Reacting To Your Unpopular Opinions (it gets messy...)

Am 31 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Dr Phil should have a disclaimer on his show (a big ass one) that he is in fact not a dr in the medical field but his Phd is in philosophy. But tbh he should get his show removed because of it. He has like a therapy license but it’s not the same as a phd and he often blames those who are struggling more so than actually realise hey whatever you are going through is not your fault, you may have some mental health issues lets het you some proper help. Honestly, the show shouldn’t exist and definitely shouldn’t have minors or young people on it to be exploited and worse.

  • The Queen was siphoning Phillip's life force, now she's looking for a new source (which is really why Megan wanted to get away) 🙃

  • Imagine saying Meghan is more problematic than the royal family like girl!!😭😭💀💀💀we are talking about the British royals here for chrit sake💀

  • I think it's interesting when you said you don't agree that "everything happens for a reason" but you think we all make choices that cause things to happen. To me, the phrase "everything happens for a reason" refers to your choices. Your choices are often the reason something happens. Those are just my thoughts, though. I personally love the phrase because it's a good coping mechanism for me and encourages me to reflect on how my actions have affected others. I try to stay optimistic and that phrase honestly helps a lot. Thanks for reading.

  • She hasn’t done anything Megan but it’s like being a hypocrite I feel like come on

  • ... watching this after Philips death 🔮 rip

  • okay i love how many times you mentioned the “mental health isnt an excuse, its a reason” because my therapist and I talk about this all the time. Just because someone has a mental health issue doesnt mean they can “get away with” causing harm to others. it can explain why they did those things but there still needs to be an equal punishment. as someone who struggles w many mental health issues i get really annoyed when i see ppl use mental health to absolve them from consequences of their actions.

  • Saying sex work is empowering is a very male way of thinking.

  • The „not all men“ people are the same people that say all lives matter, instead of acknowledging the problem at hand

  • Watch the Oprah interview with the Olsen twins you definitely see a different side to her...

  • the vast majority of these opinions are popular...

  • I feel like ppl hate Elena only bc she's done more annoying things then good things. if people start to see the good things she's done and what she's gone through they will realise to hate her less.

  • Not me watching this a week later after Luke said the prince look deadly after he just died 👁️👄👁️

  • sex work in general but especially prostitution is not empowering. most of the time a woman who becomes a prostitute isn’t doing so because she wants to, she is most likely doing it out of necessity. it is not empowering to be left with no choices but to sell your body to keep food on the table. it’s sad and is a problem we need to fix. it also is definitely commodifying us because it perpetuates the narrative that a woman’s sexuality and consent is a commodity that can be purchased. consent should never be for sale.

  • you said people can change then went on to bash trisha brining up her past...

  • idk if this is unpopular but friends,vampire diaries,riverdale etc are hella overated because whenever I’m talking with my friends it’s always riverdale that riverdale this and I’m just sitting there having no clue what they are talking about.

  • That Prince Phillip joke did not age well lol

  • Unpopular opinion I think: the internet normalizes being a a-hole. Cringe culture is proof

  • I love Meghan

  • me watching this on the day that prince philip passed away 😁👍

  • OMG 2:25 didnt age well-

  • the way I screamed when you mentioned Prince Philip - this didn't age well

  • I don’t know what people mean by personality trait but being vegan for some people it’s not just a “lifestyle”. I’m vegan because of my religion. It connects directly to my fate and so it’s very important to me.

  • un?popular opinion: sex work isn't a black and white topic, and it shouldn't be thrown around as if it were. some people find empowerement directly through it, some people do it and are able to find other means of empowerment.

  • I love Harry Styles but to a certain degree I think he does queer bait? I don't know, I personally haven't ever heard him dating anything other than women. I am BIASED though because I dislike people who say their sexuality is "fluid" but then actually exclusively date one or the other.

  • Opinions left right centre hahahaha, it does get messy

  • I kinda don’t understand toxic masculinity?

  • Unpopular opinion : positions is an incredible album but people don’t give it a chance (my opinion tho )

  • how would harry do it for the aesthetic when he doesn’t even use social media😭

  • people need to stop saying WE SAID he broke gender rules he ground breaking he a fashion icon or was the first to do anything when no harry fans said that at all we cant even compliment him without getting bashed for it and yes people have done it before and dont get "praised" for it they get shitted on but thats isnt his fans nor harry himself people need to stop blaming. us for it when its other people who do it

  • Second hand shopping is usually the cheapest, most sustainable option

  • uo: the reason people love trisha paytas at the moment is because currently the most problematic hung she's doing is being antisemitic and most people seem to find antisemitism easy to overlook

  • Unpopular opinion: James Charles will never get canceled, yes he will lose a lot of subscribers but most of his audience are too young to understand. Another one, A lot of celebrities get to hide behind their fame and power when committing a crime. (like James, Zoe, Tony, Shane, etc.)

