James Charles & David Dobrik Get Called Out...Yet Again

Am 12 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • the way that dom's video is called "addressing the drama" TF. calling all of this drama is insensitive in my eyes

  • Luke you seem to take such joy in your part of trying to cancel people Just wait until they come after you

  • So DEname stars are basically like a bad high school drama where everyone is waiting to call each other out and cancel each other What has happened to the world

  • i mean Biden was accused of rape by a 13 year old but no one gives a fuck about that....

  • The fact that he won the Award....

  • I wonder how his friends gonna do- like latest and the damelios and other people he hangs out with? Are they gonna drop him or what cuz I’m never in life supporting him/this.

  • But the boy did know how old James was so if he was uncomfortable why didn't he block him?

  • I think the calling him out for what he did needs to happen and calling him out so he knows what he did wasn't okay and he needs to take responsibility for his actions. Buuuuts lets not destroy his whole career/ his life of what he has worked hard for. I feel like with cancel culture, b.s we literally want to cancel people but not give them the room for growth even if he/she messes up along the way. No one on this planet is perfect. Some of you let your favorite Artist, regular movies/tv celebrities, close friends, and families get away with doing inappropriate behavior and not correction them. Yes i an disappointed in what he did, and nah that shit wasn't right and all I'm saying is when he (or anybody) apologizes or comes to the realization that what he did was sincerely wrong and that will show in his actions. That we need to offer people room for growth and support. Cause anybody can fuck up and have the whole world hate you for it forever without any redemption.

  • when dom was in david’s vlogs, i always thought he was the type of guy i would not trust to hold my drink at a party

  • Dom actually did speak about it at the time. It got brushed under the rug tho but the video exists on his channel

  • That James Charles/Chipotle ad gives me Jared Fogle of Subway vibes. No bueno.

  • People need to stop giving these idiots attention. Stop watching, clicking, and using their products. Hit them where it hurts... Their wallets.

    • Tell that to all the children that watch him

  • Companies supporting predators. Pretends to be shocked.

  • DAVID DOBRIK is on a nickelodeon show!!! why does no one talk about this?!?! literally drives me crazy!

  • Honestly at least up until now it seems like they're getting away with it and it's very disappointing.

  • Um he was voted for a Nickelodeon award Before this situation came to light tho🤔

  • I can proudly say I’ve never watched a David Dobrik vlog. Shoving a camera in friends faces and making them do stuff for him never sat right with me.

  • Why is sexual assult banned on DEname smh

  • i feel like people are starting to forget about this and i just wish people would make a bigger deal out of it so thank you for this video

  • He's not being "accused" of s*xting a minor, he ADMITTED to it on Twitter and put out a bullshit apology that his fans ate up smdh :-/

  • Please watch Emily D Bakers video regarding the chargeable crimes that may have happened and what the possible sentences could be. She’s a former LA county DA who used to prosecute these kind of crimes.

  • I've never really watched any vloggers because it's not really my kind of content but the amount of stories about toxic relationships, toxic environment etc. surrounding this scene is just so worrying and upsetting. i know it's hard to make content everyday but fuck, it's better to skip a day or make it rarely, than to spin into craziness or abuse just to push out entertaining videos

  • Personally I think James is extremely lonely, so he turns to his fans for support by adding them on snap and even forcing nudes despite the unfair dynamic it sets between them.

    • yes 100 percent. it’s extremely messed up, manipulative, and sexual harassment.

    • @kevin the pigeon isn't that called sexual harassment?

    • edit: i do not think this is ok at all but was just saying what i think.

  • Luke you're glowing ❤️ so beautiful 😘

  • they’re white men, they’ll get away with it all and everyone will forget.

  • I know that James did comitted a crime but people coming for sponsors is not good if not no sponsors would want to work with youtubers because of how problematic they are

  • It’s honestly a huge issue... James and David really need to stop, and so do the brands that are supporting them.

  • David needs to put his tongue back in his damn mouth, I swear to god.

