Calling Out Nikita Dragun...

Am 4 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
in todays video I'm taking about Nikita Dragun's party, lies, controversies and much more. Lets diveeee into the drama...
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✭ Ranking Twilight Characters From Best To Worst ➩
✭ Nikita Dragun's Reality Show Is SHOCKING ➩
✭ We Need To Talk About The Jeffree, Shane, Trisha & Hair By Jay DRAMA ➩
✭ A Deep Dive Into The Acting & Film Industry ft. my agent (Luke’s Lunacies ep 4) ➩
✭ A Day In My Life: buying a new car, plant shopping, gym & hair styling routine ➩
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  • ✭ Ranking Twilight Characters From Best To Worst ➩

    • @Cantatrice Chauve he clearly washes it god damn

    • Your hair is so silky and gorgeous omg

    • @Cantatrice Chauve 1. How tf do you know if he washes his hair or not ... 2. He doesn’t have to cut his hair if he doesn’t want to .. 3. Worry about yourself boo your unsolicited advice was rude asf girl 😐

    • Why you don't wash and cut your hair? Because it really brings your face down, makes you look more tired.

    • hi

  • “black fishing” seems like a racist term in it self, hair is hair her body her choice her hair her choice. i don’t agree with it but why be upset over her life style

  • LOVE how she's wearing Sisters merch in that pic with Tony Lopez 😂

  • Lol, Had never heard of her. She needs to return to the earth cause I m sure no reasonable person in my country knows her.

  • A lot of these comments aged so well considering the James Charles drama going on as well as the bhad babie ONLYFANS debate

  • the James Charles comment did not age well

  • I didnt watch yet but if he doesn't talk about Bratman and princess there need to be a part 2

  • Can you really be out there without a mask in the US? In my country there are millionaire fines to the people who are cought without a mask in public.

    • Although our police is so inefficient that people still do whatever they want.

  • She constantly pulls the “youre trying to denounce a trans woman’s business and success” when someone calls her out on anything

  • nikita is giving danielle cohn vibes with the age thing

  • “If james charles commented on a freshly turned 18 year old pic’s people would be appalled” well that didn’t age well 👁👁

  • of a small business.....that honestly pissed me off 😂

  • 4:30 that’s so hypocritical of her to tell people to stay home when she has been doing the exact opposite this whole quarantine

  • Ok, but as a trans person, the biphobia doesn't make sense to me. Many trans people, especially those who choose not to or are pre-transition, date bi people more often as, generally, it's a lot safer and bi people are more likely accepting of a trans person's anatomy. I mean, if you tell your partner you're trans you should be able to feel safe to do so. That's not to say trans people are bi chasers or that all cis straight people are somehow a threat to trans people. Just that it might relieve some stress if you end up dating someone who, for the most part, doesn't have any significant genital preference and who is a part of and understands what it's like to be in the LGBT community.

  • Luke: *brings up blackfishing issue* Me: Show ya righttttt Also Luke: *compares a WOC to *only* yt influencers whilst innocuously justifying their wrongdoing* Me: ahhhh

  • I think we need to stop associating success with popularity because you can have a small loyal following and still be successful,, these people equate money to success and therefore do anything they can to get a controversy so they can 'stay relevant' and stay rich.

  • being latina is not a fucking excuse like- im latina and white as fuck

  • I'm convinced she's buying subscribes and comments. If you look through them, there's so many bots and people who comment multiple times and when you look at the profiles, you wonder if they're real. It's just strange

  • 7:35 Well...yeah that aged like shit

  • Isn’t she Filipino?

  • according to the "half your age plus seven" rule, alejandro does not meet miss dragun's cut

  • SMALL BUSINESS??????????????

  • Random....but maybe Nikita is coming off “biphobic” because she is Trans and it’s an insecurity she has that the man she is dating could possibly be making her feel dysphoric if he’s bi....just a theory tho...I don’t actually care

  • i would never defend biphobia. though i think it's important to understand and empathize how as a trans woman, she is insecure about being read as a gay man, and how dating a man who is into men *for that reason* might be scary. i'm not saying how she talked about it is okay to blatantly at she's grossed out by it, but what she is saying is deff more nuanced than that, and then ppl in turn saying she's simply biphobic. i'm trans and queer/bi and i relate to get feels even though it also feels uncomfortable too. some conversations are hard but still need to be taken up. love 💘

  • the problem also with rapid testing, is it still shows their privilege! some of us can’t afford to even get a rapid test, yet heres these “iNfLuEnCeRs” that are throwing rapid tests out like candy wrappers. it’s beyond frustrating. these LA “celebrities” need a serious reality check. my best friend lost her dad to covid, she didn’t even get to say goodbye. it’s so fucked.

