What The Dolan Twins Quitting YouTube Says About The Platform

Am 15 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
so recently the Dolan Twins come out saying that they're "Moving On From DEname" and I feel like this event says a lot about DEname and you tubers so lets diveeee on into my thoughts
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  • Don't know if anyone gonna read this but personally, I think it just boiled down to growing your personality and images. And most the famous teenage youtuber I've seen are rather lackluster in terms of life experience, which often lead to a limited room for growth. Because through experience with life, relationship, people of all kinds of facet you would gain more understanding towards yourself and your personality and others as well, which then allow for growth. Right now what they are selling for their audience are underdeveloped and underwhelming products of their brands and personality. Again, I think mostly because of a lack life experience outside of DEname and Social Medias that leave them this way. If you have an exciting life outside of social medias, and connecting with life around you, your content will automatically improve because now you have so much more to say and share, be it knowledge, wisdoms or perspective. DEname is fun but should not be a full-time job imo, longevity might be there for the platform, because time change, so does people, let's just hope that this platform stay around become more reasonable rather than recent time for creators.

  • Bye girls : )

  • DEname problem is that they don’t push new DEname pages the only new people they push are famous people from ig or tiktok soon DEname will be run only by famous people cuz a lot of celebs have been getting DEname channels to

  • Stoped paying attention to them when the sister squad ended and the way they droped James cuz his scandal and still made a vid with jeffere that showed there true colors

  • I don't know anything about the Dolan guys but I do hope that they go back to school.

  • See, this is why you’re one of my faves. You’re intelligent, realistic and authentic. You don’t seem like you’re playing a role for the algorithm or anyone else. You’re very honest and open which I respect so much.

  • I stopped liking them after 2017 but it still makes me sad seeing them go :(

  • So, is tik tok killing youtubers? All the kids that could watch their channel are now on tik tok, which is popular and faster. I didn't know about the dolan twins, I unsubscribed like two years ago because I didn't care about the content anymore, maybe because I grew up idk.

  • Tiktok is taking over . That’s why .

  • It’s the beginning of the end

  • I feel like they take a break from youtube every 6 months. they always go on about how they don’t feel like they’re making videos they like. its about time they move on to something they’re more interested in. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Leaving DEname? Deeper with the Dolan Twins, is a different platform,..on DEname, sooo they aren't leaving DEname??

  • DEname is NOT A JOB!

  • i definitely think they could really put more effort into their videos. they just seem so unhappy in their youtube videos, i feel like they don't know what his fans what to see becuase they want to please everyone. they definitely helped me throught a lot, i love them.

  • I think podcast would be the next DEname for entertainment.

  • Did they even quit??? They’re still making videos after their exit video

  • Honestly, I think they're avoiding taking accountability for being bad friends...

  • PewDiePie, who's taken ~3-4 months of breaks cumulatively over the course of 10 years: 👁 👄👁 I think the reason Pewds has been surviving for so long is that he takes breaks when he wants to, changes up his content to fit his interests, and has a full-time editor. i think he'll be taking more breaks more frequently in the near future tbh.

  • They’re Jersey boys and family men. Los Angles doesn’t rly seem to fit them.... idk from what I’ve seen their happier in Jersey.

  • I thought the exact thing, they just film.... it’s the editing that’s time consuming. 100% complaining about working... unless they truly don’t like it and have no passion for it. If that’s true then they should be 100% done with it. No one should ever do something with no passion behind it. Especially when your putting your life on the internet... gotta have passion for it.

  • Anyone who has made it doesn't remember or doesn't know how hard it is irl and how rare it is to be big...sincerely, an unemployed person for 6 months now

  • It’a ridiculous. A stunt to drive people to a source where they get more revenues. Ijs

  • I feel like while DEname is dying out for the really big creators I have been getting introduced to more smaller channels better targeted towards my interests through the algorithm. While the Dolan Twins have been around for awhile now their content has significantly went down hill within few years and it doesn't even seem like they enjoy making their content anymore, they seem to have outgrown DEname and burnt out from creating videos. The Dolan Twins have been around since I was in middle school and I am now in second year of university and their content just simply doesn't fit what their older audience used to enjoy due to fact that their audience has outgrown them and they outgrew DEname

  • Wait these were the guys who posted vines like every Tuesday and Friday right, wonder what they’re up to?

