Trisha Paytas Calls Out David Dobrik & AB From The H3 Podcast

Am 15 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
Vlog members are coming out with why they left David Dobrik's Vlogs and Ethan Klein comes for him for what he did to Seth & Big Nik. AB From the H3 Podcast comes to David's defence and Trisha Paytas calls him out for it. Lets dive into the drama...
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  • for those wondering, I didn't talk about the Seth S*xual Ass*ult story because I honestly couldn't bring myself to watch it, in case I got triggered from past experiences, hope you can understand

    • @a r being a sexual assault survivor is not a fucking privilege dude. It's his channel, if he doesn't want to give himself a panic attack and force back his own mental health progress, he doesn't have to. There are plenty of channels and Twitter threads that go in-depth on the sexual assault situation.

    • @a r he never said it wasn’t important. he said HE PERSONALLY didn’t feel comfortable talking about it. hopefully others who DO feel comfortable speaking about it do.

    • of course!! loved this vid regardless, luke!! 💞😊

    • Wtf. Bro is so privileged he can pick and choose what's important. White boy can discuss racism and ageism and ableism... all the ones that don't apply to him but a actual crime on film? Ok. Nah I don't understand. But I'm not that privileged feel me

    • @Art & Stuff sometimes saying things out loud, and then having to hear yourself say it while editing, is vastly more painful and triggering than writing it out

  • does anyone have the link to ABs apology? i can’t find it

  • 0:30

  • Upon hearing some of David’s vine jokes, I never ever believed that David was an actually nice person. His jokes are meant to hurt but are under the guise of a joke

  • I feel like Trisha wouldn't have made the jokes about david if the tana stuff wasn't brought up first. It seems like she was trying to play along and shift the focus with that.

  • I do believe what David did was wrong but I find Trisha being hypocritical because in earlier podcasts she always talks about wanting a threesome with Hila and she didn't seem comfortable.

  • Your HAIR!!!

  • What about this argument because y’all talk about Trisha like she doesn’t do the same

  • It’s always the white, straight guy that wants to play devil’s advocate

  • This is very informative. Thanks

  • David is in a position of power. Just like a celebrity pressuring someone to do something. They feel pressured to take offensive jokes at their expense bc of the power he wields on DEname, with big companies and his fans.

  • I genuinely feel like ive gotten more well spoken from watching lukes videos. Your opinions are always so well laid out and explained and you never fail to provide new perspectives and points that i cant find in other channels. Youre so well spoken and respectfull and smart and one of my fave channels. You go Luke :)

  • Wow. So much on the internet coming out about David Dobrick and the Vlog Squad! Never thought this would happen but I'm glad he's not going to get away with it. I have a feeling David's fall is coming and it's going to be as fast as his rise to fame. His popularity is un real and truth will always come to light, and karma will always have it's way. Great video.👍😉

    • He’s not going to fall🤣

  • I just want to say thank you to Luke for not over explaining, it’s just so nice to see someone not undermine the audience’s intelligence

  • I’d be very fascinated to hear Jonah’s statement whenever he decides to leave. I feel like David gave his family a lot but probably also changed a lot of dynamics with them being filmed constantly. Plus all of the fat jokes and his name not even being Jonah (they nicknamed him after Jonah Hill, his real name is Nick)

    • @Tyree k. Jonah is so proud of you baby

    • @Tay S want me to keep going or are you gonna be ignorant?

    • @Tay S literally this episode plays off of it

    • @Tay S that’s a damn lie

    • @Tyree k. literally went to his content and saw nothing. Have a nice day

  • can u please make a video about all the armie hammer stuff!!!

  • I'm just so tired of David ooomg

  • why no one is talking about jason nash acting like a latin immigrant and making jokes about it ..... Like wtf nooo one is talking about it.

  • I dunno, I kinda feel like David isn't gonna release a public apology due to his young fanbase. I honestly don't see him being accountable for his actions until he messes with a person bigger than him. Most of the people from his vlog squad seem to be smaller creators or not as big as Dobrik is.

  • Did anyone else watch the video david made with Seth and literally GASP when Seth and the old guy kissed.i was so appalled and was waiting for other people to be upset. Everytime I've ever pointed it out the David stans attack. They are like trump cultist but with David.