  • Do people think that if you have lots of money you can’t feel suicidal lol

  • Unpopular opinion: you can’t love call me by your name and hate James Charles for what he did bc they’re basically the same story imo 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I saw this title and thumbnail and that it came out a few days ago I was like OH SHIT it’s about to go down

  • Unpopular Opinion: love Harry Styles and he has a great voice but I feel like he sorta copies Mick Jagger and David Bowie in ways. I think it’s great that he’s inspired and is expressing himself, but a lot of his fans think he created that style and it kinda annoys me. For example, the fine line album cover is the exactly what Bowie would have worn. Jagger and Bowie (and Freddie Mercury, Prince) were some of the most known to wear androgynous fashion for men. They also wore makeup as well. David Bowie and Kurt Cobain also wore dresses WAY before he did. I appreciate that Harry gives credit to Bowie, but a lot of his fans don’t even know that. And if they do then they compare him to David Bowie or say he’s the “New David Bowie,” or the “New Mick Jagger.” I just disagree and I don’t think they are comparable.

  • Damon and Stefan are stunning! I didn't think Elena was annoying the first few times I watch VD but I've watched it like 7 times now and the more I watch it the less I like her. Nina is a great actress though

  • Tbh I don’t think it’s fair to ignore the fact that the internet DID go against James the first time male victims came forward, but James “cleared his name” with the No More Lies video so people felt bad, so I believe that’s why people are more hesitant this time around. He deserves the backlash he’s getting tho and I sincerely hope he loses his platform

  • im sorry but how can anyone say that positions is a disappointment?

  • Unpopular opinion someone having mental health issues isnt a explanation for the pain they inflict on to other people and is offensive to people that have mental health issues since it puts people in this box that generalizes what people are capable a doing to others if they have said issues

  • Unpopular opinion: Stop calling bigoted things like; being racist, homophobic..etc, "problematic things" when talking about someone who has behaved in a bigoted way/r bigoted. Call them exactly for what they are. I feel like it undermines the severity of bigoted actions by just labeling them as "problematic things" when mentioning someone who has done racist, homophobic..etc things.

  • Ok, so on the topic of "shaming people sustainably, aka eco-shaming, I agree, we shouldn't shame people for being unstastainable when it's too $$ for them, but clothing from thrift shops or yard sales in most places is cheap asf and so sustainable. Also rich ppl don't need to brag about being sustainable.

  • to the person who said harry styles is straight, pls go listen to his song medicine 💀✋

  • I know love at first sight/ soul mates/ soul connections are real cause I’ve experienced it. But I believe you have more than just one, and it doesn’t have to be a romantic partner

  • Unpopular opinion: Not everything has to do with race, sometimes it's not a blackface but a white person being really tanned in the summer. I do understand that for example, certain hairstyles are cultural appropriation, but braids for example are just a cute way for my straight hair to be out of my face during the summer. We don't have to make everything about race and cancel people on social media based on their skin color.

  • The word narcissist shouldn't be throw around, it's a personality disorder just call them toxic or egoist

  • I think the word victim shouldn't be demonized, like I'm fine with people indetifying as a survivor but I hate it when people act like being a victim is a sign of weakness

  • Musicals are the best form of music

  • I only see popular opinions here...

  • 10:35-In a 2004 interview with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Oprah said some insensitive things.Mary-Kate(17 at the time)was having ed problems.Oprah asked about that which mas her uncomfortable,and also questioned Ashley and Mary-Kate what clothing size they are.The whole interview is on DEname,you can check it out.

  • Unpopular opinion: people hate Meghan Markle because she’s a strong woman. Misogyny is real y’all

  • I still do not think that generalizing is the answer... The phrase "all men" just does not stick right with me. İf men would generalize women as "all women are gold diggers" or something like that, everybody would find this phrase toxic and damaging to women's image. I mean if we would look at it, there are a lot of women that usually just look at the economic/materialistic state of their partners. So BECAUSE some women do that, men have the right to take other innocent women accountable too??? The fact is, some people want to be "woke" so freaking much, that they do not realise how ignorant they can be at the same time... We still have a long road for gender equality and that means for all parties: Men, Women etc. (I'm sorry for my English its not my native language)

  • I don’t like Meghan bcuz she lies constantly you should research everything she said in that interview bcuz there was only one truth and that was the Kate crying situation

  • Can’t wait till people can bring anyone they want home without the conversation cuz imma tell my kids ya don’t have to come out. If you like someone enough for me to meet them as your partner bring them to meet me ion need a talk before you feel comfortable to tf .