  • Her career is dead and she knows it

  • I don’t think it’s bophobic for a woman to not want to date a man who’s bi. Women want to be desired amongst the competition of other women and it speaks directly to their femininity and desirability. Some bi men come off as less masculine too which isn’t necessarily attractive to most women . It isn’t phobia it’s about sexual desire and unfortunately sexual desire can’t be explained away that easy

  • This is so lame

  • Me: who is she?? The internet: Nokia dragon Me: thought she was already cancelled...

  • girl besides the parties u had literally 0 valid points im cryingggg

  • Don't mind me, youtube just decided to turn off notifications from you and I searched your channel today bc i missed you and realized YOU'VE BEEN POSTING ALL ALONG. damn you, youtube

  • she really thinks being rude and two-faced is a personality trait

  • Isn't patrick star spongebob's best friend? im confused-

  • Every time someone calls Nikita out on her shit her stans are like “y’all are transphobic” “she’s Latina her skins always changes” like no. Y’all need to hold her accountable on her shit. She’s been in sooo many scandals yet she always slips out of them and acts like it never happened. She loves the drama just to stay relevant when she really needs to be held accountable.

  • I feel that alot of big people wont call her out bc she talks herself in to the position to where her fans would feel that people are attacking her just bc of who she is. How she worded that people are coming for her just because shes a woman with a small business, so it makes other people look bad for calling her out

  • PR is usually the best of the product people make in order for creators to showcase and review it well. SO if she is able to let malfunctioning face sprays slip through PR ,customers wouldnt have known about it until they received the product. If manny and callum didnt say anything no one wouldve known.

  • Always found her shady- from the jump

  • Love this video - You hit the nail on the head when you said it’s a bad influence if they are out in large groups , ppl should logically consider if the influences they follow are influencing them to manipulate and lie about who they are/ stand for

  • I'm sorry she really posted about healthcare workers AND has a sister and her MOTHER being actual frontline workers and she's been partying this entire time i-

  • To be honest, I totally agree with almost everything you're saying except for that "Age gap situation " Ive always dated older guys, and the age gap where NEVER, a problem. I can understand if we're talking about 20+ years off difference, But just 7 i don't see any problem, my first boyfriend was 21 when i was 16, And my current one is 35 and i am 22, if thoose Guys consent to flirt and play with Her, MIND UR BUSINESS Yall in america need to CALM DOWN! And change ur mindset, cause here in europe when you turn 14, you're able to consent any type of relationship then when u turn 18 you're practically an adult! You're just sharing your opinion, and not really talking objectively. I appreciate that someone is trying to show the truth about this big personalities, But giving them more attention is not really making the situation better

  • Everytime you say "diveeeeee in" You kill me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love Nikita, I think this gen spends way to much time overthinking things just to make a stupid little video like this one 😂😂

  • i havent watched your vids in a while but Luke you look so good !!!!!!

  • The way the Niki photo was on your right/my left, it looked like she was posing your hallway. LOL She's coming for you, Luke! She's in the house. 😀

  • Nikita dragun black fishes for attention. People literally only talk about her when she black fishes and breaks covid guidelines.

  • If she's supporting Tony lopez im not surprised she was waiting for a young man to turn 18 to go after him 🙄

  • Lmao people have been calling out nikita for a while idk why you made this 💀

  • oop maybe shd not mention on live that you will redo PR list after an issue 😓 esp if only a 1 time manufacturing error 😓

  • does anybody know more about her background i’m jw i can never find nun about it ... 🤔 i don’t mean any shade but how did she afford her top tier surgeries her parents must have been p wealthy being Drs rite? i don’t mean any shade i’m honestly jw how i could acquire such.. funding .. myself 😶

  • being a minority isn’t an excuse.

  • What she has is PRETTY PRIVILEGE

  • I wouldn’t date a dude if he were bi. It’s not phobic, I’m only interested in men who want women. Nikita went to far lengths to be a woman and has the right to not want dudes who want men who identify as such.... btw I dislike Nikita.

  • problematica is a female adjective in my country, italy, is the female of problematico(which means problematic)

  • This is so cringe. I’m not a fan of Nikita by any stretch of the imagination, but the Snapchat show wasn’t biphobic at all. Just because you wouldn’t date a bi person, doesn’t mean you’re biphobic. All Nikita said was that she wasn’t into bi people.

