Jeff Wittek Made This David Dobrik Situation Worse...

Am 22 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
This video is about Jeff Wittek's "My Truth" video and the current David Dobrik Controversy...
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  • Agradecida por los subtítulos en español jaja

  • Dude don't forget how he treats Jonah And the Jonah jokes Mann....hearing those were like walking on Cactuses

  • Your views went soooo down after you complained that drama was too toxic for you and then kept making drama vids huh

  • Leave no room for r*** apologists. Seriously, that's what they all are. It is completely irrelevant who bought the alcohol, they all did nothing to prevent the assault, they all seemed to think this was normal and even now they don't own up to it. The sad part is that people get canceled about petty internet drama but this is an actual horrific crime and they should be stripped of their internet fame.

  • Everyone makes mistakes but it’s the apology video it just doesn’t seem genuine and I don’t understand why he can’t just publicly apologize to not only the victims but everyone’s he’s hurt who use to be in the vlog squad.

  • I don’t understand how you can say that Trisha did her due diligence because she left the apartment when she saw something extremely wrong happening. Let’s be very clear Trisha & Jason and everyone else was there should all be held accountable, not to mention Trisha, Jeff and Jason are grown ass men and women. There is no way they get a pass when they should have shut that shit down so fast as the adults. Like video aside and yes David is the face of the operation and the money maker, but there was plenty of fully grown adults there, we talking parents age who definitely knew better and could have easily shut the whole damn thing down. EVERYONE is responsible for what happened to a certain extent.

  • I hope there's some way these DEnamers can be sent to prison for their actions. It's so disgusting and unbelievable that there are so many popular people on this platform partaking heinous crimes that should land them behind bars, yet, are able to evade it somehow. In Frat Squads' case, they broadcasted it online. They incriminated themselves! What they did is not only horrific, but these girls will probably be traumatized and haunted by this incident for the rest of their lives. Even worse since it was on the Internet for the whole world to see. I hope their families press charges and put these sick people where they belong.

  • Just realized I wasn’t subscribed 💔 just subscribed luv!!

  • I SO don't care what the rest of the Vlog Squad has to say. I want to hear from their victims and their POV.

  • Males that makes a move on the girls by getting them drunk screams BETA in all directions like are you a middle schoolers *slash fratboys? what a load of losers lmaoooo you can't even call them MEN

  • If you watch a reuploaded version of the vlog, David had several people look in the room while this was happening. Their reactions didn't seem like the reaction of someone walking in on a group of fully clothed women.

  • I’m at home sick with the stomach flu thank you for this Luke 💗

  • squeak.

  • Loved your video Luke and dissecting the whole situation. Also the fact Jeff compared the Vlog Squad to SNL like are you blind? Jeff, honey, at least they have a career.

  • He should have gone with jackass or bam's show instead of snl .. There's no way to address things like this and not look bad, if you want to save face you need to disappear for a min and do some good things and then come back with a statement that focuses on how amazing you've been

  • Hey Luke! Can you also talk about David's new video I literally don't know how to feel or react to his new apology video tnx❤

  • To me Jeff is just scared of going to jail for supplying underage people with alcohol, so he acts very “fast” and not very though through, tried to lie and manipulate. He doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone in this situation, as long as he doesn’t have to face very serious consequences. Whole situation is just disgusting. It baffles me how David, Natalie, and other people in the crew just made all of their money pretty much bullying and abusing people. I don’t understand how they sleep well at night.

  • My old best friend had sex with me when I was black out drunk puking and hallucinating. This hit too close to home.

  • The condom Clip discredit all the boys. It was filmed the same night.. All was there with the same clothing as the victims friends Photo trisha and Ethan corned Jeff with.

  • They're covering their asses because they're losing sponsors and money. I thought they were sorry for their actions..... Oh well tough titty.

  • 4:30 and if they were in doms room alone... "fully clothed" then tf were they doing? Why were they alone in his room then?

  • my theory is that Jeff was drunk with these girls but doesn’t want to admit that cause that would actually criminalize him but I don’t think he bought the alcohol. I think they’re all at fault in some form even if they were just there but they can’t imagine ratting anyone out.

  • Jail, baby

  • jeff almost went blind and now has a metal wedge between his skull because of david dobrik and still refuses to say what happened, did u guys really think he would tell us what REALLY happened with durte dom?

  • If they weren’t doing anything in the room when Jeff looked in why did he say “not gonna lie that looks really good”?💀💀💀

  • Hair on point

  • Talk about David’s video I wanna hear your opinion

  • But you made your hair worse on a daily basis and you refuse to acknowledge it.

  • I think the problem with Jeff is that he panicked and in his panic actually thought he may go to jail again over this stuff...not saying anything he said was okay it was literally disgusting what he did to try and save his own ass...but it helps to see where the stupidity came from.

