Scotty Sire Defends David Dobrik & Trisha Paytas Comes For Him

Am 5 Mär 2021 veröffentlicht
this video is a reaction/response to Scotty Sire's video defending David Dobrik based on the allegations from Seth on the H3 podcast, also including Trisha Paytas's response to the whole situation
my first video on the David/Seth situation ➩
my second video on the David/Seth situation ➩
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  • Unless you know David personally( people in comments) don’t just blurt out lies of the false narrative you want others to believe about your beloved “friend” who you’ve never met who has hundred of million dollars, he could always just actually help people and not just his few “fake friends” make videos on buying people things.....he’s manipulated so many of his fans I can’t believe people can’t see this....but then again, people are pretty dumb in 2021 so nothing surprises me

  • I will say that, at least in my own experience, when it comes to saying “whatever I’ll do it again” for a lot of SA victims you kind of just feel worthless and maybe even act very promiscuously to almost “own it” and feel like it’s consent. So I dunno what that text means tbh. The revenge p*rn is inexcusable and must be horrifying for Erin (hope I got her name correct) if the intent was that but from what I know it was a video of a girl saying the n word and she didn’t have clothes on so like maybe it was a very bad call due to frantically trying to prove that he did experience racism??? I dunno. It’s all iffy and hard to say what Seth it trying to do but we should know no matter what if there wasn’t consent the first time it was SA and that’s that. Same with Erin she is allowed to feel however she feels about this regardless of the intent because that’s horrible I do feel like Seth stuck his neck out to tell his truth though so I dunno why he would then sabotage himself by intentionally releasing revenge p*rn. It’s so confusing but the common denominator is David and so he needs to be taking this more seriously.

  • I think the biggest problem is this cultish behaviour that allows all these problematic things to take place. Ultimately it's about the young impressionable audience who still thinks these acts are "okay"

  • Seth frankly sounds uncomfortable in the voice message and sounds like he’s justifying it to himself, that’s probably why he asked to do it again, so he could convince himself it was okay and just a joke or to play it off like he wasn’t embarrassed and uncomfortable

  • I feel like Jason and David are the type of people to pressure their "friends" into doing things that make them uncomfortable and they just give in because they're uncomfortable. David always gave me a weird vibe. I'm going to do something bad to you but then reward you with a gift, and now I'm a nice person. It messes with your mind..."Im mad at them...but theyre doing nice things for me so I'd be ungrateful to be mad."

  • This is so stupid

  • Luke is investigative! Cool!

  • The revenge PN was in a compilation of racist comments and actions of the Vlog Squad. It was from 10 years ago and it was of Erin saying the N* word on tape she was not dressed in the video. (it was blurred) Which doesn’t excuse the violation of privacy he committed . Seth claims the video had been circulating already and he would never share an uncensored video. However I think Scotty trying to bring this up had little to do with Erins honor and dignity. And everything to do with trying to cover David’s butt.

  • there's a lot of mistakes and missing info in this video, Luke. There's nothing fishy or tricky if you understood how abuse works, plus, seth didn't repost revenge p*

  • i really like your approach to these videos, much less biased than others :)

  • why did teaspill blur seths name on david dobriks phone?

  • The revenge p wasn’t actually p**n. Yes she was naked in the original clip but seth posted it blurred, and then later completely blacked out/cropped it to better conceal. and the purpose of seth posting the clip was because she, a white woman, was saying the n-word

  • To me, Seth asking to do the prank a third time is him trying to take back his autonomy. He even said in the voice note that he’s “more open minded now” implying that he wasn’t before.

  • Within the context of the prank, was the Jason Nash and Seth kiss a sexual act?

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  • I think either way it’s a power imbalance for David and his crew to take advantage of the fact that Seth wanted money and clout (success in a lot of people’s minds), and David used that imbalance to take advantage of Seth in every way possible. The rest of his crew would never have put up with this type of humiliation. Seth is entitled to feel a type of way after everything is over and done and he didn’t even walk away with the success he put his feelings aside for.

  • No + consent =SA

  • I am friends with your little brother

  • David just using people and letting them take all the heat he should be receiving. Absolute trash.

