Reviewing & Ranking The Top Albums of 2020

Am 31 Dez 2020 veröffentlicht
in todays video I'm reviewing the top albums of 2020 and ranking them from best to worst in Tier Maker
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  • my favs of 2020 (not in order) 1. plastic hearts (miley cyrus) best album of miley and i know many can say bangers but this is such a personal album after her divorce. 2. evermore/folklore (taylor swift) HER VOICE IS SUITED FOR FOLK AND COUNTRY TAYLOR STAY THERE. but folklore was a bit too long for me so evermore is better. 3. ungodly hour (chloe x halle) one of the best r&b album of the year. visually pleasing and just so good. 4. positions (ariana grande) vocally the best album of 2020. the whistles, the belts, and of course it is ariana. it’s a progression on a new sound i see she’s turning the route. 5. after hours (the weeknd) one of the best albums that has been released in 5 years. seriously deserved better. 6. future nostalgia (dua lipa) BEST SYNTH POP ALBUM WITH AFTER HOURS THAT CAME OUT THIS YEAR. no skips. so beautiful. 7. sawayama (rina sawayama) has metal that sounds so good, sounds so punk and badass. some i casually listen to; good news, hot pink, halsey’s album pls i forgot the name, fine line some of the worst and i expected more; changes (like rlly wtf justin), wonder, chromatica

  • okay but yall did smile dirty

  • Folklore and evermore reminds me of the band BREAD.

  • my favorite albums personally are : 1.heartbreak weather by niall horan 2.walls by louis tomlinson 3.evermore by taylor swift 4.folklore by taylor swift

  • Chromatica so low really ruins the video for me...

  • I tried to like positions, listened to it a couple of times but meh... I was a casual listener until thank u, next and having positions follow that iconic era of her is quite disappointing

  • BASIC : the video

  • High, Never be Me, Angels Like You 😍😍😍😭😭😭😭are the best songs

  • We do NOT speak about Miley Cyrus/Dead Pets album. Please

  • I wish Billie Eilish made some Albums this year, but she just made 3 singles: everything i wanted, my future, and Therefore I Am. If she made an album, it would be ICONIC!

  • I’m sad 5SOS’s album calm never has recognition as an album that came out in 2020

  • Plastic Hearts, After Hours and Chromatica are the banger of 2020

  • an ivy stan!!!! taste

  • I’m sorry but I hate Taylor’s new albums

  • I love plastic Heart.

  • I used to be more into Taylor then I have recently. But while I can listen to folklore, evermore I listened to and I don’t remember one line. It was soooo boring to me, and folklore was on the edge of boring for me. There’s nothing to dance to or even smile. I don’t understand how people like such depressing music when we’re in the middle of a pandemic there’s no way to escape. I need music to make me feel better and this year just drags on as it is.

  • Dude Rich by Megan Thee Stallion slaps so damn hard. My depressed ass listens to it to feel like a bad bitch all the time XD

  • Why are you hating on Gaga? She had the best album of the year.

  • Where's "Confetti" by Little Mix?? It's such a good album, literally no skips

  • Dua lipa song besst her no one

  • Dua lipa song besst

  • the only album i listened is positions and chromatica omg maybe i should listen more music

  • Ariana grande and Miley Cyrus should be on top

  • when Shawn's only personality trait is Camila Cabello you can't expect anything more than disappointment. sorry but she ruined him to promote her album that flopped anyway.

  • stream walls by louis tomlinson you wont regret it :)

  • You did not put Wonder on disappointed ugh

    • @Ausra Ausra if he is happy I’m happy I’m not going to judge Shawn for making songs about camila. And if you are with any problem that the songs are about camila just don’t pay attention to the lyrics. Btw I agree with you at some point he changed his personality a lot but I don’t think that it got worst he is just being himself when he wasn’t dating camila he was completely in love with her so that is the exactly same thing most of shawn’s songs are about camila in every single album. But I understand your point of view.

    • @Vitoria Azevedo i actually listened to the whole album and yea most of the songs were about her, but the ones that were actually good were about other things. i personally don't like Camila and I love Shawn, but i feel like when he wasn't dating her his songs were better. now its just one big commerical. most of the songs scream "i love Camila", but in a sponsored way. kinda the way that youtubers do sponsorships and they know that they are getting paid. Im not saying that it was all for clout, but most of the songs are trying to give a clear message that shawn loves camilla.

    • @Ausra Ausra if you knew what the songs are really about you wouldn’t say what you are saying rn. Most of the songs are about camila so what??? I don’t like camila and love shawn's music. Go check what some songs mean then you can talk :)

    • when Shawn's only personality trait is Camila Cabello you can't expect anything more than disappointment. just sayin'

  • Taylor❤️

  • folklore = Album of the Year


  • you remind me of sophie

  • Positions is such a magical album,

  • i love epiphany- ☹️

  • Positions 🙌🏽

  • Walls album by Louis Tomlinson is sick and unflappable

  • we have the same top 3 for positions album (in order). THE TASTE.

