Trisha Paytas & Nikita Dragun's Massive Fight Explained

Am 2 Apr 2021 veröffentlicht
this video is about the recent twitter feud between #trishapaytas & #nikitadragun
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  • Nikita is bringing back up old tweets when Trisha is calling her out on her recent and present shit happening now lmao this is a mess but Trisha's digs were hilarious bringing up the fake bf 💀💀

  • Canceling should be used as a way to let someone know they’ve done something wrong, and we expect growth from them. It’s gross how they’re both using it in a Twitter fight to attack each other. Neither are interested in remorse or growth in this convo, just fire power.

  • Her biphobia /blackfishing sure as hell ain’t part of a Transness but her shittyness.

  • Nikita (Trump) vs Trisha (Biden)

  • It took Trisha years to apologize for her shenanigans and she is way older when these current problematic influencers are her age they’ll probably be doing the same.

  • Why do people act like Trisha is a saint for splitting with Shane?? Like she left him because he wouldn’t defend her not because he was problematic. Like if he had her back against Jeffree and hair by jay she would still be friends with him. We just need to throw them all away and start with a fresh batch of influencers.

  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖

  • i think i'm just tired of her pretending to be a trans icon ... most of the girls do NOT know u honey

  • "She's as interesting as a doorknob" woah that burn tho 😂

  • You are ignoring the fact that Trisha has been transphobic and insensitive to trans people. So when she targets a trans woman days after trans day of visibility, unprovoked for no reason, I understand why Nikita assumed she was being transphobic. I don’t like Nikita either but you are ignoring that Trisha is transphobic.

    • Just because Trisha has apologised it doesn’t make it ok that she was predatory to children. You can’t just address and move on from that.

  • i fucking hate the way influencers weaponize racism and pedophilia. they literally don’t care about the victims... they just use it to attack each other and i’m sick of it

  • oh my god i get trisha is liked this week because of frenemies but i HATE the way you didn’t talk about the issue of a 16 year old dancing on her....


  • Trisha > Dragun

  • For anyone who's curious, Ganguro Fashion, or as Nikita calls it Gonguru, is a type of Japanese street fashion :) its started amongst Japanese youth to rebel against traditional beauty standards

  • Did Trisha ever apologize to the DID community? I’m just trying to see why the pot is calling the kettle black.

  • Problematica ... oh yes 👌👌

  • this is why i don't do twitter, it's such a toxic app.

  • if Nikita loves Trisha do you ever think they get together and say Giiiiiiirl lets start a beef on twitter for publicity

  • They are both cringey and embarrassing And again ... the hypocrisy.. it’s too easy to just apologize and going back to be a jerk ...

  • Dzaaaaaammmnnnn

  • Honestly both of these women should’ve been canceled long time ago 😒

  • Ethans blck face caption is definitely photoshopped, I 100% remember watching that video when it came out and he was literally just doing a face mask.

  • Saying that Nikita is bringing up the fact that she is trans as a scapegoat is kinda fucked up given the fact that Trisha has been extremely transphobic in the past...

  • Okay but we do stan problimatica? I hope thats how you spelled it

  • At the end of the day, they're both problematic so no "side" is objectively right. But I believe Trisha wants to be better and I don't believe anything Nikita does or says. It's an opinion thing.

  • did u just copy the dive in intro from sarah baska?

  • Nikita insisting on "my community" isn't trisha nonbinary???

  • Unfortunately an unpopular opinion but I CANNOT STAND TRISHA PAYTAS. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GEN Z girls, guys, gays and theys DO NOT BE LIKE TRISHA OR NIKITA. I picture a world where grown ass adults don’t bicker back and forth like dramatic high schoolers.

  • Love the Peter Monn reference 👌🏻

  • So no one is going to address the fact that Trisha is an ACTUAL bully this entire scenario. From the first tweet, to getting so worked up and blocking her. While claiming she just wanted Nikita to “learn?” Y’all are so toxic for not calling out Trisha’s behavior and she’s BEEN doing this. Even when other people are problematic, y’all need to stop covering it from her perspective. How come everyone else it the problem but Trisha? 🙄

  • When *Influencer Studies* becomes a thing at some LA university one day, Luke’s videos will be on the compulsory reading list🤓.

  • Actually i can‘t remember Nikita EVER apologizing for her behavior. She‘s been around for a while and i‘ve seen her in shit so many times, yet she never talks about it, just keeps quiet and waits until the storm is over to come back and act like nothing happened...

  • please make a video about lohanthony

  • I was triggered when he didn't say "I'm about to dive in" at first.