  • I think you are forgetting some important details and the devil is in the details. 1) the first time, we both agree, was not consented. It was a prank and the prank functioned on Seth’s ignorance. Jason & David have admitted to this on their podcast and tweets they have made when recounting this specific prank. It’s disturbing to listen to this, specially when a 40 year old man is talking about making out with an non consenting straight much younger man. It’s creepy! Also, the homophobic and racial undertones of this joke are disgusting and not funny. 2) The Second Time: Seth was once again SA’d in this scenario as well. Because David told him this was a skit for a comercial ad, and Seth (who was in a desperate need for cash) would be compensated for it. In the clip that Scotty posted as “evidence” shows Seth saying “how can I consent to something I don’t know.” As in he wasn’t 100% sure what was happening in this skit but because this was a comercial, he was going to be compensated and he was in a strap for cash, he agreed to the dubious situation. Similarly to the first time, Seth gave consent to a situation that later on was significantly altered.It turns out that there was no comercial deal, and that Jasón was behind the gorila costume (which is clearly playing on racial stereotypes once more). In order for The first and second prank to “work” and be “funny” Seth has to be ignorant of the real events. On both occasions he was lied to about the specific details of the bit, thus he’s inability to really express consent. The reason for the “you can’t get me again” and David’s victorious laugh of “we got you!” How can you get someone if they know that they are being pranked? Lastly, on the podcast Seth mentioned speaking to David about how he felt, and David’s initial reaction was to ask him how much money he wanted. Additionally, David didn’t take it down. Up until a few weeks ago the video was still on his page .

  • Giving permission isn’t permanent.. you can change your mind and consent isn’t always permanent

  • I think the second 'prank' was still SA. You can't coerce people into, or surprise them with, s*xual acts and call it consent. If someone tricks you or lies about their identity in order to gain permission, that is not consent. Furthermore, people can't decide that the situation wasn't traumatic because 'it was just kissing' or because Seth didn't react how a victim is expected too. When I was a teenager, an man m*sturbated infront of me without my consent. He didn't even touch me but it was traumatic, and I still feel sick when I see him around town. He got off the hook by saying he was too drunk to remember doing it. SA occurs in many different ways, and we should define it by the feelings and traumas of victims, rather than the intentions of the perpetrator/s.

  • even if seth has done bad things and hurt other people it doesn’t excuse that he was SA’d and hurt by someone else. both of those things can be true at once and often are. they call it a cycle of ab*se for a reason. both of those issues need to be addressed.

  • I believe Scott when he said that David and Jason and everyone in the Vlogsquad are good people, but I really hate that part of his argument was “well he knew what he was getting into. We’re always playing pranks, that’s what we do.” Essentially saying, this is the workplace culture, and Seth knew that. Like work place culture can be sexist, or racist, or normalize sexual violence. Employees can be aware of that, but put up with it, even lean into it, if it means being apart of an advantageous workplace, in this case the Vlogsquad. Which is why I resent the cloutchasing argument. Scotty insinuates that Seth was fine with the pranks then, because he wanted clout. Like yeah, he needed the money and saw an opportunity. Obviously the revenge p*rn is terrible, and Seth could be exaggerating his feelings of discomfort for clout, but that first kissing prank is inexcusable.

  • david is doing the same thing EA does with their gurus & gamechangers. have someone affiliated address controversy to satisfy the people upset and looking for a response without posting in the main place most fans/consumers look so that anyone ignorant about the situation remains that way and anyone upset (may) get to feel like it was addressed. it’s a very calculated PR move.

  • He deleted the video 🥱🥱

  • Who listens to Trisha anyway..😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Before David took the video down, he offered Seth money in order to keep the video up. Seth denied the offer though. David offering money instead of instantly removing the video speaks volumes. Regarding Seth asking to do it again, it's probably because he was vulnerable and his boundaries were broken, making him feel like what's the difference if it happens again.

  • I think asking why Seth would want to work with David is unhelpful. The power imbalance between them, and Seth feeling like if he told David about being uncomfortable doing certain pranks (here the kissing prank) Seth probably knew he would be exiled from the group. Also I want to know if David brought up before the text convos we are shown, as well as if David had been mentioning the kissing prank before either in unseen messages, calls, or in person.these texts

  • I don't think him asking for it really Negates everything else maybe at the time he was desperate for some progress in his career. Also maybe at this point he was feeling defeated. Idk I'm not quick to write it off.

