Trends That Need To End With 2020

Am 28 Dez 2020 veröffentlicht
hey y'all in todays video I'm reacting to your trends and social justice issues that we are leaving behind in 2020 cause we're not taking them into 2021...lets diveeee into the mess...
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  • this is why donald trump wants to ban tiktok.

  • A hate toxic masculinity so much! I’m sexually and romantically attracted to cuter and more feminine guys only. I can’t explain that. That’s just my type. I hate being told, that these men are ugly and I shouldn’t date them. But it’s not about me! What’s more important is that guys who look feminine or have «feminine» traits and hobbies are oppressed as well: some feminine guys are being told, that they aren’t attractive or just secretly gay etc. That’s awful shaming people for who they are or who they like. P.S. Soft boys are fake as hell. Just saying.

  • My grandpa was healthy before the pandemic. He even lived isolated in a nursing home. A nurse brought the virus in and even though he was healthy before, it took his life. People who don't take the pandemic seriously frustrate me to no end. All my friends dropped me because I said I wasn't going to hang out around them if they didn't wear masks.

  • to the 50sog/365 guys topic : a lot of ppl seem to not get that bdsm is really harmful when executed wrong... you need to research and learn about it. And to the ppl saying/thinking its close to abuse : yes it is if not both parties give consent. BDSM is built on consent, trust and research. In 50sog you can clearly see that most sex scenes have abuse in it but the series is still loved by so many ppl urgh

  • i don't understand why people try to use their zodiac sign as an excuse for their rudeness or agressive behaviors

  • why did I think that Nikita was black until last year

  • I mean, everyone feels anxiety, you can say you're feeling anxious about something without devaluing anxiety disorders. It's an emotion everyone feels. But I get what you mean. It's not a disorder unless it's severe enough to impact your life in multiple areas

  • People and their feelings🤣

  • Yo Luke! Lovin' them glasses!

  • There was actually a gender reveal party in Southern California that started a forest fire.

  • You guys are on the white side of Tik Tok. All that stuff doesn’t happen on my side of Tik Tok cuz mine is well curated.

  • can we just let people do what they want? like i love u, but sometimes i just feel like u judge people for the dumbest shit EVER. like chunky sneakers and low rise jeans?? check urself before u go out there and bash people for doing the things they feel are best for them.

  • while we're on the subject, your barely-there facial hair & jesus haircut need to go too. Your former short hair, clean face & black glasses was such a good look for you!

  • I love femboys masculinity scars me 😂

  • ive noticed blackfishing in some smaller influencers/models an example was eleanor calder which was sad because i liked her clothing choices and such :-[

  • “I never signed up to be an influencer.” But you did... you posted something online, it blew up, you continued to post on a PUBLIC account, took brand deals to make money and get exposure... you chose to be an influencer. If you didn’t want to be an influencer stop with the clout chasing behavior, private your account and remove the followers you don’t know, and stop taking brand deals.

  • wey te amoo

  • 1:31 the only reason i wear them because i am short🥲

  • 7:17 did you say bts? like the BTS Korean Kpop group? I truly think they did not have that hairstyle this year. but maybe back in 2018 whit their comeback album LY:Tear, V. I know it is nothing to argue about, but I just wondered. 0.0

  • him; end mullets people like me who just got a mullet: **sweating**

  • yeah please end the hype house there’s no hype just pure fucking stress 😂

  • Some people deserve to be called snowflakes

  • If you think about it every word has stemmed from some where for example the word straya stems form Australia and no one cares if someone not from Australia says it. So why can’t white people say word like noice, sis, go off etc. just my thoughts. Btw Brooklyn 99 the only good woke show says all these words so I don’t think that bad. I think as long as you don’t say these words in an accent then your good.

  • Nah we're keeping low rise jeans idccc :(

  • I feel like we should just leave TikTok behind honestly...

  • You should do a video on Madison Beer because she is very toxic and controversial.

  • Leaving all forms of hatred behind, that's what I wish could happen.

  • Leave Clout and Iconic in 2020

  • BRING MULLETS BACK IDC I love Voltron‘s Keith too much lol

  • umm kanye invented the tiny sunglasses trend but okayyyy

  • “the blonde family” PAHAHAHAH

  • bruh i have a mullet, i shaved my head almost a year ago and if you shave your head and let your hair grow just naturally without cutting it you will have a mullet in like 5-6 months and no i will not cut it

  • omg the mullet thing is SO ON POINT

  • I have a belly so I can’t wear low rise jeans no ma’am 🙅🏻‍♀️

  • wait we’re gate keeping ‘black language’ now too? why would it be offensive to say chile or sis? i thought the point of spreading culture was so everyone could partake in it

  • I despise people saying that I'm not bisexual because I'm in a conventional heterosexual relationship. It's really upsetting and completely disrespectful -_- Also, its one thing posting a 'cheating' prank on your SO, but a MISCARRIAGE prank...I have no words.

  • Chunky sneakers! Nooo I love them! Haha. But I love chunky boots and everything like that's so chunky sneakers are everything to me as now I can have chunky shoes in summer too! I love fem boys they are so sexy tbh, someone who is comfortable in their gender and who they are is just attractive hands down! 🥰 omg I had no clue 'sis' was not internet slang! Thank you so much! I'll have to check this out.