  • theres so much harry slander in these videos he literally just minds his own buisness and posts on social media like twice year how do ppl still find reasons to hate on him

  • I agree so much with the alcohol comment. A person I met at college needed me to explain why I don’t drink. I should not need to explain it people need to learn to be comfortable that I want to be sober just because.

  • Uhm stan doesn’t mean stalker fan it comes from stan the Eminem song look it up

  • Watch the Oprah interview with the Olsen twins. What she said was disgusting in regards to their ED.

  • Unpopular: Harry Styles is straight and he's not saying that directly because 1. He talks in a ambiguous way most of the time. 2. PR. If he isn't straight then he would say it so. There's literally no reason to not say it. Also he always dates the model type women soooo basically Leonardo DiCaprio

    • @marymaddie girl do you realise this is music industry you talk ? There aro no laws, any type od restrictions when it comes to controling and artist whole life. Britney spears, taylor swift signed a contract when they were 15 !! You are not on twitter I see lmao because their record label is geting exposed hardddd. So you think because he is out of 1d he can do whatever he wants ? Girl no he signed NDA - They are not dumb, they make sure he never speaks up about this.

    • ​@babygirl 3 he's not in 1d anymore girl, he has a different contract, management team.. Do you even realize what you are saying right now? You are saying that: 1. In the music industry there is a type of contract (illegal btw he WAS A MINOR) that somehow restricts the freedom of choice to date the same sex. 2. Harry Styles (as a MINOR) signed this kind of contract because what?? what would he gain by signing this contract? fame, money maybe?? So basically, he signed this contract to remain in the band, to be a celebrity, right? There's no logical motivation to this theory some of you have. There is absolutely no way that this type of contract can be signed by a minor because it would be null. If, and that's a big if, this contract exists, it was signed by his parents.

    • @marymaddie he was 16. A kid. He didn't know sh-

    • @babygirl 3 sis why would he sign a contract like that? Literally why.. You know what, nevermind. Believe what you will

    • @marymaddie because the music industry is a dark place. He signed a contract that is keeping him quiet. Please educate yourself. It's not plain black and white situation. He would never date a men in public because of his team.

  • I agree, people saying Shawn Mendez is gay have always rubbed me the wrong way. Being effeminate doesn't necessarily mean you're gay and that's a stereotype we really need to leave behind. And with celebrities in general, their sexuality isn't really none of our business. Coming out can be terrifying and there's also just the possibility that they want to keep it private.

