James Charles Messed Up...Yet Again

Am 1 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
some allegations have come out against #JamesCharles and in todays video we address them...
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  • Luke ur GORGEOUS

  • Now it's ten times. It's insane.

  • How you check if someone is age appropriate. " Hey, just out of curiosity what shows did you grow up with?" If the person is taking more than 30 sec to answer bet they are lying. Also if you dont know what Animaniacs is ur already too young for me. And that's how you do it.

  • I love the way you explained everything here! And you didn't come from a biased perspective, you're literally just talking about the facts. Definitely subscribing :)

  • So Tati and Jeffree was spilling the tea hot all along

  • I have never seen one of your videos but I already love you.

  • THAT IS NOT THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY please stop saying that. Psychology doesn't back that up, it was just a quote some said and it caught on

  • 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  • should go to jail tbh a crime against a child was committed but hes rich and white -_-

  • He just need so counseling, I think he’s struggling with himself and who he is as a person to be making these careless mistakes and truthfully he will be canceled by the summer or end of the year if he doesn’t get his shit together soon. And he is so young he has his whole life ahead of him, I would hate this to be his down fall. This is probably an unpopular opinion but I feel like celebrities should be able to date their fans. For James Charles it’s just the fact that he is not willing to go the extra mile to look up who is talking to but instead he want to be “cute” and “flirty” and send all these inappropriate texts and pictures and he’s not thinking long-term he’s thinking short term which is seeing the nudes or dirty talk or whatever he wants sexually in that moment. Him not asking the right questions or just simply looking them up because he’s not doing that it’s getting him in trouble. And some of the dating apps that he can try out he may or may not have fans on those abs as well. But I do think that he can potentially date of thin of course they have to be 18+ it be better if they were like just 20 in general but he just needs to learn how to ask those right questions and not get sexual invested way too soon. There’s a time and a place to ask certain things or do certain things this just wasn’t one of them.

  • This is so dumb... Literally... The guy lied about his age...

  • I mean... fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, BUT IF I LIKE BEING FOOLED THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG LMAO

  • Disappointed but not surprised 😤

  • Thank you for being so respectful while thoroughly explaining what is happening! It helped me understand what was happening.

  • Who even cares at this point

  • Sooo even though that situation that got him "cancelled" was fabricated, basically the bigger picture of him being a creep and taking advantage of his fans are true. Hmmm got it. Nothing further. We are able to cancel people who have diversity of thought without any hesitation but these 'creeps' still have the power to do whatever they want. I am getting sick and tired of the hypocrisy. He is now an adult so therefore, if he does not stop, he will get what he deserves from doing this to the wrong person.

  • All im going to say is the kid shouldn't had added james back bruh if you knew something wasnt right with him why would you add him back

  • I remember when I was a teen I didn't realize the full extent of how wrong it would be for an older person and especially someone I admired to do inappropriate things like this to me. Luckily it never happened because social media and influencers weren't as prominent then as they are now, but I am always increasingly worried by how many teenagers today also don't realize how wrong this is and get taken advantage of by predatory influencers like James. The responsibility to realize the situation was imbalanced and wrong lies fully on James, because he is beyond old enough to know better. Its really scary how many social media stars have such close interaction with fans when it's turned out SO many of them end up manipulating them. The more I find out the less surprised I feel, which is terrible.

  • The thing about it is that, even if he is chatting with an 18 year old or older, it's still not right, because in technicality he doesn't know who they are (other than it's a fan of his), and he shouldn't have that close of a relationship. A fan is someone who loves their content and loves what they do, but they don't know the person personally (even if a fan know their age and stuff, it's in the internet, so that doesn't count). Plus, let's say James Charles did tell the boy that they shouldn't this, then why did he have that close of a relationship with a FAN in the first place?? And why would they be that close? Plus, James Charles is an adult. Even if the boy still wanted to do this, he could've just blocked him if he kept pushing him. He is an adult, and even though some of the actions imply to the minor, James is an adult, meaning that the responsibilities falls on him (meaning he shouldn't send n--des or even have that close of a relationship to a minor or even a fan). This is why we hear that adults know more and have such mature choices. And even if it was both of them that were responsible for their own actions, he is an adult and he needs to admit that even if all of this or some of this is not of his part, he should know better because of one sentence: He is an ADULT

    • And to clarify this: A fan is also technically a stranger, so he should've never got that close to the person in the first place (and also to not send n-des to them in the first place). This is why their should be a difference as to what a fan is (and their actions or place) and someone you're very close to (friends, family, coworkers, etc.)