  • Tati disappeared because she needed to 🤣

  • Great topic and video!

  • I don't think this means youtube as a whole is coming to an end, just this wave of youtubers. This has happened before with earlier creators and other media platforms. If you think about hollywood, the same actors don't stay relevant and active for their entire lives (with some exceptions) and there's always new people trying to become actors.

  • I was a huge fan of them and stopped watching like 2 years ago cause I wasn't interested in thier content anymore. I think thats when they started to loose passion and it continued especially when thier father died because the "fans" wanted to crash the funeral.

  • What's the big deal? They don't want to do it anymore (for whatever reason) and they have enough money to quit. I understand why it annoys people but they are just privileged and blessed like that... It's not that deep. Don't be jealous and judge people you don't know ,because you never know what's going on behind the scenes.

  • they just don’t wanna answer for the shitty things that they’ve done

  • So money....Money is the problem. Great.

  • me, a Covid nurse, hearing about all these youtubers feeling “burnt out” and not liking that their job “feels like a job” while they hang out with all their buddies during a PANDEMIC and contribute to the spread of a deadly virus: 🤔 (im sry i know this sounds self righteous but damn it’s so frustrating sometimes)

  • 8TH GRADE????

  • Can you PLEASE do a reaction video on "Awesomeness TV next influencer" the latest episode has me sounding like a highly paid comedian. Holy hell. I'm rigor mortis. 🤡

  • i really dont think its quitting...they're going to promote their podcast! then when that up and flying theyll be like"back to youtube" and get 12 million..

  • "It feels like a job" okay and you chose to make it so, I understand youtubers almost always initially start channels as a safe space of some sort to express themselves but when you CHOSE to do DEname full time and you are seeking any income or success that is a CHOICE, you don't have to do so & even if it means taking a break because you're exhausted. DEname is not a reliable full time job unless you do the work to make it one.

  • Luke: What does Dolan Twins quitting DEname says about the platform? Me: Absolutely nothing. NEXT!

  • Am I the only one who didn't know they were on DEname?

  • Dammm they have a 8th grade education ? Wow 😳

  • i think it’s over all good new people can get their spot in the algorithm youtube isn’t meant to be life long in my opinion. but yeah you can’t just be like this is ridiculous youtube makes me miss time with my family when most people on the work force get fired for taking any days off man like idk felt like they have a lot going on they need to sort out and really look outside of themselves so that they appreciate what they do have in their life but i do know like loss has happened

  • I know this is completely irrelevant but I like your hair

  • There's not one single job in this world whose every aspect you're gonna love. The fact that you earn so much from it should be enough of a motivation I think, but yeah if they left they must have been really sick of it.

  • They can quit, I literally quit my retail job , that had for three years because it wasn’t enough money for me. Now , i just graduated college and looking for job in my field. I can’t wait to work again, been sitting on my ass for 8 months without a job, lol 😂 I feel lazy.

  • In the Dolan twins and Emma's case, I think they don't want to stick around to see their numbers go down. Plus, they might not be good people behind the scenes and don't want to be exposed.

  • Not to compare because both are in different levels but thia reminds me that time Jack & Fin quit DEname to pursue better things at the time people were so confused but now they're doing amazing

  • I really think that people just aren't interested in them anymore. I think they fall into a category of DEnamers that have a certain audience that is fickle as well like they are attractive people and very high energy and I was obsessed with them and that content when I was like 13-16 but as I got older I wasn't so much into fangirling or watching just crazy stuff as much as wanting to actually listen to what's going on in the world or commentary or true crime. The same can be said for creators like Tyler Oakley and Connor Franta like they were apart of O2L and that was similar to attractive teens being crazy with a specific audience that just grew out of them. As they grew up and so did we, they just never adapted to their audience to keep their audience.

  • I never watched their content, so I guess I won’t miss it.

  • You never truly know what is going on behid the scenes or what is going on in their lives, like idk it’s okay to take a long break, you never know what will happen. Some people get tired of fame and having eyes on them especially for such a long time and especially people dabbling into your private life even though all you want to do is just share your art/creative work. And they’ve become more mature for the type of the content they have been doing for a long time. Idk i can see their point of view.

