This Tik Tok Reality Show Is So Cringe

Am 17 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
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In this video I react to AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren and its really cringe so buckle in my friends cause I'm about to diveeeee in...
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  • Ep 2 is up now!:

  • they have the personality of as block

  • Throw in one black person *diversity* it looks cringe. I can’t even watch this video. Just came here to give you views. Adios.

  • This is SENDING ME hahahaha I can't stop laughing at this whole entire thing from start to finish. "Kaluluah" eating straight sugar made me pause and bust up. "Throw them in a pool with spiders" omfg this whole thing was so funny to me.

  • That show is kinda inappropriate

  • I once saw Julian and Jovani at Walmart and just for fun I dmed jovani and was like “omg I think I just saw y’all at Walmart” and boy tried to act as if they would never shop at Walmart 😂 till that day I was a fan

  • This looks really fake I want to dislike it but only for the show not for your video


  • Love the beard :)

  • does anyone know what Raul goes to school for? I dont think he's mentioned it

  • Owen is if Jacob Sartorious and Alvin Chipmunk had a kid

  • kinda funny the girl gaby says you cant trust anyone, and im gabby as well and i say that all the time is so hard to trust people lmfao

  • It's the rap game minus the rapping! Yay! 😳😆😜🤐

  • I’m going to be a dentist

  • Well at least they're not partying or grooming people 乁( •_• )ㄏ The token angry black girl causing all the drama is problematic tho

  • This shit is DEF scripted AF😂

  • This show feels like a bunch of middle schoolers being puppeted by aging white men who only know boring stereotypes

  • Too bad that pool wasn't filled with sharks

  • Am i the only one who doesnt get Why every girl in this Show is after Owen? He is literally so cringe and so childish and cocky, i CAN‘T handle it

  • This is basically Disney Channel Games

  • as a full time med student part of the job is reminding everyone that you are, in fact, a full time med student. speaking from experience lol

  • Many don’t know know this, but Raul is a full time med student. It’s crazy I know

  • the producers did jada so dirty making her out to be the angry black girl like that

  • I know I'm old ... like, I watched reality shows get born and this is just ... a no ...

  • I watched the reaction to the second episode first. I thought the twins were the only dudes this whole time until now, idk how but all these tiktok boys look the exact same I stg

  • I want these people for Killer camp 😃😊

  • they all look like children

  • Jada is so CRINGEYYYY , like girl grow up 😂

  • Fuck me, this is why I'm GLAD I graduated high school, so I wouldn't have to bear witness to this shit anymore 🤣

  • their giving the only black girl on the show the villain edit? who saw that coming? me. i did. from the minute i saw her on screen.

  • who is rivera?

  • Dude the James Charles comments!!! LMAO!!

  • Also there’s no way they’re naturally saying this shit it’s so scripted 😂

  • Why are they all 12

  • I hate when people start shit and then play the victim.

  • Who even watches these people? Every person I've seen talking about TikTokers (irl and online) dislike them.

  • this show is so disappointing cause people are gonna think all people my age act like this .. i’ve never meet anyone at my high school or college that act like this

  • You should be viral honestly

  • Maybe I'm just old or something, but they way most of these young influencers talk is so odd and weird to me. it sounds so unnatural, like they are afraid to take a breath while they speak. And it sounds so rehersed.

  • The show has made me feel at 24 that I am officially too old for the internet ... Also, major props to the house mom! 🤣 that job looks like a nightmare but also I would not trust these children alone either lol


  • Meanwhile my name is Jada so I constantly hear people talk shit about "Jada" lol

  • How can Raul be a med student if he’s 19? You need like a real GPA and a bachelors degree to even get in. Unless he graduated from high school at like 14, he’s way too young. I’m guessing he’s pre-med and hoping nobody knows the difference.

  • These react videos are my fav to watch ^^

  • Seeing how girls cause drama just because.... yikes

  • Please continue this series! It's very enjoyable 😍


  • I love how uncommunicative and senseless some of these kids are. Like who raised you?

  • yes more please, it’s so bad i have to watch more

  • PLS react to next episodes. love your channel💛💛

  • Just deleted it, was there for a month it mentally drained me and it has a demonic vibe Such a toxic place to be, where pple’s value is based on looks or the number of followers likes they have and dont get me started on people assuming everyone good lookn is a good person.