  • But didn't those younger boys lie to James about their age?

  • JAGJAH THE INTRO my tv was on full blast and i didnt realize my ma is gonna kill me

  • 3:50 “why are we adding fans on snap chat? That’s inappropriate.”. I feel like it’s completely ok for celebrities to follow fans. I feel like some of this is reaching.

  • I don’t get how he can say he’s mentally 40 years old but then says he’s into younger boys- like what would a 40 year old want with someone who’s brain isn’t developed and just popped out of high school? Other than control and power over them of course.

  • Am I just a prude or is sending lewd photos way above the bar of “flirting” 👀

  • Something i found quite weird was that James said that the first thing that the 16 year old boy sent him was a nude photo. Honestly who normal reacts to a message like that in general. Like if you get a message from some random person on the internet, a nude picture I personally no matter if the person is attractive or not would be like "no, go away what the hell" and he just want yaas daddy. Not even starting on the fact that if you get a nude photo from a fan you should just not continue the conversation the hell. And still make sure you're talking with adults not teens. The situation is kinda like fan's word against Jameses word, but if everything this boy said was true then I feel really bad for him and I Hope he's okay. Sorry for ranting

  • Are these people really so hungry for sex that they'd send nudes to just about anyone? Man, I am too old.

  • If I’m being honest I really don’t think James is a groomer because while yes the boy is 16 there is no proof that the boy told James he was 16 but I do think James needs to rethink the way he dates and NEEDS to take safety precautions since he really needs to take in every angle of these types of situations

  • So uh, Where is his Evidence? I mean the kid has literally showed evidence while he hasn't.

  • James Charles will unfortunately get away w this incident to that’s y he’s not speaking up about it, uploading like nothing happened n etc bc he’s hoping it will jus go away n like b4 it will and will continue to unless bigger influencers start speaking up about it like Nakita Dragon, Mannie, Laura n etc!!!!!! Ppl need to start commenting on their channels n ask them y they are not speaking out against James Charles and Grooming Minors!!!!

  • I still wonder why famous people used to do that kind of thing, they are supposed to have a lot of friends, they don't talk, they can't tell you that something you're doing is wrong, etc, things that friends do to correct you when you do evil?

  • if james was doing this to young women he would be cancelled by now

  • after dramageddon, i was really hoping he'd get his shit sorted out

  • Shane Dawson, Jeffrey Starr, Orision, Dhavi Vanity.....

  • My question is what was the second time? I know there was that shit with Tati and those allegations what was the second time????

  • It's not like the boy didn't know James Charles age. If he was so uncomfortable why did he decide to talk to him in the first place.

    • If you watch his video, he says he was excited to see a big influencer follow him back because he looked up to him in a way. He became uncomfortable because james started making the conversation sexual and sent him nudes, also was pleasuring himself the entire conversation and asking him to send pics of himself to him.

  • I don't know who you are, I've never seen you before, but you had me sold on that intro, instant sub.

  • okay... so i agree with a lot.... that James was acting stupid, irresponsible, the adult ect)....but why is it that no one is talking about his nudes being leaked in a style of revenge-porn ?? Like idc if u`re 16 or 61 ! Publishing nudes from someone else (even if they famous) is wrong, disgusting and frankly a crime...or? Like that is not proof.. its nudes leakt?

  • the tan is glowiiing

  • all this haters accusing shane dawson a pedophile with no proof and yet james Charles gets away with it lmao

  • You know what? I’ve never had a good feeling about James. The pattern of behavior over the past few years has really proved my gut feeling right.

  • “He’s thinking with his sister shlong instead of his sister schnoggin.” That’s it. That’s the story.

  • Is anyone else unsettled by how much of a doppelgänger Luke is to “Neen Williams”?