  • Can we just talk about how much Luke is posting lately? This is amazing, remember to take a break too!!

  • For mans to go on frenemies completely unprepared and probably guilty means he’s prob a narcissist. He rly thought we would settle for “it was so long ago, i don’t remember” and changing his stories details to fit the narrative. Obvious and pathetic. Also insulting lol

  • on a totally unrelated note nikita unfiltered is coming out with a season 2 PLEASEEE react to it, that would be so funny

  • i don't get why they're trying so hard for David. it's over. he won't come back from it, and they won't either. just show support to the actual victim, jesus christ, and you will be fine...

  • Something rubbing me the wrong way is the way persons covering this situation are zeroing in on david and making the situation mostly about him when dom is the alleged offender. I’m not saying this to say David shouldn’t be held accountable because both are equally as responsible but dom’s name should at least be in at least one of your video titles instead of using David’s for whatever reason. Zero in on the offender at least instead of calling the name that will get you the most views.

  • I think David has dirt on everyone and that's why Jeff and Tod are so quick to defend him. The fact that Jeff brought up Big Nick on the Frenemies live trying to throw him under the buss and "expose" him tells me just that.

  • In a weird way I kinda feel bad for Jeff (obviously i don't condone what he has done) he actually seems he has intellectual difficulties and David took advantage of him because he's kinda slow

  • Here you have channels like Tea Time trying to shift attention to Trisha instead. Very sus.

  • It's not that the apology was piss poor, the action back then was piss poor. It shouldn't have been done, if they would thought a little bit more with their brains instead of their dicks or whatever they wouldn't be losing what they built. (But honestly good bc I never liked the Vlog Squad or Dobrik from the get go)

  • just keeps getting worse

  • I think its important that men talk about SA and that it’s not okay and acceptable. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of men don’t want to be educated by women, most of the time they get their egos hurt, so thank you for talking about such an serious topic and being a role model for young men out there!

  • Trisha is definitely the least to blame in this group for what happened, but I wouldn't go as far as saying she did her due dilligence by walking away from this situation. If I was at a friend's house and heard people say that they were gonna get alcohol to loosen up underage girls, the last thing I would've done was to leave them alone with those people. She knew how far the squad would go to get content.

  • Everytime you sing “dive in” i get nostalgic of sarah baska’s old intros 😂

  • Watching this 10min before my exam for good luck

  • Great video love, makes it easy to keep up with this mess.. hope you're doing well ❤️

  • I doubt SNL will invite random college students for foursomes 😫 I'm dead

  • Liza left for a reason

  • Thank you for adressing this issue

  • Are you biracial? You look exotic 🌺

  • on all the videos about this situation there's always a good portion of comments about how "these girls shouldn't have put themselves in a dangerous position" or "been dumbasses " and it terrifies me so much.

  • The ONLY episode of Frenemies I will never watch again. Istg the secondhand embarrassment was too much for me

  • I guess this is an unpopular opinion which is wild, but I think Trisha was wrong to just leave when she KNEW what was about to go down. She saw a room full of men about to buy alcohol for underage girls and she just just left them there? I guess it wasn’t Trisha’s responsibility to do anything, but she DEFINITELY didn’t “do her due diligence “

  • I'm really upset with David. I really like him and I fell asleep to his podcast every night until I found out about that situation... I'm really disappointed and sad. I wish he would take responsibility so I can support him again. unfollow him from everywhere so he apologizes soon.

  • Shout out to Sarah baska for your intro

  • jeff is out here saying that she didn't do the research but he didn't even read the article lmao

  • Excuse my ignorance but what is SA'ed?

  • David just posted a video

  • If he wasn't in the room and didnt see the drunk underage girls go into his room, how would he know that they were fully clothed in there or not?

  • This whole situation makes me sick. They really commit crimes for ”content” and don’t care about the consequenses. These things can actually affect you for the rest of your life. Tge interview was so painful to watch. Trisha and Ethan were great and really held their ground even when Jeff was trying to trigger Trisha. Jeff really can’t keep his story straight and I feel like he only cares about what happens to him. He is so worried that he’s losing sponsors and keeps blaming everyone else. How about a look in the mirror?

  • Ethan and Trisha pulled the "this you?" on Jeff so hard I am whizzing

  • BTW, was anyone else surprised how calm and collected Trish was? It shows how much she trusts Ethan and how happy she is. (not saying it would be unreasonable for her to get mad cause Jeff was making 0 sense, but it just makes me happy that sis is surrounded by people who are good for her mental health)

  • I can't BELIEVE he did not read the article, how dumb can you be? Also, funny how it's always ''believe the victims'' until the accused gaslight them and accuse them of lying. In this case he feels bad because he knows what happened and did not even accuse them of lying, just focused on Trisha. Proves how guilty he feels.

