Why Jeffree Star Isn't Cancelled Yet...

Am 1 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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    • what you mean to cancel or not cancel? is he paying you to say that?

    • Laura lost her mother to Covix and you found a way to be mean... disgusting. Idc if u didn't know too. U r a grown person by age but still little with ur actions.

    • I thought that was rude of you to be that shady towards laura lee. Very uncalled for. Your content is mediocre at best. You're known as the white boy who uses black vernacular (AAVE) and i dont know why nobody has called you out on that. I realized other male drama channels tend to bully laura lee cos she doesnt really speak up for herself but good on her for staying in her own lane.

    • Laura lee stays out of drama hence why shes not on your drama radar. Shes still succeeding, relevant and has consistent views on her channel. Cant say the same about yours. Oop

    • I do have to say that Laura Lee is not in drama anymore, which great for her and I’m not saying she didn’t say rude and disgusting comments in the past. But if you do watch her, you can tell she has grown. And if she can maintain millions of followers and not stay in drama, and grow from her past, then good for her!

  • "What is similar about these images?" Jeffree is the butt ugly one in all of them.

  • with the way jeffree uses all of his "friends," it's no wonder he and his ex-bf nathan broke up. glad nathan got out of there when he could.

  • As much of a douchebag Jeffree star is... Anyone that thinks cancel culture is acceptable is basically a nazi.

  • Jeffree is a living nightmare in a sense that *WHOEVER* , he comes into contact with, the other party's career would be negatively impacted in someway.

  • the day jeffree star FINALLY gets what's coming to him, i think i might actually cry? i think we should even celebrate the day, make it a holiday or smth.


  • i feel like Jeffree would rather have negetive attention than no attention at all

  • I found your Chanel today and aubscribed imideatly, honestly you seem soooo nice, honest, voke, and your videoes are so well made. fantastick!

  • I found your Chanel today and aubscribed imideatly, honestly you seem soooo nice, honest, voke, and your videoes are so well made. fantastick!

  • Drama is basically his personality, I think that he gets cancelled and gets into drama so many times that people aren't surprised anymore and just brush it off.

  • I'm here three weeks later. In an online science lesson just not caring about the work I need to do today but I'll be doing it late at night

  • Look jeffree makes some fantastic product... if you want stains on your cloths and skin.. but yeah he is someone that has always been problematic and that is from the MySpace days. My opinion is that he just does not give a fuck either way and feels no shame.. the only way anything is going to change is if if us as a collective de platform him..

  • Luckily his products don't sell out anymore and his views are way down from what they used to be. I think most people have woken up to how terrible he is and stopped supporting him, but he will always have that core fanbase who will buy his makeup. I think it'd be the same for Shane if he continued making videos instead of leaving the internet. He'd still have that loyal fanbase, yet he wouldn't get nearly the views he used to, and a lot would be out of pure curiosity

  • j* is horrible and i quit watching him 2 years ago. I don't regret it, that type of content is a waste of everyone's time. if people want to buy makeup, there are just so many other brands and options on the market

  • Jefree Starr? Insensitive? Next thing you'll tell me a bear shits in the woods!

  • you are such a beautiful person though

  • As far as Shane goes he is gone because of the children predator behaver. Its a different between a racist and a child predator. Shane may have changed now but he still have to take the punishment now. He isn't a good person. A good person DON'T act the way he did towards children, there is something biological wrong whit you then. I hope he never comes back to the platform.

  • JS 🥶 Is NOT CANCELLED because he makes DEname $$ WTF has a house made outa GUCCI...What was he HIDING In HIS Bedroom!!

  • You wouldn’t have a job without Jeffree. Bye

  • People say that jeffree is declining but like..where? He still gets massive amount of support,he still gets millions of views and he still makes a lot of money.Where is the downfall that people talk about?

  • Stop making awful people aka "influencers" rich.

