnant, have a neutral opinion of james, and did not find that video offensive. at all. it was tactful

  • To be honest, I never even heard of sienna, idc about tiktok, because the little bit I hear about tiktokers online is always very negative and I refuse to give these people any attention. But this girl took accountability, she apologized, she did something about it, she let her community know that she takes criticism and even donated in the end. That is more accountability than all of the youtube and tiktok dramatists together in all of 2020.

  • don't care about this drama,, just here for Luke :)))

  • i personally dont think james charles was being insensitive he did this out of curiosity and so that he could better empathize with his friend and people who experience pregnancy, but of course i say this from a place of privilege wherein i've never had to experience complications or pregnancy related issues and it goes without saying that those who have been hurt have totally valid feelings. for the sienna drama i think she had good intentions because "did you eat today" is not something meant to profit off of or make fun of those who have struggled with disordered eating but rather something people ask as a way to show you care about someone but she handled the criticism really well and instead of trying to get all defensive about it she took it down and donated all the profits which i believe is very mature behavior for someone so young which cant be said for a lot of her seniors and more experienced influencers

  • Haley and Ryan need to address the wedding. It’s only going to get worse the longer they wait. Their content has been weird since that “Ryan and Haley need to press pause” video. I don’t blame them for trying to keep their lives more private to protect themselves, but they need to address everything before they can move on. The things they’re posting feel very “uncanny valley” right now. If they had a wedding with a big group and no masks, I guess it’s a good thing that they at least didn’t advertise it. But bottom line, they should not have had a wedding, and they know if they own up to it, they will get backlash. Eventually it’ll all catch up to them though

  • I wonder if jstar intentionally said “the guy who used to do my hair” Bc technically that could be any guy that used to do his hair lol

  • I think the pregnancy this is kind of just dumb

  • Why do we care about Trisha Pastas’ feelings? She’s so insensitive to other communities and has definitely hurt those people’s feelings and doesn’t give a flying fuck. I honestly couldn’t care less if she’s getting bullied; good, now she knows how it feels to get made fun of.

  • I am currently 7 months pregnant, and I don’t see a problem with James video. If he has good intentions to learn and get educated what a pregnant women goes through.. then why not? I’m glad that he wants to get educated. 🥰

  • I don't feel any particular way about James Charles, but this backlash seems unnecessary. I've had a miscarriage and am struggling to get pregnant, y'all don't think it would be better to direct your hate towards the people who are lucky enough to have kids, but treat them like shit and abuse them? No?

  • If you have a problem with james charles pretending to be pregnant then no your feelings are not valid. I’m done with ppl getting ofended by everything that james do and other ppl keep telling them their feelings are valid and that it’s okay to be filled with so much hatred towards someone that anything they do is hurting you or offending you. Grow up

  • Honestly, as a woman who wants to be pregnant one day but can't bc I'm a lesbian that lives in a homophobic country where I can't have a family legally, I just found James video a bit upsetting for me personally. I avoid content around pregnancy in order not to get upset. But his video is not really offensive by any means tho

  • I bet if that sienna girl didn’t get called out she wouldn’t have donated any money whatsoever

  • I just wanted an 8 minute video as an ad.

  • as problematic as it is, I am glad that the couple didn't make a full video showing them having a wedding. It problematic that they did anyway but at least its not a KIm K. Maybe they filmed it and will release it after the pandemic

  • People just want to bully james charles for dumb shit, not actual problematic shit. A trend is fine until he does then all of a sudden it's an issue?

  • I don’t like James Charles but the people criticizing him here need to get a life.

  • i think the merch is boring but i really don't think "did you eat today?" is a problem. it does nothing to glorify eating disorders. eating is required healthy thing and i think the question is a good reminder. normalise eating!

  • Some people really project their insecurities in other/celebrities just because they can't deal with it alone. That's for the james charles drama

  • Sienna really took a line out of Tana's book...reading a script for an apology...