  • I wanna hear you sing more ❤️☺️

  • pros: you're self employed cons: you're self employed

  • How come I have your post notifications bell on and set to “all” and I still missed this somehow!?

  • Maybe we should talk about how soul sucking having a job

  • It's smart that you think about going down a different career path after youtube. I think too many social media content creators think it's going to be a forever thing. If you make content for the internet, it's smart to have other streams of income outside of it, just in case it doesn't work out or you don't want to do it anymore.

  • Also Rickey Thompson doesn’t post as well

  • I’m so happy I keep tabs on your channel. I have the bell on and never got a notification for your video 🙄

  • i like ur videos so much! have a good day ✨

  • gen z Tyler Oakley vibes

  • They honestly went to shit after they started hanging out with tiktokers. Their content became really half-assed and boring, and they themselves became more problematic as the whole childhood friend, Mr. Kate, and "social distancing" stuff started happening. I used to be a huge fan of them, but after all their controversies started piling up, I just felt disappointed as I saw their true colors and what they have become. No hate to them, but their time on youtube was up for sure. It was pretty obvious that they had lost the love for this platform that they once had, and were just in it for the money.

  • I would love a bang-type (over the forehead) hair cut on you with the curly hair!

  • It makes me think of shows ending. I mean, all shows have a finale.

  • okay, im subscribed to you now

  • i honestly think this goes to show that even if you're selling a fantasy, you're still selling something. but the catch is that when the moment comes that you realize that you're living a life not your own for work, everything is suddenly out of place (regardless if your life is really falling apart or not). and before you know it, you're trapped inside a hole of your fantasy and capitalism. it's scary how capitalism is rooted so deep into our society lol

  • "I'm quitting! This job is starting to feel like a job, and I don't like it!" -- Dolan twins ooooooookayyyy then..... **smh**

  • Those boy's lacked creativity and charisma, so they're doing the right thing.

  • i stopped watching but the way i used to be OBSESSED with them

  • I am loving the look you are rockin'! Get it!

  • It’s clear they aren’t cut out for DEname. It sucks to say but they gained a following on pretty privilege alone and they don’t know how to maintain it because they aren’t creatives. It’s not burn out because one *basic* idea is vlogging their experiences finding/pursuing a career they’re passionate about. Their audience is doing exactly that, they’re growing up and thinking about their passions and how to make a career out of it so vlogging the trials and tribulations would create the connection as they grow with their audience but what do I know

  • DEname isn’t fun anymore.

  • I agree with everything but I will say that I don't think the school thing is as big of a thing. I mean they completed online but not the point. I just think as long as you are learning it doesn't have to be in school. Like they deffo know waaaaay more about the film, music and entertainment scene than your average high school grad and they said how they wanted to go into directing so.... Obvs not saying yes everyone should drop out of school and become a youtuber but think it's important to note that you learn from experience of working and doing not just from school. I'm at university but I think too much pressure is put on learning in one specific way. Learn how you learn.

  • Its sad to see people like dolan twins, laurdiy, and alex wassabi,just slowly abandon youtube, it sucks because a lot of people grew up watching them and once they leave, its not the same anymore, and it sucks that new things come like tik tok and other things, because then it leaves no room for the ppl that have been doing this for abt 6-15 years, it just doesnt seem fair to me, we should all cancel youtube for changing their algorithm every 1 month and screw all these OG youtubers up

  • We need a new youtube platform. Like, not youtube ya know? And no not twitch

  • hi

  • I think like young actors, these kids need to work with finance people or something. They should invest their money or save it, because in entertainment, with any platform or medium, you never know what's going to happen. you could be on top of the world for a few years then all of a sudden no one cares. I remember Corey Montieth would always talk about how he didn't know if he'd work again after Glee so he said he rented apartments and saved his money. Unfortunately he passed away, but I always thought his mindset about fame and money was really good. Instead of buying seven teslas maybe just save your money. DEname isn't forever and a lot of these kids dropped out of school super young. Idk, just my opinion

  • I’m confused. Why were they missing family events in the first place? Were they not the ones in charge of creating their own schedule? I think most of us in this comment section have had to miss out on holidays with the family due to our job... but we literally didn’t have a choice. To me it seems like they had a choice.