  • James Charles slander is so lame. This video is so lame.

  • Tati was right after all

  • I honestly can't stand him. I've never liked him because something has always not seemed right with me and I felt exactly the same way about Amber Heard years ago. There is definitely some intent here. He's being way too lazy about it all, especially after the other times he's been accused of this. Why is he still trying to find someone from his fanbase to date? Is he Onision? Does he need adoration and complete submission? I'm going to guess yes. He has always come across as having a huge ego in my opinion...

    • Because he loves the power dynamic. He wants someone who isn't on his level, young, emotionally immature, "straight" and a fan of his because its a constant ego boost for him. His ideal boyfriend is someone who puts him on a pedistal and wouldnt be anything without him

  • since the boy is taking this to court i really doubt it’s “clout chasing”. the people automatically disputing this is pissing me off. where’s james’ proof of what he’s claiming? why isn’t anyone demanding that? if this was a 16-year-old content creator with millions of fans saying this against a lesser-known adult creator, it would be an entirely different situation. it really is disgusting how everyone is so quick to push this aside. i’m not saying we should automatically act like james is guilty but it should be investigated properly and we should demand evidence from james. james is an unreliable narrator as he didn’t provide proof or screenshots of anything. people are just jumping to the conclusion that he obviously couldn’t have done this but the only reason he has so many people taking his side is because he’s famous. even if what james says is true and this kid is lying, he still sexted a fan, didn’t ask for proof of age, went after a freshly 18-year-old with a very clear power imbalance between them, didn’t bother verifying his age at all, and somehow everyone would be okay with this if the kid is lying and james didn’t know he was 16?

  • I think the biggest thing we need to question is WHY does he feel attract to really young guys, that's shady as F, apart from asking ID, or them lying, or he not making his research.

  • Thank you. Not a lot of people are talking about this he clearly has predatory patterns. He makes me sick.

    • Not a lot of people are talking about this..? Uh really? People talk about these youtubers for doing something as simple as taking a breath. If a controversy happens, you can get every channel on here is talking about it.

  • it’s like he uses his fans for dating


    • Lol that’s so cool to actually see

  • The thing is he admitted to adding him first. He had the opportunity to try and find out his age beforehand nevertheless. I have to disagree with Trisha though. I'm 25 turning 26 this year and constantly get confused for being a young teenager and 10 years younger because of my babyface.

  • You can say the word groomed... Tf :/

    • He can't because of DEname's guidelines.

  • also, with the magnitude of people that have come forward, and have been relentlessly attacked for it, i wonder how many others this has happened to but saw the reaction to other people coming out with their own stories, and decided to stay quiet because of it. it’s a scary thing to think about.

  • not to mention, why would someone use something that james has already been accused of and each time his fans attack and attack as a way to clout chase? you’re not clout chasing at that point you’re asking to be attacked, it makes no sense that the person “clout chasing” would expect attention instead of the video being taken off the internet & being attacked for it.

  • Yes his "shistas" are still there eating his ass.

  • You would think by know that people will stop assuming and learn the whole damn story.

  • How is adding fans inappropriate???

    • @Rosalia Soares So let's say Charli Damelio added one of her followers. Does that instantly mean she wants to get with them or have any sexual relations with them?

    • @Rosalia Soares And James didn't add the kid, the kid added James.

    • @Rosalia Soares You're disgusting if you think a celeb will accept a request to get with them.

    • What famous person adds a fan for any real reason besides to get with them?

  • tbh I disagree with you saying that if they look young avoid.. Because like some 16 year olds look growwwnnnn

    • Big agree, I'm around james age and i get mistaken for a teen. Its not looks but also how they talk and carry themselves, thats the easiest way to tell if you are dealing with a minor

  • 5:53 sorry that makes 0 sense

  • Didn't he say on Impaulsive that he liked younger boys? Uh, red flag #1

  • Wether you're a influencer or celebrity you shouldn't be sexting a child🤢I'm guessing he's gonna get away with this just like Zoe Laverne , Tony Lopez and David dobrik🙄these people need to be put behind BARS!🤦he's been caught 3 DAMN TIMES for grooming children 🤦

  • Guess Bye Sister wasn’t a lie after all

  • Am I the only that can guess pretty closely someone's age based on how they talk/text?? Hes almost 22, how do you not realize you're talking to someone almost 6 years younger than you????