  • We all felt the uncomfortably from those videos when we first saw them

  • Just found out from a different DEnamer that the revenge porn was of Erin saying the n-word naked.

  • I completely understand why it’s so hard for victims to come out because just defending Seth in the comment sections, comes with people adamant that objective fact are lies and not proof of anything, I couldn’t imagine being the actual victim

  • those messages of him "giving consent" could be completely taken out of context. it is clear that he isn't consenting to a specific kissing prank, and many victims convince themselves they are okay with the SA to cope. it can take years to realize how the trauma impacted you or that it was even wrong in the first place.

  • consent can be changed. asking to do it a third time does not at ALL negate the trauma of the first. would you say this confused the situation if it was a woman going back to someone who sa’d her? trauma is complicated

  • who's scotty lmao

  • *certain* white people like david & co like to play off and perpetuate stereotypes and experiences that have been used against black people, not realising or caring that by carrying on these tropes they persist in pointing out our ‘otherness’, to be used against us for future generations. they don’t care what we have to contend with and will never even think to look at the harmful origins, so here’s a quick history lesson, from a ridiculously quick google search that could have been done at ANY time by David & co before enacting the mentioned pranks or ‘bits’: Watermelons: ‘the stereotype that African Americans are excessively fond of watermelon emerged for a specific reason and served a specific political purpose. The trope came in full force when slaves won their emancipation dying the civil war. Free black people grew, ate, and sold watermelons, and in doing so, before it’s subversion (Jim crow era), the fruit symbolised black self-sufficiency. Southern whites, threatened by black people’s newfound freedom, responded by making the fruit a symbol of black people’s perceived uncleanliness, laziness, childishness, and unwanted public presence. The racist trope then exploded in American popular culture, becoming so pervasive that its historical origin became obscure. Blackface: ‘today, because of blackface’s historic use to denigrate people of African descent, it’s continued use is still considered racist.’ “ it’s an assertion of power and control. [...] it allows a society to routinely and historically imagine African Americans as not fully human.” ‘White performers in blackface played characters that perpetuated a range of negative stereotypes about African Americans including being lazy, ignorant, superstitious, hypersexual, criminal or cowardly.’ Criminals: (I felt that it would be inadequate to try and even begin to touch on the deep rooted and prevalent issues of black people vs the legal system. for anybody who doesn’t know, the police force in the USA has a unique and racist history. I would recommend further educating yourselves if you live in the USA especially).

  • People go back to their abusers sometimes, luke. Don’t be a part of the victim blaming.

  • S.A. is like trisha's new high horse...the fun thing about legal terms is that theres a real definition and legal precedent between assault and just being a creep...she needs to refocus on herself...this is all allegedly theres no proof just a bunch of people that are grown pointing fingers at each other...if theres charges you can press do it and move on that's how life works

  • David dobrick is legit a social media based Cult, the VS worship david like a god.

  • I think when Seth suggested the kissing prank a third time, he just wanted to seem cool and try to normalise what happened to him previously. He was possibly trying to gain control of the situation so he could continue being in the vlog squad and push away how the “prank” actually made him feel. There’s a power imbalance between David and Seth and Seth probably wanted to make David happy and maintain his relationship with him because of the benefits it offered him.

  • In the recording he says "I'm more open now" which, to me, makes it pretty obvious he wasn't happy with the first two. He could be trying to take back the power by having it be HIS idea now.

  • I’d argue that we have not yet seen video evidence that he consented to the second time. He said something like “how could I consent to something I don’t know how you are going to do it?” And that was the clip in the vlog before they did the commercial.

  • I think it's important to note that David didn't delete any videos. He unlisted them. They're easily findable.

  • The 2nd consent was asked AFTERWARDS(CMIIW) and with how the squad is structured you need to know that this is tied to livelihood and not going with David=not being involved in the squad cos u don't wanna play ball. Also even with consent this content is promoting dubious/manipulative consent(Vlogs are framed as if these are real and most children or younger adults don't know yet that David's are scripted. Even I don't know which is scripted. I can make an educated guess through my experience being on the internet but that's it) as valid and "gay panic". Remember that this content frames homosexual bait and switch as scandalous(THAT'S WHY IT'S FUNNY GUYS. OMG PRETTY GIRL TURNS OUT TO BE JASON NASH. RETCH) and revels in the audience laughing in the bait and switch like being kissed by a guy is "gross". So at worst David's content is basically sexual harrassment or at best promotes dubious consent and "gay panic" tropes.