  • Thats gross ugg 🙃☹😭

  • How could you not talk about Seth and the SA perpetrated against him twice and the horrible effect its had on his life and mental trauma he's experiencing. It was so sad and alarming. If it had been a woman, this would not have been tolerated.

  • this shirt really compliments you - looks great on you

  • My biggest flex is that i never watched his vlogs nor was i subscribed to david

  • Didn’t Seth spread revenge porn last year through Twitter? Kinda ironic that he’s now demanding justice for his own assault when he violated someone else

    • Agreed but let's not use this to justify and defend Jason's and David's actions, while I don't like Seth and Trisha I agree with them in this situation while I'm still critical of them, so let's bring justice for all of them and stop normalizing victim blaming.

    • Because the internet is one sided lmfaoo😭

  • Also, Trisha said that he didn't say sorry to her personally in the latest episode of Frenemies.

    • I think people are waiting for her to say it first

  • I don’t believe that we all have to believe the victim. We believe amber heard and where do that lead us? I think we need to not judge the victim and actually listen to them with an open kind heart and mind. We also have to listen to the other part of the story. With two sides of the story we can make an assumption. As long as we’re kind, not judging and actually listening I think we’re good

    • Facts! IMO it should be neutralized. Like when the me too happened I was for it then a whole bunch of sketchy shit started happening which made me not support it. I have experiences and friends who’ve been ruined and sadly one who committed suicide because a woman said he ra*ed her but he’s gay tho... no one believed because this topic is very one sided and stereotypical with gender norms.

  • I really think that he should speak up and apologise but I personally think that cancelling is a little exaggerated and I know that people will come for me but idk

  • Pop culture to internet culture. There's nothing in between. You're a drama channel. You didn't not watch the blogs cause David was problematic.. if you did why didn't you bring it to people's attention that he was? You just didn't have interest. Get off the Pedestal bro

    • @Pup 2404 bro are you dumb. Seth came out w this over a year ago. Just the h3 interview was 2 weeks ago. Only when a white rich guy talked about it did your white rich friend Luke start talking about it. Yet he claims to know David was problematic all along. Weird how he wasn't problematic enough to discuss till a white guy said something

    • @a r mate the seth came out about the thing like last month, he was in the vlogs two years ago.

    • @Pup 2404 he's not. Trisha Paytas did that 2 years ago. Seth did it 2 years ago. Luke made this video like all the other bandwagon drama channels, weeks ago after it blew up on H3. Not bc he had any issue w David 2 years ago when he was doing all this shit

    • he's bringing attention to it because it's about serious issues such as racism, sexual assault (which is a crime btw), ableism and bullying

  • hey love pls don’t say dw*rf it’s a slur

  • Everyone keeps saying “always believe the victim” but I don’t think that should be the case. Everyone believed the victims that came out against James Charles but they turned out to be lying for clout. I think it’s okay to speculate a victim’s claims as long as you’re doing it respectfully.

  • You stole the “dive in” from Sarah Baska right?

  • Luke, please watch this its a fair argument against trisha

  • She's trying to get AB fired from his job at H3 because he has a different opinion, classic influencer self intitlement

  • I think nick should just be called nick

  • In regards to David and Trisha, David always controlled the narrative. If he felt uncomfortable or didn’t like anything he could have excluded it from his vlogs.

  • David does similar things to what Shane has done but somehow everybody turns a blind eye when he does it SMFH

  • Oh yeah, if you are currently a part of a group and you aren't being treated well, it is SO HARD to get out of that group. You will literally convince yourself that you are totally fine with being bullied, just to avoid the confrontation that may rise from it.

  • Meatcanyon was warning us

  • I am glad this is finally happening. I have been saying for years that in my opinion David was no better than Jake Paul but simply smarter about how he came off. Also when do we address the endless sl*t shaming by David and the males in the group against women. This including the women of the friend group. I don’t care if it is their friends, it creates a negative implication that for the men being promiscuous was cool, but the women were “easy”.