    • I can too. Just reading comments i can tell who is an adult, an adult but clearly lacking emotional maturity, a teenager, a teenager trying to pass as an adult, a teen trying too hard to seem more mature and a child that clearly shouldn't be online.

  • I’m so confused. It’s wrong on both these victims and James.They lied, and they shouldn’t get a pass just cause they are huge fans and want to talk to him so they lied. No! They are in the wrong for that still. He did not target all of these boys, some of them did it to themselves. they literally put themselves in this situation by lying. Having said that...it is still so wrong of James as well. To force them to get pictures and be nonstop. Yes, it’s wrong if they are underage to be forcing them to see their body, but even if they were not underage. You should never sexually harass anybody!

    • @Peace Pipe 💯💯

    • @Rosalia Soares the victims said themselves that they were the ones that added him first. And they lied about their age

    • @Rosalia Soares James saw him on Instagram explore and saw that the teen followed him already so he added him to Snapchat. The next day the teen started messaging him. Just cause the teen had his age listed on his Tik tok bio doesn’t mean James saw it. He gets thousands of messages and correspondences from fans and other people in the industry and he also probably gets hit on A LOT. Also, the fact that the teen was taking pictures of everything on a separate device while also being flirtatious (and therefore trying to do document a flirtatious response from James) shows he had a plan from the start.

    • @Rosalia Soares Isn’t it the 16 year old who added James on Snapchat?

    • Ummm theres proof he had his age on his ig story highlights for 11 weeks? Thats how james found his snapchat.

  • I just think that being inappropriate with fans is weird. like, do what you want behind closed doors as long as it’s consensual between adults, but it’s kinda weird to me that there’s SO many fans that he’s doing this kind of thing with. I think he needs to calm down when it comes to boys.

  • I was scared to believe the allegations because it seems like a lot of people were accusing James Charles of certain things specifically because he’s gay, but this has actual proof.

  • I love that you mentioned that boy’s sexual assault stories aren’t taken serious enough, I totally agree. I think guys have way more fear coming out with their truth because of the fact that we invalidate them. I’m happy you did this with out calling the minors out. This was a very informative and tasteful vide. 👏🏽👏🏽

  • people who continue to defend james charles are being cut out of my life from now on. he’s a vile excuse of a human and doesn’t deserve his platform for as long as he continues to abuse his power

  • Ye dude we know he messed up. We get it sis.

  • It's funny how you all talk about "some boy" who is accusing James for assault, and no one is showing the name or the picture of even messages or anything at all, from that obviously imaginary person who was bullied by James. No newspaper writes about it, no radio stations are talking about it, but somehow youtube is full of SO CALLED true revelaing videos. Tati also tried to ruin James but he totally shreded her to pieces with screenshots of msgs with that barmen/waiter at that restaurant, who on the end says that he had really nice time with James and nothing really happened. So in that light, either you say openly who was bullied or make that person step out for themselves, because this all is so shady and really stupid. One guy was debunked (that waiter) and we all are waiting for that other person to say it was nothing after all, because, oh what a miracle, he deleted the video already. Until we don't see true criminal charge black on white, we all need to just shut up. Little edit: if you are REALLY victim of sexual abuse, nor tik tok or youtube is gonna help you, GO TO THE AUTORITIES with evidence. And don't chat with strangers or exchange pictures. Simple as that.

    • @Rosalia Soares but he put himself na youtube or IG, first mistake. Victim shaming and blaming is happening because people tend to speak everything to million people who doesn't give a damn about them and they basically undermine the ongoing investigation, if there is one. Even worst is when they delete the video/confession/outing, because of threats, and look even more suspicious or just like clout chasers. I know it's hard, I know it's not fair, I know it's effed up, but for the begining they have to keep "that information" in the most smallest circle around them. I watched lawyers react to these situations about JCharles and it's messy.