  • 1:44 “I don’t feel bad for Megan Markle and Harry they still have money so like 🤔” 2:10 “Megan Markle is just as problematic as the royals” 2:40 “I hate Ariana’s new album it’s boring and shallow and was a huge disappointment” 3:05 “Harry styles is not the gender bending icon everyone thinks he is” 3:38 “Harry styles is a straight cis male that plays into a gender bending persona for the aesthetic” 4:01 “the weekend should have been nominated for at least one category. I feel like it’s always the same people winning the Grammys” 4:24: “sex work is not empowering because it still objectifies and commodifies us.” 4:47: “sex workers should be respected but I feel Tik Tok had glamorised the job so much 5:08 “being vegan is not a personality trait” 5:25 “in the vampire diaries Elena gets bashed too much she’s not actually that unlikeable” 5:45 “neither Damon or Stefan are actually that hot” 5:53 “Billie Eilish needs to change her music and aesthetic a little because she’s going to become irrelevant” 6:21 “I feel like having lots of friends is overrated, I’d rather a few genuine connections” 6:35 “soulmates aren’t real neither is love at first sight.” 6:49 “people who identify as gay etc shouldn’t have to come out people shouldn’t assume you’re straight.” 7:10 “women can be tomboys and not get judged because masculinity is preferred which is why man can’t be femme without judgement. It’s misogyny not toxic masculinity” 7:45 “people really are capable of change and growth” 8:03 “I still don’t like Trisha Paytas and don’t understand why everyone is now up her ass all of a sudden” 8:36 TRIGGER WARNING FOR SEXUAL ASSULT. “Men need to stop saying “not all men r*ape, we obviously know that not all men do but we don’t which would or wouldn’t do therefore we have to be wary of everyone.” 9:19 “ David saying he distanced himself from Dom because of certain accusations is total hypocrisy. He was pushing this behaviour from Dom because he wanted content. The vlog squad aren’t his friends they’re his employees.” 10:22 “Oprah is the WORST. Super judgemental and two faced.” 10:39 “I think that holding celebrities/ influencers accountable is very pointless. In our society money and fame allows you to evade laws, that’s why James Charles isn’t in jail for his recent actions. Holding them accountable just seems so pointless because none of them ever change. None of them are really being held accountable when it comes to the law, it’s just a bunch of fun scandals everyone talks about for the joy of gossiping. Celebrities/ influencers and their crimes will remain the gossip.” 11:38 “ ASMR is weird and isn’t relaxing at all and kinda creeps me out.” 11:52 “paparazzi shouldn’t be a legal job, especially with underage people. It’s literally normalised stalking, have we not learnt our lesson with princess Diana or Britney Spears?” 12:09 “girls get hates on for basic things but guys can be basic but no one cares.” 12:32 “being sustainable as far as things like clothing is a privilege and we should stop shaming people who cannot afford it.” 12:45 “Stan culture is toxic, problematic, and overall cultish. It literally means “stalker fan” can we please stop obsessively worshiping celebs and threatening people over them?” 13:05 “sexuality should not be based on how you look, talk or act. There is no reason at all for people to be assuming others’ sexuality especially when their unlabelled or have labelled themselves. One example would be how people treat Shawn Mendes. He’s said he’s was straight many times and people keep calling him a bottom or whatever and they call him homophobic for addressing the rumours. I don’t blame him though. When people are pushing sexuality down your throat, it gets really frustrating.” 13:52 “we need to normalise not wanting to drink alcohol as a choice. People only understand not drinking if you are religious or were addicted to it. I am sick of people acting like it’s impossible that I don’t like the taste and/ or the feeling of alcohol. 14:34 “the reason that people like David and James get seemingly little to no repercussions for their predatory and abusive actions towards men is not only because of their cult like fan bases. It’s because as a society we don’t care about male victims.” 15:12 “there are huge inconsistencies with the way that we act online and behave in real life when it comes to activism. It’s way easier to call out strangers on the internet rather than calling out something low-key problematic your friend said that one time.” 16:00 “normalising plastic surgery just doesn’t sit right with me p. It can cause health problems and addiction and creates extremely unrealistic beauty standards. 16:29 “I don’t blame tiktokers for wanting to be singers and actors, they just want to continue their “career” in that area because they know TikTok is not gonna work forever.” 16:48 “I hate when people say “everything happens for a reason”” 17:23 “cancel culture often does the opposite of what it’s intended to do.” 18:05 “everyone is a mental health advocate until it gets really ugly.” 18:29 “Cardi B is not as talented as people claim. She should be held accountable for the drugging men situation.” 18:47 “being politically conservative does not make you a bad person.” 18:54 “people need to stop bringing up other issues when speaking about another issue happening.” 19:22 “I don’t think celebrities or influencers have the obligation to speak in real issue as like BLM etc.” 19:56 “social media and pop culture in general is driven by misogyny.” 20:54 “TikTok has many beneficial aspects that are completely overlooked.”

  • Drama channels are d internet paparazzi

  • Can you be my sibling lol

  • Damn people gotta stop down playing Harry styles like

  • Female victim aren't taken seriously either😅😅

    • @Lola Bshok yeah exactly, same with me and a female friend asked me what I was wearing when a man followed me screaming sexual things and insults. You can't say take it as seriously as women, because all we do is get shamed and dismissed

    • Yes, it’s not because we talk about it more than men that people takes women seriously. People ask me what I was wearing when I opened up about my SH and after I got told that it was my fault because I go out.

  • Asmr is super relaxing unless you watch the wrong kind of it. It helps with loneliness, sleep problems and anxiety so I don't see how REAL and good asmr can be creepy.

  • I agree with the person who says s*x work isn’t empowering. Especially as women I feel like our power is in our body (like we literally make humans) and once you sell your body to anybody willing to pay, then you’ve given up your power. The same men who criticize women for being too s*xual are the same ones subscribing to their onlyfans. They don’t see it as an empowered woman, they see an object made for their s*xual pleasure. Of course women should do what they want but we can’t act like that’s power.