  • nothing is "fishy" about seth asking to do the prank a 3rd time. that voice note was from 2 years ago meaning seth has had 2 years to realise what happened to him was SA, a lot of SA survivors brush off the fact that something happened to them because it is hard to believe, for some people it takes months for them to realise that what happened to them was SA, especially when it comes to male surviours to. He's probably dwelled on this situation for months and has only had the strength to come out with it now

  • Abuse victims often come back for more for multiple reasons. It could be to relive the situation but now they’re “in control” because they came back and allowed it or even asked for it. It could be because despite the traumatic experience, they respect/love they person and want to make sure they stay in their good graces and know that they only way to get their attention is allowing them to do those abusive things. It’s makes me sad to think that if anyone finds texts of you begging to get back with an abusive ex people might see it as a “gamer changer” or “proof you were actually consenting all along”

  • Pretty crazy to write off SA allegations as simple "drama" like wtf???? Scotty claiming that they don't respond to drama because they don't want to give more attention to it seems so stupid. Very clearly a complete lie considering anyone could tell that Scotty making this video is getting hella attention into it and their silence is fucking making everyone spot light them more.

  • I really don‘t like your content these days. You used to say that you don’t wanna be a drama channel bc you don’t wanna get too caught up in it, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Try to find yourself again. Loved your drama-free content. That’s just a well-intentioned suggestion

  • Everyone was so quick to cancel Shane Dawson but David Dobrik carries on like nothing happened. Good that someone is speakibg about it

  • I'm just shocked that I agree with Trisha Patas for once in my life!

  • Seth claims david didn't even delete the video he just unlisted it and you could still watch it with a link. He also offered him money to keep it up even though seth was telling him didn't want it up. I also don't really see how he consented to the second video, seth says In the clip how can I consent to something I don't know when it's going to happen. that's not consent haha and if you had other videos of that time of him actually consenting, why not show that video.

  • big difference with seth asking for a third is that he is in control in that situation. he would be in on it, he’s not asking for them to SA him bc he’s giving consent. maybe he was trying to take power in a similar situation, maybe he felt like things were already messed up and he could at least gain something from the situation happening a third time. who knows, but i don’t consider that proof that he wasn’t assaulted the first two times. victims can have very nuanced relationships with their abusers

  • I’ll be honest I was a big fan of David and his friends. I still enjoy their content. I skipped through skits that involved Seth, I didn’t really like him. There was one time where he ope élu bragged and talked about cheating on his girlfriend. I know it’s probably childish to not like him for that but I would just skip his parts after that. He gave me bad vibes but I don’t know they did those racist ass “skits”. It’s gross.

  • As someone who watched all of the vlog squad videos. Yeah Scotty is part of the group but David and the other friends sometimes don’t even treat Scotty right. He gets cut out of videos and all they bring up around him is jokes about his depression/suicidal thoughts.

  • I think Seth asked for them to do the prank the third time because he wanted to “take back his power” in a sense. It’s common amount assault victims to pretend that they like it, almost in a way to convinced themselves that they aren’t victims

  • Please make one more video about James how he still didn't drop an apology video please call him out

  • Someone can’t give consent months before something happens. That’s not how consent works... Imagine if someone “consented” to sex months how tf does that make sense? If this situation happened to a girl...everything would be so much different

  • he didn’t delete the video at the time he just hid it a bit but you could still watch it on his channel

  • Seth went back to his abuser because he was trying to normalize what had happened to him and process the trauma. He tried to convince himself this is ok, this is what this group does, it’s all for David’s vlogs and to get followers. That way he can take back control (that his abusers took from him) and continue to get by despite being traumatized. So yes, he went back for more, saying he will do it for clout because that’s what that group does. He wanted to fit in. He wanted to convince himself he wasn’t a victim. But there comes a point you can’t ignore it any longer because your brain knows you are trying to trick yourself. And that’s when it hits you. The cold hard truth. Seth had to come to terms with what happened to him and he eventually did. And we should all be applauding him for being so brave.