  • "We're not a Team, This is a COMPETITION." -Jessi

  • You ABSOLUTELY need to keep reviewing the next episodes!! I loved your reactions hahah

  • Omg you are just so funny out of nowhere I love it that james charles joke caught me off guard lmao

  • twin my heart is wayyyyyyyyyy better then this

  • 6:04: Me : **can’t swim**

  • The house was so white...

  • My favourite, Luke doing his little dances through the show 😂😂😂😂😂 never stop doing that.

  • Dude please react to the other episodes this is tooo funny 🤣

  • *_*has known each other like 2 days*_* “I thought we were real friends.” 😂😂😂

  • it’s the ✨video call session with alexander warranty✨ as the prize’ for me

  • Luke at his best 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 we LOST it at the Love Island dig. ❤️😂

  • Raul when he hasn't mentioned being a full-time med student in 5 minutes: 💧👁👄👁💧

  • why do i get scared every time he says jada, lmao that’s my name 😭

  • “I’m Latina” walked so “full time med student” could run

  • Owen is so annoying omfg

  • Gaby talks in a way that’s very annoying to me??!?

  • 5:56 OOP!

  • You can tell they just told jada to act out, and idk why she agreed to that knowing she’s the only person of color...

  • Yeah... I used to eat brown sugar like that 😂😂😂

  • Im so invested please do more

  • Please do the rest of the epi's lol. I went & checked this out after Cody's vid and ended up watching the whole series till 4 am lol. I need to hear you review them bc this 1 was so fun to watch! Plus I love you so any content is welcome!

  • 6:02 “The stakes are just so low”

  • as a fellow 17 year old i literally cannot imagine being on this clusterfuck of a reality show 😭 like we are such clueless, awkward, undeveloped beings so being catapulted into orchestrated social situations and being told to invent random beef is so bizarre to me

  • All reality shows are scripted to an extent Depends on the show

  • Minute 7 and 20 seconds I just had to pause and come here to comment men this is hilarious and you are golden I’m LIVING for this HAHAHA

  • This seems fake

  • If I was in this show you’d see me in the back just watching anime or reading a book while eating.

  • This was hilarious! U should definitely react to the next episodes lol

  • Luke! It’s amazing to see you having fun with this video! Dancing in between the transition songs and laughing. Haven’t seen you enjoy yourself in a while on visei

  • I literally wouldn’t recognize a single tiktoker if I saw them in real life lol

  • Why does Owen look like a grown up version of Zoey’s little brother from Zoey 101 (but with black hair)?

  • Every guy on TikTok looks exactly the same🤣

  • Omgggg I watched this show 😂 it was like a car crash I couldn't look away from

  • Please turn this into a series, your commentary is just 10/10

  • Wouldn’t he be pre-med? He’s 19. Even if he graduated early it’s super unlikely he’s already in med school.

  • The "I'm Latina 🤪" bit is very old school Lele Pons lol

  • Why do I feel like I've watched this video before?

  • i’ve seen the sabrina girl on tiktok couple of times and it’s safe to say that her tiktok hype has tremendously died down these past couple of months

  • we want more

  • alex is funny but inly sometimes

  • This video had me in tears🤣🤣

  • Why are they so obsessed with this boy Owen? He looks 13.

    • they look 13 too lol

  • 10:01 I used to eat sugar as a child lol 😬

  • There is nothing wrong with them as peaple they re soo young most of them are actually teenagers , what's wrong is the fact that they gave them an actual platform they don't even use their "talents" or anything like that in there , it is mostly their parents fault for letting them have a platform instead of living a normal life go to school and just live like an actual teenager

    • Nah, they are 18+ yet acting like middle schoolers lol

  • Honestly, I am happy I stick to myself😭. This show is so exhausting to watch! The arguments/ drama is pointless😂. I was artsy, nerdy kid in Highschool who had at most three friends. This is too much, ya'll😂😭😭

  • Personally,I don't think we should be making this type of reality-TV like content for teens. It's very toxic and dumb.

  • omg do the rest of the episodes

  • 16:38 pick me vibes

  • they definitely made jada act like that she even sounds uncertain of her words