  • Y’all are going to cancel everyone nowadays.. start with a person in a mirror though. Y’all have no idea about what’s going on there, who’s consenting to what and when. Giving Trisha a platform is fkn crazy given her history on bullying, lying etc. didn’t she bully a 15 yo like a month ago? She has 100 personalities and half of them constantly lying! David won’t apologize publicaly cuz everyone consented to filming and is an adult. Live and learn they say.

  • Hi! NEW Subscriber! You are very handsome. First video of yours I watched & I am hooked! 😁

  • Am I the only one that has always found David Dobrik irritating?

  • Lets not forget the the s. harassment was made by a 40 old dad aka Jason

  • I'm not on Davids side on anyway. The thing is, you can uncomfortable jokes but for me, what matters is the point of the joke. There's alot of jokes disagree with or find uncomfortable but I don't people shouldn't be allowed to make those jokes. However if your jokes are straight up hurtful, then yeah. Not a good idea to make them.

  • omg that Aquarius necklace

  • ppl only love david cuz he gives out cars and money .....his friends to the jokes while he holds a camera

  • more ppl need to talk about this

  • And Jason mash needs to get some dignity cuz tf he would dro everything for David like he David dog and he’s older then him is so sad that man will do literally do anything for David to like him and for young people to like him like if he was around me I’d be so uncomfortable

  • I’ve never found David or his vlog squad entertaining Iike idk how adults acting Ike children is fun to watch

  • I think a lot of the people who were the “butt of the joke” went along with it because they wanted their friends approval and I think they knew if they didn’t go along with the bit that they would eventually get cut out of the friend group. Sounds dumb but I think we could all relate to wanting to be accepted and wanting to have friends. Especially if you think that David’s Vlogs were blowing up and if you were in the videos your own channel could gain success. There was so much to lose if you went against David.

  • Really disappointed in this video... Jason Nash has not collabed with “12 year olds”. do not accuse someone for being predatory, something extremely serious, just because trisha paytas says so

  • David Dobrik is the epitome of white privilege

  • wait but like who is AB? is that his real name?

  • Forgive me, but I literally don’t know what’s going on, but who is AB?

  • Thinking about that SA dude...I remember his apology and ppl saying ''let's be real this girl just mad she's got caught by her parents''???? SA and disrespecting women is so fucking normalized

  • I’ve just found your channel as a recommended and I love your takes on all of the tea. You present it very unbiased but then you give an opinion that makes sense. Subscribed!

  • 💜

  • Carly and Erin are the only vlogsquad members who have been taking the pandemic seriously. Theyre the only ones I watch tbh and I only got into their channel/individual channels in 2020 during the pandemic.

  • What about Jonah(?) Little brother being put in these settings which aren't suitable for kids

  • "Hache three podcast" im sorry ily lol

  • You made points! Literally I have thought this about David for ageesssss..

  • Please dont say "dwarf", its "a person with dwarfism". Its really insulting calling someone a dwarf

  • Ethans also assigned AB to plays Devils Advocate, trying to make a counter argument. I disagreed with what he said but Ethan wanted him the say something for David’s defense.

  • What's NOT toxic in Hollywood?

  • Well, technically David made all their careers pop off, so it's like selling a soul to the devil.

  • When u accidentally said “big dick” i dieeeeeeeeeeed😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I have to say; the way David is being treated is exactly how Shane Dawson got away with his behavior for a long time. I watched that guy the entirely of my teenage years and I thought it was okay because others didn’t do anything about it. It’s dangerous territory

  • David’s entire platform and category of humor is based off of making jokes at the expense of others. Ik ppl like this in real life and it’s super pathetic. His entire vlogs are just him making fun of his friends


  • I keep saying “haych 3” because of this😂

  • Are you telling me you’re an Aquarius 🤟🏼 same here... at least I think that’s what your necklace says lol, if not then 🥴

  • I feel like Trisha is the most problematic of them all so I have a hard time hearing her side of things.

  • We really treating Trish like a goddess now?

  • Pretty rich of Trisha to call anyone a racist.😒

  • He didn’t “barely ask if she was okay.” He did not period.