  • let's not forget that david and jason discussed it on views and basically admitted that it was racially motivated! and according ti seth he tried to reach out to david and was ignored, and david tried to pay him off instead of taking the video down

  • Scottys video is absolutely fucking disgusting. I had to turn it off a few min it because it was making me so angry.

  • They really screwed Seth over. I can’t believe they pranked him for a commercial deal when he was relying on and David didn’t pay him for any of those videos. And I’m assuming that when Seth asked for another prank, he probably feels like he wanted to take control of those situations. It’s Not the exact thing, but as a survivor, I dealt with a lot of hypersexuality and it was my way to cope and take control of my trauma because I didn’t want to feel like I was assaulted. I just hate all the victim Blaming that’s being said.

    • I would recommend watching his interview with H3H3, he explains his story really well.

  • Why not just put him actually VERBALIZING “YES” in the second video???

  • Seth isn’t a saint No one is going to argue that The BIGGEST issue here is David, he’s done so much problematic shit and seems to be immune to all of it.

  • People bringing up the prank Seth did is classic “what-aboutism,” trying to redirect the topic and ruin his character/credibility AKA pointing the finger like a fucking child at something irrelevant

  • Sorry to say this but I think all these people are a bit shitty. I'm not saying they don't feel uncomfortable with some of the "pranks", I just think that they'll do anything for views 🤷🏻‍♀️ and then, later, will come out and say they felt uncomfortable to, again, try and get more views 🙄 also, if you're being a piece of shit to other people (prank or not), expect the same treatment... I'm not on anyone's side, btw

  • That voice message from Seth asking to do the prank again honestly is kinda soul crushing.. His voice sounds defeated like he's willing to do anything just to get some more fame, maybe he was in a bad point in his life idk, but he sure doesn't sound excited for it, more like desperate and sad. It certainly wouldn't be the first time something like this happens between an abuser and victim.

  • What's weird about Scotty's video is he kept saying things that he didn't have receipts for. He said Seth asked a third time but that wasn't in the texts he showed and that third video never even happened. The texts showed that Seth was more open minded and it showed David being surprised by that. Which implies that Seth did not consent to the previous pranks. Seth has also mentioned in the H3 interview that he had financial troubles. maybe after his acting career wasn't going where he wanted he went back to David to make a buck and get some clout. Doesn't show him in a positive light but there's nothing necessarily wrong with it. He said Seth consented to the second prank but the clip he shows is Seth being skeptical and hesitant and then pumping David up AFTER the prank was already done. He says there was video of Seth agreeing to it, but he didn't show that clip. It was like what Scotty was saying didn't match his receipts. The only thing Scotty's video did was make me understand a little better why David hasn't apologized. David may feel that Seth was giving him mixed signals.

  • i think that him asking for the third time is in some way his attempt at dealing with his trauma. we know that the public was already belittling seth for the two previous pranks. we know seth wanted to be a part of the vlog squad at that moment. we know he was not in the best place financially speaking (he had to ask david to pay him the second time because he needed the money). and we know that victims clinging back to their unbalanced and toxic relationships is not unusual. him asking for the third time is completely common in pattern-like situations. also, even if he consented to that third time, it still doesn’t mean he consented for the previous two (scotty said there is footage of him consenting to the second one but doesn’t show it, and still, the first prank is still unaccounted for)

  • why is scotty even getting involved?

  • This is so crazy like how do people come up with this stuff?

  • By the way he didn't delete the video, he unlisted it so it's still on playlists and can still be watched when you have the link

  • Seth asking for a 3rd prank doesn't really change anything. If Seth was in on it from the beginning, why would he feel a need to explain that he's not gay. Even in the voice clip, he says "I guess I'm a little more open minded now", which means he made it known to David that he didn't like those pranks. Even David's response seemed pretty surprised that Seth suggested it to begin with.

  • The "revenge p***" was him trying to expose the girl saying a RACIAL slur while naked. That's what Seth was trying to do. To be fair, Seth should have been more clear within his intentions 😒

  • I honestly don't know why you spend so much time on these people. I don't care how popular and rich they are they're really a bunch of zeroes. You can do something better with your time and energy.