  • haley’s money literally went to her head. i used to LOVE her

  • I usually don't put in my two cents because no one cares lol, but I'm commenting anyways. To start, this video was very well put together - not sure how I stumbled upon it but great job spilling the tea but being respectful at the same time! Personally, I think everyone is extremely sensitive these days. There will always be something that offends someone. Men put those pregnancy things on to see how painful pregnancy is all the time - I've seen plenty of prank videos. I don't know JC was purposely being rude or insensitive, I don't think he was insensitive at all. Getting mad at a man for pretending to be pregnant because you can't become pregnant doesn't make sense. However, I didn't watch the video so this is based just off of the title. The merch issue, yeah I get it was a little insensitive - but I wouldn't be shocked or even second guess it if I saw it at forever 21. She handled it very well and I love she is donating the money to something that can help people. Again, she wasn't purposely trying to do something wrong or cover it up in my opinion. The wedding. OMG! Guys, this pandemic has been going on for a year. If they had a secret wedding, who cares? They didn't wear masks, who cares? It was their friends and their family. It was within a closed space and if it weren't for social media no one would have known. People need to stop putting so much pressure on everyone else. This virus isn't going away. Let people be happy. I'm sure if the guests wanted to wear a mask they could have. If they chose not to - who cares! Let people live their lives. There are so many places where masks aren't required. This virus isn't going way, face the facts. Stop being so pressed about what other people are doing and worry about yourselves. That's all :)

  • Austin mcbroom "how i became a millionaire" .....you exploited ur children my guy, that's literally it

  • I hate the claim that people cant joke abt pregnancy because it will hurt infertile ppls feelings. It gives me very much the same energy as "you cant have an ab*rtion because i cant have a baby you should be grateful"

  • The James Charles stuff is stupid. If people keep fussing at him over little things that are even problematic, it won’t be affective if he actually does do something wrong.

  • Urgh the guy from the Ace family actually triggers my fight or flight response, his voice needs a trigger warning. Awful man

  • Are obligated to wear masks during a wedding in the US during covid?

  • I havent seen your videos since early last year and OMG YOUR HAIR IS SO LONG AND CURLY

  • If they did have a wedding, the sheer lack of respect for others safety and the ignorance is so tone-deaf. It just highlights how detached some influencers are from the rest of society.

  • Luke, you're amazing! I love your videos 💞

  • I enjoy a lot of your content but recently you're becoming more of a drama channel and personally I don't find this stuff interesting. It's always the same people lying and doing stupid things for money. I've seen it a million times before and it's just exhausting at this point. That's why I don't really watch these videos. I would love to see another unpopular opinions video or some sort of political commentary from you. Like obviously make the content you want to make but I thought I would give my personal opinions/feedback coming from an audience members perspective. Love you Luke

  • Jeffree looks like a straight Oompa Loompa with the intense “tan” and the green wig 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You’re annoying

  • H3H3 Frenemies podcast is talking about this but seriously all the commentary channels should look into David Dobrik's controversies. It's crazy! the vlog squad is gross

  • I don't like James Charles but even I don't think he meant to offend anyone

  • Yoooo, some of y’all are detectives with the pham story 😂😂

  • I really don’t understand how the Austin mcbroom Thing is drama:... you shared nothing of valuable informations looks just looking for a reason to hate. I’m not a huge ace family fan or anything Snd I for sure don’t support Austin in a lot of the horrible things he’s done but I just don’t think he’s done anything wrong- literally

  • I knew he wasn't bald!

  • James shouldn't be getting criticized for this. I don't think it's insensitive to infertile women, I just.... I really see no way that it is. There are plenty of things to criticize him for (hanging out with his friends in the middle of a pandemic) but this?! No way. If his video was insensitive to infertile women, than so is anyone talking about pregnancy ever, and his disclaimer was very prominent.

  • The Ace Family channel is trash, And Austin is the garbage dump

  • I think that haley and ryan decided to make it private because of the video that spv labs made on them

  • The pregnant thing really annoys me because I’m disabled and the mobility issues that James highlighted I go through every day and not just for 9 months. I just think that yet again, disabled people are being ignored.

  • the tiktoker said she was sorry and didn't profit off the merch. i don't think there's anything else she could have done

  • The pregnancy video makes me maaaadd... especially because he is a man and he will never know... he doesn't even menstruate, he will never know the struggles ...

  • A wedding without masks!?????!!!!! OMG, give me a break. This stupid mask thing really flushed out all the "holier than thou" types. Where I leave the policy is pretty much dropped. And places that didn't have strict mask policy and places that did had about the same infection and mortality rate. Fuck outta here already.

  • Okay, my thought on the James charles situation: I don't think what he did was offensive. What I do find weird though is the video he did before this one was a "Without a Recipe" video. He did credit the try guys in that one, but then the next video he does is another big hit that the Try Guys had. Now I don't think this is a super big offense or anything, but it comes off kind of like he's going through their big hits catalog. And this is especially weird considering that he has a history of "accidentally" taking other people's ideas and often not crediting. Idk like I said, I don't think it's this HUGE thing, but comes off kinda weird. And this is coming from somebody who doesn't really care too much about James Charles either way.