  • wonder is art

  • "everything with justin bieber is mediocre" sent me screaming 😭😭😭 speak facts king

  • taylor at the top as she should be😊

  • After Hours has been my all-time favorite for a whole year. Have the whole album on repeat all day everyday. It's such a mood

  • chromatica is such a great album......the lyrics hit so fking hard

  • You should check and react on Katy Perry's "SMILE" album. It's an album of bops and its lyricism remarkable.

  • Selena’s album ??

  • The 2 best albums are folklore and evermore, if you disagree i would happily buy you a new pair of ears

  • I think everyone knows which will be no. 1 this year. It'll be an insult to Taylor to place her albums anywhere else.

  • I didn't know much to taylor swift untill I heard folklore,that album is a masterpiece *R u KiDdInG Me?!* And after that I am listening to taylor's everyday I could show y'all how far I stream her songs omg.

  • You forgot to include SELENA GOME Z RARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some of my favorites on here were folklore, positions, and Plastic Hearts. I also liked Future Nostalgia and a few songs from After Hours. Rare and Smile are some of my favorites not on here. I think they should have been but I agreed with most of the rankings.

  • Lady Gaga is disappointment?? I'm out

  • Heyy Luke you should also check out 5 seconds of summer's album "Calm"

  • Where is Confetti of Little Mix. This group is very underrated. Confetti is better than 90% of the album listed here.

  • Taste not found

  • Wanted to see if walls or heartbreak weather are here, they're not.

  • My favourite album of 2020 was Walls by Louis Tomlinson. His lyrics in a lot of his songs talk about his mother who died a few years ago and how much he wants to make her proud and I just find it so relatable since my Nan died this year and she always would tell me how proud she was and so Now I want to continue to make her proud. She meant the world to me.

  • U look like halsey at some points,just saying hehe

  • wait is confetti by little mix not included???

  • peace? FUCKING TASTE

  • What about cofetti by LM.... It's really a bop...🎉💯

  • Plastic Hearts, folklore and evermore 💜 for me the best albums of year. Just amazing

  • Lol I was here waiting for Confetti by little mix and the list was right there🤡

  • where tf is The Album

  • Whats with he's voices

  • Taylor supremacy

  • Jessie Ware / What's your Pleasure.... Phoebe Bridges / Punisher...... Lianne La Havas / Lianne La Havas......Poppy / I disagree......Alice x / Cape God

  • In my opinion I HATE EVERYBODY is the sh*t and should be appreciated more

  • my favourite albums of 2020 are heartbreak weather and walls !!! love love love for me, this albums have NO skips

  • where is post human survival horror?

  • ur reaction for miley cyrus n the dead pets was honesty hilarious. she was out there i mean crazy high. but tbh i fucking love it, it’s such a vibe buT i know it’s not for everyone doe. i’m just really glad that u like plastic hearts cuz that’s the best music i’ve ever listened to. she is also just completely herself, raw n honest in plastic hearts. n that rock sound also suits her voice sooo much. i just love my miley gurl, that’s what i’m trynna say. also i love that she is finally getting the Recognition she deserves, cuz that gurl can sing n she has an amazing personality. k that’s it lmaooo BYE

  • I came here for Positions! PERIODT 🖤

  • Tbh I really agree with your opinion on Shawn's album. His previous albums are literally such masterpieces but this one was a HUGE disappointment

  • you liked positions by ari, so you may like confetti by little mix. I'd really appreciate it if you would just give a shot to it :)

  • came here too see what you said about taylor and where you placed her and lets just say i wasn't disappointed

  • period positions where it should be

  • Where's Katy Perry👀

  • Well I think wonder is his best album so far

  • Positions and Chromatica seem to have switched rankings

  • Listen Confetti by little mix 🎉🎊

  • Imagine doing the best albums of the year, like not just one but two

  • Taylor swift cardigan 😍😍😍

  • Where is Rare by Selena Gomez

  • its the way evermore is now as iconic as folklore for me

  • 18:52 changed my life. no seriously. it did. like everything.


  • 17:54 PLS

  • 17:15 literally 😭

  • "because music like- seriously affects my mood" yes.




  • 8:30 me asf



  • 6:58 even the cover is iconic.

  • without me is iconic. ruled 2018 with no issue.

  • 3:12 NOT A LIE


  • 1:43 yeah same same same

  • i didn’t really like positions by Ariana Grande and i think it’s her worst album

  • Imthink we can all agree that taylor owned 2020

  • not chromatic being that low :(

  • Me wondering why isn’t blackpink full Album isn’t there🤡