Ryland Adams Is A Hypocrite & Gabbie Hanna Comes For Trisha Paytas

Am 23 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
in todays video I'm talking about the rebrand of The Sip with Ryland Adams & Lizzie Gordon as well as the drama between Trisha Paytas & Gabbie Hanna from her Burnout podcast, and somehow Shane Dawson is involved in both stories...lets diveeee into the drama
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  • U gotta invest in hats if u wanna grow your hair out. I'm telling u, its damn near impossible to deal with when it gets to a certain length, it looks goofy at times. Just a suggestion from a guy with lovely locks

  • I did feel like Trisha was being invalidating however I don’t know why Gabbie invited her on. That was weird af. Looked extremely uncomfortable. It’s not ok to be invalidating and I also don’t think it’s ok to dump all your stuff onto someone else so like. Just not good all around

  • It will *never* be a morning show LMAO ok Regina George

  • I live in South Africa and I mostly watch South African youtubers, but everytime I need to know what's happening with American youtubers I binge watch Luke's videos.

  • Im confused i thought they squashed the beef🤦

  • I don’t know why being overly emotional is a bad thing though. But it’s a human emotion.

  • Can we just ignore Shane Dawson forever? I am so over him!

  • Could you do a video on the pro Ana side of tik tok and the normalization of things such as suicide attempts and self harm and eating disorders in a negative way?

  • Well, if we support ryland we support Shane aswell

  • I aspire to have your organization skills. Your videos are so clear cut.👌🏾

  • These are grown ass people acting like high schoolers.....embarrassing

  • Honestly i like your new haircut

  • OMGGG random but I do that when I hear an ambulance too!! anyways have a great day :)

  • You can’t be a drama channel when you AREthe drama. the audacity!!

  • Luke looks SO GOOD 🔥

  • Ryland is honestly so bland and boring. Like (and I can't believe I'm about to "praise" Lame, Jaffar and the r****t squad) their drama at least causes emotions and responses from people. Ryland's drama it's just...meh.

  • Had to unsubscribe you deal in rumors too much, That plus the singing.

  • Hair looks cute 👍

  • Atleast the ends of you hair are super healthy now and it should grow back in super healthy and strong and beautiful. 💖💖💖

  • Bad singing good video.

  • I like your hair like this

  • Ryland is the undercooked chicken McNugget you take one bite of and put back in the container.

  • Wish Australia had a Hot Topic. Is Jay Jay's our crap version of HT?

  • Get it feathered!!

  • i like the hair

  • I think Trisha had full rights to invalidate Gabbies feelings.... idk about you but gabbie is so fucking weird? She starts a rumor to be relevant.... she talked about Trisha for almost a full year after that, gabbie took a break and then came back to talk about Trisha but not really apologize and then she said she did like GURLLLLLLLLL OBVI SOMETHING AINT ADDIN UP

  • Where does Trisha talk about the podcast? On her channel or Tik tok?

  • Of course you’re an Aquarius. Love that for us.

  • Idek what to say abt Ryland. It says enough that he stays around/laughs about Shane not showering for a month, pissing in bottles, leaving vomit half cleaned for weeks, etc

    • did Shane really not shower for a month??!! And why the pee in bottles??? Good lord that sounds so so so vile

  • I’m new here, can someone tell me where he’s from? I cannot place his accent for the life of me? Australian who moved to the US? Help I’m nosy

    • He’s from South Africa but he lives in Australia.

  • Who is gabbie hanna????

  • She noted that she had Moses review the footage for her. I’m neutral here, that’s just a detail I noticed.

  • Caught that peace and love 👀 somebody’s been watching frenemies 🤣😆

  • Luke! I loved your video, but I don’t know if you know about a Reddit account that might be Ryland’s. Look into the account u/Thatsthetea1991 on Reddit.

  • Can you react to Bretman rocks reality show

  • 00:46 Joney Mitchell never lies.

  • Don’t want Shane making a comeback, I want him in jail

  • You look amazing stop

  • Your hair made my day 😌 i laughing so hard 😂

  • I feel like people forget that Trish was on hella drugs. She probably doesn’t remember ever being friendly with Gabbie or making those tweets. In the podcast she admits that she could’ve made those tweets, she simply didn’t remember it. I agree that she was invalidating Gabbie’s experiences, but I honestly can’t blame her for being hostile. I like Gabbie’s new content and I also think Trisha is really trying to better herself. Both of them are just people doing people things, we shouldn’t be surprised by the hostility between them

  • you are such a soothing channel. your voice and general energy is just such a comfort.