  • Regarding the problem with teenagers watching 18+ movies... It's actually proven to cause worse/ more issues in having a higher percentage of young girls(under 18) becoming pregnant when there is less information/education on sexual relations. As messed up as it seems, sexual movies can help to educate people on how babies are made and how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Many young girls are told to keep their legs spread and have 0 conversations with their parents on how babies are made. Boys as well. Media can be very bad , early exposing teenagers to early to sex , but the internet is literally everywhere.

  • can we leave shipping children in 2020 thanks

  • the good looks= getting popular thing has begun on instagram too bec of reels😭👌

  • Remember, Charli never made the renegade, a black girl did on insta

  • Why I don't like gender reveal parties is because they may transition to the other gender or become non-binary when they are older.

  • 4:45 don't accuse me of stalking pls, that's not my intention, but I checked his insta and he's a kanye stan, gosh they're still living in 2009 🐀🐀🐀

  • Is it bad to use African American vernacular? I watch a lot of true crime and I've seen videos where a black person was being interviewed and awful people in the comments say they hate the way they're talking. Like saying "axe" instead of "ask". The more people use that vernacular the more it will be accepted. I don't use it myself because I'm in Australia. If I had African American friends who used AAVE I would probably pick up words and stuff unconsciously. That's natural.

    • you can say , it I think what ppl are tryna say is know it’s not internet language or something new that was discovered now .... and that black ppl have been saying this ..

  • Cancel cultural means we would all be canceled. Also the eb family channel is pretty great though the only one I like.

  • Mullets need to stay, ugh

  • Ok I’m late but: A trend that should be left in 2020 is praising celebs like Bella Hadid for wearing the most simple outfits. On Pinterest there are all of these like “✨outfit inspo✨” boards of Bella hadid wearing a a white tank top and denim shorts like every other person. Everyone should as themselves, “Is this a fit... or is she just skinny?” Because pictures of heavy women are being fat shamed and criticized on Twitter for wearing what everyone has on their vision boards. If Bella hadid wore it, people would love it. Smh

  • luke, ur gorg.

  • I really don't mine the mask. It makes feel like the guy from watch dogs. Especially when i have my hoodie & my fuel wheels hat on.

  • GarBaGe jUicE

  • We should leave those shapewhere adds where women feel bad about themselves by they have a belly in 2020

  • Take a shot everytime he says „like“

  • Lukeee you should look into Jameela Jamil’s podcast, I Weigh, it has a lot of episodes about body neutrality!

  • I agree with you. I’m okay with your beliefs if they don’t oppress/hurt others.

  • YES with the gender reveal parties!! They are getting dangerous, you’re right!! A huge fire started in CA due to one.

  • I love chunky trainers please take them with us in 2021 id die without them :((

  • Who are those shirtless guys in the thumbnail tho?

  • The only person who can rock the mullet is Eugene from TWD

  • just want to acknowledge your beautiful shirt

  • Ya'll leaving mullets behind while Australia still bringing the hair lmao

  • i ahve huge sneaker shoes and those are the best shoes i ever had they are just comfy

  • Ok soo first off Luke love ya BUT I had to log in and hop in these comments because I had a massive “Chile anyway” moment at you saying Emma chamberlain pioneered tiny sunglasses. I have nothing against Emma but that little girl absolutely did not. We can credit designers like Dior and their models like Bella Hadid for that one.

  • the reason low rise jeans making any sort of comeback SUCKS is that it makes it SO much harder to find a good pair of high-waisted jeans

  • from just watching this video I'm so happy that I'm not on any toxic side of TikTok. I have a bunch of cooking videos and other fun educational stuff on my fyp, I'm so grateful.

  • Body Neutrality- love that saying Luke. Let’s put that on T-shirts for 2021!

  • Oh and dad challenge podcast is working his tail off to bring awareness to the immoral lifestyles of family vlogging and put pressure on us all to stand up and speak out and push for change and protection for these kids out there at the mercy of their parents. I mean. If anyone was interested.

  • Tick toxic. Beautiful as always Luke. As much as I hate tick TOXIC, you actually looked damn good emulating them just now lol.

  • I hate the "I'm spicy straight" "I wish I was lesbian" "I like men sadly" "im no longer straight" or some wlw telling mlm to get well soon bc they like men. It's lowkey homophobic and glamourizing lesbian relationships, it's just like lesbians don't get beaten and kicked out of their homes for being who they are just for a straight girl to say they wish they were lesbian 😒

  • Spoke about the mask in Queensland a bit too soon ...well, if you are in Brisbane

  • what the shit is wrong with stanning taylor swift? agree, never stop stanning

    • @Abby Bentle exactly

    • Bro I don’t understand why people hate on her for literally no reason??? I’m not gonna force someone to like her music, but you can still respect someone even if you don’t like their music???