  • Not sure how I feel about the Trahan situation. People love to hate those two. I don't think I can judge till I learn more info on the wedding and precautions they did/didn't take. It's tough rn for people trying to get married and Christian couples always seem pretty desperate to do so 😅.

  • Everyone needs to toughen the fuck up I am this generation and I’m sick of it

  • I think not telling people about the wedding is fine, especially right away. Its so creepy how far people went to figure out if they were married, pretty disturbing imo. The mask thing is a different issue, and I wouldn't call any of what was shown here evidence of everyone not wearing masks. Small groups of people might've just gone off and taken them off. But they deserve privacy when they want it, fans aren't entitled to their lives.

    • If it was really a matter of privacy, I don't know why they would make such a detailed series leading up to the wedding. It really makes it seem like they're hiding it because they know they were being reckless in regards to the pandemic.

  • I am pregnant and there’s nothing wrong with his video lmao . I think people need to chill the hell out honestly . I love people who raise awareness for struggling wormed ! And he’s donating hella money

  • I don’t understand why people would get offended by James because they couldn’t/can’t get pregnant. Like James can’t get pregnant either. I would think if that is the thought process they would be more offended by an actual pregnant woman flaunting her pregnancy.

  • People stay hating on James Charles & trying to cancel him. The dude is so unproblematic & all the drama has been stupid. Just stop.

    • Just to clarify: this is directed toward James's haters NOT Luke.

  • You keep wondering why ppl are still following Jeffree Star, yet there is NO other DEnamer who is talking more about him than you. Just stop caring and stop talking about him! It really is starting to get annoying.

  • Honestly as someone who is recovering from an ED for a while now, Sienna's apology clearly was meant well and I'm glad she took action quickly. Her intentions were good seemingly, just didn't execute the idea very well. Honestly the moment I saw the text I felt a bit sick cause of my experiences, so I'm glad people called her out on it aswell, and tbh like you said I hate ''merch'' that is just a cheap text on a sweater, at the least try to make it a bit more unique or even hire an artist for a cool piece but that's my personal opinion! Overall glad that she shares body positivity, she did make a mistake but unlike most tiktokkers/influencers nowadays her apology went straight to the point and took quick action, wish her the best :)

  • Jeffree just wants to get attention with hiring HairbyJay. Nobody cares about him anymore so you know he goes where the drama is.

  • The wedding drama was highkey creepy ash! I'm glad I'm not famous fans are creepy af!! Look how easy they were able to find them 😟

    • These types of fans need help, that celebrity doesn't know you! You are a stranger!

  • The only thing I would just wish influencers would do is post receipts of their donations.

  • Jefree Star... seriously, are we even surprised? *sigh*

  • So if I wanted biological kids but couldn't get pregnant but my friend got pregnant I should be offended? People are reaching.

  • people really get offended over a pregnancy video? 💀 yikes it’s not his fault what other people go through. i dont want to invalidate feelings but come on...……………

  • Who cares if ryan & Haley had a wedding

  • I‘m just tired of influencers in general.

  • So I’m one of those women who can’t have kids and has struggled for years with infertility and PCOS. I’m not offense by this video at ALL. A lot of people try and speak for women like myself which is very kind, I am more so impressed by the charity efforts as I have been helped by a charity to cover my partial hysterectomy at 24 years old to reduce my pain and let me life a more normal life. ❤️

  • hi luke i luv ur content and ur so entertaining but ur channel has just become drama and although I do find it good I think its getting repetitive and I enjoy ur older content a lot more. This is in no way to hate ur literally the best I'm just letting u know

  • I think its very telling that out of all the guy youtubers that have filmed funny pregnancy videos, james is the only one getting so much hate and backlash for it Be mad for racism. For inequality. For james and lots of other influencers not social distancing etc But come on being mad for that deflects from mistakes he made that are actually offensive and horrible

  • Editing Luke looks like Buffalo Bil lolololol Editing can be a pain. When I pull a long editing day I look like Child Services should be called on me... and I do not have kids. 🤣😂

  • You cutting in to apologise to people if they are offended by you not being offended by James Charles is peak 2021 internet. The internet is just pure embarressment at this point. James Charles is a joke for so many reasons, but him simulating being pregnant is not even close to one of them.

  • I love how sweet and considerate you are to everyone. You filmed that portion about if anyone has struggles with pregnancies and they find it offensive their feelings are valid, and I think it’s so sweet how considerate you are to everyone! Truly refreshing to see

  • If your hair was white you'd probably look like the guy on the one dollar bill

  • ok luke go off w the back to back uploads

  • How did "did you eat today?" glamorise eating disorders?