  • For me, it’s SINCERITY. On the latest Frenemies podcast, Trisha discussed that she feels conflicted (now lol) speaking out about things because she doesn’t want people to think she’s speaking out on an issue insincerely or for clout or for attention AND she acknowledged “not everyone wants her support” like “some people are like, ‘Ew, no thanks, Trisha’s trash...’” and I think that demonstrates genuine sincerity and wherewithal that past Trisha clearly didn’t have.... Versus Nikita wearing a SPIT GUARD in a PANINI PRESS (lol love it) if she puts anything on or in front of her face... in 2020 and 2021. With no genuine regret, remorse, or apology.

    • Like I’m no stan, but comparing the two almost makes me want to Stan you know?!

  • Why can’t influencers/celebrities keep their drama and problems private? They always argue on Twitter😂 I know many people love drama but damn😅🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I hate to break it to you but «problematica» is a word that exists in Italian 😂 It’s an adjective that means “problematic” but it’s used only with femminine noun.

  • okay luke listen u broke me first u cant stop listening

  • okay luke listen u broke me first u cant stop listening

  • If Nikita wasn't trans people would be calling her out wayyyyy more her and her fans are just using that to justify everything. I get that being trans is really hard and I'm not saying people should be transphobic just because she's a bad person but she's just using it as a scapegoat

  • trisha said they’re gender fluid themself so this whole “trisha is attacking someone who’s trans on trans visibility day” is invalid

  • Okay... let’s point our Trishas growth and not her past. I wouldn’t say Trisha is problematic just because she’s not scared to call anyone out. It’s words like that, that will NEVER allow Trisha to advance in life.

  • *Hasn’t Nikita done enough to the Bi community*

  • I was looking for a unbiased video explaining what happened so I don’t scroll through both accounts what u did wasn’t fair and was rather bitchy, sorry only 3mins u don’t need to tear others down to get ahead

  • Literally all influencers are trash atp. Like, the fact that all these influencers have a racist past makes me feel ill as a black person. Like damn, yall really hate us...

  • I used to like Nikita but now she's annoying as hell. No accountability & throws out the transphobic card instead of owning her ish. Gross.

  • Trisha in the dark skin Japanese outfit is not appropriating. That’s not Japanese culture that’s just a little side hobby for some people I’m japan and they very much welcome foreigners to do it too. It’s fashion

    • Harajuku / Lolita / Kei etc styles are fine but Ganguro isn't really appropriate for white Americans to partake in, its in poor taste, like you have to know how that looks especially if you are not in Japan... also the Ganguro trend isn't exactly mainstream Japanese culture, and has died down since it started in the 90s

    • That style specifically includes darkening your skin as part of counter culture against Japanese beauty standards of pale skin, so it's inappropriate for a white american person to partake in especially outside of Japan 😬

  • Her using the trans card as an excuse when she’s called out for her shitty behaviour makes trans people sound bad and is blatantly transphobic.

  • Those old tweets are when Trisha used to be a troll. Those jokes were seen as funny back then. Nokia bringing them out Now is pointless.

  • smh she can't even get the name right, it's ganguro...

  • The problem is I love them both 🥺💕

  • When Nikita brought Shane, Jeffrey, and David into the argument I lost Respect for her as a human being

  • This is like 2 fish arguing over which one spells worse.

  • ethan klein is already racist

  • Escorting is always dangerous lol wtf and people love to say anyone is shaming SW when they almost never are

  • The ”dancer boy” Nikita is referring to is Sean, Trishas ex. He is gay and was probably with Trisha for money and fame.

  • Ethan made a whole video about that charcoal face mask... I don't condone what he said in that tweet. Here's the video.

  • She is starting a feud in order to advertise for her Snapchat show. That’s all. Now Nikita got the attention she wanted through Trisha and the drama around it. The phrase “stop making stupid people famous” really needs to happen.

  • at least trisha is honest and takes accountability for all the shit she’s done. nikita could never.

  • both of them need to shut up they both have there issues and need to go educate themselves and apologizes to the community’s that they offend and CONTINUE to offend

  • This is in all respect, I am not trying to be rude...If Trisha is non-binary you should use they/them doesn’t matter if you don’t like them you should use the right pronouns...again no hate I love your vids it’s like the thrill of highs school drama without the problems to me.

    • Trisha goes by both they/them and she/her which is why people still use she

  • Literally the beef started 3/4 days before trans visibility day.

  • I don’t like either of them, but damn, Nikita really just should sit down and try not to be problematic for just one day cause im so sick of her bullsht

  • I don’t understand digging through people’s social media from like ten years ago to find upsetting content. The world was a different place 10 years ago. We learn from our mistakes and grow. We have all said or done things that are not acceptable. Apologize to those who you have hurt and strive to never hurt another in the same way again. How are you bettering yourself today? Do you treat everyone with kindness, love, and respect? That’s what matters.

