Reacting To Your Very Unpopular Opinions

Am 18 Feb 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • I was shook to hear that he’s australian lmao

  • Mullets: Ursula Corberó

  • so ive watched a few of these unpopular opinion videos and ive noticed how ppl will say “we need to let ppl grow and change” but then also are like “lets not forget that xyz did this shitty thing” and i find that very..... interesting to say the least.

  • Miley Cyrus is definitely the best out of all the Disney stars vocally. She has range for days and can sing every fucking genre 😍

  • i disagree with the tattoo thing u said it should be acceptable in any workplace bc society just created the concept of "looking professional" which should be dismantled ideally so that everyone can express themselves with their appearance however they want to

  • About self diagnosing: i had panic attacks (had no idea that is what they were) and i thought it had smt to do with my body and i had blood tests done, turns out i was very healthy so they sent me to a psychiatrist. Apparently i have several anxiety disorders. The cost of the self diagnosis was $5 in a public healthcare facility. You can easily diagnose yourself without having to pay a lot of money. The therapy is what is expensive and i am dealing with my mental disorders myself. Saying that not many people have the privilege or the money to diagnose themselves is an excuse. If you think you have smt going on, see a professional to make sure. You cant just go around saying you have ocd and depression when you cant be 100% sure you actually have that.

  • unpopular opinion: Vegans get a lot of unnecessary hate, and a big part of that is because people associate vegans with “The Vegan Tecaher” on tiktok, when most vegans actually hate her as much as y’all do.

  • I have a neck tatto, and I’m a doctor, luckily for me I’m never been looked down for my tatto, but I don’t think that necks tattoos should be a problem

  • I cant find an image or have any one who's mullet you'd like but I personally like them a lot and they are very pog to have in our world

  • the david dobrik one AGED LIKE FINE WINE I CANTTT

  • Singers and instrument players are athletes and deserve way more praise and respect. Like this stuff can and HAS caused physical damage and I’m tired of people dismissing skill as talent. People work HARD to acquire these skills and it’s not just a fun lil super power. Thank you for coming to my ted talk

  • Self diagnosis can have such a detrimental impact on your mental health depending on your beliefs re ill mental health. In South Africa we have both private and public (free) health services, if you have access to even a local public clinic, (again, free) talk to a professional and I guarantee it'll improve your quality of life in the long run. Hi, I'm an occupational therapist😊😁

  • Unpopular opinion: I'm mexican, i've never been in USA in my whole life, but I'm so tired of the steryotypes and one more thing This tacos 🌮 are not even real tacos!

  • The whole bisexuality vs pansexuality vs omnisexuality vs polysexuality etc. is so dumb. Like use the label and leave. People shouldn't be saying that someone's sexuality is invalid. Sure, there might be technicalities with each label that makes them mean different things, but not everybody cares about that. We don't chose our sexualities, but we chose our labels and people should respect that.

  • Unpopular opinion the celebrities tiktokers DEnamers who call the paparazzi to everything they do and then want to cry about it how they're getting stalked by them yet they initiated it

  • Unpopular opinion Disney stars who are of color don't get enough credit for their successful shows and movies and the ones who have the most Fame who happened to all be white are not as great actors as the ones of color

  • The David Dobrik one was a bit ahead of its time

  • 17:55 Hwang In Yeop's mullet was great V looked stunning in a mullet Taeyong's mullet suits his looks so well Xu Minghao's (better known as The8) mullet looked so good on him Yes I am multi fan,if anyone sees this gimme some idol's to fan over.

  • Omg the I don’t like David has held up.....

  • Unpopular Opinion-actually idk: but I think people are starting to forget that there’s a line between confidence, self-love, genuine gratitude, and celebration of success and of one’s self and narcissism, boasting, and having a big ego. It’s kind of hard to find a genuinely humble person right now.

  • Olivia never said the song was about Sabrina the fans just made it up and started hating on Sabrina and turned one lyric into something big something that it isn’t like what ???

  • I hate that people only called charli and the damelios out like avani, madi, chase, Noah and Anthony went on that trip too like people pick and choose who to cancel

  • the david dobrik one didn’t age well lmao...