  • not you called scotty a david MINIONS 😭

  • I definitely think James should have asked for proof of age and it’s wrong for him to not do his best to not get duped by someone trying to exploit the situation but I also think calling him a sexual predator does water down the term and the seriousness of the crime...I’ve worked in jobs where we dealt with kids getting r*ped by their family members and even that was hard to prove in court...and I think calling James a sexual predator, when he was just too stupid to ask for proof of age, really takes away from the seriousness of the crime he is being accused of...in the criminal justice system there is no case to charge James w any crime so yeah go off cancel him but you can’t deny there has been a vendetta against him since the Tati video and teens on the internet have been trying to exploit that and “catch him”...again def think he should have asked for proof of age but calling him a sexual predator is a very serious charge when we have people like Harvey Weinstein..they are not the same

    • Why does he KEEP going for these boys that LOOK underage then if he’s just “stupid” it’s a worrying pattern. End of discussion.

  • But you don’t lose your photos, when you get the update and go onto the photo area there’s a button that you click and all of your photos come back. I was so scared that all of mine were lost as well

  • I’ve been using dispo for like two years now got it when it was David’s disposable and now it’s just not as good. It’s very glitchy

  • I doubt dom was asked to speak up

    • Also I don’t know for sure - but he did say he reached out to people that he hurt personally and apologized - to me that could mean he reached out to girls he hurt. Maybe girls don’t want him discussing it publicly

  • I think the reason James is acting like nothing is happening simply because this could be another case of TikTocker #2037293 trying to gain clout....reminder these are first and foremost, accusations.

  • You’re South African!? How did I not know that when I’ve been watching your videos so longggggg

  • dename.info/film/mLNpj6Kl0aKimns/video

  • Yikes

  • why are we choosing him to get a kids choice award when he chooses kids 🗿

  • the app store doesnt even have hes rating on the app anymore.... THEY literally reset the ratings for him. what the f***is up with David. The royal family doesn't even have this much privilege

  • god having to have durte dom speak for you is insane lmao

  • isn't this what happened in sierra burgess is a loser??

  • I think Dom addressed the allegations of his SA at vidcon a while ago but not sure if it addressed everything

  • I used to think that tana and david were at opposite ends of the youtube spectrum but now I see they are exactly alike. take forever or never apologize, don't take accountability, don't change or grow, avoid taking responsibility, make poor decisions. it's sad really

  • If you go on the app store the rating is turned off. It says "this app's summary rating was recently reset" 💀☠️

  • Not the apology in his notes chile✋🏽

  • I’ve never liked David Dobrik. Like does no one remember all those homophobic vines he made with Jason Nash?? And his vlogs are basically like jake Paul light, all the animal abuse in them is disgusting. I just don’t get the hype around him at all.

  • What is esed?

  • 8:34 Well... we all saw what Dan Schneider did to Ariana Grande and other under age actresses

  • Thank you for continuing to discuss both of these stories. Both creators are trying to brush their actions under the rug, but action needs to be taken. H3H3 also discovered a Views Podcast episode where David encourages and laughs at Anti-Semitic bully. So funny he is on the Anti-Bullying tour when he has SA, racist, and Anti-Semitic actions.

  • not victim blaming, but lets not forget that seth tweeted revenge porn

  • Nick protected a sexual predator for decades, and we're surprised?

  • nickelodeon award nominations don't surprise me considering the creepy history they have w many child stars& dan schneider etc... if you've watched sloan's videos on it, you know

  • Can you make a video on meghan and Harry?

  • James' new curly hair should have been the first red flag

  • Love how Tati took the fall for being right

    • And she went back on her word and blamed someone else for the allegations.

    • But she didnt know she was right. She did it to help herself.

  • Also Dom has literally assaulted women lol and now he is all like ''yeah poor seth''

  • My mum uses swag bucks so I know it's legit

  • If Seth was a woman ppl would not give a shit. I can imagine the ppl saying ''A KISS? There are ppl who are actually getting assaulted''

  • Imagine if more people start to come forward and hold James accountable, thus making Jeffree rise to even more fame and practically giving him absolute uncancellability. That would be like such a universal travesty...

