Let's Dive Into The Drama: Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill, Gabbie Hanna, Austin McBroom...

Am 15 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
todays video is about drama relating to: #jeffreestar #jaclynhill #gabbiehanna & #austinmcbroom / #theacefamily
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  • Hello ! New subscriber here ! 🥰😙 and I just wanna say I love watching your videos they absolutely make my day. Also I did comment on the ace family’s video specifically the edible one saying why are u posting something that isn’t even family friendly for the audience 🤷🏽‍♀️ and someone had the nerve to reply chill it’s just a plant 🤦🏽‍♀️ like totally missing the point

  • I don’t know if gabbie is delusional, a narcissist or just stupid

  • You're essentially the Entertainment Tonight or Insider Edition of youtube and I'm here for it.

  • If all Gabbie said was that Tweet you showed, that isn't really comparing her own cancellations to Britney Spears, it's just saying that cancel culture was happening in 2007 and to think about Britney's situation before you "hop on a hate train". Because of course Britney's situation is a million times worse than any "cancellation" we've heard of in more recent years, but the point Gabbie is making is that we should realise that all this cancelling and rumours and hate causes massive traumas. I don't know if Gabbie has said anything else, but based purely on the Tweet shown in this video I don't think she did anything wrong. (Not gonna comment on the tone indicator drama cause I don't know exactly what was said and don't wanna lean either way on that)

  • Luke I think you are hypocritical and superficial, judging from your commentary videos.

  • It’s really toxic and ignorant that you compare peoples problems, when you don’t even know them personally, or their individual situations.

  • I agree with gh’s tweet.

  • ...And I personally think you should shy away from associating race with class...

  • Gabby Hannah is delusional comparing herself to Britney.

  • The only thing I have to say to Gabby Hanna is: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

  • yeah she was definetely making fun of JUST the spelling........................YEAH RIGHT, rich kid never apologized properly and continued her vlogs with the family friendly kardashian-like intro 😂

  • Your voice is so calming! 😁

  • I wish Gabbie would learn to take criticism better because her musics better and i really liked her in stuff where she wasnt worried about drama like escape the night. I also think she should have someone to help her when she posts

  • Yay it's the Luke Alexander Def Noodles edition!

  • my kind of news :D honestly i enjoy these videos so much its so much better than all the news in the world rn

  • I love when we get a classic “y’all make me SICKK” 😂😂😂

  • you're so good at summarizing all the information, I really like these series.

  • i swear i just watched a video where you talked about how you weren’t a drama channel and here you are covering drama 🤔

  • As annoying gabbi hanna is, I cant stand most everything she does, but the tone indicator stuff I'll defend her for as a ND person so im not totally biased against her... but I do need to thank her for giving me "manage your expectations" into my lexicon... because ooooh I feel like a total b*tch when i say it it sends me

  • Jaclyn Hill 2021 Mystery Boxes had alot of drama when the boxes sold out before the stated starting time of the online sale. Her fans were hugely disappointed

  • I always loved Maddie. She really just had a boss bish energy. Like, she just wanted to do her job and do it well. I hope my assumption is right at least and I hope she is starting a new healthy life ♥️

  • Off topic but I’m really vibing your shirt 👏🏼

  • Why does this man have more subs than like, Amandabb who actually adds insightful and articulate funny commentary instead of just regurgitating twitter

    • Also like you’re still using AAVE all the time??

  • Love you Luke💞 keep up the great work 💗

  • Unlike Gabbie Hannah, Britney Spears is an actual celebrity that people care about

  • Jeffrey literally could have just made a Twitter or Instagram post abt his employees quitting he deadass was just profiting off of the drama god he’s annoying tbh

  • wait gabbie hanna exists?

  • i'm in love with luke's shirt

  • Hey Luke, have you ever explained why you use Sarah Baskas old Dive in intro because it just seems like you ripped her off with no credit.

  • Oh. I was hoping Jeffree was leaving lmao. I was ready and waving "Byeee!"

  • Conspiracy theory: what if Jaclyn just melted those bullet lipsticks and put them into new packaging 👀 On a serious note, most people mentioned in this video need a bit of a reality check before going online

  • I can't imagine the amount of research it takes Luke to make these videos. We appreciate it.🙌🏾

  • i mean people were making fun of her mental breakdown/mental health and scrutinizing every word she said. So I understand the comparison there. If we know that it was not ok to do to Brittany, we should know its not ok to do to others? I don't think she thinks she literally has the same situation as Brittany spears, but you can make certain analogies. I should clarify that i'm not a subscriber of Gabbie's, but I haven't seen anyone's words be as scrutinized, mocked, and untrusted as gabbie. Not saying she's perfect or right, but i havent seen another youtuber be treated the same way for similar and/or MUCH worse stuff and i'm confused tbh.

