This Tik Tok Reality Show Is So Awkward

Am 25 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
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In this video I react to AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren and its really cringe so buckle in my friends cause I'm about to diveeeee in...
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  • i just discovered your channel but i really love your sense of humour and opinions /reaction/perspective ❤️❤️

  • Ofcourse they had a single token black person on the show, she was a female and they told her to start drama and be a stereo type...and she did it.... just soooo annoying. Like I know we cant blame her cause she is young and we now know the producers told her to do that but it’s ridiculous. And does no one feel weird this is what we are perpetuating to these teens making out and going to a hot tub?? Black Woman stereotypes?? Victimizing white woman/people agains black people?... And just teens acting like they are in their 20’s.... like I feel this is just all around dumb. And I’m only 20 😂 maybe ima prude 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  • The only TikTok dance I know is the Space Girl dance

  • Your reactions kill me 😂😂😂😂

  • it’s the lack of diversity in this casting for me. They have one woman of color and she’s problematic 🙃

  • Jaida reminds me of Kendra Wilkinson c. The Girls Next Door and tbh I’m here for it

  • This Jada situation is so problematic. The producers made the only black girl problematic and angry?! Wtf!!!!!!! They literally alienated her from the whole group and considering how stupidly racist tiktok already is it just furthers negative stereotypes to all the little kids tuning into this show. UGH!!!!!

  • I feel like the show is telling Jada to be the “problematic black girl” to create fake drama.

  • Is it me, or are producers starting to get creepier and more interested in making nothing seem like something. I am genuinely confused!

  • I loooooved this vid

  • Honestly I think it’s the way they edited the show that makes it look like Jada is just (???).

  • Green tank top girl has that reality show shit face down

  • i think the producers are to blame for jada's behavior. it was so meaning less and weird, clearly forced

    • is jada crazy. she never makes sense

    • also jada is really cute

  • ur voice is so satisfying to listen to🥺

  • they think they r so famous, but who tf are these children

  • honestly I would rank all the dudes but owen on th bottom beacuse honeslty they kinda do the bare minimum and get by. Like being a twin or a med student does not make you interesting. Jada cuses so mich drama but at least she has some personality. If he could be alex would be on the bottom for his advice.

  • While this show is quite cringey, I genuinely loved the scene where the two girls were talking about how vaping and how it’s bad. Many young people will probably watch this show, and they need to hear that message

  • Woah kemosabe, we can’t just be throwing bubu tha fool around like that.

  • literally a bunch of cishet whites+one black girl fighting over- over what exactly?? THE FLAVOUR IS NONEXISTENT OMG THIS FEELS LIKE HIGHSCHOOL I SWEAR

  • I am also 18 but watching these "influencers" makes me feel like I am in my 40s.

  • LUKE STOP😂😂😂😂😂 why you drag them so fuckin hard like.... yass sis take their souls😂😂

  • Omg this video was so funny

  • Who tf is that 12 year old?!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • "What is my life ... ?" Luke, u earned my thumbs up!

  • Please please please tell me ur gonna review nikitas new season on snap? I was so excited for it to come out just so you could make a video about it 🙂

  • jada really do be making drama out of thin air

  • Luke, I subbed to your channel. Thanks, dude.

  • The last kiss.... omg so uncomfortable

  • Plz tell me your gonna react to Nikita unfiltered season 2 😌😌

  • Every time I see a show with only one black person in it, it seems like a diversity hire. I don't know why black people try to get involved in things that there's only one black person available spot for, that's extremely alienating. I couldn't imagine doing that myself that would be extremely uncomfortable. I feel like most likely she gotten racist comments thrown her way by these people.

  • like literally im turning 20 this year and I'm happy didn't put as much thought into social media involvement like call me a grandma for knowing late trends but I only care about staining the right group and never liked the western influences that much when 2016 (wellmostlylike them) when I realize I don't even know half of the people in youtube replay anymore (like we care)I can't believe I am living with this generation.; these teens are insane! they don't even think twice in making a decision (no wonder they're getting the attention) If my Filipino Mum saw me acting like this ( OHGAHD*) i'd be homeless and uninvited in every possible way! shed be smacking me with a tsinelas on the way home

  • Hey Luke when’s the next podcast epi????

  • As a person born and raised in a third world country trying to start a fashion design career in the US, I watch these "influencers" and their privileged white kid problems and I'm like...well my generation is fucked up😂

  • can you do your updated thoughts on the frenemies podcast?

  • Colie is literally a blooming tana Mongrel. She’s gonna be wild 😆 we haven’t seen the last of her after this show.

  • Wait why is it toxic masculinity if the guys don’t wanna kiss each other???? Like??? Am I missing something?????!

  • IVE BEEN WAITING FOR A PART 2 ! i watched the entire series and want other ppl to converse with about it lol

  • Honestly, what has the world come to PS- I think the producers were trying to make Jaida an 'angry black women' type character

  • What is my life? What am I doing with my life? - got me screaming laughing. Thank you Luke ❤️

  • I always image those kids years from now, trying to get a job and explaining their bs past that is all over the internet in a job interview. Like, yes, some people can afford to live from a social media / content creator career for some time, but these kids bring nothing to the table that could not immediately be replaced by someone random and I'm just a little worried about that generation sometimes :')

  • Something is going on and I don’t know what it is. Even with your flash notes I’m lost.