    • @Dave102693 Not sure about you but in my dictionary preying on minors is much worse than playing high school drama games....

    • Well z Jeffree has SA skeletons in the closet

  • Lmao, so everybody thought it was cool when David Dobrik and his racist ass squad was presenting watermelon to Seth? How was that not the end? 💀

  • Apology videos are a thing of the past apparently notes app apology essays are the trend now ahaha

  • Did Luke turn into a drama chanel?

  • luke: "for those of you...who've been living under a rock..." myself and fellow plantsims: ohhh damn they found us *leaves shiver*

  • Does anyone else feel like Luke's intro reminds them of the eyes from The Great Gatsby...just me?

  • H3 also showed another episode from David’s podcast where jason talks about how he was bullied at school for being Jewish and David completely invalidates his experience and basically says only wimps would be offended by that, and that’s ‘it’s only words’ so get over it. He said his teachers also used to make jewish jokes at the students at his school and that he thought it was hilarious....

  • Jesus, as if Seth couldn't tell the difference between kissing a man and kissing a woman!!? 😂😂😂 As if he couldnt tell the difference by looking at and feeling the body of the person he was kissing. 😂😂😂 Yeah right. What a load of F ing BS. Meanwhile really serious crimes are being committed against men, women and, Children and no one cares. David doesn't owe any one shit. You all are on a hate train, trying to force someone to bend to your will. Mob mentality is pathetic. I'm glad David hasn't said anything. Unless the case gets picked up by a real court, which it won't, because David didn't SA any one. I happen to know what real SA is, because it happened to me, a kissing prank is nothing compared to what real SA feels like and how truly traumatising it is. Ethan and Trisha arent doing this for the sake of doing the right thing, they're doing it for revenge. Whilst trying to occupy the moral high ground. The court of public opinion is not a court of law. Y'all can crucify whoever you want without even verifying true evidence - youtube audience is toxic as F. Cancel culture is for weak morons who need to concentrate on their own lives and stop trying to bring down people who are more successful. Envy is ugly as hell. Edit for those of you who thing cancel culture is acceptable I suggest you check out Dr Todd Grandes video on the psychology of cancel culture

  • I genuinely do not understand James Charles's logic behind his attitude. How horny can you be to keep repeating the same nasty behaviors over and over again and get away with it? Blows my mind.

  • Hi Luke :)

  • The app takes really great pictures imo

  • In the US, if you get caught peeing out in public, you have to register as a sex offender. Why is James getting off easy ?? In regards to David, I never had much of opinion on him; didn’t hate him, didn’t love him either. I like some of the vlog squad members, but it always felt weird. David needs to buck up and say something.

  • Dirty dom did make an apology video some time ago and david was commenting under it about taking accountability and that he's proud of him. Love the irony.

  • i really miss your non youtube drama videos:((

  • More importantly where did you get that shirt?

  • You’re eyes are very blue today! So pretty!

  • Just in case y’all haven’t heard. DISPO turned off its rating system so it doesn’t show the amount of one-star ratings. I guess David isn’t going to address this after all...

  • Guys go google boy lover (for pedos)the sign is a spiral .same as pizza gate .and then look at the spiral in the logo for chipotle that should answer ur question as to why they support James

  • I don't watch either of them but it is a little ridiculous they aren't saying anything. I went to both YT channels and saw DD hasn't uploaded anything there in 10 months and James Charles uploaded 10 hours ago. The fact these gamers are in his video shows that people are going to stand behind him even tho he fucked up. Crazy how hypocritical the streaming/vlogging world is. Just saying, Pokimane and all of OfflineTV went hard at Fed about consent and being a piece of shit but when it comes to James Charles none of that matters.