  • The Oprah of DEname IM DONE💀🤣🤣

  • hi i just subscribed once i saw your aquarius necklace lmao

  • hi i subscribed the second i saw your aquarius necklace lmao

  • Luke! You look amazing! I lost your channel for a while and the glow up is awesome. 💖

  • I think you capitalize on drama too to be honest. I feel like drama channels won’t stop talking about Jeffree Star because he brings them views and money, but at the same time they complain about him still being relevant. Well.. you make him relevant

  • Mmmm if ur not agree at all with jeffree why u do a lot of videos about him making money and living from him ? Is super fun how all the drama channels talk shit about jeffree and hate him but u all pay ur bills , eat , breath thanx to him 😂😂🤣🤣

  • I just discovered your channel and I find your voice to be very comforting 😇

  • Your dive in intro reminds me of Sarah Baska

  • I can't believe I was subbed to him. Its disgusting on what he's done.

  • That South African accent shining through hard when you say Dawson lmfao

  • Jeffree Star doesn’t care how people see him, he just cares THAT people see him

  • Could you do a video about Onision, please?

  • Thats a nice thumbnail!

  • out of topic but i really love the fanarts on your wall they’re all so good and look so pretty together! luke’s fanbase is WINNING 🥺

  • I think he is about to hit a treshold, i think he is losing relevancy as we speak but he when he hit that treshold it will just decrease at an insane rate and he wont be able to recover. Also, he will not go broke if he invest smartly (and as far as i know he does, he owns a marijuana warehouse and shipping) but given his lifestyle and ego, it wont be enough for him and what awaits is a pretty bleak future if you ask me

  • kinda unnecessary comment on laura lee. and she’s purposefully stepped away from social media because she has a whole ass kid now. damn her for having priorities!

  • Cause yall lowkey racist :)

  • Jeffree remains uncancelled because he knows how to twist the narrative in any situation and as long as he has a platform he can manipulate he is gonna keep getting away with it

  • Pink slenderman isn't cancelled yet, it's a slow decline, slow enough that he won't know he's at the bottom til he hits it. People are aware that he's trash, but unfortunately he still has fans I guess that are either completely blind to his faults or don't care or he's their problematic fave or some thing stupid to that effect.

  • Jeffree continues with this myth of I started my cosmetics compnay with $500, but not true - it was $5 MILLION: www.blogto.com/music/2007/02/jeffree_star_wants_you_at_his_plastic_surgery_slumber_party/ I cant stand him after a few months of liking him. He cant do friendships at all. So let him be lonely with his puppies. Thx Luke!

  • People! Please stop giving Jeffree Starr Money! He’s disgusting. Just watch Luke if you need to know the tea!

  • this applies to trisha too. she’s so problematic, has been blatantly transphobic, ableist, antisemitic, racist amongst probably so much more🙄 smh tired of her attention seeking shit and endless support on her platform. also like jeffree, she’s been involved in SO much drama & starts it

  • Luck : Why Jeffrey star isn't canceled yet Jeffree Star : I got CANCELLED again...so i had $200,000 shopping spree. Think about it.

  • I’ve been studying a lot about sociopaths, and I’m pretty sure he is one. It would make a lot of sense, as he displays all the characteristics

  • K I may be wrong but the sponsor sounds like it’s a pyramid scheme.

  • Luke you REALLY NEED to do a video on PLAYMATE TESSI the girl who literally TRASH TALKED a poor cancer patient girl TO HER FACE on live stream!!! 😠 dename.info/film/2ZuYsH-tzoyiaqE/video

  • Jeffree is not cancelled because he doesn’t give people the power to do so .... he keeps on about his business

  • Can’t easily kill a cockroach. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Jeffree Star’s Horcruxes 1. Laura Lee 2. Manny MUA 3. Gabriel Zamora 4. Trisha Paytes 5. Nikita Dragun 6. Tati Westbrook 7. Shane Dawson

    • Destroy all the friendships and his career dies

  • Honestly I think Jeffree will just slowly fade away and we will just forget about him.