  • idk my opinion on tik tok has been wishy washy. Yes, it is a good way to express yourself and find others who have the same interest but my reasons for not having it is how easy it is to spread misinformation (well it is social media, but its more prevalent on the app) and how people are easy to hate people on "straight tik tok" or "alt tik tok" (so mainly, the weird separation of the app and how everyone is easy to point fingers). Either way, I dont control what anyone downloads on their phone or how people spend their time :/ people will enjoy what they enjoy. And even if i dont have the app on my phone, tik tok is everywhere, there is absolutely no escape lol

    • my bad for having a wordy comment and i did not mean to seem upset i cant control what people download lol + the "pick me girl" is giving me major misogynistic vibes

  • I think you do have soulmates. Like multiple people that you’d be extremely compatible with. It can be a platonic soulmate, romantic soulmate, etc. So ya....

  • I think that soulmates do exist but it can be anyone, not necessarily your romantic partner. My best friend is my soulmate, we just clicked and she feels like the other part of me. It's just another issue with seeing romantic relationships as the pinnacle of bonding as if friendships and familial relationships are less than.

  • As a trans guy I don't think what Trisha Paytas did was offensive at all, just because I'm trans doesn't mean I own the whole idea of being trans, Trisha Paytas has said they're non-binary I'm sure, and non-binary people float around the idea of the gender binary a lot and it is completely normal, so I don't think it's offensive at all, however, I can't say anything about the DID situation, I'm still iffy about it, but I know Trisha has apologized for it, but it isn't my apology to accept so I'm not going to say anything else on that

  • I feel like the anger men have for the "not all men" part is due to (an extent) hypocrisy from women. I once witnessed a situation where a female said that "all men are trash, those who are offended are the trash being referred. If the shoe fits, then Cinderella..." and a while later, a guy was sharing his experience about how girls have used him etc. Saying along the lines of "women are gold diggers." and the female I mentioned was enraged.

    • @Lola Bshok I get your point and I know that women do experience much worse than men. Heck, I'm a woman myself and I know that. There are just certain instances wherein we women are not being fair towards men as well. Sure, the above example is poor and surface level. But I have guy friends who get sexual comments from females which make them uncomfortable and people just glaze over it. There are also times when a feminine straight male friend of mine tried on make-up, and women behind hus back started calling him "gay" "has more make up on his face than his potential gf". I guess what I'm trying to say is, when the atrocities of men are discussed, their whole population is degraded along with those who actually respect women. But when women's flaws are being discussed, people tend to view it just a stereotype or a product of the patriarchy. I do believe we equally have to be accountable for our own sex's shortcomings, not just men. And the thing about women being gold diggers, while true it is a stereotype that shouldn't be applied on the whole female sex, it somehow has truth to it as well. Most sugar babies are women...

    • I mean you are literally comparing the fear of being assaulted, r*ped and abused to a misogyne stereotype.

  • 16:48 And what sucks even more is that there are full on musicians and actors on TikTok who don’t see their craft as “just another avenue” outside of the platform. They don’t get recognition in comparison to the TikTok stars™️. I get that they want to stay viable, and more power to them, but those Tiktok stars™️ shouldn’t get Disney starred into musical stardom off clout alone

  • I absolutely agree that sex work is real work and it should be respected but not glamorized. I’ve seen an alarming amount of underage teenagers online talking about selling feet pics and barely 18 year olds striving to be OF creators. It’s nearing grooming territory.

  • In regards to tiktok dancing, I completely agree, most of it is people flailing their arms and the movements are very very basic - sometimes people don’t really even put the effort in to make it a performance😂 HOWEVER there are some Tiktok dancers who are actual trained dancers and their content SLAPS like they ACTUALLY eat that shit

  • Bruh. I never realized that it was abnormal to be so straight forward in person? I knew I was a very blunt person and came off as abrasive because I say exactly what I think and mean it. The shit I'm willing to put my name on digitally is what I'll say in person. Point blank PERIOD

  • Seggs work is fast money not easy money and there’s a big difference.

  • im a simple girl...i see harry styles in the thumbnail and i click

  • toxic masculinity is rooted in misogyny.