  • Because he’s a victim!!!!! Please do research on how victims try to get approval of their abuser before they realize how badly it fucked up their heads. It takes time. Please do your research before you say it “seems fishy”.

  • honestly, i don't care if there was a point where seth said he was okay with it. the fact is that he's reflected and talked about it with people and now he feels like it was sexual assault and he feels violated. that's what matters. point blank period. no man (or woman but especially men) wants to come out as a sexual assault survivor. i'm sure it was difficult for him, especially bc he knows that people idolize david so much. why on earth would seth have made his story and his feelings public if they weren't authentic? and it's not just about how he feels anyway. it's sexual assault BY DEFINITION. there's no way around that.

  • Oof, sorry, but there are some bad takes in here. Scott asking to do it again doesn't mean he wasn't traumatized by it the first two times or even just the first time. It can take victims of assault a long time to realize how they've been affected. Scott has also expressed how financially desperate he's been at times, and I can understand how when David only uses him in ridiculous situations, he could feel the need to request to be in one of those situations. Victims of abuse and assault often come back "for more", not realizing how they've been affected and wanting to please the other person. Also, David did not delete that video. He unlisted it. He also initially offered Scott money in exchange for not taking the video down. I'm unsure if he's deleted it by now, though.

  • The messages of Seth asking to do it a third time screams desperation to me. Not in a negative way: I interpret it as Seth desperately grasping at straws to remain involved in the vlogs. I think that since he expressed discomfort he was fazed out. This seemed like a last ditch effort to regain his place in the vlogs. The clout comments seem to echo the mentality David/the rest of the Vlog Squad have. They probably tried to reassure Seth after the pranks by telling him he got exposure from it so he just followed that line of thought...

  • two things: 1. I really dont think david's "receipts" prove anything. at this point the sexual assault had been normalized in their friend group, and that prank went quite viral so it gave seth quite a bit of attention. that is literally the purpose of being in the vlog squad. as someone who has been through quite a few abusive relationships, sometimes you do go back and ask for the thing that originally traumatized you. I bet seth having to relive the fact that he ASKED for abuse is retraumatizing him all over again. if anything I think those texts make david look even more evil because it shows what power he has over the people around him. 2. seth, as far as I am aware, did NOT post revenge porn. he posted a clip of erin that was originally "revenge porn" (just her naked) singing the n word, but had completely blocked out her body. that is a very important distinction and another manipulation of the truth that scotty put out.

  • People already lose me when they start with “I’m a good person, I know * is a good person”

  • I’m sorry but Scott apparently wasn’t even there when the prank happened?? Why would Seth tell Scott he felt uncomfortable ??

  • “He was nice to me, so he could not have done that” literally does not work. I had a friend group in music school. Few years after graduation one of the guys raped some other girl. The guy and me were really good friends for years and he even dated one of my best friends.

  • Anyone who uses the term "clout chaser" to try and discredit and blame victim automatically loses all credibility in my eyes. If that's your main argument, that you're just "so popular and famous that people will do anything for you and a piece of that", you have no argument. In fact, that just adds to the evidence that they held a position of power over the victim and used it to coerce them into doing things.

    • yup, scott dug the entire group now, a very deep hole.

  • It has been said by Big Nik and Trisha that if you don't like a prank David does or express that you're not comfortable that David will remove you from the vlogs. On H3'S podcast, Seth mentioned that he was struggling financially which could also contribute to why he would have agreed to do it again.

  • no the texts aren't 'fishy'. it is completely common for a sexual abuse/rape victim to go back to their abuser. the reason is, they want to take back their power by being in control of their body this time. it is a coping mechanism. it is super common for a person to go on a date with their abuser, have consensual sex with them, and even date them. this is because the crime itself is so egregious that it takes the brain time to process what happened. the brain does not want to believe that a person that you trusted would purposely violate you. add to that the power dynamic and huge disparity in fandoms, seth being black in a group of white people, the camera always rolling...all of that adds to why seth WANTED to just 'be cool' about it and not make a scene.

  • It’s disgusting that Scotty is trying to say that bc Seth gave consent for the second kiss, the first time he was tricked into kissing Jason was consensual. That is NOT what consent is and consent must be received EVERY time. Disgusting.