  • i’ve followed you since 2019 and seeing your growth as a creator is really cool. congrats, dude! :)

  • Also he said when they looked into the room nothing was happening, but he said he was there for 15 minutes and then left. So by that logic how would he have had time to look and see if anything was happening within 15 minutes. I am assuming that those girls arrived only shortly before that so that line of logic doesn’t make much sense.

  • I don't think it's fair to say that leaving an underage girl alone with these men pressuring her is Trisha doing her due diligence. Trisha definitely carries the least blame here, but she at the end of the day she saw where things were going and still, by leaving, allowed it to happen.

  • Well Jason left with Trisha too so then he’s innocent in all this as well?

  • Jeffs response on h3 was awful

  • It is so cool to watch your channel grow. I have been watching since 40k subs.

  • I think David is blackmailing Jeff he has something over his head cause he was so vague about every David topic

    • David has to have and NDA on him.

  • My issue with Jeff is he says he,"can't speak for other people," yet in being an advocate for SA victims you have to recall all involvement of all parties that were there to make their story valid. He doesn't want to admit that David distributed a video of someone who was a victim of SA and that is not helpful to the victims... He is a coward.

  • Imagine the stuff that we don’t know yet, who knows God what else happened in the vlog squad. 🤢🤢

  • I’m glad people are pointing out the fact that David treats a lot of the women in his vlogs like props and not humans. I remember watching all the “skits” with Corinna even in the beginning and feeling uncomfy about how she was always portrayed.

    • Yeah... but i feel like now most of the vlog squad members are just props, like Seth, and Big Nick? (i don't remember his name) it's pretty disgusting. There's now a rumor going around saying Jeff was injured because of one of David's videos because of the timing of when the accident happened and some other things. The fact that David doesn't take the safety of his 'friends' into consideration, physically or emotionally when making his content is quite sickening. You can just tell most of them are worn/burned out from these constant type of 'skits', I can't imagine what the women in the squad might be feeling right now.

  • Lol he thinks Hollywood actors have protections. Tell that to Amanda Bynes and Jamie Lynn Spears.

  • I watched the h3 frenemies live and he couldn't even keep up the same lie especially when Ethan showed the picture and I don't understand why he kept trying to defend david when HE'S THW ONE HE SHOULD BE MAD AT he only made himself look worse he should have just stayed shut and let things cool down even though HE WAS COMPLICATE he was so CRINGE smh🤦

  • His hands: 👋🤚🖐✋🖖👌🤌🏾🤏✌🤞☝🤘🤙👈👉👆👇👇☝👍👎✊🤛🤜👏🙌👐🤲🙏🤝

  • “I’m about to diiiive innn, to this pile of shit” I LITERALLY DIED HAHAHAH

  • I'm confused.. is nothing going to happen to the guy that assaulted her? All these men were implicated and it's good that they're facing consequences but I haven't heard anything about him.

    • A report has to be filed

  • The fact that David Dobrik was famous and had the youtube world at his hands is proof that highschool bullies always win. SADLY.

  • David didn't give a proper apology because he was so full of himself that there's no way hed get canceled. But oop

  • Also can we stop pretending that he sincerely doesn't remember and is just confused? He had no problem recalling the day he met Trisha, her flashing him, how he felt, and the entire situation around that (about a year prior!) as well as going (uninvited) to the hospital and the exact circumstances as to why she was there and SO MUCH MORE Your boi doesn't have memory issues, he's having issues trying to cover everyone's ass without "speaking for them". As he said he should have, "made a few calls to get the story straight."

  • Okay, so she's only under age for drinking. I was so confused because everybody kept saying that these girls were under 18. So they're putting overeating just not the age for drinking consent oh, never mind the fact that they couldn't actually give consent while drunk. Speaking of which, let's see consent was given before drinking and then because it doesn't have one somebody is drunk, eventually has to Kay's do we not realize how many peoples are men and women are 10 he probably guilty of said crime then? I'm not saying what they did was okay but assuming these girls did give consent before drinking then I refuse to hear Z it doesn't come once they're drunk excuse when I mean how many people literally do that s*** anyways. And don't regret it afterwards. However, according to her perspective she only did it because she was scared. And if that is true, then what you said doesn't really count. Cuz she never gave consent to begin with. Not saying she's in the wrong or anything. I'm merely saying that that reasoning of consent if it was the case, in my opinion would be absolute BS. Especially when men and women do stuff like that all the f****** time. I mean how many men and women literally go to a bar just for the sake of getting drunk and f******. But again this wasn't one of those situation so that doesn't count. This girl was clearly wrong. Or girls, was it more than one? I know there are some main girl talking about it. But supposed to be more than one girl is coming out. I'm not sure if those are over multiple. Or if they were all at the same party. Or is some of them are even at the same party as the first girl who came out. But again, I'm not saying she's wrong or lying. I was manipulated and wronged.