  • You gotta listen to the podcast clips of David giving shit to Jason when Jason talks about the racism he received for being Jewish. I’ll quickly sum it up: David literally goes “Yea my teachers made ‘dirty jew’ jokes” Jason goes “really??” David “Yea we had some cool teachers” My jaw fucking hit the floor

  • david didn’t ask dom to do the video cause he said the are not friends anymore

  • After learning about Dan schnieder and all the creepy stuff in I Carly and the Amanda show, I’m not surprised, Nickelodeon is a terrible company and obviously have no morals, I think they hide a lot of bad stuff, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more comes out in the next year or so

  • My mans comes for me for “living under a rock” every fuckin video. Lol. I love Luke but damn it gets old to hear that

  • David using his “friends” as pawns makes me really uncomfortable… that’s exactly what my abuser would do: make a web of loyal people who they’d manipulate then do “nice” things to excuse their behavior. As soon as I began questioning my treatment and their behavior, their first line of defense was to send in the minions… I got out of there and later some of the other minions got out and came to me talking about all the lies they were told about me… :/ Classic toxic, manipulative, and abusive behavior.

    • Or maybe, hear me out, they know what they sign up for when they enter Vlog Squad. That's David's whole brand - pranks on his friends. They're all in on it. It's staged most of the time and they willingly participace in the pranks. If they don't feel like doing it it, they can leave anytime, no one is forced to stay. Besides, David does what's popular. Millions of people watch David's friends get "abused". If people actually want it to stop, then stop watching his videos. It's just for entertainment and they all agree to do dumb things because they get money. And tbh not all of David's vlogs are pranks or "bullying". He's done a bunch of goods things for his friends AND random people.

    • It’s called flying monkeys , it’s a trait narcissist use when their identity is being questioned, they send out their flying monkeys ( minions) to do their dirty work

    • I'm glad you came out of it

    • i'm so happy that's all over !!

  • they are just following Jeffree Stars example=> no reaction = moving on...and since cancel culture is ineffective they are just going to keep on doing what they are doing

  • Today on the H3 podcast they talked about a clip from David’s podcast where he basically invalidates the anti-Semitism Jason faced in school and basically said that racism was ok

  • His lisp is a prime aesthetic 😁

  • This shirt is amazing

  • Problematic.....?

  • Weird how Tony lost all his friends but James got to keep all his

  • I'm so, so tired of these "influencers" getting away with things like this. They have committed crimes and for some reason they don't care?

  • Love the shirt king🥺💗

  • Can we call these situations scandals instead of drama? For me word drama minimizes the reality of what is happening. Drama is exaggerated situation that got out of control, SA, racism, predatory behavior and so on - aren’t drama, those are very serious problems that caused scandals.


  • From what I gathered, bhad bhabie might not be able to speak out because of legal reasons but then again, idk.

  • If David dobrik was tricked into kissing a guy he would call it sexual assault too so I mean David’s just one of those people with no empathy or recursive thought. Which is also a characteristic a person with antisocial personality disorder would have.

    • I wouldn’t be shocked if he has narcissistic personality disorder since he seems to act like he hasn’t done anything wrong in his entire life

  • I think the reason why David and James haven’t been completely canceled is because they have this fake “I’m a good person” image. That explains why David is on that anti bullying tour and why James is always using his 2019 situation to try to get us to believe that the victims are “accusing him”. Idk if this makes sense

    • I think it’s because they both have huge sponsors who pour a lot of money into them

  • I use Swagbucks so cool they sponsored you. It actually works compared to all those other money apps. Lol coming for the algorithm 😂

  • And for the bhad baby thing, based on the videos he had previously uploaded, what most likely happened is that they filmed a video together for his vlogs but then she either wanted it down (maybe cause the comments on it were really dragging her, this was back she was still just known bc of Dr Phil) and requested money for it so David took it down and filmed another video with Heath and Zane (vlog squad members) parodying her

  • I just wanna hear James explain why a Chipotle make up line is ok but when he thought Alicia Keys was making one, he flipped out???

  • Durte Dom has already spoken up about the sexual assault allegations when it happened. His video was a little over a minute long but just cause he went straight to the point, acknowledged things and apologized But then they had this whole bit in the vlogs where he was like "a changed man", and wouldn't treat girls like objects and would always sign consent forms before doing anything so idk about that