We Need To Talk About The Jeffree, Shane, Trisha & Hair By Jay DRAMA

Am 19 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
We Need To Talk About The Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas & Hair By Jay DRAMA. lets diveeee into the mess
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    • she did the nazi sulute scroll a little it was in fall, she is horrribly antisemetic especially recently so its important to bring this up so no one supports this racist transphobic homophobic antisemetite.

    • @Alysa Jane she said in a video recently that she rents

    • Slight correction: Trisha and Moses own their home 💖 insignificant detail ikr love ya Luke

    • You should make a video on the video "Jeffrey Star harasses homeless woman"...look it up on DEname, it's very vile.

    • Hope you’re well! Feel like you’ve been going through stuff so I just have the gut feeling to tell you you are doing what’s best for you and are making hard choices that will absolutely pay off later! ❤️

  • It’s sad that Jeffree Star is my birthday twin just 18 years apart.

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  • I wish ur nails were painted hot pink

  • i love u

  • I feel like jeffree should NEVER be called a "beauty guru". Beauty is a combination of qualities to me, it isnt just what you put on your face. And jeffree's personality is far from pretty.

  • Ugh, no one who watches porn should have ANYTHING to say about sex work(ers). No one should but especially not them. As for J’s sickening comment about ‘giving’ a woman anorexia - as someone who has an eating disorder I cannot see myself wishing this on my worst enemy. he makes me sick and needs to realise the power of his words. i can’t even begin to say how wrong it is that he would wish or even hope to induce the mental illness with the highest mortality rate on somebody. this is hell and he honestly should be deplatformed in my opinion.

  • Trisha is amazing

  • These people are all histrionic socippaths.

  • at leas trisha is a woman,jeff tries so hard...but is ugly

  • I really love the way you speak about this. You are passionate and clear about your opinion. It’s good to have youtubers like you who don’t just make videos about these people for clout and to actually hold these people accountable.

  • Can we deplatform all of them already?

    • You're right, never underestimate the power of the people.

  • what are trisha's redeeming qualities? i've never heard of any

  • I'm a the only one who feels like ryland was using Shane anyway LMQO

  • Making fun of someone’s appearance is literally middle school bullshit

  • I subscribed, because you are one of the ONLY sensible DEnamers out there.

  • Here’s the question trisha is saying that shane was her best friend however did shane ever say she was his best friend. Sometimes people believe a friendship is more than it actually is, no one deserves to be dragged like that however you can’t be mad at a person for not being the kind of friend that you thought they where to you especially if they have never shown you that type of friendship in the first place, you should be mad at yourself for sticking around for “10” years in a so called friendship that was never a friendship

  • Was that "Dive in" a Sarah baska reference?! Lel

  • They are all TRASH they all need to be gone Trish, Jeffree and all of TikTok

  • Even if you look at the series shane did w trisha the entire time shes talking about how she wishes they hung out more

  • This, this, this! All your points are on point

  • Honestly, I think Trisha is a made up character.

  • Mean people picking on mean people aaahhhwwww 🤪🤪🤪

  • This video and its content was a great example of doing the right thing

  • hey! Can you stop saying mean girl over and over I feel like it keeps the narrative alive that woman are vindictive backstabbers.

  • On the point of still having bank but being labelled poor, it just goes to show that even though you think you're up there or that you've made it. There's still levels in richness. Like I'll never make the amount of money Trisha has made let alone jelly starfish, but even if I did make as much as Trish, it wouldn't be good enough among my other rich peers. So sad and disgusting

  • Sometimes i forget that these are supposed to be grown ass people, like actual adults... a bunch of thirty years olds..

  • I hate the size of your nose holes

  • Still waiting for Regina George style personal growth from Jeffree Star...

  • The thing is, jeffree is a horrible person who makes others do his dirty work, he is not stupid. He knows exactly how to manipulate people. That man is evil.......

  • But Trisha actually does have DID. So like.

  • imagine turning 21 on the 21st of january 2021 :0 lol happy late birthday :))

  • i just found your channel and you are super cool! def gonna subscribe

  • Chile anyways luke looks great.that hair is cute ,them eyes is popin and that shirt is giving very much african kente vibes.