  • I thought the shades on the arms were burns 😅

  • Your plants look so good! 🌱🌼 (I know this is weird, but do your plants have names?)

  • please do a video about the grammys

  • videos like these fill my weekly "messy" quota and keep be from being a bitch to my friends

  • When I see Gabbie Hannah in a thumbnail, I prepare myself to be annoyed 😩

  • Your intro is always so satisfying

  • As someone who was hardcore into fitness from 2016 to now, seeing Maddie go to Alphalete is the crossover I never thought I would see


  • austin out here acting like he doesn’t have a whole family to take care of

  • Why doesn’t he give “dive in” bit credit, Sarah baska does that!!!

  • Gabbie wants to be THAT GIRL so bad.

  • Is Austin okay? What is this behavior??! lmao the embarrassment

  • I need you to make a video on The Grammys Nominations/Winners and the outfits.

  • Austin is giving me very much 💅🏽 vibez

  • Hi Luke can u shout out my DEname channel I mean no disrespect

  • Lmao i think austin went insane

  • Lmao why is austin so desperate it's weird..hes already having a mid life crisis and he is almost 30 lol..why don't he donate that money and help people in need..also kinda feel like Austin (and theres absolutely nothing wrong with this) might be bi..hes seems to eager to me about beinarlund these dudes lol

  • No drama is real drama without Jeffree Star 😒

  • You dragging youtubers for being ridiculous for 13 mins 😆😆

  • Austin is so weird. Dude you’re like what, 30? And you’re messing with a young man and trying to fight him

  • why don’t we understand that js click baiting like that and people therefore talking about it is exactly what he wants - can we just like, ignore him?

  • Okay but the fact I have no idea who that Austin guy is! This man could be walking down the street and I wouldn't know who he is! Sorry to this man!

  • It never ceases to blow my mind that Christian is j*’s camera man, since his wife is Jkissa, she’s so sweet and non-problematic. Reminds me how little we really see of what’s behind the scenes!

  • Tbh I don’t really think jaclyn was to blame for the lip stick scandal, yes they were her lipsticks. But she can’t take accountability as she is not in a factory productising them?

  • These people are so disconnected from reality it's insane to me. But then again narcissists have zero conscience.

  • I’m about to ✨DIIVVEE IINN✨ to this video. BTW love u Luke❤️

  • I am not a neurodivergent individual but I love the idea of tone indicators. Not only for people who need it but myself cause sometimes I gotta ask a friend to tell me if a post is being sarcastic or whatever.

  • I swear Luke’s videos are the only ones I like watching when it comes to recapping drama. he doesn’t just repeat the same thing over like all drama channels do, he actually brings up new info, he doesn’t just say what everyone might want to hear, he’s respectful, original, and funny too. All around King

  • Im sorry but I have to say it. I dont feel like Oliva Jade's parents going to rich people prison has anything to do with WHITE privilege. It has to do with RICH people privilege. For example, if this was my parents, they would never be able to go to the prison that her parents went to. But say this happened to Will and Jada Smith. They would have 100% been able to go to one of the nice rich people prisons like Olivia's parents. I dont feel like it had anything to do with race. It had everything to do with money and social status.

  • hey luke! love your videos but i was just thinking if you see this that maybe it would be a better idea to rewrite your title to show the people you talk about in order? i have nothing against commentary but i feel like putting jeffree star's name at the forfront is giving him attention he shouldn't have. have a splendid day 💜

  • I feel like if you want to criticize Gabbie for not using tone indicators, then you need to be using them. /gen (And this is the first time I’ve ever heard of or used tone indicators. It’s not hard.)


  • You have a really nice shirt! I own a similar one

  • I love that I didn't even see Joffrey's video on my recommended. What a prick.

  • hello queen

  • Did you get a hair cut?! , you look handsome

  • Hi Luke, hope you're doing well. You just seem to lack the same passion for videos in the last few so I hope you're doing okay. You used to be so passionate about your topics and made me care about these issues that I didn't care about before. Let's dive isn't as fun. I feel like you've been struggling to find content to do because you seemed upset the glee or other topics weren't doing as well. I feel bad that you just have to revert to petty drama to make content but also it is good to hold people accountable. I do enjoy hearing this drama news from you as a distraction from life right now, but you seem to not care about the topics. Will always support you hope you can find video topics that make your witty humor and smart opinions shine.