  • how the hell can someone say positions is boring?!? i-

  • Faaaacts. I’m never “coming out”. I’m just Aleece. 🤌🤌

  • *Reasons why Meghan Markle is disliked: she's money hungry and drip feeds to the media via Sunshine Sachs PR, she abandoned her old friends, family (she excluded her black family as well from the wedding), dog (lied about it being too old to fly when he was just 4 years old and younger than her beagle), only dated rich white men and never identified as black until now and weaponizes black outrage to push her lucrative agenda, all the LIES (so many, even in the interview itself they lied about getting married prior to the actual wedding and about the royal family refusing mental health care and taking her passport. She traveled SO MUCH throughout those 2 years which she needed a passport for, she continually tried to overshadow others' royal engagements with cheesy "surprise" appearance. the list goes on, typical narcissist sociopath*

  • Unpopular opinion: The right and the left aren’t enemies they’re just different opinions. Once we starting treating each other as such the country will stop imploding.

  • i actually think toxic masculinity is a thing because of misogyny, as in: some men (or society) look(s) down upon femininity and act masculine in a toxic way, to not being seen as feminine

  • Meghan didn't do anything. She just married someone she loved. She was already rich and doing well for herself too before

  • the queen looks so young because she drinks adrenachrome

  • the queen looks so young because she drinks adrenachrome

  • We need to talk more about male victims... but don't use it to discredit women either! I've seen so many comments under posts where people (I think mostly men) are like "women commit SA too". Yes, they do, but we're talking about women SA victims, not men. Idk, it just pisses me off when men want to discredit women by bringing up the fact that woman-to-man SA happens too... we can discuss it but not together. That was a bit of a tangent. Oops!

  • My soulmate is my platonic female friend.

  • Day 1 of asking where did Luke get his iphone case from

  • Unpopular opinion: there’s a lot more evidence backing up the RF and there are deep inconsistencies in Meghan’s story eg the marriage 3 days before the actual wedding - which turned out to be a lie. Sure the media was harsh on Meghan but it was also harsh on the entire RF (google weighty Katie, anything about Charles or camilla) but Meghan was the only one to egg them on and push a double standard for her and everyone else (being environmentally friendly whilst being the only royal to travel by private plane). She made no effort to fit in and learn about our culture and our royal family and is saying that a hundred year rule being enforced is racism against her and her son specifically. She’s not the first poc in the RF and is using that and her and Harry’s connections to the RF to get million-dollar deals in the US. This goes against the roles of working royals which means they cannot complain when they got cut off. Please just educate yourself about it before you choose a side to defend, don’t just watch that interview.

  • "Billie needs to change her style and aesthetic, she will become irrelevant" WHY can't we just let artists be artists and do what they are passionate about??

    • This is so true, and above that i feel like Billie is one of the artists that changes her style the most? I feel like every album of her is a different style..

  • I think some influencers find it scary to share there opinion on the internet without getting the fear of saying something that might affect there audience in a bad way. At least I would be scared to share my opinion on there without the thought of being dragged online

  • not all men r*pe but pretty much all men ignore or excuse those around them that do..

    • how are we meant to feel safe if those men aren’t held to account by any men around them (whom actually have the power to hold them to account). all we get are warnings by men about other men,. like they know its unsafe for us but don’t do jack shit to make it any more safe.

  • I think the person who was angry at Harry Styles for being a straight cis man yet also being feminine is very telling. Like Luke said, Harry is fluid at the moment. But it perpetuates this idea that if a man is feminine, it means he is either not heterosexual or not cis in some way. Being feminine or masculine doesn't dictate your sexuality or gender.

  • Harry doesn’t dress as he does for the “aesthetic” or nor did he say he’s a gender bending icon he just wears what truly makes him confidence

  • i'm not gonna act like cardi was a saint bc what she did was WRONG. i was talking about this w my bf the other day about this... what she did wasn't good. it's my understanding that while she drugged and stole from men she was facing housing insecurity and domestic abuse from her partner so i understand what she would steal to try to secure a better living environment for herself. i dont think this understanding is mutually exclusive with the understanding that what she did was wrong. she and other people who do things like these need to be held accountable, yes. overall, however, the greater systems (economic, social security, etc.) need to be accountable to the people they are supposed to be serving to prevent this from happening in the first place.

    • Plus she’s the one that reveals what she did and tell she wasn’t proud about it but didn’t really have a choice at the time. I notice that many rappers have a criminal pasts/ did illegal stuff but she is the only one that get so much hate from it and is constantly bring back to this story even tho the situation has been cleared up many times.

  • MMM I don't think Miley + Halsey are changing their style and sound to stay relevant -- I think they're evolving as people and artists and doing what they want to do. That shit is tight. I think the point itself of female artists being held to a higher standard is valid, but I don't think these examples serviced that point.