David Dobrik Is In Big Trouble Because Of This...

Am 18 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
todays video is about the recent allegations against Durte Dom & David Dobrik...
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  • So sorry about the audio! I’m not sure what happened but Don’t listen with earbuds

    • had a PANIC n thought i broke em

    • Lol I thought my earbuds weren't working.

    • Not me recommending everyone your video when they're asking about david dobrik drama #Getthe$$

    • It’s the same with my Bluetooth headphones, but maybe it’s different with wired headphones.

    • Me sitting here listening to the video in my earbuds wondering why because I’m not having any problems.

  • Me: I’m deaf in my right ear and got one earbud in my left ear. Also Me: Trying to figure out why the comments say the audio is off 😂

  • My right ear feels so lonely,,,

  • Why aren't these people arrested?

  • Anyone else glad that him and Liza Koshy aren’t together anymore? Thank god. Tbh that’s all I can think of. Liza deserves the happiness she has now ❤️

  • I know this is a weird thing but I'm really glad there are no comments of Victim blaming or defending edgy humour. ...

  • Fun fact dom was from around my area growing up and we matched on tinder way back before he got big lmao. I ghosted him I’m p sure

  • David the new harvey weinstein

  • I'm so glad I never knew who these people were.

  • Than they shouldn't of put themselves in that situation this is bs what did they think rich young dudes dont party with women for nothing they knew what the deal is they just wanted there 15 min of fame this is bs and wrong woman continue to do this bs them dudes got millions of women throwing themselves at them theres no need to ra-pe or pressure someone not willing when so many are

    • @Sakura Nova Ryan dont get me wrong I'm not for rape at all its disgusting and unnecessary theres plenty of will out there and if ur that desperate theres plenty that sell it and any1 that does rape someone should be sent to prison no questions asked but also its messed up and it hurts women that actually are wronged when these women falsely accuse these rich men to try and get money and attention and they also should be thrown in prison

    • @Sakura Nova Ryan those dudes are rich as fook and got tons of girls that would sell there soul to party and have sex with them they dont need to take anything theres plenty of women that would of lined up to do that video come on be real now if you were raped would you of wait an extended period of time b4 you called the police Cuz idk any woman that would

    • @Christopher Wagner and?.. do you think skanks deserve to be raped or assaulted??..no offence but you seem like the kind of person who thinks marital rape isn't a thing ...

    • @Sakura Nova Ryan they was skanks that wanted there 10 minutes of fame gtfooh

    • Not cute

  • You know it’s bad when Trisha paytas calls someone out for something

  • Obviously You don't know what your talking about yes he did post on his views channel but he also posed on his main channel coming out saying What he did was wrong at the same time your Pinning on the wrong guy You should be really talking about what happened between Dom and the girl Instead of pinning it on the wrong person

  • The first video that I seen was David apologizing but I couldn't figure out what he was apologizing about or who he was apologizing to. But your video explains everything I don't need to watch anything further on the subject matter. I'm not going to draw more publicity in attention to re-traumatizing the victim.

  • I’m sorry but like thank god. Time to give attention to good people who post respectable, enjoyable and can manage to not say one racist comment🙃

  • david literally manipulates everyone in his group and if they don’t do what he says he pays and bribes them to . just like seth said in that interview the minute he told david he did not feel comfortable with that humiliating video being released and david asked “how much ?” he knew they weren’t his real friends . anybody that feels uncomfortable david will just bribe you until you agree and even in trishas case where he posted her naked . she did not agree to it and he still posted it without her consent . also those girls being given alcohol by his whole group so dom could fuck them was disgusting . and david making jokes , cheering dom on, and filming it for millions of others to see online is humiliating and dehumanizing. poor girls i hope they get justice and get through this trauma .