  • Unpopular Opinion: Riverdale is actually really good

  • I agree that ships can ruin friendships e.t.c. but i dont think you should use Larry as an example, because if u want ppl to stop shipping u with someone or you want to stop rumors about u being with someone u shouldn't bring ppl more reasons to believe it, wich Harry and Louis did a lot of times

  • 17:49 i shall give what you ask :D

  • Felix from Stray Kids has a great mullet

  • Unpopular opinion: if you are part of lgbtq+ you don’t have to “come out” like I understand the entire background of a coming out because yes there are people who were not allowed to express who they are as a person and so yes those people in those circumstances should be allowed to have a coming out story but I think on average most of the time I don’t think everyone needs to have this big “oh my gosh guys I’m gay” thing because at the end of the day them being gay doesn’t make them different like so I feel like we romanticize people coming out. Because I think we praise people who have these really big coming out stories and we always welcome them into the community but when it’s someone who never had to come out just because they lived in their truth their entire life and the people around them never cared we kind of talked down on them and try to say that their in the closet when it’s like no that person is not in the closet they just don’t have to come out because everyone in their circle generally doesn’t care


  • 8:20 “ Megan could make more meaningful “rapping” songs”. Who says that 🥴? He clearly doesn’t listen to Megan on the reg🥱🥱

  • Unpopular opinion: in Netflix shouldn’t be a category lgbtq+. It’s weird that there’s one because it make it seem like it is a genre like comedy or action.

  • unpopular opinion: most cats are evil and we only have them because they are cute af My opinion on this will 100% change if u show me a cute cat not attacking something

  • i have one coffee a day and i thought i was drinking too much coffee😭 until you said you drink sometimes 3 coffees a day

  • I somewhat agree with the plastic surgery thing, because some beauty standards are highly unattainable. However when people get degraded for their use of plastic surgery thats a problem because it's their body their choice. There are some people naturally born a certain way and they get discredited.

  • I really didn't want to subscribe to a commentary channel that focuses on gen z trends, influences etc but DAMN youre points are well thought out and logically sound. Subbed

  • You are the first person on DEname I've seen so far addresses how probablematic Trisha is. Completely agree with your views on POC in this video

  • Unpopular opinion: Sex work is just one of the many reasons of why were living in a mans world. And that woman equality has been manipulated not actually socially acheived.

  • miley cyrus’ mullet i thought was done pretty good, and i like hate mullets, yet she totally killed it.

  • UMM MILEY CYRUS’ MULLET?? an absolute serve

  • not sure who watches H3 but they are over there bashing Christians. Can you think of any worse or racist. Forget what the vlog squad is doing this is truly demonic. Ethan is an antichrist. Ashkanazie, that the bible warns about, Jew who say they are Jew but are not.

  • I’ll never understand why celebs lie about their plastic surgery as if they aren’t in the spotlight and if you are so embarrassed to tell the truth you shouldn’t of gotten it done

  • THANK YOU FOR SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT SKID ROW!! I respect the hell out of you for that because that needs to be more talked about

  • louis tomlinson in mullet is beautiful

  • 17:50 Miley Curys' mullet is amazing

  • @30:10 trans people are regular people...

  • Miley Cyrus rocks a mullet tho

  • Tiktok is like wattpad but x100000 worse

  • And wow the double standard! Men not wearing underwear when dancing “what do you expect? They kind of want to be sexualized”. The same thing is always said about women not wearing bras and we all come together to defend them. I am one of those women that defend other women not wearing bras and I’ll do the same for men. I’m pretty shocked that you said this....

  • I agree with what u said about David for the most part but to say that he doesn’t doing anything for the community and only helps his rich friends are just wrong.

  • The “hate” on Sabrina is just jokes y’all are so sensitive

  • okay, so i understand the self depricating thing, but some people actually think of themselves as “fat” or “ugly” and the jokes are their type of humor, whether you like it or not. if you can take dark humor i don’t think you understand their humor and they were actually being like, funny.

  • I love that u put calming music in the backgrounds I was feeling very down and your videos always help me

  • “As a trans person as a ‘regular’ person” ...😬

  • I just...i don’t even know why I don’t like Taylor Swift because I used to be a huge fan- maybe I just got burnt out? Her music can sound sorta the same after awhile- but I AGREE that she is an amazing vocalist! Just not for me anymore I guess lol

  • On the amazon one i think your being a hypocrite cause you are holding an iphone and apple don't treat their workers well.