    • If you aren't a sexual assault victim, you clearly don't understand how most handle the situation. Going to the police is easier said than done, especially if your assaulter is big in social standing and rich. By telling your story, you are putting yourself at risk. You get victim shamed, victim blamed, in this kids case he has been both in addition to having death threats sent to him. He had nothing to gain from calling james out and collecting evidence against him either. I

    • @Water Ninja yeah, we don't know for sure. Videos of alleged victims are being deleted right after someone points finger at them, Idk, we can't just blame people around for serious crimes based on rumours.

    • @Mylene ya it’s really easy for someone to make something up with no proof

    • @XaviGoesWILD I really don't care at all, my question was why don't they go to the authorities and why is everybody hiding behind "maybe" it happened..

  • also no one’s talking about how weird it is that james is 21, turning 22 in two months and is going after men that just turn 18? who are also fans? two power imbalances there yikes

  • I don’t care how you feel about him but Jeffree Starr called this. It’s funny how stuff is coming to light. I always felt there was more to the story with that bye, sister drama.

    • @Rosalia Soares I agree. He knows his fan base is young. So why is he so quick to send his nudes? Like wtf. I honestly think he has a problem.

    • Same here. I hate to say it but there might be truth to tati and jeffree's word. When shane said he needed a slice of humble pie the size of the empire state building....he was right. James has clearly learned NOTHING.

  • Fucking knew it.

  • I understand why people don't bring up the Dolan thing, but it's always been in back of my mind when people talk about Bye Sister. J* accused him of you know what, and James response was that are still friends and they called to check on him....yet they aren't following one another on social and collab with J* after. Everything is alleged but makes you curious why would they collab with J*.

    • Did you see their videos with him? The jokes and comments james kept making, he was so rauncy and agressive, they both looked sooooo uncomfortable too.

  • my opinion on james charles 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉

  • The youth-obsessed obsess over the young; that’s always how it’s been, and that’s always how it’ll be. Whether or not he was aware of our subject being a minor, he’s blinded by his own mirage of youth at play, and especially in contrast to the highly curated projections of other young people on social media. It’s a detached exchange, one fueled by vanity and lust, which causes endangerment to both parties.

  • What's worse is young kids and teens that are huge fans of james are attacking anyone in the comments section of any social media platform that is not defending James. These kids and teens are literally victim blaming the latest kid who came out with these allegations against James and it's gross. Most of the attacking I see is on tiktok. I had a few kids and teens with no profile photos or content coming at me saying the accuser admitted in a video he lied about the whole thing and when I ask for proof they don't even have any or they ignore my request and continue to attack me its not cute or funny what they are doing. They need to educate themselves on this and realize that this isn't the first time he has been accused of doing this.

  • There is a difference between victimising *yourself* vs telling the truth and people seeing you as the victim. I wouldn't be surprised if this young person had other motives, we need to stop giving young people a complete free pass, yes James should by now have learnt his lesson and been more careful and this should be something his support team also insist on. Equally that boy does not have my sympathy especially as he would have known past dramas. Fans-get a life, and people with platforms, watch your back and make boundaries for your own good. Geez. Both are in the wrong. James, personally needs to have a good look at his insecurities and how he presents himself and seeks relationships otherwise you'll keep going in circles.

    • @Peace Pipe yup

    • Yeah why was he taking photos of the conversations on a separate device? Doesn’t sound so innocent

    • I AGREE

  • Three of the four of those incidents were very obviously clout chasers trying get fame and attention through James. The proof is in the receipts that James has shown and other people who knew them and verified that they were lying when they said they were a victim of James Charles. The only one I will say was not that was Grayson but James claims all the flirting and everything going on in the sister squad videos, with Grayson looking super uncomfortable, were jokes that he and Grayson planned ahead of time. I don't know this new kids story or how true it is, but I think labeling James is predator is jumping the gun. James is definitely reckless when it comes to who he talks to online and doesn't do the work of making sure that the people he is talking to are of age, but I'm not ready to call him a sexual predator or any of the people he talked to victims. Not until there is real proof.

  • Ah yes. I too sit at home with an iPad at the ready for an influencer to slide into MY SNAPCHAT so I can “clout chase,” using the photos he has chosen to send to me. I’m sorry but even if someone lies about their age, my eyes don’t fucking lie. These kids look 14/15 to me! Am I just getting old? Like in what world is that kid 18???