  • The fact that David is the premises of this video for enabling when dom is quiet literally a r****

  • I thought my earphones broke again


  • Ahahahahaha

  • I don't know if I'm being dramatic, but I literally started crying watching this video. I'm 25, very much done with my college years, and have really been reflecting on how prevalent rape and assault are lately. Literally like, 95% of women I know, including myself, have been raped or assaulted. This is such a widespread issue and it's deeply ingrained in our society. The amount of men that I know who had assaulted a woman (yet refuse to believe what they did was indeed assault) or who have been complacent when they've seen predatory behaviour in other men is absolutely disgusting. Not all men, but it's fucking a lot of them and I feel like I can't trust any men besides ones who I feel have proven themselves to be good men, who understand consent, and would NEVER stand by knowing something as fucked up as rape is occurring in the vicinity. My own ex-boyfriend admitted to me in tears after I told him about my own assault that he was once at a party where we overheard a girl being raped in one of the rooms. He heard her crying and telling the guy to stop, and he simply walked away. I will never respect my ex ever after hearing that. I can't respect anyone who doesn't have the fucking courage and conviction to stand up for what's right. God, I'm pissed. I hope she gets her due justice, I hope all these guys get exposed as the rapists and enablers they are.

    • You are not being traumatic this an age old story. This kind of things happen in society and statistics are there to prove it. I really think bout the part about not being able to trust men. Like I remember my guy friend whom I had been friends with for 8 years...called me and said he was going thru depression and would apriciated my company. He lied and said he's family was home. And I asked my self several times if this was ok and I wanted to be there for him so went to his house. And then I saw that he was alone at home and he locked the damn door so I couldn't get out. He tried to kiss me and touch a lot of times but I was so scared I couldn't even move he saw my expression and said that if I don't try I'll never get a man or some shit anyways so this was my story....I know I should've been more careful. But my negative doubts about guys really got reassured that day ngl..And yes I'm glad you showed the courage to cut off your ex that's a really respectable thing u did I think.

  • I am just disgusted. I have no words left to say to them. HE FUCKING WAITED FOR IT TO GET OUT OF HAND TO MAKE AN APOLOGY VIDEO and god that was shit. What the hell would they have done if Hannah didn't speak out about this?

    • @Sakura Nova Ryan frr he just doesn’t wanna take accountability🙄how ignorant can you be

    • @Tanisha Patil yeah and now his deflecting saying they are gonna distance themselves from durt Dom taking no accountability smh

    • @Sakura Nova Ryan EXACTLY. So many people are saying his friend should be sent to jail but he is more guilty than him to have supported him and his sickening actions

    • I personally can't believe how he got this famous out of content that is his friends making fun of themselves for him,fat jokes,slut shaming and all the freaking dumb stuff...it's just painful to watch

    • Exac funkin ly

  • This is so disheartening the internet is such a scary place now

  • This makes me glad that Liza Koshy isn’t with him anymore so she can stay away from all this DEname mess. So happy she branched out and does other things besides DEname

  • I hope Hannah is doing alright

  • Its just so disgusting dude

  • Am I the only one getting audio in only one ear bud on this video? 😭

  • This whole situation is just sick and disgusting. I’m gald David and his squad are all Coming under fire and being exposed for the awful humans they are.

  • I'm glad I never watched his videos

  • The 82 dislikes were from the right ears of those people who used headphones

  • I’m so glad I never got into David Dobricks channel

  • I had to come here to know what the f he was talking about.

    • It's actually comical at this point how many people are proud of not watching his content I didn't know this many people felt just like me lol

  • well i hope it was just the alchohal that made her black out, and dom didn't slip her something when he was insisting she drink. i saw another photo a girl posted where she was blacked out at a party and dom was just standing above her like a creep. i wouldn't put it passed him at this point

  • Why are so many of the most successful youtubers TERRIBLE people????

  • His whole video was vague allusions and eye rolling.

  • The fact that Hannah was not even a fan of these nasty ass pathetic excuse of men....disgusting. She was literally underage as well. This whole situation is so gross.

  • So to all the people out there, in no way is sexual assualt anyone's fault. But I would like to put out there if you show up to someone's place and are uncomfortable then please leave. Especially don't get drunk with the people and go into their rooms. You are already uncomfortable so why would you keep staying with them. I mean please use common sense. It's sad that this happens to anyone and we should obviously teach everyone about consent. However there are bad people in the world and you need to protect yourself too. Please be smarter and teach your kids and family to be smarter. If we work together we can prevent bad people from succeeding in their bad acts.