  • I watched winx the cartoon as a child and I loved winx it’s not meant to be the same only took the characters and some settings. Saying this I am very happy that it has been renewed for season 2

  • Yes you can’t compare oppression from race and sexuality still both oppression but there different

  • With the self deprecating humor thing... I teach 2nd grade and this “humor” is present at the age of 7 and 8. THIS IS NOT OKAY. This humor is one thing if you are old enough to understand that it is humor, but 7 year olds calling themselves ugly, even if they say it jokingly will have decreasing effects on their mental health as they get older!

  • Why am I think about unsubing just because I have both a face and hand tattoos 😳

  • I'm watching this video like a week later, but to the unpopular opinion that talked abt the lgbtq+ movies and that they're all abt coming out, a movie that includes a lesbian couple just came out, not long ago and I think it's really good, ya'll should watch it, it's called don't worry, I'll take care of you.

  • The Taylor swift one is at 24:07 for anyone that clicked because of evermore ✨

  • Unpopular opinion: guys do stuff to get their guy friends validation example when they are talking to a girl and they show them to their friends and their friends don’t like the way she looks he will drop her cause his friends don’t like her

  • Pretty privilege is dangerous people wil assume that when your pretty/handsome you can not be a bad person things will easily be excused a abuser of my friend got away because he was a handsome person and they can not be an abusers right ? Other example the night stalker girls where excusing a SERIAL KILLER because he was handsome

  • AHHHHH THE THING ABOUT ARIANA IS SO TRUE!!!!! i miss her old stuff so much. her new album was so meaningless and the lyrics were not of any quality...

  • i want to be your best friend. youre mind is beautiful! had the same opinions on nearly everything

  • Unpopular opinion: we have to stop normalizing this: “I’m my bf/gf/partners only friend 🥰.” Or not not allowing them to have best friends??? It’s sick and obsessive. I hear a lot of my friends say they don’t allow their boyfriends, or girlfriends to talk to other girls and that’s very toxic. Me being an only child, with very strict parents, and getting some sort of tic where I think someone’s always watching me from being overly watched too frequently would know how suffocating that is. You need to let you s/o have freedom. Not only is that toxic we’re also normalizing lack of loyalty and trust. The main reason they set those boundaries up is so their S/O wont cheat on them or catch feelings for someone else, while in all actuality...they’re setting themselves to get cheated on or left . If you don’t trust them enough for them to have friends to the gender they’re attracted to then why are you with them?? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • But sometimes when they do give them freedom because they trust them sometimes they end up taking the advantage like cheating on them also I’m not disagreeing I 100% agree with you

  • i think the age thing about dating honestly i'm in my first ever real relationship i'm 22 and my bf is 28 we met when i was 20 about to be 21 and my bf was 26 at the time even though we are only 6 years apart i think we get along very well and i think we are pretty much equals obviously my bf being older he has more experience with some things but i think it depends on the person like for myself if i was single i would never date someone who was 18/19 just cause i feel like they are barely out of high school and they are barely adults even then when i was 18/19 i was really dumb and not mature at all for a real relationship

  • Tara Yummy got a mullet recently and I think it looks so good on her! I actually love mullets more now XD

  • My guys namjoon and seokjin killing it with those mullets btw, even I thought mullets look ugly before I saw them in mullets

  • mullets only look good on women (ex. miley cyrus)

  • i just saw larry and i clicked

  • I’m a fan of Miley Cyrus mullet as a person doesn’t Stan mullets hers looks good to me

  • My problem with fate winx saga was the fashion choices and the white washing and also how they made a fking love triangle

  • the anti self diagnosis thing is a super bad take. I got professionally diagnosed with a psychotic disorder and BPD and now I struggle to find doctors who will take me seriously because of my medical record. Literally at any moment what happened to Britney could happen to me because of my medical record. I really don't think self diagnosis is an issue at all. I have yet to see any real harm done to mentally ill people by self diagnosers. Some edgy 12 year old self diagnoses with schizophrenia.. and? Like sure they can be disrespectful but I'd much rather actual schizophrenic people be able to get organs and live life without the constant threat of being locked away. The extreme ableism in our society, medical system, mental health system, legal system, etc. against people with stigmatized mental illnesses is the real problem. No offense but I think people with less stigmatized disorders (depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ptsd, etc.) need to stay out of this conversation because yall don't know half the shit we go through and never bother to educate yourselves. Just because you’re the only voices that are listened to does not mean you get to speak for us.

  • People who have or had an amazing mullet: John Stamos, Miley Cyrus, Troye Sivan, Kurtis Conner

  • I’m 20 dating a 39 nearly 40 year old lemme know your thoughts 😂

    • that's ur prerogative 🎶

  • Is his accent Australian / American?

