Who Is The Most Iconic Disney Star?

Am 18 Jan 2021 veröffentlicht
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In todays video I'm ranking who's the most iconic Disney star (between Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff & Lindsay Lohan) by going through their career highlights so lets diveeee into these 2000s teen idol's tea...
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  • Sorry for excluding Raven, she slipped my mind 😭 she’s truely such a queen

    • And Ashley tisdale She starrred in suite life.high school musical and phone as and Ferb.ik Miley’s clearly queen but when u mentioned all them I feel like she definitely should hv been

    • So there's a lot of people on these comments who are saying that you conveniently "forgot" about Raven. That you failed to address the Miley black appropriation that happened around that time. And that you're a fake ally. It would probably be good for you to address these people 😊

    • ZENDAYA KEKE PALMER SKAI JACKSON RAVEN-SYMONE CHINA ANNE MCCLAIN WHERE MY BLACK GIRLS AT ? This man seriously tought Hillary Duff before he thought Zendaya

    • Bridgit Mendler is the queen ¡LEAVE!

    • Disappointed

  • Miley Cyrus definitely the most iconic.

  • Demi has always been my favorite. Always will be. She’s so strong and has been through so much. I adore her. I do agree with most of your choices though. I think Miley is definitely the most iconic.

  • Out of these, Miley, obviously. I am not even a fan but this is not even debatable.

  • u did hilary so dirty lmao

  • Britney Spears! Duh

  • i literally came here just to comment that its literally none of those women it’s raven !! period !!

  • I was a Selena fan for most of my teenage life, but I have to agree with most comments on here. Raven and Miley put Disney on the proverbial map.

  • My heart says hilary duff (even though she's a terrible person) but then I think about the fact that miley had school supplies,holloween costumes,toys While having an acting career and a music career.

  • Britney Spears

  • what is your accent i rlly cant pinpoint it

  • I don't even have to watch to know it's Miley 😂 but I'm interested to see who comes second

  • I‘m only at the beginning and I‘m curious, because in my mind there is only one answer. And not because I’m a fan but objectively. So let’s see ..

  • The most famous ones are 1.Miley Cyrus (she literally made Hannah Montana so popular and still people think she's a real popstar) 2. Hillary Duff (the first disney superstar ever and was literally the Britney Spears of Disney) 3. Selena gomez ( was America's sweetheart every little girl wanted to be like her and is one of the best best actress Disney ever had) 4. Lindsay Lohan ( was one of the most popular actress in USA but later poor thing destroyed herself) 5. Raven ( She was really famous but only in the states and Europe but is iconic people mostly love her because she's iconic and nostalgia) 6. Demi Lovato ( Had good shows and movies but wasn't really famous even after her Disney isn't that famous)

  • I’m sorry it’s Selena hear me out no disney has as much Disney clout as Selena. She was in like every mf Disney original movie. The bitch had MERCHANDISE (kohl’s and Macy’s collections, Fragrances, albums, dolls, etc.). she has the most watched show in Disney history and I’m pretty sure she won the most awards for that show. And shes like the only Disney girl that didn’t have a breakaway phase. But my final point is out of every Disney star I don’t care which one she has the most BOPS. I also forgot the bitch sung shake it ups theme song. I love all the girls but Selena is the top dog when it comes to Disney without biased views involved. because my favorite artist to come from Disney is Bridgit mendler,not that I don’t like Selena tho.

  • we need to put some respect on miley cyrus’ name. she RULED the entire network on disney channel. she even went on tour as hannah montana, idk if people realize how tiring that must be at the age of 15/16

  • even though the bangerz era WAS iconic, lets not forget that miley stole everything from black culture, used it to her benefit, then tossed it aside when she didnt need it anymore. i actually am a miley stan and i think she is amazing but we cant just ignore this.

  • We’ve all got crowns 💁🏽‍♀️

  • Oof, your age is showing. You must be young if you think you can have a conversation about “iconic Disney stars” and not include raven Symone, but include mile, Selena, and demi. That's so raven was the most popular show during its run; even her movies are iconic Zenon, the cheetah girls. Even at 26, I still think she's the goat. Put some respek on her name.