    • Oh by the way I almost forgot to mention this. Obviously in the case of somebody being fully blacked out. Definitely consensus out the window. They're not even conscious. But they're still conscious point of drunkness before Blackhawk. And that's what my point was about. The conscience point before blackout. Somebody who's clearly blacked out, consent is out the window

  • “I’m about to diiiivvveeee innnnnnnn to this pile of shit” 😭😭😂😂😂

  • Guys *please* stop supporting David. Please don’t let this be for nothing. Please unsubscribe, stop watching him and tell your friends to do the same

  • There’s sooooooo many inconsistencies in Jeff’s stories “Todd bought whiskey for himself” “I’m not sure Todd was even there” “I was there for 15 minutes” “I stayed long enough to see the girl wasn’t intoxicated”

  • Disgusting. This makes me so sad. Hope they burn in earth and hell

  • I don't get how other non-problematic youtube channels are getting strikes when this is what david post

  • I think it’s important to point out (as I saw Smokey Glow do) that Trisha KNEW what was/was going to happen and she LEFT. She LEFT those girls to be coerced, harrassed, fed alcohol, and se*ually a**ulted! It’s not enough for Trisha to remove herself from the situation to save face/avoid backlash, she is partially complicit for leaving those underage girls while knowing full well what was going on! Trisha is not a hero here!

    • Yup;; I think so too :((

  • Jeff is so transparently narcissistic, immature, unintelligent and selfish. When my eyes are closed I see him for what he is which is ugleeey.

  • Welp... now I’m worried that Liza isn’t a very good person if she had a deep relationship with this pos (David). This type of behavior is escalatory.... he’s been like this..... and Liza once loved him. What does that possible mean about her? I hope she speaks on it... I really enjoy her.

    • Shaming a woman and insinuating she’s terrible because her boyfriend is not good, that’s not how that works at all

    • Just because someone dates an abusive person does not make them one at all.

    • I don't really know any of these people, but I do know from personal experience that some people are just really good at hiding their nature and manipulating others. She might not have known or something else could have been going on that we don't know about that kept her with him. We don't have enough information to say.

  • I'm honestly so glad that channels like yours, and obviously the frenemies podcast didn't stop trying to raise awareness to this story bc at points it felt like no one was listening or willing to even consider David not being as "wholesome" as he brands himself to be. And people forget that there are real life people who were scarred by his actions, i'm so happy they're at least getting justice for what happened to them.

  • You can tell they all thought this victim was just "some girl in the vlog" instead of a real person. He kept saying it was a bit and a skit.

  • Off topic, but this mustard colour suits your skin tone SO much, just wanted you to know you look goooooood today 🔥🔥🔥

  • I just came here to say I don't think I'd ever seen David grin before, so I almost didn't recognize him in the weird

  • didnt one of the girls friends say she was literally so drunk she couldnt put her clothes back on by herself?? so how exactly was she fully clothed 🤔

    • @J P if only he had read it 😒

    • The article said this! One of her friends had to help redress her and help her vomit

    • her friends redressed her, it’s in the article and spoken about in multiple videos.

  • He didn't even read the article!!!!!!!!!! CLOWN

  • Also, when it comes to recording phone calls, California is a 2-party consent State. The reporter responded to Jeff's video that she was not asked for permission to record the call. This means Jeff broke the law when he recorded the phone call with the reporter without getting consent. It seems the Vlog squad need to have consent explained.

  • 7:40 lol wtf that hat he is wearing confused me cuz of what looked like a peeping tom on it, so i looked up what Joe Peeps is and it is a pizza place, but that actually brought up a signed photo of David Dobrik that said "Love you peeps! and I hooked up in your bathroom" yuck lol

  • D’Angelo, you and Smokey are literally my favourite channels to watch ❤️

  • while I do think Todd bought the alcohol for the girls, I'm not ruling out that Jeff did as well and thought it would lead to nothing. If Jeff had bought the alcohol I think he went into it thinking "I'm just going to get them drinks and it will lead to nothing." I don't think he could of ever thought that buying the drinks would lead to rape. If he did help at all he deserves everything to come. He is dumb and made it much worse for himself.

    • I think Todd bought it and Jeff is covering. Not excusing that but Jeff’s been sober off alcohol and it’s something he’s said before is important to him and Trisha said in that podcast she never saw him act shady or innapropriate multiple times

  • Jeff is definitely hiding something because in he podcast said he should've ask his buddies before coming there and is like .... why, do you need your friends input to talk? I don't know why Jeff is trying to defend his friends while trying to see innocent which makes him look like a fool. I'm hoping the victims get the justice deserved.

  • This whole thing makes me so so mad because no one should use S.A as clickbait or a running gag. The FACT that there is a guy named ‘Dirty Dom’ says everything you need to know.