  • I’d like to see you do a review of Bretman Rock’s new MTV show

  • Love your intro boo ♡ Those glasses are iconic and so are you!

  • I never liked ryland he just gives off bad vibes 🤷‍♀️

  • Ryland has a podcast with Lizzie Borden where they talk about Hot Topic? That sounds sick how can you criticize him after that

  • First things first bb, your hair looks GREAT ❤️

  • I love the notebook!

  • Considering that he used to work for Clevver TV this is not at all surprising

  • Next video Luke tries wigs to feel a little more confidence. I think you look amazing with any style but this would be an amazing video to watch 😂

  • at this point you are the only youtuber i like and watch

  • I like the haircut!

  • Can we give Lizzie props for riding it out w Ryland

  • Ryland keeps using himself in the thumbnails etc because he genuinely believes his star power overshadows Lizzie and that's the only way the show will get views. Little does he know, his podcast fails to break 200K views

  • The Trisha drama has delayed the Shane Dawson rebrand... I think it's all filmed and set to go on his channel, but he's waiting for Trisha to stop caring about him (which will never happen)

  • Hey do not give them a platform instead support your fellow smaller Channels and please bring light to the harassment of TaterTatiana and TheChrisianshow with this Lillee Jean Trueman Drama that is still devastating channels in by false copyright striking channels and only the small ones. They need your help and also the tea is piping hot.


  • Lol in his free time Shane lays on the couch and plays woes me woes me.

  • Lol the merch says: “The Sip” zero creativity. I think that podcast was made at the last minute just because they were making less money ( because Shanes disgusting behavior really affected their wallet )

  • Drama aside I actually really like your new haircut 😅🙈

  • I don’t know why people like Ryland Adams keep getting themselves entangled in approximately senseless dramas. We’re not all about that negativity after all. No, sir.

  • Ur hair looks honestly so much better than before. Don’t keep it long, short fits u way better!!

  • Trisha did say that some of the stuff gabbie was saying made her feel some sort of way so I get why she behaved the way that she did but I don’t condone it. I do believe it’s something that happens when she closes off, again I don’t condone it and it’s definitely something she has to work on. But also when someone opens up to you about a lot of stuff it can shift your mood if it’s something negative or triggering... I also think (she went the wrong way about this) she was trying to tell gabbie that Trisha doesn’t take it personally when it comes to someone commenting on something she does because she’s w public figure but she also has the right to comment back. I also think she was trying to tell gabbie that the reason it upset her so deeply was because she knows it’s true which I think is horrible and I do agree with gabbie on the fact that we should support each other as women but we are also entitled to a choice and our opinion. It’s hard because I see both their perspective but I lean more on Trisha side. Sorry

  • His merch is shit that’s awful

  • Def not a fan of either of them, but what if Trish truly doesn't remember bc she was on drugs at the time? She has been on and off drugs a LOT.

  • I don't think Trisha was completely invalidating Gabbie. Gabbie claims she never watches any hate videos or keep up with any drama, but it was entirely evident that was a huge lie. Trish was just calling that out, like if you don't care, why do you let it hurt you so badly? Idk I just felt Gabbie invited Trish on for some sort of apology or validation but I don't know why she expecting something like that from Trisha Paytas of all people.

  • I always sensed a fakeness from Ryland and he has a mean streak.

  • That South African accent is coming through XD

  • Same about the haircut! I can’t wait until mine grows out more 😭

  • Celebrity news hasn't been hot on youtube since What the Buck.

  • Shane is “hiding” because he’s probably in the middle of making a documentary about himself and is probably gonna title it: The Dark Life of Shane

  • Hey Luke, if it makes you feel any better about your hair, I cut my waist-length curly hair to my ears. It's been a year and a half and I'm still not okay. 😅

  • 5:45 dude that "peace be w u" and the kisses were like...adorable. Luke, I luv u, man. keep it up, proud of you :]

  • the podcast was hard to listen to tbh trisha was invalidating gabbie's feelings a lot but it was also really awkward when gabbie was constantly bringing up her trauma. like girly this is someone who you have fresh beef with why are you talking to her like she's your therapist?