    • not even zendaya, the whiteness is showing

  • Early 2000’s Raven Symone she literally paved the way for a lot of girls.


  • Lindsay was also in scary movie

  • I’m sorry but I feel like Demi has the best voice between all of them. I’m not a big fan of her I just like a few songs but I still thing she has the best voice

  • Omg you should do this with one direction solo careers

  • This was so entertaining! Please do more of these with other Disney stars. I feel like there are so many to get into

  • Not to be rude but WHYYYYY does everyone forget that ✨China Anne McClain✨ is a Disney star?!?!😢😤😢😤 she has an INCREDIBLE voice and range!!


  • Unpopular opinion, not Miley. Sorry I love her but no

  • can we just talk about the amount of research and effort put into this video? soo impressed

  • selena's acting isn't as iconic as lindsay, but she's a really great actress. everytime she launches new albums i'm like "why the fuck are you still trying to make it in music when you clearly should be acting?????!!!!!"

  • Wow people really need to give Raven her roses while she is still alive she literally started it all 🌹....

  • Definitely Miley!!! 💜💜

  • 26:57 i love how lindsey just looks more confident each arrest

  • You should do the same thing but Nickelodeon.

  • the fact that alex russo's sarcasm single handedly shaped at least half of this generation's sense of humor and how wowp is the one show from Disney other than tsr that so many ppl can still watch without cringing and actually enjoying selena's acting and perfect comedic timing, is enough of a reason to call her the most iconic Disney character/actor up until now, im not changing my mind !!

  • The fact that this video only has 66k views should be illegal

  • I feel like Hilary duff should come before Demi lovato.

  • I will always be in love with Miley

  • If we are talking real icons let me remind you all about the Mickey Mouse club, which birthed the likes of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears to name a few. Arguably all of which are more iconic then those listed

  • Raven symone and miley cyrus

  • I'm sorry but miley cyrus's huge history of using cultural appropriation to make money and bring her career back to life has jaded my view of her

  • Hilary duff is the most unproblematic underrated Disney Queen

  • Am I missing something? I liked That's So Raven too back in the day but other than that Raven honestly hasn't crossed my mind. Like she's funny asf but as far as I'm aware she doesn't have a music career, I've barely seen her in any roles besides That's So Raven, and I've never heard anything about her public image, good or bad. Am I missing out on some tea here?

  • I don't even have to think twice...MILEY!!!

  • You forgot Zendaya lol everyone forgets that she started off on disney

  • Ok lets be real raven symone miley cyrus selena gomez demi lovato handd down oh and ashley tisdale

  • how can you talk about iconic disney stars and leave out both raven and ashley tisdale? what the what

  • why didn’t you talk about raven? 🙄

  • Where is Raven?...

  • Zendaya is definitely the most iconic

  • come on, we all know it's Miley

  • This is such a biased video, you literally did not speak how demi always came after Taylor,even calling her body not normal,selena has literally been the most unproblematic Disney star with Hilary duff,you said you were not going to speak about her dating life but you literally pit her public image before demi,who literally made a hate finsta about her ,and also sexually abused a guy, you also did not speak about selenas kidney transplant ,at least get your tea right demi after Selena in public image is a biggest joke,even people who are not fans of Selena ,like her a lot as person

  • Selena Gomez is the most iconic

  • It’s easy Miley is the most iconic Disney star so far even tho she wasn’t the first she literally made Disney even more famous and that’s so Raven was the most funny show ever, but now after leaving Disney I would say Selena is the most successful.

  • this was so fun

  • Lindsay was also on project runway

  • And for public image Lindsay has helped kids from India in 2011 and refugees from turkey Thea last years

  • And for Lindsay music what about Back to Me 🥺

  • For Lindsay you forgot this movies/tv highlight: Ugly Betty, Machete, Liz & Dick, scary movie 5 and 2 broke girls

  • Lindsay Lohan 🔥🔥🔥

  • Raven raven raven. You’re welcome

  • Tie between Raven Simone and Hillary Duff

  • Just me who’s not a Raven fan? 👀

  • Britney !!! She was a Mouseketeer

  • Let it be known that had it not been for Hillary Duff, none of those broads would have risen to the heights they did! Hillary walked so Miley and Selena and Demi could run!