  • Miley. More vocally talented than Demi??? 💀

  • The first one is incredibly stupid i can not even

  • Nobody: Luke: Gyrate 😒 🤣 I love you.

  • I think straight tiktok is boring but I don't get why it's that hated, like if someone wants to do a cringy tiktok dance, I wouldn't care either way I think people are allowed to be offended by problematic material as long as they attacking people who just like and people who like stuff like that should be critical of the more problematic elements while still enjoying the material I don't get why teenagers are blamed for society problem when adults produce the ideas like the obsession with looks or glamorization of things were normally made by adults, kid are just dancing to the tune Cringe culture(Aka bullying kids is quirky culture) has no place in 2021 I wish regular fans or ppl with hyperfixuation weren't lumps with actual stans (like ppl who attack anyone who hates their idol, people who ship real people, ect.) I wish teenagers especially girls could have hobbies and styles without ppl usually men coming out of the woodworks and calling the "fake this" "QuIrKy" "Basic" When boys act quirky and everyone thinks it's cool I don't get the hate behind furries So that's about it

    • Also Coke and Pepsi taste the same, there's no difference between them beside company and can

    • One straight tiktok one, I understand some people dislike it due to pretty privilege, and it getting more attention than people actually putting in the work by just dancing, but I don't get why people just get hated for doing basic tiktok stuff

  • i saw larry so i clicked

  • Unpopular opinion: as much as I love friends the tv show it is clearly made for straight white people. And fore evidence there are quite a phew questionable homophobic moments and some moments when new Ross girlfriend come in season 2 they do make some Asian jokes personally coming from an Asian I did find the Asian jokes funny but some people may find it offensive.

  • I think people should be able to not necessarily diagnose, but rather recognize symptoms of a mental illness, but not do an actual self-diagnosis since the former is jist recognizing what you’re going through and researching how to alleviate symptoms without medication is easier nowadays, and the latter is diagnosing yourself with a medical condition when you may not have the necessary qualifications to do so.

  • Oh thank god. I thought i was the only one who was tired of hypersexualization in the media. Like sure sex exists whatever but it doesnt need to be in everything like we get it💀

  • I just love how you are bringing up the human experience in a authentic way. I love this video and wish more people (Ryland Adams) would feel the way you do or at the very least understand others.

    • Edit: Britney is actually the best Disney girl but miss Miley is my favorite from This gen

  • Unpopular opinion: most of those weren’t unpopular

  • unpopular opinion: i think larry is real hehe

  • Oppressive systems of power, such as racism, heteronormativity, and colonialism, are all interconnected and they build off of one another. From an intersectional perspective, we can be both privileged due to some aspects of our identity, and oppressed due to others. I think it’s always important to examine the ways that we can be both marginalized due to one aspect of our identity, and privileged due to a different aspect of our identity!

  • Tattoos being seen as unprofessional is rooted in white supremacy - as many people in the comments have mentioned, tattoos are important to many BIPOC cultures. Tattoos are a beautiful form of art, and they do not affect someone’s capabilities, intelligence, or their work ethic. It’s so irritating to me that they’re still regarded as “unprofessional”!

  • Kurtis Connor has a pretty good mullet

  • crystal methyd’s mullet is the only one I like

  • sex education needs to be pushed more and not shamed. i know a lot of kids make fun of it and stuff bc its seen as 'weird' and if u have a real, genuine reason as to why u are uncomfortable with this then thats fine but the lesson that sex education is weird and isnt good is very dangerous. people need to know the harms and dangers so we don't get unwanted pregnancies or someone doesnt get manipulated

  • Why does he look like 5 years older Hahahah is watched a video of him 10 months ago

  • David literally did everything you said HAHAHAHA He went to universities to help people with college debts, he gave money and cars to homeless people...

  • For mullets, I’ve seen a good few from kpop hahah but that was a long time ago and I could see them in better hair styles

  • Felix from stray kids has a nice semi mullet

  • Ty Turners mullet 😍

  • I have my own business and I always try to cover them when I'm meeting new clients 🤷‍♀️ deal with people that have and make alot of money and you can feel them staring when I'm in shorts and tshirt...easier to get tattoos I can cover then change other people

  • I just don’t understand why people think people

    • But like, what did she even do. Its a breakup, people are overdramatic and need to know that break ups just happens. There are so many songs about breakups