  • Yikes wtf was Alex’s advice 💀 literally the most basic advice I’ve heard BYEEE 💀🥲

  • Anyone else feel like Jada’s being made to fit the angry/ratchet black girl stereotype? Or am I being too sensitive..

    • No , you’re right because Jada admitted that the producers forced her to fit the stereotype

  • Luke is my spirit animal really

  • Ewww why’d they kiss so weird

  • I thought maybe there's a slight chance that's interesting but no Can't watch that shit Waiting for your next vid see you then

  • I’ve figured it out. This is kidzbop jersey shore.

  • Can you also react to bretmans show?! Cause he's out here representiiiing, honey.

    • But it’s not controversial..or weird

  • Theres so much to unpack there w/ eating sugar packets, girl. All my brain could think about once you said it.

  • Okay but you look so good in this video

  • pretty sure people who vape just refer to themselves as smokers

  • 💙💙💙

  • Also it's kinda fucked up how they just do the thing with the guys picking out who they wanna go into a hot tub with, but what if they like don't wanna go and also like what if a guy wanted to pick a guy not a girl lmao idk maybe I'm looking to deep into it.

  • Hi! How are you are you okay? I'm probably wrong, but I just got a sad vibe from you compared to others and I just wanted to make sure.

  • the only way imma watch this show is if Luke talks about it lmaooo

  • omg yeah this whole show sends me back to highschool... with the weirdly communicated sentences always containing "like" in them....ugh do not put me back there!!

  • I need more reaction videos😩

  • i love these series😭😭

  • The pool shots give me Tana Turns 21 vibes

  • cringe level 20000000000

  • “I’m a vaper”hahah

  • "Daaiiiviiing...POP!!"

  • You are funny 😆and yes make more videos like that!

  • No one else is starting drama but jade? Just her? FEELS like someone is selectively choosing jade because they want the aggressive black girl stereotype.

  • Can we just get a black queen that isn’t snakey

  • smh they ALWAYS wanted Jada to be seen as the angry black girl.

  • Not Alex DOBRIK talking about being yourself...

  • lmaooo "the snorting of the sugar and all that"

  • Omg i actually thought they were like 14 year old kids and I was so uncomfortable with the way they are acting and then realised they are like 20 -18?! Why do they all look so young 😳

    • WHAT! I was wondering how they could make this kind of show with minors but ohhhh

    • Wait, what?! I was sure they were all like 13/14.

    • I was also super confused. Maybe it's because the girls are so skinny that they almost seem childlike.. Idk

    • because they act childish af lol being immature and not being able to speak in proper sentences makes you seem like you’re 13

  • Are you sure you’re bi and not just full blown gay? You don’t strike me as straight or bi at all lol you’re very much a gay guy 😂 take it from one to another

  • I hate that they gave Jada the black angry woman treatment. You know they told her to be confrontational because of that. Ladies I'm boiling.

    • @Layla Garment yeah, I read that in a comment and it just clicked. We hate to see it

    • She admitted that the producers told her to act this way. They knew what they were doing.

  • THis made my dayyyy, honestly

  • Okay but Like, why are most of the girls here so thin? Like? (no offense to NATURAL thin people)

  • it’s so weird how jaida is the only one who seems to be creating drama .... they’re definitely trying to feed into a stereotype

  • why is that one kid always sprinting like he's late for soccer practice?

  • kissing ah wht the hell

  • Feeling a little lien James Charles !! Lmao

  • They’re all bottoms

  • those guys have all the same haircut

  • diveee in TO THIS CRINGY PILE OF SHIT. i love you

  • this whole video felt like a fever dream and I'm here for it

  • I hope this awful show lasts 1000 episodes just because I could watch you critique this show FOREVER!! Lol. Freaking love you Luke!

  • I just hate when lgbt guys think its ok to use misogynistic slurs against women

  • This show gives very much knock off love island but with much younger people and what even is this like this is just stupid I’m sorry

  • The rankings determine the winner in the end, I think. So basically they choose themselves who the winner is 😂 but they didn't seem to notice

  • So this is basically a cringe G-rated version of almost every generic American reality drama TV show ever

  • Can someone kindly explain WHAT is the reason for the drama in this show??? I just can't figure it out because all these influencers suddenly start getting into arguments and I don't even know for what. There's no stakes to this show whatsoever that even justify it.

  • 0:52 is golden. 🤣

  • "Cringey Pile Of Shit" - so apt.

  • I love your reactions Luke

  • I literally watched the previous last night and Luke blesses me with this in the morning like wow thank you

  • he is literally the only one who likes collie

  • Only 3 episodes involve making tiktoks... what a great influencer show :(

  • In his intro he sounds so tired, you ok Luke? Love your channel btw x

  • Watch the Jada girl do a tiktok live after this, saying she was forced to play the bad guy

  • This INFLUENZAr show is so teenage 😫🤧.. james charles... 🤧 Sorry I sneezed 👀

  • ok but why did they freak out when the two guys accidentally touched each others hands. like based on their reactions i thought someone had fainted or something but nope, they touched hands for a millisecond. shocking.

  • Long time viewer, first time commenter. Re: your claims that blue light glasses work against blue light and that blue light causes eye strain, did BluBlox give you that script or are they your personal claims? Currently there is no scientific evidence that this is true and I'm concerned that these claims put you at risk of a false advertising case.

  • Let’s do some “Yo-ger” 🥺🥰

  • i'm like one minute in and the way u said 'i'm so excited 👁👄👁' HAHAHAHA