  • Like literally you could never be her

  • Ewwwww your disgusting 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮

  • Soooo shut up and dont talk about a woman who don't care about your shit

  • You just want to be famous and you want the clout

  • Like you could never be like her

  • Like shut up your just pissed off

  • Damn... all these people are so damn egotistical!

  • i can't believe people actually like her and support her...she's literally a terrible person and a creep

  • She wants everyone to praise her for nothing, even if that means you're not being truthful. She always thinks everyone is coming for her for "clout" but they're just trying to hold her accountable for her actions. 😐

  • Can you do a reaction to Bretman Rock's new MTV reality show?

  • The thing is she can't deny she is black fishing I LITERALLY THOUGHT SHE WAS COLOUR ED WHEN I FIRST SAW HER ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!

  • Problematica😆

  • It’s her right to not be able to look past someone being into guys as well .. just like people are not forced to look past the fact she’s a biological dude .

  • are you american or australian !!!

  • nikita should watch this

  • problematicaaaa

  • Nikki : imagine being black i could never 🤭 Also nikki: buying braids, black fishing, saying the n word

  • Interesting to me how she says someone is "clout chasing" her brand/self...yet her brands a SMALL BUSINESS?? I don't think her and I have the same definition of small business.

  • The opening intro actually looks so much like him it’s crazy haha it’s just a few lines

  • Damn this episode should’ve been labeled “The Nikita Drag Gag.” Lmaoooo Luke went iiiiin

  • So many of us can’t do much (let alone celebrating a birthday) due to covid and she is just like doing all the things she should’nt rn, its not okay..

  • super karen/kevin here folks

  • I feel like people are holding onto the fact that she is trans and they don't want to call her out because of it. As a trans person, I think it's disgusting how she uses her trans identity to get away with countless things. I think that many people in the LGBTQ+ community see her as an icon and they want to hold onto the little representation we do have. I think we need to stop letting people get away with complete bullshit just because they are part of a minority group. Let me know what you think

  • tana: yeah i'm making out with patrick star 🤪🤪🤪 what about it? me: ***looking behind me to see if anyone said smth*** i don't think anyone cares, tana

  • It’s just her opinion.... tf

  • Why do i feel like I don’t remember how you look like even tho i watch you since long time , wtf

  • Louder.

  • Hes prolly right on other things in the video but the logic about blackfishing is reeetaarded as fck

  • i’m glad that brettman dropped her and didn’t want to be associated with her anymore

  • It creeps me out so much when someone is all over somebody right when they turn 18 like were you counting the days??? Did you have your calendar marked?? Just ew.

  • And does Nikita know when u send people pr stuff and u send them to beauty gurus they are gonna do there job which is review and people send them to them to get info on if any things wrong they don’t do review to lie to there fans just so u can make a bag that’s not how it works sweetie

  • Literally everytime she gets called out she thinks it cuz she trans like was does you being trans have to do with u black fishing and have predatory behavior toward as a person who wasn’t 18 yet and she always problematic everytime somone calls her out they don’t even bring up the fact she trans but some how makes whatever she gets called out about about her being g trans just so she can say she has haters or whatever and she been literally everywhere during this pandemic

  • Is it just me or are they partying more during the pandemic than they did when there wasn't one? Controversy chasing is just pathetic.

  • Imo the fact that nikita is not getting as much as flak as jaclyn for contaminated makeup shows exactly how irrelevant she is

  • HAHA

  • Nikita looking at this be like:👁👄👁

  • she really said she was an entrepreneur of a "SMALL BUSINESS" omg noooo

  • Truly what the fuck is it with her that she doesn't get called out as much for all the fucked up things she does

  • are you wearing makeup? cuz if you are, IT LOOKS BOMB AF!!!! 😍 loved the video by the way, calling ppl out is necessary sometimes.... !!


  • Sis turned 25 I honestly thought she was at least 34

  • never forget she actually tweeted “what race is Nikita gonna be today” & Nyma Tang QRt’d saying “this shit is not funny funny” 🌚🌝

    • Nikita has since deleted her tweet but i ain’t forget & never will

  • problematica is feminine for problematic in spanish lol

  • Tana Mongeo & Nikita Dragun are literally the worse influences. The fact that people are still supporting them and then acting surprised when they mess up again is just weird lol

  • She needs to stop bringing up how she’s a trans female. Like hun, that has nothing to do with any of this.

  • More like Nikita draGOON ☠️