  • While obviously their vlogs feature elevated "characters" of themselves, they're still advertised as real life so the "oh it's like a sitcom" argument really doesn't mean much of anything. Audiences (especially young audiences) are watching the vlogs under the pretense that they're just snapshots of the lives of friends and it normalizes crummy behavior as acceptable. At least with characters on television, viewers are made aware that it is fiction upfront.

  • Actually really glad that I've never seen a David video because of how immature he is and how his content could have influenced me for the worse.

  • not related but could you please do a ranking video on harry potter book series i'd love to see ypur opinion regarding them

  • Comment #342 🤩

  • vlog squad been weirdos since day one but that dude Jason is weird to the max, that man need to hang it up, u 3 decades too late

  • There is problematic behavior but some of these are reaching.

  • I don't understand this video. I'm not trying to defend David Dobrik but Jason Nash has never physically touched any of the young people he collabs with. He is in social media, so he has to branch out. Not everyone is a predator and it's wrong to repeatedly call him that when he has children who can be affected by this. Especially when there is no actual sexual misconduct

  • The Burn Book 🔥🔥

  • I feel like David’s the mean girl that everybody was scared to go against and as if it were high school - they watched his actions, laughed along and never stepped in to help the people that he was hurting with his jokes. Yeah, he gave them cars but he also gave them a platform where they could promote their own channels etc. He is quite young and has had money and influence for a while now, so it probably went to his head and that’s why he doesn’t want to apologise - he thinks it’ll all just go away

  • Ok but also what kind of name is AB tho like ???

  • Sorry luke... i think those videos you did complaining about your views actually hurt you, theyve gone down since then even on the drama vids

  • yeah i feel like people who question why victims didn't speak up or leave haven't ever suffered abuse or trauma

  • super side note: i feel like we need a better term than 'mental hospital', what do y'all think? at least where I'm from, 'mental' without it being followed by 'health', has connotations of 'crazy'

  • David won't come out and address these things until he absolutely has too.

  • There is a difference between joking and bullying, if someone says that a joke makes them uncomfortable and asked you to stop and you continue to do It you're a bully. David and his "brain dead" friends are literal high school bullies and although I don't believe in cancel culture they do need to be held accountable and realize what they're doing is not okay.

  • i'm so disappointed at David for not adressing any of the drama. I unfollowed him on Instagram cause he's very active there but i still didn't cut him off totally because i have hope, idk i just like the vlog squad so much and I feel betrayed

  • Every time a new video from Luke is uploaded, the “dive in” intro has an extra musical note added to it. I swear it’s eventually gonna cover all the notes on a piano

  • hey, i think i have heard that „dwarf“ is not the best description, i think it is mostly used for plants. instead i have seen „growth-restricted“ or „of small statue“ but i am not a native english speaker, so i might be wrong 😅✌🏻

  • About Durte Dom situation. Around 3 years ago Ally Hardesty made a video about him. And it's interesting how AB said that it's all a bit. (I know that now he retracted it) But Ally and her friend had the same reasoning before making a decision to come in contact with Dom. Oh he's a creep for the vlogs he must be normal outside of it. But if that's not enough of this situation. David proceeded to include Dom in his video. I think it's strange how David was so against Trisha when she showed her disgust in Brandon, like she's making them look bad. But never distanced him self from Dom knowing he's straight up NOT ONCE made girls uncomfortable(SA including). If you interested your self looking up the time line of the ivents you're free to. Ally made her video in 28 of June 2017 and then just look up what David did around that time. I had no problem finding at least 5 videos with Dom in the vlogs since Ally spoke out. (I just got tired rewatching it, but there's more) Just watch Ally Hardesty "Regarding my durte dom video...(debunking the lies + proof). David and Dom 9 31 "prostitution gig" wtf

  • first, very interesting and well made video

  • 11:51 had me cackling

  • There are always some people I don’t watch because I don’t like their personality... and afterwards they always come out as really goddamn bad people.

  • I think that a lot of the time people can feel hurt in situations and not fully realize it until they're out of it. I felt that way about how I was treated by my ex's friends and maybe trisha has the same feelings.

  • If your sense of humour is based purely on making racist/ableist/sexist jokes, especially at someone's expense... you're just not as witty, or clever, or funny as you think you are.