  • I think people doesn’t bother with cancelling JS because 1) cancel culture is so lame 2) JS could not have his makeup brand anymore and he will be a billionaire anyway because he has a various business aside JSC.. and he also lives off rents so.. like he will always be uploading story’s because he is still going to be doing money and the makeup brand is simply because he really enjoys te process of creating/ posing / etc etc JUST MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT DONT GET NAD WITH ME

  • This felt like a lawyer presenting his case with the notes & all, and I was ~ very ~ entertained. The jury finds JS.... GUILTY. 👩‍⚖️

  • Cause "rich people don't go away"

  • I actually think that the reason Jeff hasn't been cancelled because he turns off his comments and doesn't really interact with his audience during scandals (apart from a final apology video lol) - so there's no engagement for the audience. So people can't really communicate with him and so there's not as many Twitter threads etc. made about him because they don't get any response, making it futile to many ygm? ALSO I remember watching him when I was younger and he was one of the first 'OpEnLy GaY guy' into makeup at the time, which felt really progressive. Retrospectively that was dumb of me, but I think people in that age range still stick around bcos of the way he broke stereotypes at the time (or at least was one of the most well known for doing so on YT)

  • Bro jiffy store is a demon

  • why would jeffree star ever change. hes a scorpio sun with a lot of capricorn in his birth chart. the only redeeming quality is his mercury in sagittarius. MAYBE. scorpios will never change because they think they're always right everybody else is wrong and they deserve better this and better that but they never better themselves because they know at the end of the day theres still people who like them and will kiss the ground they walk on. enablers enabling. talk about creating a monster. scorpios will always deny even if they know they're wrong which they dont they still put up a front because defeat is a weakness to them everything is a weakness to them. surprised breathing isnt a weakness to them. that scorpion shell and poisonous tail for a reason. just a glimpse into the world of scorpios and yes I dont like them. at all. they're dramatic problematic gives me a headache group of people. they complicate things which goes against my philosophy of a simple minimalistic life!!

  • karma is a beautiful thing.

  • I’m gonna throw a party once this guy disappears from the internet

  • 1:01 "What is similar about these images?" Easy, Pennywise has a gay cousin who also likes to photobomb

  • ugov sounds like a new cambridge analytica 🥵

    • but I love your video 💘💘💘 just a cyber security analyst super skeptical of anyone trying to get your data 🙃

  • Another problem is how people call influencers like Laura Lee unrelevant just because she is unproblematic and stays out of drama

    • An even bigger problem is how people call racist influencers like Laura Lee 'unproblematic.'

    • Its funny because i never watched her before the drama and now i do.

  • Nice click pull... ZZZZZZZZZZ otherwise. Find a hobby.

  • I'm so happy he's losing subs and views. Should have happened a long time ago! Karma is coming.

  • Oof that was uncalled for with Lauralee. I personally still like her and she’s trying to move away from the beauty space and do more lifestyle which I honestly love. She’s recently lost her mom to this fucking virus and I’ve seen her grow in a big way. Jeffree is going through friend groups because he refuses to grow up like everyone else has. His makeup isn’t selling out like it use to so we’re watching him slowly but surely be canceled.

  • I mean, like, nobody needs to be canceled. Deplatformed though? Oh yea.

    • yes

  • this was so good

  • As soon as I learned of his racism I quit following/supporting him and spread my boycott to my friends. His racism should’ve been enough for people to remove his platform. At this point, I think his supporters are either equally racist/generally terrible pieces of shit, or they’re extremely ignorant pieces of shit. Let’s hold Jeffree and his supporters accountable.

  • It's Manny M U A, not Mua!

  • The fact that the video is 12:12 minutes is very satisfying somehow

  • He just feels like a negative, dark energy in the world

  • it's the same as trish really. trish being a troll and dumb persona somehow freed her from being cancelled. always.

  • tati westbwook 🥺

  • tati westbwook 🥺

  • i am obsessed with your channel!!! ily

  • He's definitely not the first to have custom LV like that lmao they have forms you can fill out in their stores.

  • Jeffree Star pays hush money, sexually assaults innocent victims and he still continues to $$$$ millions laugh all the way to the bank!! WTF ? Why hasn’t he been cancelled!!!