    • You are right...but in defense of hannah and this something from my experience as a teenager, sometimes underage people specially feel pressure to do things when their friends are doing it and saying no or leaving really affects friendship if one has toxic friends....and another thing is I always used to talk about how if a guy forces me I will punch him or say no boldly. And I've been known to be bold like that but this one time my own old friend got me locked in a room and was doing things but I was scared that if I said no he would hurt me and I felt like nobody will help me so I took a breath and waited until it was over....my point is sometimes fear can be paralyzing and you can't do certain things that are normally able to do like defending yourself or such...

  • Hey yo what's your beef with rope? Pretty solid invention if you ask me

  • Can I just say Luke looks very handsome.

  • The fact that he still has any followers is beyond me

  • You've really addressed this situation with respect, youre clearly very geniune. The vlog squad on the other hand are absolute trash and need serious repercussions

  • this is literally the plot of thr promising young woman

  • Yeah, I had no idea what was going on with David, and then I watched his video and STILL had no idea what was going on. Thanks for informing me!

  • your audio mixing is killing me ... why only left channel ??

  • Yeah, don't use the word enjoy when you're asking for a video about rape. Good video though, keep it up. You're great

    • When did he use that word I'm only asking coz I didn't hear it

  • i can’t even call his let’s talk video an “apology”

  • At least david didn't make apology vid like james charles...

  • watching this after Nicole Rafiee's "I hate men" video, I think my yt suggestions have a theme today

  • Thats so disgusting.....

  • I have never been a huge fan of the ‘Vlog Squad’, but I have been seeing all over Tik Tok what David has done (which is very wrong), I am totally against what he’s done and I think he should’ve made a longer apology video explaining and going into detail what happened and how he’s sorry for it. I hope that Hannah and her friends are OK, but for David, no so much. David really needs to think about his fans more than his money.

  • Wanted to watch but couldn't hear you at all..

  • 👂.......................

  • You should do a review of jeff's video response to all this

  • The thought of the girl's friend having to step in and engaged with Dom to stop him from assaulting her is SO horrifying. The fact that she couldn't even walk out of the apartment and her friends had to force her to throw up is HORRIFYING. So disgusting. Fuck Durte Dom. Fuck David Dobrik.

  • I honestly don't know why david is catching the heat, Jeff said no one knew what happened that previous night. Why is Dom allowed to still walk this earth freely?!?! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • He deserves 20 years in prison, the deport his sorry ass back to Eastern Europe.

  • I don't know why but I hate the "his community" part. It sounds like he has some ownership or something over his subscribers.

  • Honestly, if David didn't have a baby face he wouldn't have gotten away with so much for so long.

  • What if we report his apology video you think it could be taken down so at least he doesn’t get earnings for an apology that pathetic

  • So many DEnamers have been exposed these past 2 years . I’m not gonna lie , David dobrik’s vidéo are really entertaining but I think I’m gonna stop watching him for a while ( it’s not like he is uploading anyways ) . But I don’t think that this drama is gonna affect his career because of all the die hard fans he has

  • My right ear feels discriminated against lol

  • The sound only comes from the left earphone am I the only one who’s having this problem?

  • The problem of being vague with an apology is that like now more allegations are coming out and people can believe he is acknowledging everything when he say "the thing". Like I believe he is guilty but if he wasn't it'd still seem like he already admitted to everything.

  • C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L

    • E-X-A-C-T-L-Y

  • I remember years ago when David tested Dirty Dom by “accidentally” dropping $5 to see if Dirty Dom would steal it or return it. He stole from David. David should have dropped Dirty Dom then and there but he did not. That says a lot about both of them.

  • Vlog Squad are making Team 10 look innocent

  • my friend/mentor write this article!! love kat sm!