  • It seems as tho Seth is just regretful of the prank, which really isn’t David’s fault. Just because you regret something happening doesn’t make the other person a bad actor. Also, it’s tiring seeing people jump to conclusions regarding a situation of which the other side hasn’t given their piece. Innocent until proven guilty should never be neglected for the sake of “tea” or “drama.”

  • Her ex leaked it he blurted it and shared her face cause in the video she was using a racial slur

  • Sexual assault is about lack of consent. Thinking back on your actions and feeling regret does not constitue lack of consent.

  • Actually an unpopular opinion: Taylor Swift's latest albums "Evermore" and "Folklore" are really boring, the songs are repetitive and i get that they are story based albums but they're just a snoozefest

  • I am not dismissing him sharing Erin's revenge P video, BUT from my understanding an ex boyfriend of Erin's posted it online. Scott makes it sound like Seth showed her body but Seth BLURRED her body and used the clip because she said the N word in that clip. Trying to bring attention to influencers that we all look up to are actually disrespectful off camera... Erin lashed back saying he's wrong for sharing her revenge porn. Her body was blurred initially but he took it down and put black boxes covering her. I am not dismissing him sharing her revenge video but he did not share it with her naked which is how Scotty is making it sound.

  • Just a small correction here... David did not delete the videos when Seth asked him to. Seth asked him repeatedly in private and David offered him money to keep them up. Eventually David unlisted the videos so they’re “harder” to find but I believe they’re still up. Unless they’ve been taken down recently because of all this controversy. I think that makes this situation a whole lot worse

  • All these stans out here saying "oh but why did he want to do it a 3rd time, that obv means he consented the first 2" With peace and love, y'all are acting an absolute fool. 1.Victims often go back to their abusers because of the massive power imbalance and manipulation. 2. Consent must be enthusiastic and specific to each event. If you steal from me 3 times and I lend you something the 4th. the first 3 times = still theft. And 3. SA cannot be swept under the rug because you enjoy watching this man being a bully and yelling in his outrageous hellscape videos. Your entertainment isnt a priority over someone elses agency as a person. Go get your idol to acknowledge his mistakes and make an apology. Not silence and threaten a victim of literal SA.

  • The text they try to say is proof he was okay with it is litterally proof that he was NOT okay with it? “I’ll be more open minded” like he was clearly not okay with the first two

  • I feel like it's a reach to say that the gorilla costume and taking him to the police is a racial thing idk

  • I hate the whole innocent, "David doesn't have a mean bone in his body," approach. If y'all don't see that he exploits and bullies his friends, idk what kind of friends y'all have... Remember when he pulled that prank on Jonah (whose real name isn't even Jonah, it's just another fat joke), by convincing him he was getting an audition for some high profile movie involving Seth Rogan? They created this scenario for Jonah where his dreams were starting to come true, only for it all to be an elaborate ruse. If someone treated me like that, I sure as hell wouldn't be friends with them anymore. But David has money and "clout," it's a power dynamic. He's not a saint, never was.

    • @Tomato Soup exactly!!

    • I just found out about it and watched it. It wasn’t funny at all.. it was cruel and you could see how much it upset Jonah (whatever his real name is). I don’t know how you could then upload that... David is the definition of a bully

  • My ex used to f*ck me while I was sleeping. I used to wake up naked and confused to why. I thought I had consented while being asleep and it happened so many times after that first time. I thought it was normal and I remember sometimes being very tired and even saying that he could penetrate me but to let me keep sleeping. Even if I said yes I still realized now that I was r*apped for over a year. I agree to that relationship with my ex and I knew it had happened, but now I realize it scared me for life. I am sure that happened to Seth. This ugly things happened to you but it’s better to pretend that it’s just a prank that you received clout etc than to admit you were s*xu*lly ass*lted. For me that proud that David has of him asking for a third prank is just a way for him to cope everything that happened to him. The same way that I coped with it by letting my boyfriend to do anything with me but to let me continue sleeping...

  • I think the text messages are kinda weird why would he text first I want to do it and then the voice memo sound like a response to something David said but on David side it doesn’t say anything. I feel like it is edited or he deleted something from the chat ... just a thought