    • Not to sound mean but they definitely pity/victimize themselves too much. They’re spoiled since they are used to getting easy money from social media, they would last a week in the real world

  • I wish I could quit my full time job and still get money lol

  • ok but stop having summer in my winter

  • I mean I’m cool with them not being on DEname they bullied one of their friends and their fans are still telling him to kill himself so I’m not a fan anymore

  • I unsubscribed from them a long time ago.. their videos just got rlly boring tbh

  • even as these big youtubers leave, new ones will rise up into their place. youtube just has a large pool of creativity and the ecosystem leaves a lot of high change over for who's popular and who's on the out. some youtubers i used to watch years ago are no longer relevant and that just happens. that's also just the state of having a job these days where in the past you'd work a job for 30 years but younger generations are likely to be in a job for a few years before finding something new. and that mentality has translated over to youtube as well.

  • this is the only commentary channel i’ve come across that is genuine. glad i came across your channel

  • DEname i hope doesn't end because i love it but i get it. Being a sustainable job isn't feasible forever. It is sad..

  • They only made it to 8th grade? That’s not nearly enough education, I would never advise anyone to drop out of school. Jobs come and go, but once you earn a degree it can never be taken away. That’s the best security you have!

    • When I heard they were HS dropouts I thought they quit after 11th grade not 8th grade 💀. I can’t even imagine myself with only a middle school education

    • Even child actors and singers have to complete high school.

  • I’ve never had a problem with people I’m subscribed to not showing up on my feed

  • I feel like coming up with ideas is hard and this applies to every DEnamer. even if you have 10 subscribers and 10 million, you still need to be creative and spend so much time on youtube. and if you don't get paid for what you do or do not get recognised that is even harder

  • I think tik tok changed a lot of things, now i see my fav DEnamers share the same content on tik tok they used to share on DEname before, such as vlogs, trying new products, makeup tutorials, etc. I can even find lots of people share self development content and it's honestly helpful cause of the short amount of time they have to give the tips in.

  • Hello from South Africa ❤️🌍🇿🇦 love your channel ❤️ keep growing with your followers, we dont mind which platform you choose.

  • It says nothing about the platform, it says more about them.

  • As you said many young DEnamers leave school with only plan A that is to succeed here, they don't understand that A) their teenage appeal only lasts until a certain point and B) even big DEnamers have other plans and businesses. Think of the other set of twins that were popular, Jacksgap, they ended up going back to college and are now doing pretty well in the environmental field. The Dolan twins not getting into hs kinda worries me, that's a very young age to decide you don't need basic education.

  • why are all the influencers leaving...this is fr sad. but as long as they're happy after making such a huge decision, then i'm happy for 'em.

  • I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure they never had a "normal" job due to them being on DEname so young. I don't think they quite understand how much of a blessing it is to have youtube as a job. Not trying to judge but thought it was something to point out

  • I stg if DEname becomes vine

  • I think we’ll see a lot more creators quit soon enough, once you’ve made that much money you don’t need to make videos anymore let’s be real

  • Let's be honest, it all went to shit after Marzia left


  • if they quit their main source of income everytime they lose passion for it. They're never gonna last longer than a few years at anything."it feels more like a job".....thats cuz it is ur job, if it was just a hobby wouldnt they have a real job on the side???no. They just hate working. When they say these things, they r basically saying "i hate doing actual work that needs time and effort, but since im rich enough to, im just gonna quit". Welcome to the real world. (this is to all "influencers"that say these things, i get burning out etc but at the end of the day its still ur job. Unless u have a good reason for leaving or at least admit that its a privilege to quit working when u dont feel passionate ab it anymore. If u wanna leave just leave, just dont say "its become more of a job" as an excuse, fans arent entitled to know whats happening but just don't pull that BS)

  • I think DEname will have to change the algorithms to keep huge content creators here and do a bit of promo for the site... because Instagram and Tik tok represent faster and more lucrative work...

  • they don't have original content anyways

  • Loved this video Luke! Xxx

  • Why didn’t you mention Alex wassabi quittinggg

  • These kinds of content creators don't last long because their content just doesn't change with their audience, or gets plain boring. Also, content like theirs just doesn't have substance to it? People are in it for their personality. For example, Merrell twins or Niki and Gabi, their content is really dry, and they're not even doing anything. If you were to go to the makeup side or gaming side of youtube, you'd see those people last long because people don't watch them just for their personality, but also what they do.