  • My right ear felt a little lonely

  • I couldn't hear you

  • my right earbud was already broken in comparison to the left one so it just sounded louder in my left ear then it already was ;'D ahaha

  • They both R the girl, he chose to watch it happen. Made money from it also

  • Thanks for talking about this

  • [Paraphrased] "His apology wasn't good because he didn't even mention or hint at the thing he's apologizing for..." So it's like a normal social media apology?

  • wait till yall learn what yall favourite celebrities do or have done....But yall choose not to hate on them cause you like them..David is completely wrong im not taking his side but all im saying is most celebs are not what they seem..most likely your favourites are monsters

  • it's interesting how they said "anyone who knows [david] would know..." like uh isn't that the problem??? we don't really know people, especially not internet creators, until the trashy things they did come to the forefront....

  • Durte Dom really is a DIRTY man! 🤮

  • probably not going to see this but I see that you like vampires and stuff so you should probably watch teen Wolf on Amazon prime

  • I was hoping you’d cover this fr

  • Listen, i know how bad all of this sounds, but i still like david, but what did seth do?

  • If this all happened 2-3 years ago why is everyone making a big deal bout this now

  • I just want to say thank you for having such clear trigger warnings. I wish I could tell you how much it means

  • you dont know what he is thinking through his mind

  • Didn't know who this was. never heard of Vlog Squad but read Business Insider. Pretty disgusted that DEname would promote such trash and monetarily award filth like this.

  • One thing I dont understand is why people still doubt Trishas word when shes literally been right every time on people shes exposed xx

  • This reminds me of that season of 13 reasons why😐. Except this time the shit was posted on the internet instead of it being Polaroids in a metal box

  • I am questioning how I actually enjoyed and loved watching Davids Vlogs...

  • David and his friends have always given me toxic frat boy energy...if you know what I’m talking about you know.

  • Better late than never ✨ (to watch the video... and to call out david)

  • If the ending was refilmed maybe Jeff wasn’t there for the end as shown. I mean I still think he was involved in providing alcohol to the girls but he may be truthful about 15 minutes. Still committed a misdemeanor in those 15 minutes....

  • I love your videos❤️

  • Ngl, the start of the video scared me. Thought my headphones broke lol

  • this is so fucked up. honestly i’m so disappointed.

  • Watching the blurred out blog (on Petty Paige’s channel & H3’s video) makes it even more revolting. Hearing it was horrible. Seeing it was triggering and disgusting. As someone who has had this happen to me, seeing it happen to someone for the folly of a vlog makes me wanna puke. I will never support the Bog Squad!

  • I’m very happy you talk about this, but it’s really annoying how you say “allegedly” after everything and say “words again words” even when there’s VIDEO PROOF of everything. That’s the thing about this whole story, they have proof for everything and you can’t even guestion their story. It’s not words against words. There are text messages where girl texts Durte Dom mentioning everything that is happening to her and how traumatic it is still, that she wants the video down and his answer is being “okay, I get it”. He never even denied it, and again, there’s proof of everything. You saying “allegedly” every second and not doing your research is MINIMIZING the problem in eyes of your viewers and making it seem like it’s maybe not real. And not all of your viewers will do their research themselves, they trust you. So please, do better. Stop saying allegedly when it’s not needed and things are a fact, if you don’t want to be sued this bad, either avoid talking about stuff you’re not sure about, or spend at least a minute on doing your homework.

  • You're right about his apology being vague. I have no context so I had no idea what he was talking about. That's why I came here.

  • This entire situation is absolutely vile... I feel sick. I hope Hannah and her friend get the justice that they deserve.

  • when i watched david i always felt so uncomfortable with how sexual some parts of the vlogs were and didn't feel right watching it. I wish i listened to my instinct now that i know how inappropriate it really was. disappointed in myself for giving him my views knowing what he was doing was wrong

  • These comments made me realize I’ve been putting my earbuds in the wrong ears

  • Oh god PLEASE don’t start using these click bait titles like the drama channels 🙄🙄

  • Moral of the story nothing will be able to hide

  • his vlogs are longer than this damn apology 😭