  • What is deal of wanting a straight man who happens to like the sausage too..wouldnt that make one bi?

    • @barb you intentionally misinterpreted their comment. James has this deluded fantasy of having a straight boyfriend....however if a guy were indeed attracted to him, that guy isn't straight. He's either bisexual or gay.

    • @barb you're misreading what the person is saying. They're saying that James Charles "straight boy" fantasy is basically impossible because that would make them either gay or bi if they do decide to date James.

    • So what you're saying is that bi men are actually straight men who just so happen to like other men? Ok💀

  • I was done with him when he pretended to be pregnant 😳

  • unrelated but LOVE that you have to bleep the word “bisexual” to not get demonetized 🙄🙄

  • Also this James dude looks like a girl also james looks gay😐😕👎 he's not a men also the james dude he's face looks like a girl face😬😬oh sh!#


  • “Stop treating your fans like a dating pool” LITERALLY!!!! I really don’t understand how he thinks it was okay to message a fan in the first place and then even in his “apology” or statement really, trying to twist the blame back on the fan. The fact that the boy was underage makes it 10x worse but flirting with fans is bad regardless of age, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to grasp that is terrifying.

  • Great Vid!

  • OOPS😈👿/Catfish?

  • If many women accused a man of rape or harrassment to try and "cancel" him, we would believe them, so we need to do the same for these boys coming out about their experiences with James.

    • @Am Lily No there isn’t, James was accused of that by Tati and IMMEDIATELY believed and lost over a million subscribers. Armie hammer isn’t ‘cancelled’ for abusing Paige lorenze, people are literally laughing at it and calling her a liar.

    • @polar knight when you compare people online towards a woman vs james alleged victims there is much more support towards a woman

    • @bumble yea I know, that's why you support the victim unless proven wrong

    • I’m sorry but that’s so false. Let’s not exaggerate the amount of support women get when in reality they’re almost always accused of lying and older male celebrities are constantly caught being inappropriate with younger teen girls with no reprimand.

    • i agree, but the rate of false rape accusations are less than 3%. most women who accuse a man of rape or harrassment isn't to try to cancel him, it's to protect other people their abuser might hurt if he goes unchecked

  • "He had ulterior motives" YOU FUCKING FOLLOWED HIM!!!!

  • Anthony Andrews! That 14 year old boy who was pretty tiktok famous talked about what happened to him and NO ONE believed him! James even sent nudes to him too when with a quick search in famous birthdays you could see that he was in fact 14 YEARS OLD. Jeffrey Star sent Blaire white an audio of a famous youtuber talking about how they were S A by James Charles and now I'm thinking that maybe t was one of the Dolan twins...James Charles:you are SICK.

    • Blair confirmed that the voice memo was a very credible one and the youtuber is a popular one. Tati said the memo scared her after listening to it.

    • It makes you wonder why the twins have left YT

  • i really don't like that people are calling him a groomer. a groomer is an adult manipulates a child by building deep connection with them so that they can have sex with them or be with them romantically when they are 18, which is obviously extremely messed up. But James literally sent NUDES to a minor. that's not grooming, that's much worse because he was acting sexually toward a minor. it's ASSAULT. The word "grooming" makes the James situation seem a lot less worse than it actually is. I'm just tired of people using that term all the time when half of the time the situation they're using that word for is actually much worse than grooming.

  • this is so stupid

  • Literally every youtuber who's content is only based on cancelling people needs to find another job. I'm sick of this.

  • Jeez I was really feeling bad about james getting so much hate and being baited by random guys for clout but this is just too much now

  • Think your missing the 4th time

  • I dont care what the CHILD did. what matters is what the ADULT does.

  • its the third time he’s been accused of this. we should start believing the victim.

  • In the ImPaulsive podcast, James Charles admitted he is NOT attracted to older men and likes men who are freshly 18. He likes young men 🤢

  • I think your reasoning for not using receipts of the underage victim is so responsible. This is the first video I’ve seen to cover this topic this way💗