Reacting To Weird Wish Ads

Am 11 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • NEW PODCAST EPISODE: A Discussion About Anxiety + the tea about my mental breakdown (Luke's Lunacies ep.5)

    • The link in the description doesn’t work! Would you please repost? Wanted to grab some lights with your link!

  • i didnt get a notification for this lol

  • I finally bought merch for the first time ever!! You’re hoodie, then I accidentally spilt candle wax all over the back and ruined it trying to scrape it off ☹️😭 yes I cried, yes I’m still going to buy another and make the current into a pillow possibly 🤑

  • 7:49 - I SWEAR I remember that demon character from the Power Puff Girls wearing heels like that

  • Please please react to Bretman Rock's new MTV show 🙂🙂🥺

  • can you guys buy weird wish ad products plzzzzzz

  • i just remembered i originally subscribed for book recommendations wat happened to the original plot of thd story

  • I love the new Taylor Swift représentation on your album wall 😍

  • Loved the Disgustangggggg part, glad holly is back on the channel =)))

  • “that could be a grunge moment” they stole that slogan from a deathcore band called i declare war 😭😭 so yea, absolutely

  • we need a dive in compilation

  • This is genuinely the funniest video I’ve seen in a while so thx

  • I got a wish add yesterday they were selling 2015 harry styles for 22$ 😭

  • My fav duo

  • I just love you guys together. Like the vibes are just so goof ✨✨

  • the ad segment gave me "hey whats up you guys yes!" and also jojo saying her intro really fast vibes at the same time Iove it

  • ✋i have been personally victimized by wish. I bought a wig there and let me tell you: first it was cute but that thing doesn't stay cute and you CANNOT STOP the tangling🙄

  • You guys always make my day

  • Love you and your besties energy! ❤️

  • Dive in bish 😂

  • can we just talk about how GOOD YOU TWO LOOK?? also that lighting on Luke during the ad read was BEAUTIFUL!

  • well this video took me for a ride lol

  • Loving the quality of these videos chef's kiss

  • I wonder whether any of these models are actually wearing these weird clothes

  • you can't say anything about cats without dog people mentioning their mutts and how much better they are 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • @*nayeonnies bunnies* agreed. I've only had this happen to me, never the other way around😂

    • I feel like its the opposite.

    • very true

  • man watching ur videos is just so comforting luke

  • They be talking about maid TikTok... only if they knew I got a maid outfit comin‘ in the mail.

  • I feel like i know more about you now..... 🤭

  • Yaaaay.... Wish.🙄

  • you look like mr tumnus

  • i keep getting ads from wish for rubber sheets but it’s probably my fault cause i looked up rubber sheets.

  • OMG finally someone acknowledges how weird they are. Can you do tiktok ads next? They're so bad

  • Powder/corn starch, is how you get latex socks on. (Any latex clothes for that matter. Unless they have zippers, snaps, or anything to help with getting it on or off but even then sometimes you still need powder) You wouldn’t use lube wtf

    • @Toasty Buns 🙀 I’ve been using a body powder that contains corn starch in it for a long time, none of my outfits are rotting 🤯

    • Uuuuummmmm girl lube is like, SUPER common and ideal for putting on latex. Especially if it's for fetish purposes. Corn starch will literally ROT latex. Talc powder is the safe dry option.

  • we loooooove u and holly

  • The Pepe mousepad was probably the best one still crappy though I would never buy anything off Wish

  • I’m so glad you guys are back! Have a great day Luke and Holly!

  • Happy you two are besties again xx

  • I have the Govee lights in my office and it's so awesome! Good recommendation.

  • I'm so happy Holly's back in your videos! You two are so fun!

  • Why did Halle move out

  • HOLLY!!!!!!

  • Can you do a reaction to Bretman Rock's new MTV series?

  • I hope you invite her again, I love y'alls energies, make me wish I had a best friend 🥺🥺

  • i only ever get the weirdest wish ads on facebook, never on the app itself. facebook is the hotspot cos it knows karens will buy weird shit

  • Omg I’m early again!! Could you please do a video on the special episodes of Euphoria with Holly, I loved the review of s 1 so much🥰

  • Please drop the unedited “dive in”

  • Great video Luke!

  • Your last podcast episode was so good!! It's great that you and Holly have made up!

  • jo i am kinda early tf

  • Thank you for this - in the UK we’re in lockdown and so this is a really entertaining distraction❤️ love you Luke!

  • ayyyy love u lukee

  • Poggers

  • I’m already here 🥰

  • omg Holly’s back!!

  • Every day I see this ad on wish with Harry Styles and it's $20, who makes these :))))

  • DEname be like: 4 views 36 likes 1 dislike

  • never been this early :0

  • love u xoxoxo gossip girl

  • I clicked so fast lmfao

  • People exaggerate how bad ebay is but it's amazing when you compare it to wish and their cringe worthy items you get suggested for no reason.

  • Hey luke whatsupp ;)

  • I know Luke knows what really happened

    • What happened about what though 🤣😂

  • “diiiVeee iN”

  • Love you both so happy things are better between you 🥺♥️ I’m so early today

    • I’m so happy you guys are back! Have a great day Luke and Holly!

    • But they’re super happy again! They said taking time apart was like thee worst heart they’ve experienced so I’m very glad they are friends again and seem closer than ever I love their dynamic ☺️

    • @Makenna Ashton ooooh mhk mhk lol

    • @A Little Potato not bad just they weren’t living together idk if you watched the podcast on it or not

    • @Africa Hill yeah ikr lol

  • omg how am i so early wtf- also love your videos so much king~

  • Oh shitttt Luke

  • I'm so mentally drained from working full time and doing Uni full time. I decided to skip class and just watch DEname and you posted so I'm here for a chill afternoon and a fun video💜

    • Sending you love

    • props to you for being able to work full time and also uni. I'm also in uni and couldn't imagine working full time ( I work part time on the weekends in retail and i find that long).

    • Yeess! Love that for you! Enjoy your afternoon

  • when you're early but don't know what to comment

  • meow

  • hi early besties

  • AHHH

  • I like eggs