  • 5:50 i never knew other people did that as well i feel seen haha

  • This whole brand surrounding tea is really tacky. Ok, we get it. Stop trying to make the sip happen

  • just sayin, u look sooo gooood luke! love the look

  • In my opinion Gabbie is much further along in her journey in treating her mental health issues than Trisha is they both have issues, as do I, no shade but I feel like Trisha tries to claim that things don’t bother her that do bother her but she’s not willing to look at to even recognize that they bother her or how to work through that and Gabbie is at a point where she can acknowledge what hurts her and what doesn’t

  • luv u and ur book u look so organized its cool i like it

  • Luke is the only person I will give views to for this

  • nice aquarius necklace king

  • the merchant is embarrassing.

  • We're all confused because Ryland's confused. He does not know who he is or what he's doing.

  • Ur hair is fine. It’s always the first days you feel like you made a horrible mistake. Just let the style set and you’ll be ok bby😘

  • Your haircut looks so fresh honestly!! I have curly hair too and I understand the struggles of getting a cut you don’t like lol. If you feel like you’re missing out on some volume you should try a little side part!

  • lmaoo i got an add with gabbie hannah in it (i didn't skip it, trying to get Luke that coin)

  • Also I bet Trisha didn’t consider Gabby a friend she doesn’t even consider Ethan a friend yet soooo

  • But I also think Gabby continued to say “it doesn’t bother me” or “I don’t care”. And it’s obvious to anyone that she does care.

  • "oR do. LiVe life on the eDgE😌✌✨✨✨💅"

  • Sorry but that photo with the tea and the backwards coffee mug....it’s a no for me, dawg. I think Shane Dawson is a huge creep that he’s plotting his next slime grift.

  • Ryland doesn't care about talking about drama, he doesn't want people to talk about HIM and Shane and that's not how this works.

  • omg I do the same thing when I hear an ambulance or fire truck :)

  • But wouldn't your hair look more like the picture if it wasn't wet?

  • Like you said, Gabbie's trying to explain why she did it and apologize, which is not a good look to Trisha and she was not having it afterwards. Hence the cringeworth content continues, I've watch frenemies and saw the similarities when she was blank out, except here she seems to keep it civil, not storming out, not cursing, she just pretty much denies everything and draw a boundary early on thats why she seems invalidating. I get they both wanted to move on & was hurt but I wish this discussion was done privately, here it seems not honest and ofcourse there will be editting. Heard that later on, Trisha's admit that she was uncomfortable during the podcast and letting her fiancee review it for her cause she know she will have a breakdown if she does it and what does it tell ya? I kinda agree with other comments below sometimes we just lost a friend for whatever reasons and we will never get them back, just apologize, forgives, be thankful for the memories and move on. Dont force on to have a relationship, it is toxic to you and to that person. Just let it go.

  • I only can think about Sarah Baska, when hearing the diveee in intro!

  • Don’t worry! The hair is not bad at all! 💖

  • hey the hair situation reminds me of one of my favourite gallavich scenes where mickey tells ian "you look like wet rat" at kisses him haha jkjk i know what ruined expectations when it comes to hairdresser's mean been there! sending luv don't worry it'll grow back xx

  • i would've CRIED if a hairdresser did such a bad job at replicating what i wanted, this is why i've stuck with the same hairdresser for the past 3 years. thankfully, hair grows back, just gotta keep your scalp hydrated & eat good food 💛 ryland always gave me weird vibes, like i found him entertaining especially when he did videos with morgan, their dynamic was really funny, but on his own he's just kinda eh?? & i still wonder why he & shane are still insisting on sticking by jeffree, like yeah the money was good, but at this point they're gonna end up sacrificing their careers, it just makes no sense to me?? trisha & gabbie are ...... such a clash of personalities, & i find it hypocritical of trisha to age-shame gabbie when so many ppl have age-shamed trisha in the past & trisha HAS cried about it on camera before, so she KNOWS how hurtful it can be, especially in this society where women are made to feel like they have an expiration date at like, 35. personally, i don't think gabbie is gonna make it big as a singer, but i think she could do alright for herself as a songwriter for other artists. i'm not a fan of her videos but i've listened to some of her music & many of her songs are genuinely good imo. anyways, i also just wanna say GOOD ON YOU for respecting weekends! it's very important when you work from home!

  • Giving this vid engagement for this moment alone 0:47

  • Isn't " Tea" and "spilling the tea" sooo outdated ???

  • These People are insane 🤣