  • As a black person who likes Luke's videos im a bit tired of hearing about these ppl who are clearly racsit and homophobic and all the tings hunny. And not just once repeatedly and constantly. And we just have to sit and take it and watch them get more famous for.mess .triffling. Like we keep giving them the time of day.as a person who has been triggered by thier acts towards ppl of my race it hard to feel bad considering the harm they've inflicted. But I guess everybody deserves respect so yeah.nobkdy should be treated in a rude or mean manner like that

  • I’m sorry, I don’t believe shane is scared of Jeffree. Toxicity attracts toxicity, and Shane and Jeffree are two of the most toxic, problematic people on the Internet.

  • I am like are this 3creating drama to create limelight..don't forget utubers are businessmans who get money if they only get attention in form of views

  • Woah woah please don’t accept a Trisha redemption arc. She didn’t apologize for her disgusting behavior she only acknowledged it. No video apology, no promise to change behavior. She herself is a famous bully. I think it’s interesting everyone is so ready to defend her when she attacks others so frequently. No one deserves to be bullied including her, but she’s getting bullied about looks whereas she’s bullied others about far worse things. All parties are toxic in this situation which is why they got along so well for so long.

    • Trish always apologizes for her shit when she's wrong. Show me the receipts for when she didn't. And people love to call her out on shit, but let it slide with people like JC, who never apologized for shaming a black woman for her hair, have parties during a pandemic, sexually assaulted the dolan twins, or hangs out with people who say the N word on the regular. Even people like philip defranco or the fine bros have a super not okay past, but no one ever calls them out for it. People only hate on trish because she's an easy target/scape goat, and the more popular youtubes also shit on her.

  • Low-key I used to think “damn I would love to be rich to be Jeffree” and I also thought his break up with Nate was so sad BUT know I will rather live my life as a middle-class person than be a wealthy lonely person. Andddd I now understand why Nate broke up with him because he is problematic and unapologetic.

  • Sex work should not be being promoted and selling your body is not real work point blank period.

  • i love your videos so much and ty for them, getting me through lockdown and my messed up gcses this year :)

  • its not even drama just straight up one sided bullying

  • you never stutter 😌☕️

  • this isn’t DRAMA, it’s verbal harassment/bullying.

  • i would love to see you make an update with rylands podcast and what trish said in her new video

  • As always...I love you🧚🏼💚😌

  • He called Trisha poor, so what does he think about the people who buy his makeup? Might just destroy my pallets today

  • lol jeffree always does this, get someone to play scapegoat (hair by jay) then dumps them like a hot rock. He is a master manipulator who makes use of people and discards them after they lose their utility. It’s terrible.

  • hey Luke hope you're well 💕

  • Trisha did the right thing, especially since she feels threatened by these lunatics. Too much money and they’re bored out of their tree because they don’t love themself or anybody else. The more stories that surface, the more that Jeffree and his team will be isolated. I bought a lipstick and eye palette and I, throwing them out and will never purchase another thing. Boycotting people works. Trisha was very brave by telling us about his ridiculous, hubris, bully hairdresser who obviously cheats all his clients and talks about them behind his back. Wonder how many clients will see this. Trisha’s a beautiful lady, inside and out.

  • Happy birthday :D

  • it's funny that Jeffrey tries to downplay the situation since it has a lot more to do with him than Hair by J. If Jay wasn't connected to Jeffrey nobody would care about the vile things he said because he would just be another troll hating on Trisha on the internet and she deals with hate all the time. But the fact that he spoke on behalf of Jeffrey and proved that Jeffrey said those things just means people should not ignore Jeffrey's role in this. As to Shane, he's done. Know millions of people know his dirty laundry and his true self. The difference between them and Trisha is the lack of loyalty and dignity.

  • don’t know if you know who this is but you look like Neen Williams (that’s a compliment btw he’s a cool guy)

  • They ain’t shit! 💩

  • I know I’m meant to be talking about the awful shit that was discussed in this video but I just found your channel and I adore your accent 🥺 you are so well spoken which is refreshing compared to DEname’s typical standards

  • 666 comments rn omg lol

  • In all honestly.... I’m here for Trisha airing out all Shane’s dirty laundry. It makes his comeback that much less likely.