  • I side with Trisha

  • I got unsubbed from you... Hmmm 🧐 Thank you for covering this. I saw them going back and forth live and it was WILD.

  • Hahahahah ok so Nikita is low key escorting -she got paid a huge bag by some Arab in Dubai

  • Actually I think Trisha said the first tweet and then Nikita replied on trans day so Trisha never came for her on trans day .

  • literally clown on clown violence🤡 theyre just pulling the uno reverse card on each other lmao

  • Intense second hand embarrassment for Nikita lmfao why did she keep replying when she was being dug into her grave😭

  • okay i think that trying to rebut by bringing up the past is stupid when the person being "rebutted" has already apologized and addressed it. not saying that trisha's past should be like forgotten but its like nikita hasn't even DISCUSSED her problematic self while trisha has so

  • You are not in anyone side? Trevi said the tweet was NOT photoshopped, I didn't see the proved that Trisha dated and defended pedophiles, she had multiple tweets flirting with minors, the video of her and Trevi. A LOT of shit so don't say you are not biased.

  • Nikita is a racist because she obviously gets off on making other poc but mainly BLACK FOLKS upset (which she tries so hard to emulate lol)

  • Anyone here from the moving video😂

  • Nikita seems to only represent the Trans community when it suits her. She's vile.

  • Trisha didn't dig at Nikita on trans visibility day. NIKITA was the one to reply to Trisha's like two week old tweet on THAT day. (pretty calculative, if you ask me) Maybe you should get that little fact right. (I'm not a fan of either of them)

  • This whole thing reminds me of that spiderman meme

  • Trish is queen

  • They’re both annoying and problematic.

  • 7:44

  • She is the equivalent of Lele Pons “I am a Latina”

  • I love 'problematica'

  • Luke every 5 minutes: if you don't know..

  • I don’t support either of them but I would absolutely never willingly hangout with Nikita, however, Trisha seems like she’d at least give you a good time 😭

  • They're literally both trash lol i NEVER liked Nikita Dragun. Cocky lil thing she is

  • Ethans tweet with the face mask is just a dumb joke and that was the sense of humor back then. As a black woman things like that don’t offend me. But Nikita’s tweet? “Imagine being black couldn’t be me” or whatever is disgusting and hateful

  • I think Nikita was talking about the the podcast Trisha has where she interviews people.

  • YES. I am so tired of people throwing in with Trisha so hard. Yeah, her experiences with awful people should not be discounted just because she has a problematic history - she should be listened to when she comes out with this stuff. But Trisha is SO QUICK to point fingers and judge and even get impatient with Ethan when she thinks he's saying something bad, when in the next BREATH she'll say something problematic or offensive herself! Sit down, Trisha. Keep growing so we can trust you a bit more before you keep up with all this these fights....

  • Okay i was wifh trisha until the escorting thing. I'm cancelling my subscription to her onlyfans lol . I'm an escort there's nothing wrong with being an escort and her being able to make a living off just onlyfans is a privilege. Come on Trisha you're talking about shaming sex workers then shaming us. Whorephobic. Sorry I'm not the right kind of sex worker for you to include in support Trisha.

  • I like Trisha and not Nikita but damn did trish start this 😂

  • yall do realize a lot of the insta models & influencers are actually escorts, right? Lol also Trisha has admitted she's been an escort. So I wouldn't be surprised if she knew that about nikita.

  • Black people still get disrespected on black history month. Why does she think people give af about talking about her wrongs on her day😬

  • Ethan with the facemask is from a video where Ethan and Hila were trying black products. Not black as in skin colour but the lack of colour. They also used charcoal on their teeth, plus the masks doesn't look like skin colour since their completely black

  • 12:37 “now she identifies as non binary” hello do u hear yourself? *they identify as non binary Luke 😐 why didn’t u edit that out while filming it’s kinda disrespectful

  • whenever these influencers fight its such a joke...ur both trash

  • are you guys really accepting these half-ass apologies from trisha...

  • You can't fucking blame others for hating trans people just because they call you out especially if they didn't brought up your sexuality in the first place. It's as simple as that.

  • luke if you don't know you don't know a lot, (I already forgot the phrase even though you said it 15 times lol) the dancer boy was a jab at her ex-boyfriend who she was with for like a year, they met because he was a dancer in one of her videos

  • I wasn't siding with anyone since they both basically started it but When Nikita kept on bringing up #Transday as a way to get away with it I went On Trisha's side either ways Nikita tried so hard to Bring Trisha Down by Bringing up stuff from 2014😐