  • Your accent is life❤️

  • Yes J Star is the common denominator, but the numerous scandals and dramas he's been involved in are with people who they, themselves are problematic. He hasn't been embroiled in a scandals with someone who's "squeaky clean". That's why he comes away unscathed. Plus, the man is very smart. That's 3 scandals where top DEnamers have taken a hit and yet, he's still living his best life. You might also wanna look at who J Star is connected with.

  • Knock him all you want for his views and his past, but he’s smart and used all of his other dramas to make millions and millions of dollars off of it. I respect the hustle and the fact that he knows he’s a villain lol

  • Next why Trisha Paytas is not cancelled yet

  • Talking about toxic channel and their cancel culture. Well you are one of them.

    • yeh, cancel culture is toxic and should NOT be a thing. I always think people with platforms deserve a second chance to learn... however jeffree and trisha have proved they can’t learn from mistakes smh 😌😌 they’re toxic af and so problematic. so what do we do then? deplatform them maybe

  • All of your videos are so negative. It seems the only content you make is bad mouthing ppl more successful than you

    • @CHSNY oh right. Cuz his cosmetics company has nothing to do with his success right? Lmao

    • JS is only successful for his never ending drama.

  • "Cancel Culture" isn't cute. You're just as nasty and these videos are borderline harassment.

    • cancel culture is toxic and should NOT be a thing. I always think people with platforms deserve a second chance to learn... however jeffree and trisha have proved they can’t learn from mistakes smh 😌😌 they’re toxic af and so problematic. so what do we do then? deplatform them maybe. like these people DO need to be called out.

  • i knew you were an aquarius

  • That was mean. Laura did really grow and stays out of any drama. I like her!

  • You are right saying that people like drama therefore keep caring about JStar's dramas. However, I think that growing up we start losing interest about watching the carcrash and become more interested in reflecting on it. That's my theory on why commentary channels are so popular and are replacing drama channels. If Jacklyn Hill comes out with hairy foundation I'd be more interested in that, because it's stupid and entertaining, but JStar is no longer entertainment. His "dramas" are serious and people want to take them seriously more and more as we grow up. For example, three years ago I was still in high school and knew the events of Dramagedon like the back of my hand, but now I can't take racism that lightly and treat is as petty drama, because I know better. As JStar's audience grows up they will be less and less interested in him, I would bet money on that.

  • Exactly. Wherever he goes.... destroy friendships, images and careers..... why?

  • Apparently using the term 'tone-deaf is ableist as it discriminates against the deaf community

  • It's because he is a myth.

  • Damn you went OFF👏🏼👏🏼

  • Love your Aquarius necklace!!

  • He's going to be cancelled but it'll be a slow simmer instead of a quick inferno.

  • You said this will be the third dramageddon. But I believe the third one was what all happened last year in 2020 with Shane Dawson and Jeffree star being exposed. I think we’re on the fourth one LOL

  • This aged like cooked toast, but it’s informational and that’s ok.

  • yes i’ll be subscribing. why? because he’s likeable🥰

  • Those little hand wavies you do in all your intros gives me life.

  • I thought that was rude of you to be that shady towards laura lee. Very uncalled for. Your content is mediocre at best. You're known as the white boy who uses black vernacular (AAVE) and i dont know why nobody has called you out on that. I realized other male drama channels tend to bully laura lee cos she doesnt really speak up for herself but good on her for staying in her own lane.

  • I feel like there are two reasons why Jeffrey Star still isn’t cancelled: 1: He seems to be somewhat of an anomaly in that he can get called out but it won’t take a massive hit to his brand immediately but simply bleeds over time which can be for multiple reasons. I mean it’s also because drama is his brand. 2: This reason is because of us, the viewers or public. I feel like one of the greatest curses that humanity instills in itself is how forgetful we are. We always forget about certain events like Grenfell (the UK) or BlackLivesMatter. They can become passing trends and even negative things like even bloody human rights violations are often forgotten. We need to hold these people or even systems accountable as soon as possible and when bad things happen , we should remain persistent to do so. It’s kind of like the saying “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”