  • i know you said instagram buhhhht, HAPPY GOLDEN B-DAY! My golden bday is coming up as well.

  • Just discovered your channel. You're a gorgeous human being. ❤️

  • 0:43 Britney Spears, duh...

  • I thought Trisha and Moses bought a house?

  • I got unsubscribed to your account idk why I missed so many of your videos wtf ://

  • ummm just putting it out there.. there ARE receipts for the 4,000 dollar wigs. so that isn’t alleged it is confirmed.

  • I’ve seen this all over the Internet and refused to watch anything until you made a video about it lol

  • No... no we don’t need to talk about this🙄🙄 it’s high school Mickey Mouse Bullshit!

  • Im late but I hope you had a great birthday! 🥰

  • My birthday was the 20th and I turned 27...I feel old af 🤣🤣

  • you’re defending trisha but you called her a seal? like, you said it, edited, and posted it. Trish has opened up about her trans identity, so saying that she’s a terrible person bc of what she said is gross. just another catty, mean girl gay with a little dutch boy haircut

  • i don't think jeffree was pandering with his tweet at all; i think he was trying to make a point to people around him that they better not air out this stuff publicly

  • I think that she did good to get out of that situation but also she said she was done but decided to drag it on. I think that if you decide to cut someone off who was a long time friend I wouldn't say things that were in a private conversation because that gives room for that person to tell your private things as well. That's on of the things i don't like. Lets just hope that all theses people can find peace in themselves and loose all this hate with in them (namely Jeffrey star).

  • Since we know J ⭐️ is full of 💩, what do we think now of his comments about Dahvie Vanity? Do you think he really knew nothing about the ped_ behavior?

  • Love ur shirt

  • Yo me and luke alexander have the same birthday im gonna lose it YES AT LAST ITS NOT JUST ME AND JERRY TRAINOR

  • Trisha has literally been ride or die for Shane. I will never forget her trying to flood the internet with her own drama to get the attention off of Shane's cancelling last year. Even up til now, she is always defending him on Frenemies. Sad that Shane chose money over a loyal friend

  • Thank you for posting this i hate everyone else

  • mans predicted trishas next video

  • cool shirt

  • Happy Belated 21st Birthday 🎁 🍻

  • *Even if* you've never been insecure before, insulting something as personal as someone's body will hurt... Anyone.

  • People be needing to destroy 7 horcruxes to take down Voldemort star 😂

  • oooh we have the same birthday!

  • Happy birthday Luke! 😊🥳🎂❤

  • Why is always the people who should be cancelled are alive and well?? Like srsly ,w h y?

  • petition for you to change the intro to match your current glasses frames

  • I love the subtle reference to Sarah Baska

  • luke, pls, she has offended and hurt many communities she is also a horrible person, her getting bullied isnt an excuse to erase that

  • Let’s also not forget, Jeffrey told Trisha to jump off a balcony when she opened up about her suicide attempt.

  • Happy b-day!!!!

  • As an anorexic in recovery, I’m offended Hair by Jay. We’re cute!

  • Yeah I’m def over supporting Jeffree, Shane and Ryland. SMH I’m so disappointed

  • I never thought I would be siding with Trisha Paytas but here we are

  • Love tht shirt!

  • I would absolutely never go back to a hair stylist or whatever he is (i don’t even know who he is?) who spoke down to people like he did. I hope his clients witnessed his nasty attitude and decided to take their business to someone more deserving of it. That’s so gross. No one ever deserves to spoken to like that. I would be mortified if i was Jeffery to publicly support someone like that. They act like money is the most important thing in the world, money is temporary, positivity is permanent. I hope the world gets friendlier in the future. So sad

  • jeffree prob knows shit on shane and shane knows he would expose him lol

  • DEname unsubbed me.... grrr! But on a positive note now I have like ten vids to catch up on ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a nice day ^-^

  • The common denominator in ALL the drama surrounding the beauty-sphere is Jeff. Jeff needs to go; he is a cancerous sore that won’t stop spreading.

  • The ignorance surrounding trisha paytas’ antisemitism is really gross luke. especially when you are claiming that she’s “worthy of redemption”. i’m so disappointed in you.

  • either I'm lowkey high or my brain is out their but luke turn 21 on the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century but either happy birthday