  • i’m so glad you’re doing drama again

  • Okay your skin !!! Pls do a skincare routine

  • i found your channel back when you did commentary on Tana's MTV series and really enjoyed your content and stayed. I love your videos they are so informative and interesting

  • At this point Gabbie needs to delete Twitter

  • honestly 2019 feels like 6 years ago

  • Am I the only one who thinks that 21 to 28 is not that weird if an age gap to associate w each other? Like I'm not saying they should be besties or anything but once two people are in their 20s I don't think bringing up maturity in relation to age is as significant. Idk I don't like Austin but like 3/4 of my coworkers have like 5-10 years on me and It doesn't mean that every interaction we have is manipulative. It'd be one thing if Bryce was 16.

  • Do you not get tired of talking about the same people? I always get my hopes up when you do “unpopular opinion” like you’ll use your platform to make solid points but it’s always surface level

  • I hate all of these people ahaha 😩 they all suck

  • The problem with Luke’s videos is They’re too damn short! I can’t enjoy them enough! 😜

  • just wanted to say that you actually look so beautiful today! love these videos ♥️

  • Luke: posts an incredibly thorough deep dive Me: staring longingly at his plants for the entire time for real tho they look like they are thriving

  • When is there never drama with Austin Mcbroom likeeee 😐😐

  • I’m just like... how and why are people famous from tik tok? 😒 lol 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Austin is very embarrassing lol

  • don't like any of these "influencers" lol j here for Luke ! :)

  • I’m disgusted that the Lopez brothers, James, and Jeffree all have exhibited predatory behavior and yet they maintain their following, monetization, and promotions. I’ve noticed that DEname seems to protect their highest-earning creators, in spite of their gross actions. I wish DEname was a better platform for victims and survivors rather than predator protection. Honestly I’m gonna start calling DEname the “Predator Protection Bureau”.

  • Just FYI Sam’s post about the blush and bronzer duos only showed 4 out of 7 shades. She does have darker shades, sams point was that the 4 shades searched pretty similar, but then she put out a video reviewing the products and she gave more info and did say she thought the undertones were different. I personally love lunar beauty blush so I’m not interested now those, I might try the highlight. I do however really want the liquid lips. A few of them and the lip liners.

  • At this point, I don't know if we all should just stop mentioning Gabbie, or we should try again to walk her up? she is exhausting

  • Im not even mad at Gabbi, nor am i thinking about her or talking about it. EVERYONE AND THEIR MOMMA WAS TALKING ABOUT BRITNEY. Dont compete where you cant compare

  • i feelin like the bryce and austin drama is staged....

    • Everything they do is staged, it’s confirmed over and over

  • I think bald starfish is trying to make them feel bad for leaving.

  • Nooo Austin!!! 🤣🤣 how embarrassing

  • me seeing the Aquarius necklace: yaaaaayyy finally another Aquarius🙌

  • Re; the swatches of the blushes: those arent all the shades, Samantha swatched those 4 cause she thought they were similar af (which they are imo). from what i remember there are 2? blush/bronzer palletes that are meant for deeper skintones (altho compared to the 4 in the picture, maybe not the best range?)

  • What’s ur sign? 💖

  • As someone who is neurodivergent tone indicators would be AMAZING. I have struggled my entire life with it and at 25 I still can't fully tell what someone is saying. People really need to realize what is natural to some has to be learned for others.

    • @leche fraise I use a lot when I’m speaking, since I’ve found people often don’t realise I’m joking. Someone told me to make sure you’re smiling when you’re not serious. Haven’t tried that one out yet.

    • i use them as much as i can but they don’t work at times when you are arguments or debates online for example

    • @Dank_magician_girl ‘twould be nice.

    • @Marmaduke Scarlet same. That's my main issue too. It would be so easier to read people.

    • I wish everyone would give a tone indicator every time they speak. Not /s

  • Britney Suffered alot!!

  • Not to mention Gabbie allegedly told Jess Smiles that the abuse she experienced from her ex wasn’t a big deal

  • Was the prison named Ritz Carlton? Might as well be.

  • Tbh as an autistic person I don’t care about gabbie hanna not taking tone indicators seriously

    • Honestly, I’m in the same boat and I agree but mostly bc she apologized and explained her situation and that she didn’t know what they were. The fact is that that situation brought more attention to what tone indicators are and I think she dealt with it in a responsible and respectful way (explaining why she was wrong).

    • I read this as gabble hanna lol