  • I’m guessing Lin or Selena are the most iconic

  • Me seeing the thumbnail oh is demy, selena, miley, lindsay..... Who tf is her

  • Hilary Duff literally started everyone here soooo.........

  • 'wilmer valdimera' lmao. cmooon that 70s show is iconic too

  • i'm gonna nitpick lol but demi had a falling out with the jonas brothers before her overdose, she isn't close with them anymore

  • Raven Symone was and has been that bxtch. Someone said she was Disney Channel's Beyoncé and I see no lies☕👏🏽😊

  • this is me was in camp rock

  • Agree! Miley is the most iconic... Yet demi has the best voice

  • RAVEN SYMONE. No discussion to be held

  • Drink every time Luke says "iconic" ... 😅

  • I love how most of the movies that didn’t do well in the box office are my favorite movies of all time😂

  • Raven Symone. Disappointing that she wasn't in here.

  • Why is Raven always excluded from these conversations? 😔. That’s so Raven was one of the first original Disney live action shows and that show was soooo successful. Then Cheetah Girls was ICONIC. Merchandise was everywhere. It paved the way for High School Musical tbh.

  • you went IN on your research omg

  • She said U N I C E F 😂👋🏽👏🏽 great job and research

  • What about Brenda Song??? She has been in SEVERAL shows and movies for disney..

  • Selena Gomez

  • Yes! Miley wins everytime!

  • Miley didn’t decline the Hotel Transylvania role, she was originally supposed to play it but they changed their minds when a video came out of Miley taking a hit from a bong

  • I only clicked on because I didn’t see Raven Simone in the photos and that was the OBVIOUS ANSWER 🤷🏾‍♀️ if the conclusion of this video is Miley, I’ll allow it HOWEVER after a few episodes of Hannah Montana it was obvious that it was a copy of That’s So Raven in a lot of ways. Raven was the blueprint. Sure Ravens career has been lack luster since then but honestly in comparison to the other women being named here, come on???????? I will leave out some of the obvious reasons she wasnt named here like the color of her skin, her weight and the fact that was unproblematic in the public. But honestly... Raven was truly an icon during her run on Disney and let’s not forget to mention that she was also one of the first of not only Disney star to be an executive producer of her own show and if I’m not mistaken an EP on the cheetah girls films 😱

  • Hannah Montana was an A-list celebrity before Miley was like I don’t understand how you could compare. Miley Cyrus is the most iconic Disney star(besides Brittany spears).

  • For me it’s 1. Miley obviously I don’t think I know anyone apart from really really tiny kids and really really old people who don’t know about Hannah Montana. 2. Ashley tisdale I mean, cmon, she played sharpay, Candace and maddie al around the same time and I feel like she’s a household name so she’s pretty iconic. 3. Hilary duff, mostly iconic for very early 2000s children/teens for Lizzie Maguire which is such a classic 😍.

  • Miley has made one of the greatest comebacks I’ve truly ever seen last year with the release of plastic hearts. She’s always had buzz around her but not as utmost (and damaging to her name) as someone like Lindsay. Also i personally feel as though Hannah Montana is the most recognized and memorable character out of all. Miley is the true pop icon here. Same with ari at Nickelodeon, but there’s really no debate on that.

  • yess. this content is 🔥

  • hey

  • sniffle snackle charges 😅

  • your hair looks so healthy in this video

  • Miley. I don't even recognize first two girls as Disney Stars.


  • I'm honestly so mad at myself that i didn't watch this video when the notification popped up this has to be my favorite video from you Luke thanks for the amazing and creative content

  • we all knew miley would be first, she's an icon

  • It has to be Miley Cyrus


  • Do Nickelodeon next!!!

  • putting selena above demi in the music category.... I'm sorry my guy I'm clicking away. i didn't come here for injustice