  • i went to find the pictures that haley and ryan’s friends posted and they seem to have been deleted or archived... i love haley and ryan but im really disappointed in their decisions, especially the one to be silent! i understand if they changed their minds and wanted a private wedding without the pressure of filming it but to do so when the texas cases were so high.... they couldve got married in the court and waited on the actual wedding like so many other people are having to do

  • There are so many people who hop on board the "let's hate on James Charles because he's James Charles" train whenever he follows a trend that is generally well-received. The majority of the hate he is getting is not because of what he did, but it is because of who he is. That said, Luke is right. If you have struggled with those issues in the past and do not appreciate this type of content then that's nobody's business but your own. On the merch situation, that girl made a mistake and immediately owned it. She's young, she fucked up, and handled the situation well

  • I can't speak for all the people who are upset with james charles's video but a lot of them are upset because he was making fun of halsey who has struggled with getting pregnant for several years. He literally recreated her photoshoot and during that he and the person he was with literally said "that's very halsey of you".

  • i found out at 11 that i wouldn’t be able to have children because (TMI) i have to be on constant birth control because my ovaries hate me and without it i will have 3 week long periods, heavy flow the entire time. the biggest problem with that is that gives me iron-deficiency anemia. i didn’t see a problem with jame’s video or the try guy’s. some people can have babies some can’t. i obviously can’t speak for every woman who was dealt with this but that’s just my personal experience

  • i think people should jus leave ryan and haley to live their lives omg. i personally know a lot of people that got married during the past year so it’s not that uncommon. and also the videos were posting early in the year and moving fast ofc they’d have their wedding soon after. also she’s 20

  • james really can’t breathe without ppl finding a problem

  • Not your shirt matching your eyes... we see you, Luke! Haha.

  • If Haley and Ryan wanted to bone so badly that they had to get married during a pandemic they could’ve just gotten legally married at a courthouse and held a ceremony after. They claim to be so mature but they refuse to take accountability for their terrible decision. It’s like Greece all over again. 🙄

    • I always thought it was because they could capitalize on all the wedding videos they'd make. Like "go wedding dress shopping with me" "find a wedding venue with me" I don't know if I'm making any sense

    • King K at the very least, if they felt the need to get married at a church, it could’ve just been them, the Pastor & their close family. the ceremony element could’ve easily been done after the pandemic

    • @Anna Eichman they could still get a pastor and a few witnesses to do that in a church. My cousin did that when he eloped and there were like 5 people at the wedding. They just dont care. That's it. Idk what's so hard about doing that and when this is all over having a really fun wedding/vow renewal. Lots of people do this.

    • @a so why don’t they announce that it was safe so people can chill, ignoring it makes it look worse is all

    • @Anna Eichman No disrespect to anyone's religion, but that is kinda stupid like aren't God's eye everywhere. Like ik the church is sacred and all and I get that, but I bet God would want them to be considerate of others. I'm really tired of these influences risking other ppl's health because they wanna party. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • the dive in was soulful today

  • Can you please put the videos mentioned(created by you) in the i ?

  • How to become a millionaire: Charge people 50 dollars a month to 'teach' them how to become a millionaire. This reminds me of when one of the paul brothers tried to make a course and denounced traditional education etc.

  • You should call this type of video the Drama Dive

  • Austin Mcbroom’s millionaire guide: 1. Buy camera 2. Have a child 3. Film child with said camera 4. Repeat

  • People make the ugliest merch 😂

  • I think James is totally fine- so many ppl have done videos just like his

  • It’s clearly a fun video, and not to be taken that seriously so its odd when people get offended by it.

  • Who cares if he’s looking for attention that’s his job-

  • Don't think it. Don't say it. Don't think it. Don't say it. Don't think it. Don't say it...... Doesn't he look like Chad Kroeger?

  • heyy Jesus loves you so so much! He loves your! He will set you free! trust Him! may God bless you! have a great life! Amen🥰🙏

  • i wish just ONE influencer would issue an apology without making excuses. like i don't care that you're young or new to this industry, i just want to know that you understand that you messed up and that you're going to do better. in my opinion excuses make apologies sound less genuine

  • Loveee your videos!

  • I am scared that in the future people would make them being young as an excuse though. It's just that people get into being an influencer very young but I am pretty sure there is someone who is of legal age to look after them and they should be able to guide these young people

  • As an atheist, I’m happy to be able to have premarital sex with my partner and not be horrifically shamed for it. I’m not rushing into marriage just to be injected by a penis. 💅

  • I can’t wait in a few months when we see Austin mcscams course comes out to be well....👀👀