  • When minibags came up. I felt like the entrance looks of ruphaul drag race 13 started crying

  • Charli is overrated

  • Can’t agree with u on the mullets, it looked good on me and I made it look good 😌✨

  • with the calling men gay i wanna talk about the ship of harry styles and louis tomlinson because both harry and louis have stated that they're uncomfy and they want it to stop, even liam has said it makes him uncomfortable (it was misread in interviews but he's stated he isn't homophobic)

  • Very off topic but can I just say I LOVE your style,, and that shirt matches perfectly with your hair and eye colour!

  • Using the excuse “it’s a joke” or “snowflake” to be racist, homophobic, transphobic etc.😐

    • @Abby Bentle literally and then it’s not even funny

    • I knowww. And people are like “it’s just dark humor” or “edgy humor” but being hurtful toward others to get a few laughs is anything but a laughing matter.

  • The one I cant agree with is the snowflake comment. I feel like that is very case by case. Obviously, in some cases calling someone a snowflake is flat out mean, but lets not deny, that there are soooooo many people getting triggered for practically no reason and demanding everyone to validate that toxic behavior is just wrong. I feel like there is a thin line there, between being genuinely offended and being a snowflake.

  • For anyone who wants to buy their dream wardrobe this year but being mindful of spending and wants to stay away from fast fashion I'd recommend Poshmark for shopping second hand and new pieces! (It's like depop but grown up and without the gentrification tbh) You can find pieces by brand, size, color, fit, new with tags or without, etc. I got a whole new wardrobe with less than 500 and I even managed to find autentique vintage pieces. If anyone decides to try it remember to sing up and use code MIMI_FUSION to save $10 off your first purchase! Let me know your @ so I can follow you there too ❤️


  • SIMPING FOR TOXIC MEN Especially with people who have never actually been in a toxic relationship like sis WHAT-

  • Personally to me I feel like fashion trends really shouldn’t be opinionated out loud only because we’re putting down someone’s style and what they feel most comfortable in and saying we need that trend to stop makes people insecure about what they wear. Everyone can have an opinion on someone’s fashion sense but if it’s something hateful or a type of style or trend you don’t like please keep them to yourself, like what’s the point of pointing out and making fun of someone’s sense of style. That’s my personal opinion please don’t come for me 🥰🥰.

  • y'all complain about fan cams but when people started that white lives matter hashtag everyone was all for it. just saying you cant pick and choose when you like them or not.

  • Telling “neuro-typical passing” autistic ppl that “tHey DOnt lOOk aUTIstiC” when they tell you they’re autistic. This has happened to me too many times...

  • Pretending Pickle brine isn't a viable replacement for coffee

  • wish we could’ve left scomo back in 2020 👊😔 i do like wearing a mask on public transport, so 2020 allowed me to do it w/o getting dirty looks lmao. body related trends are weird tho

  • in 2021 let’s practice what we preach

  • Kiera Knightly is a repeat offender for low cut jeans.. also Queen Britney 🤨

  • What I hate about "what i eat in a day" is that youtubers that make this videos in the thumbnail they only put their bodies not even the food, it's basically saying "you wanna look like me? Well eat this".

    • I personally don’t like watching tutorials on how to run your life (stuff like “what I eat” and “morning routine”) because DEname is another form of social media and people like to show off on social media, even if it isn’t what goes on in actuality. Makes viewers feel like they are doing something wrong if they don’t meditate and drink whatever that you tuber is promoting.

  • Your hair looks AMAZING.

  • I find chunky shoes cool for me though... Maybe it was just because I have quite large feet.

  • cancel culture is dumb and wreckless. when someone says something and you attack them, they don’t know what they did wrong so they can educate themselves and improve the choices they make. it’s literally so dumb and can ruin lives and your mental health

  • But tbh, tik toks with people just standing there lookin cute af is like Pinterest to me🤷🏻‍♀️and I like watching it

  • TikToks where people call out their best friend for cheating with their partner, literally using one of the shittiest situations for likes and followers and opening the gates for the person to get bullied in the comments.

  • Can we leave family members refusing to educate themselves or change their views from when they were a kid in 2020? Like bro, it’s not even the same century, we have progressed passed this point. Come join us

  • i am a kpop stan and even i agree like if it has nothing to do with the situation then why are u posting a video of jimin dancing to blood sweat & tears under or something, u get me? i think its fun sometimes but only to an extent yk?

  • me looking at my chunky sneakers...

  • i dont even care what low cut jeans look like, it's just so much more comfortable to not have your bloated tummy be sqeezed by some high rise jeans lmao

  • STOP. FETISHIZING. SOCIAL. ANXIETY. it bothers me so much to see people making jokes about it when they don`t actually have it. i can`t even go to any place full of strangers because i start to get nervous and feel like everybody is jugding and making fun of me, and when someone i don`t know speaks to me my brain just stops working. do you think that`s something to make fun of??

  • Let’s leave photoshopping your own baby 👶🏼 🍼 on Instagram in the past. I literally see people face tuning/ photoshopping their child’s face by giving their baby bigger lips and eyes with more eyelashes because they as a parent are projecting their own insecurities onto their children and are scared that they won’t get enough likes

  • i love all the unintentional fine line references